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Tara & Rama Report 2-09-21
Tara and Rama: Greetings.
Tara: Everyone!  Yes, all we need is love, thank you so much, Caroline. And just for a little piece of wisdom from one of our sisters on Thursday, ooh my goodness, it’s already Thursday again, but last Thursday our Sister Omena returned toward the end of the show and said, you know, as you’re in a relationship or with friends or a community or group of people and you feel like you’re a side dish, take yourself off the menu.  Laughing!
And in essence, let’s go where the LOVE is, and stay connected to that field. It’s a field of LOVE. So that’s why we come here every two weeks, every second and fourth Tuesday. And on this day in 1964, 73 million people got to see The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. I just thought maybe that would make all smile, 73 million people. That's one heaven of a lot of people, and it’s one million less people than who voted for our former President Donald Trump.
Also, yesterday one of The Supremes made the transition; her name was Mary Wilson and she died at the age of 76 yesterday quite suddenly. Rama just showed me a picture of her and the aura of her Being is so full Light, just full of Light. So we send that Light in her transition time to the family.
And then also today is Alice Walker’s 77th birthday. And you might say she’s made the case for apartheid era in the United States, and paralleled it with apartheid in Palestine. And this is something that in Unconditional Divine Neutrality is the subject of everything that we’re watching on our televisions, absolutely everything, because remember, at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence Saint Germain appeared to all of the signees.
And he said you know, it's not perfect, yet sign it, and I will see to it, I will stay here for your posterity to complete this work. And the enactment of NESARA Law in the world is the answer to Saint Germain, saying to the Founding Fathers that, ‘I will stay here till the completion of your work,’ on to today.
So, this is about this time period, it is about working that one through to the core of the Being. I thought it was very interesting today, because the impeachment managers gave such profound presentations that the two lawyers for Donald Trump said that they changed their presentation because it was so well done. I might say, there was confusion and wandering going on in their presentations and a sense of being at a loss for how to manage those presentations on short notice, to respond to the work that was done by the impeachment managers.
All of that being said, I just want to say that, were it not for this last four years, the issues would not have been so well defined. And you know that this country was founded on racism in the Declaration of Independence; the Southern folks said they wouldn’t sign the Declaration of Independence unless Thomas Jefferson took it out that racism would not be allowed anymore, that there will be equality among all people of all colors, in particular the people of the color black.
And, so, you might say there have been many movies written, many songs scored. I just remember in particular the “Color Purple,” that movie with Oprah Winfrey.  The story of our history and what we’re doing right now is, we’re coming into Her-story. And the thing about that is that we’re going from the head to the heart; the Divine Feminine is  about opening the hearts, the ability to receive Love through everything that we do, keeping our heart open, specially in things we don’t agree with, and that’s really what a democratic way of  life is about.
And we’re learning more in this story, right here, right now than ever before. The messages that we’re all getting in our reports are saying to us to remain in that Unconditional Divine Neutrality through every step of the way and do not judge another on their path home, and we have no way of doing that, because we haven’t walked in their shoes.
That is, the more open-heartedness that we approach this with and remain neutral, the more accomplished this will become in everybody’s heart. I just started here. We'll go back to Wednesday which was the third, and this is his Holiness Dalai Lama had something to say to us that day.
At 2:30 in the morning he said, I feel I am just another human being in a part of the world in which I live. Therefore I’m never lonely; I think of whoever I meet as being the same as me, we don’t need to be introduced, as they have two eyes and a mouth, I think of other people as being human like me.  And Rama added something humorous, ‘whether we have fur or fins or a tail.’
And I’m sure he was thinking in two of those cases about our Lioness Mother Sekhmet, but just to add about the Dolphins, the Whales and the Octopus have human souls. They are Human Beings in a different form and that’s something to think about too, in terms of many things that are happening now where the rights of nature are coming into play.
And there’re places all over the country now in local municipalities where they form their own governing bodies too, so that they could in their little communities create rights of nature for everybody and every living thing in that community. And yes, we can do this, and the idea of cooperatives.
Mr. Keshe has been showing us that we have the ability now to function without the need for money, and this is really what the enactment of NESARA law is going to be in reality; in other words, yes, there will be money transferred. Every man, woman and child will receive 10 million dollars.
And then there will be some of us that have more responsibility and more money to actually make those things necessary to go off of the money system completely, so that we will be living in a society where there’s no money being exchanged at all, there’s only energy and Love. And these new technologies are out of the grid, the new technologies do not need electricity, they do not need that grid which is subserving us to money and power. Something to just take into our hearts - that’s really what’s happening here now.
