Tara & Rama Report 12-26-17
Tara and Rama: Greetings!
Rama: Merry Christmas.
Tara: Yes. Thank you so much, Everybody; and Eli, that was so exquisite. Thank you.
Rama: Thank you.
Tara. Thank you, Mother [Sekhmet].
Rama: Thank you, Mother.
Tara. I just wanted to comment real quick about Mother, that she is really returning to the planet now; she hasn’t really been so present since the time she was in a form in Egypt for 3,000 years, in the high middle period somewhere in and around 11,000 BC, 11-12-13,000 which is the high middle period of the 26,826 year cycle. She is becoming more and more known. I thank you, Eli, because we got to come and listen to you channel Mother last Wednesday [12-20] I guess it was a week ago, my goodness, and I heard there were questions like who is Mother, and Eli said she is this great warrior Goddess and she has a Love at the same time coming through her that’s just immense.
And there is a little piece here about Mother and I really like to recommend this book because it’s a powerful book. It’s by Robert Masters and it’s called “The Goddess Sekhmet: Psycho-Spiritual Exercises of the Fifth Way.” She comes to teach the Fifth Way and Joseph Campbell said, “Robert Masters has broken through to a new understanding/inner standing of the sense and uses of the disciplines of inward-turned contemplation.” In a sense she is looked upon by those who are misbehaving and taking us in the downward spiral because she is definitely an intrusion on their agenda, and she has come anyway to re-enter into human time and space as the great Mother in these mysteries, manifesting as Sekhmet, and to chaos she comes bringing terror and a swathe of destruction. By means of Love She comes, to reestablish those conditions which alone can preserve the human race and provide for the harmonious development and fulfillment of human beings as individuals, yet also as part of the great Cosmic Whole that the War in Heaven is about, the eventual outcome either Being or Nothingness. And what Mother says about that, “Mother Earth survives and those who choose this path, which is not easy, a very, very, very difficult path. Yet all of the Gods and Goddesses and all the Masters have said that nobody ever told us that it was going to be easy.”
We got to go see the movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi yesterday for Christmas.
Our sister Carolina Oceana Ryan helped us a little bit financially so we could do that and we got to see the one last year too, and the beauty this one brought through touched my heart more deeply than ever, in the sense that I felt it was right exactly what’s going on in our physical world here.
Rama: The big story here.
Tara: As I could bring the essence out, the young Jedi, beautiful feminine energy of Rey who was in last year’s movie, she confronted Luke Skywalker. Luke Skywalker had holed up and gone to the top of a mountain to die in a lonely retreat place, and she climbed to that place and that’s not an easy task, and she said, "We need your help.” He told her to go away and leave me alone
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and she would not do that.
Rama: And this is on the larger scale, what’s happening is, all of Heaven is stepping in here and saying, “Together we’re doing this and we are offering you the help here.” On a larger story how this fits in in real time is, this empire is falling apart at the seams right now; and there are parallels with how the Deep State, like in Star Wars the arms industry is on both sides of the fence here; and on a larger scale all of it is getting exposed right now as disclosure has already started, and it’s not going to stop until full disclosure is right in our faces.
Tara: And this is really the longest, most difficult part of the journey; and as we could take it to this higher perspective of our perceptions, let’s go back to Rey. Luke Skywalker, he kind of receded into the background into the body of the story, yet not without Rey confronting him with her light saber, actually with his light saber, because she got that light saber and it’s got to do with last year’s [2015] story [Star Wars: The Force Awakens].
Rama: Yes.
Tara: In other words it was passed to the feminine last year, that light saber, and she challenged him with her energy and his light saber and said, you know, we need your help and we don’t need all this other stuff without you, but we need your help, and then she went on her way and he didn’t come into the scene strongly again until the end and it was the final, I don’t want to give it away but it was the final confrontation where, as the result of the work that he did, he could not not take in what she had said and he spent some time with it and he showed up at the final moment confronting the Dark and the attempt to do away with him only resulted in him
Rama: moving higher.
Tara: moving higher, and in a sense that’s where we are right now and what I mean to say by that is that, as we identify ourselves with our little me or our little eye and all the frustrations of the physicality of these guys keep on shifting and getting away with more murders and more atrocities.