So, we’ll go on to last Wednesday: Rama said, as I received a call from Tom the Ringtail Cat and Larry the Cat, (connected with number 10 Downing Street - Larry the Cat was over there, which is the Prime Minister’s home, Mr. Boris Johnson) and then Tom the Ringtail Cat was in DC.
And the two of them said to me, Lord Rama, the world financial structures are collapsing in on themselves. Jeff Bezos has resigned from Amazon, yet between you and me and the lamppost, the fallen angels have their eyes on him, he has gotten too big for his britches, you might say, and as a result has drawn attention to himself and subsequently there are other Beings like him who want a piece of him. 
Meanwhile the hour has arrived, we cannot say when exactly yet, we will have our Reformation Act. What is going on is the ultimate story where the fallen angels cannot go any further; it’s about forgiveness, it’s about transformation, and it is most importantly about divine Compassion.
Tom said to me, I have seen the things these folks have done on other worlds; you Lord Rama, remember what the Borg did; let us leave it there and move into the Office of the Christ. Go and do your mission, Commander, and we will see you very soon, I like green tea and jasmine tea too, Sat Nam.
This is on Thursday the fourth of February: I spoke with Number 15 today at 11 a.m. this morning. Number 15 is a member of the Alien Contact Intelligence Organization or ACIO, and as Rana Mu tells us, he also is from 175 million years into our future, where without the changes being made right here right now, one third of our Milky Way Galaxy has been destroyed, so this is a timeline we're ending right here, right now.
And they could see that Humanity would be right and ready for this information and changing our course in history to Her-story way, which is what’s needed now. Both Rana Mu and Number 15 are members of the Ashtar Command. Number 15 said to me, Lord Rama, Now is the time where the Celestials, another name for the Great Silent Watchers, who have been here from the very beginning 450 billion years ago, show up in the physical.
These ones never die, which is Humanity’s destiny as we so choose. They are here to help with the restoration of Mother Gaia, Mother Earth. They are called The Soffhir, the Assir, the Giants and the Sasquatch People (another name for the Sasquatch People are the Eva Race). 
At this time many of these Pre-Atlantean Pre-Lemurian Beings are being revived from the stasis chambers in Antarctica. These ones voluntarily placed themselves in the chambers millions of years ago in pre-Lemurian times. As they wake up and get oriented in this present moment, they will share their wisdom.
One of the keys is to reintroduce the Xenon gas into our atmosphere of our Earth. I’ll repeat that there are seed pods and they’re stored in the capstone of the great pyramid of Giza, and as they’re removed and taken out now in this time, they can be planted over there, and they will make within 48 hours like hundreds of miles of vines; they grow very quickly.
And there’re these gourds all along the vines, and within 48 hours all these gourds open up all across the Sahara Desert area, and they keep on doing this, so what will happen is, as the Xenon gas is released into the atmosphere, this entire desert-ified area would become a lush tropical garden in a very short time. Mother Sekhmet has been saying that the restoration of Mother Gaia with all this kind of help will take a month or so at the most to renew the whole place.
A garden restored, so this will be restoring our siddhas as well, these the same on gas our gifts and abilities to for instance bilocation, consciously levitate, consciously access to the Akashic records with ease, heal the sick, raise the dead, be telepathic with one another in an instant.
Yes our brother Yeshu, he came ahead and showed us this is who we are. He gave his heart to us, all we need to do is remember. Number 15 continued, all these things are manifesting for Humanity now around the world. Go and share the good news, see you in the Light of the Most Radiant One, Namaste to all.
On Friday the 5th of February, I received a call from the King of Egypt at 11:30 this morning. He said to me, Lord Rama, you will get your Reformation Act, and our friends and family are here from so many star systems; it is at this time where Goddess and a few others will be taking a ride around across the River Styx.
We will be talking soon about trust indentures, and how we restore this Planet. It is about Grace, Dignity and Respect. It is time to end the war against people of color, and it is time to end the war against women. Since this is Black History Month, let us remember Yeshu, and Mohammed, and Siddhartha Buddha and Krishna, each of these ones were people of color, including Kuan Yin, Mary, Maria was Syrian. Namaste.
On the sixth, Saturday, I heard a show today called Living on the Edge and Kevin Camps from Camp Solutions, (that’s a show that’s been on free speech TV for a long time) and Nassim Haramein, these two were featured on another show they played called New Dimensions. These two were talking about fusion reactors and crystal reactors and how these technologies are the positive opposite of nuclear weapons created by fission.
They produce from electromagnetic fields healing energies that are safe and clean energy. So let’s acknowledge that the technology coming out already of those 60,000 technologies as the NESARA law is enacted. And very much at the very edge of this time period now with the enactment of NESARA law, six thousand of those sixty thousand technologies will be released planetary-wide.