I was really hit in the heart this morning when Allan Nairn was on Amy Goodman’s show Allan Nairn, and he brought up our CIA head official Pompeo, and he described that this person comes from a background in Iraq where he was leading assassination teams and going into Iraqi citizen’s homes and killing everybody, babies, children, women, men, and animals and going to the next one and doing the same thing to the tune of an untold number of killings which were never covered on the TV screen at all.
Rama: And this is tied in with General Stanley McChrystal and,
Tara: McMasters
Rama: Yes, and Mike Flynn and General Betrayus [Petraus] this goes into that realm of Michael Hastings of Rolling Stone who was exposing the story that Allan Nairn was taking about when they killed Michael Hastings for telling that story
Tara: or attempting to open up the truth in a bigger way.
Rama: about General McChrystal, General Betrayus, Michael Flynn - all these folks.
Tara: and ultimately that 9/11 was an inside job.
Rama: That’s right.
Tara: So they are moving towards that ultimate reopening of the 9/11 story. And we’ve known this for a long time, that that would have to come to pass before this would get resolved. I just contemplate writing my thesis in the University and it took me a good solid six months. This is just for my ‘little ole me’ thesis, meditating, contemplating, writing, doing spiritual work like color, sound and  vibrational healing things that I had learned in my life and literally using myself as an example of how this thesis would work for me in my life. And I actually over that 6 month period I came up with the idea that I need to demonstrate it. So I did a video on campus in the communications department with other people, and I also honed and wrote my story of my whole life based on the higher experiences that woke me up; and I got that whole thing done at the end of the 6 month period. It took me about 3 or 4 weeks and it was complete.
All of this contemplating and all of this pulling together stuff, that’s just for me and so what I want to say about this, this is for seven and a half billion people that our White Knights Faction 3 are talking about working with with Galactic Beings every single day. When we talk to Rama’s people or Rama talks to his people and he brings this message, Lady Nada, The King of Swords, Dodi and Di, Tom the Ring-tailed Cat, Larry, Curly and Moe, Jack the Alien Hunter - all these people, and then a very small group of us, still and yet considerably larger than it’s ever been before, yet a very small group of us on this planet right now are more aware than we have ever been in a bigger way and this Fifth Way teaching that Sekhmet comes and shows up in the physical; Rama is keeping on saying, ‘all four paws are on the ground.’
Rama: She is.
She is physically here and that’s not a small thing because she’s only been physically on the planet one time before for 3,000 years in ancient Egypt in the high middle period when the Warlords of the Orion war descended into the royalty of Atlantis, took it over and destroyed with help from you might say those who didn’t wake up or were ensconced in their lower egos where they thought they could use the tools of war to get what they wanted and that’s still the story right now.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Now let’s look at the positive things, that they are exposing critical characters right now and the one that really hit me about what Amy had with Allan Nairn this morning. Allan Nairn said this thing about the assasination team, where this head of our CIA is a mass assasasin and he never got held accountable for anything. And the heads of the police departments and all of our different police departments, they are murdering people of color as a matter of impunity and as a matter of the orders coming from who they take the orders from which is the United Nations. And this is a mass assassination project that’s been going on now; we haven’t heard the half of how many have been killed, they don’t talk about it.
Tara: Okay so, us right now giving up, at this time I listened to one other person that was this lady. Last Saturday, Deepak Chopra, we played an hour and a half long piece where he took a group of people to Peru and they did the Ayahuasca ceremony
Rama: Yes.
Tara: which entailed days and days and days of preparation from teaching. This one beautiful Peruvian lady, actually who was from the United States but she was Peruvian from her background, and she gave a little talk before they did the ceremony. She said that I am at this place where I realize something about my life and I really don’t need the Ayahuasca; I can do without. At this point I have a Center in my Being where I’ve been a very wonderful outgoing presence doing work in groups, yet there would be something inside where I would have this massive depression, like could not deal with it and did not know how, and I got this awakening from this group of teachers preparing me for this ceremony that it’s not mine, that it’s not mine.” And she said that’s the key.