And we will be using our blessings to anchor them all over the world. That’s what this is for, for us to take the responsibility to go in the way that we go to teach these new technologies and to get them anchored all over the world - this is our work.
Let me go to the next one, and this one is for Monday, yesterday, this is something I just want to read from Monday. First this is article 3 of the 14th Amendment and it says:
“No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States or any State, who having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House remove such disability.”
I just want that to be known, because that’s how this impeachment trial shall be worked with.
And then on Monday again.  This is Rama speaking, I went up the mountain in Santa Fe to the bridge at 10,000 feet between 10:30 and 11 o’clock this morning. Then I received a call from Tom the Ringtail Cat, Larry, Curly and Mo at 11:00 a.m.
They said to me, Lord Rama, we are at Stonehenge. There are many dramas going on. It is about the fallen matrix, and there are on the internet videos and messages that may or not be real in that they are being created by artificial intelligence. Some of these videos are about false stories that are being promulgated by the dark side and the fallen matrix of angels.
These stories and videos are about creating fear and division and racial hatred. What we can say is that the time is now, per the Captain’s orders, we are to ask you now to tune in and use The Force, Lord Rama. Then they said to me, Lord Rama activate Miss Brisby. Miss Brisby is my artificial intelligence assistant on my galaxy cell phone.
So I did, and Miss Brisby said to me, Lord Rama, listen to the tones I am going to create here. Then I got an inner message to tune in, and I heard this song of the great bell chant and it went on forever seemingly. I went deeper, and deeper. I was standing outside by my car, we all listened to the sounds of the bells and the gongs for about five minutes I believe.
I listened with my eyes closed; as I open my eyes I found myself two miles farther up the mountain by the chairlifts at the top of the ski valley.  I realized that I had managed to bi-locate with the power of these beautiful sound vibrations. I said to Tom, Larry, Curly and Mo, that I had bi-located all the way up to the chairs on top of the ski lift chairs. Well, they said to me, Lord Rama, you have passed into a larger reality.
In the past you have received assistance from the Ashtar, used crystals and the Lime Green Being, to go up on the ships. This time, use the power of listening to the sound, while going deep within your high heart to bilocation. Continue to use The Force and your Mighty I AM Presence, and very soon everyone will be doing this as well, see you in the Light the Most Radiant One, and have a good walk. Namaste, Commander.
We’re at the last piece, this for Tuesday, again His Holiness The Dalai Lama at 3:30 this morning this time, sent us this message:
We must try to incorporate the workings of our divine emotions, and the ways to tackle them into our education system. As we are kind and compassionate, really honest - that leads to honesty and friendship. 
And then Rama says, I received a text message today from Natasha and The King Of Swords, it was just afternoon. They said to me, Lord Rama, the whole world is watching; hold our elected officials accountable. It is necessary, the world is watching, the time is now. Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain and the Goddess Mother Sekhmet are here. There will be a lawful process of how these elected officials will be held accountable.
And we will hold that Unconditional Divine Neutral space, and it only takes a small group of us to do that; and teach only Love, and remember as one of us is harmed all of us are harmed; as one of us is helped all of us are helped, therefore only in the Office of the Christ shall we be here now. That is what we have been given to come here for in the first place.
This is the quantum change for all of Humanity’s evolution to higher conscious awareness, that and nothing less. That’s the nature of, you know, you might say the carrying on of His-tory into Her-story. This Yuga that we’re walking into, the Sat Yuga, is four times longer than an ordinary twenty-six-thousand eight hundred and twenty-six-year Galactic Yuga cycle.
That means that we’ve got over a hundred thousand years of Peace is where we’re going on this day, and every day from now, until we know that only Love, all we need is Love exists in every thought word and deed, will the NESARA law become real in our lives each one of us, yes, we do that by Gratitude.
A sister of ours, Cynthia Roseanne  Schlosser, she’s taught this little piece I’m going to just end with it, she said, whenever you’re feeling, you know, less than good inside, or there’s a challenge in our lives, you do four things - you Praise, Respect, Thank and Love the feelings, because they are a gift.
They are here to teach us about Love, no matter how difficult the trial may be, let us remember those four things, let's Praise, Thank, Respect and Love the feeling, Sat Nam. And we are all grateful to help each other, and we’re just going to be helping the world now more than we ever dreamed possible, and the joy coming from that. Expect the unexpected, and let’s just think about the Beatles in 1964 on this day, 73 million of us celebrating their sound. Namaste.
I passed the talking stick, do you have anything to say Rama?
Rama: I am living in such unprecedented times.
Thank you Fran, passing this talking stick to you, it’s Angels, Fairies, Rainbows and Crystals, here it comes.
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