Tara: And in this incarnation that’s what we are all going through. Most of this in this time in this carnation is not ours.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: We came here collectively to help each other, to help the entire world to heal, that we decided to take this at a serious level, and those teachings of Sekhmet, as you are serious, that’s where we are headed. And that’s why this has been important for us to realize that this has never ever been about money. The most critical and important thing for all of us to do here is to prepare ourselves together with this walk of teaching teachers and teachers’ teachers - the walk of the Sadana or the walk of the highest form of Freedom that could possibly be experienced, where we engage in an awareness that we are all One, and as one is harmed, we are all harmed, and move that energy up.
There is always someone that is going through something that you couldn’t imagine and you’re where you are. And so at that point as we maintain that, this enactment of NESARA is possible and only there can it be so. And so just check that out again, what is it that we are doing as light workers to move us forward, as Mother Sekhmet says on this magnet here from Fran and Susan, she says, “Love is the Greatest Healer, Joy is Love’s most Perfect Expression.”  Be in Joy! And Rama, anything more you wanted to say from people that you who you learned from today? 
Rama: Yes, I’ve talked to Tom The Cat and Sweet Angelique today, and they said there is this so much unraveling of the Deep State and Disclosure coming in to the mainstream where they are talking about US Air Force pilots, Navy pilots seeing the craft plain as day. This was on Chris Hayes and it’s been in the New York Times.
Tara: It was on MSNBC,
Rama: Yes.
Tara: it was on CBS, it was on CNN, it was in the Washington Post, it was in the UK Independent and Politico.com and even on Fox News. Did I say that? I can’t believe my ears. The point is that this happened to 2 Navy airmen and they saw an object in the sky and they said, it accelerated like nothing I have ever seen. And in the rest of the story, it happened in the early 90’s and it was on the Disclosure Hearings with Dr Greer etc, in 2013 in the last 2 days of April and the first 2 days of May. Yet these two are coming forward and they are breaking this on the main media now and the main newspapers in the Western media and they said they were beamed up onto the craft that they said that was going in accelerating like nothing they’ve ever seen before and they got a complete total transformation. I’m going to say it right now, on this main media, that has never happened, not ever.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Not ever. So there is hope and again, I don’t know how to say ‘patience, please,’  yet, patience, please. Patience is the Divine Virtue of the moment and the way that Rama keeps coming back with the messages, they keep encouraging us to work with developing our higher spiritual awareness.
Rama: Yes, in the sense that we are all in Jedi training, if you will.
Tara: Yes, that was one of the other things without spoiling the movie. This movie is so wonderful. Luke Skywalker said the Jedi are not at its end and we are not going anywhere. And the ultimate thing that the movie is saying is that it’s time for us to ascend and demonstrate it for everyone.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and I’m going to say that he actually did that. It doesn’t mean he is not here.
Rama: No. (chuckles)
Tara: Just like Rama always says about JFK, Sr., he says Jack will be back.
Rama: That’s right.
Tara: Jack is a hundred years old and he will not be going anywhere but back here, and with that rejuvenated light body, if you can expand your consciousness to know it; it only takes a small group of us.
And the other thing that Mother keeps telling us is that, you know, all the sleepy people on the planet much less light workers, there is going to be this Harmony of the Spheres energy that they come in with, where you are going to see those beams come down. This is going to be done by the Galactics; it’s going to be done very smoothly, calmly, and with this Love coming in where these beings cannot create havoc and they are calmly rounded up, arrested
Rama: That’s right.
Tara: and marched off to the next step and that’s the time for peace. And despite our belief systems right now, let us suspend all those belief systems, and let’s be in that Goddess Sekhmet energy, an amazing intensity of Love.
Oh yes, as you are able to assist us, the Beneficial Farms donation has now been created with Caroline Oceana Ryan on her website carolineoceanaryan.com and our website 2013rainbowroundtable.ning.com and there’s a button which says “Donate” in nice and bright sunshine yellow and that will take you to a place where you can read about the farms. And to continue, I just want to say that Susan and Fran really wanted to make sure that we had some good food, and I would be so grateful, we would all be so grateful as you could continue that process with us.
And thank you so much Fran and Susan for continuing our work together. Susan is right here. We love you - Peace be to all of us. This Disclosure Project is on screen and it is moving rather quickly, even though we all know this. Let’s keep our high frequencies of Love, Peace and Blessed New Year’s time now. I pass this talking stick with fairies and rainbows and all kinds of Love, back to you, sister Fran. 
Transcribed by Arun. Edited by Fran.
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