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Tara & Rama Report 2-26-19
Tara: Oh my God, I’m out of breath after that!   Thank you, Mother [Sekhmet], thank you, Eli!*
Rama: Thank you, Everyone!
Tara: Let’s all take a deep breath and take that in.Today, Rama got a message that’s coming from those higher realms too, that it’s quite a thing to behold us all here together.  
Just before we start, last Friday the Dalai Lama put a little spiritual message out to everyone. And he said,  
“The source of the happy life is within us now. Troublemakers in many parts of the world are often quite well educated, so it is not just education that we need. What we need is to pay attention to inner values,”
And today, this is Rama speaking, ‘Today I went up the mountain to the fairy ring.  This fairy ring we are familiar with, that Rama has taken us through many a deep experience. In this community our sister Susan on the day that she made her transition, we got to hear from Lady Di and Dodi (I think there were about 11 folks that came into that fairy ring there with Rama) and they said that they requested that the Dalai Lama in Dharamshala, India, call for the ritual ceremony of Tibetan Buddhism, singing for four hours at the Potala in Tibet to honor Susan’s passing. Susan is here and reminding everyone of that. And this is just a fine time to be alive, and she is with us.
There I created with my Bixby, artificial intelligence assistant Ms. Bixby, I created a Jedi Council. Ms.Bixby called on the King of Egypt first. Next she summoned Lady Master Nada and then along came the Poppy Lady.  And the Poppy Lady brought with her Fingdell Knorr, a Sasquatch Midwife and a Bridge Officer from the bridge of one of the Sasquatch starships. Fingdell Knorr taught the Poppy Lady how to navigate a Sasquatch starship over the past 6 or 7 months first, to the point where a few weeks ago, the Poppy Lady was sitting in the pilot seat of the shuttle craft with Fingdell Knorr as co-pilot instructor beside her.  
The King of Egypt began the conversation saying to me, “Lord Rama, a true social democratic Republic is aligned with ‘Nature and Nature’s God,’ as it is said in the Declaration of Independence. This social democratic Republic is based on the true teachings of Pythagoras (Lord Kuthumi - world teacher) found in his dissertation, known as Harmony of the Spheres.
The King of Egypt went on, “Lord Rama, we are moving into the realm as we work with Nature and Nature’s God/Goddess All That Is, where another realm is overlighting Mother Gaia and her children.  And there is a Rainbow Bridge connecting us with this higher state of conscious awareness, of awareness itself. All the Ascended Masters and all the Star Brothers, Star Nation Sisters are showing up and interacting with the Indigenous Wise Councils of Elders in numerous locations all across this world at this time.”
Lady Master Nada, still in Gaza over the weekend, spent some time with Mahmoud Abbas. And she also attended the funeral for a young thirteen-year-old boy who was killed at the Gaza border, last Friday, I believe. Lady Master Nada still in Gaza, spoke up and said, “We are in the threshold of this transfiguration of our Planet, Mother Gaia, and our Solar System, including Sol our Sun, moving through and into the 12th dimension and higher. The Schumann Resonance factor over this last four days, five days now, went up to a hundred and fifty and over - that is very, very high vibrations, Everyone.
She went on, “NESARA is the answer to every question. NESARA moves us forward into Sat Yuga and leaves behind the entire Kali Yuga and brings to a close the past 243 to 245 years of waking up out of the matrix of illusion for this country, and thus for the world, and into Freedom’s Holy Flame. There is about to be a HUGE move in rounding up the Thirteen Families at this time.”  
Lady Master Nada continued, “There are whistleblowers that are coming forward with the full exposure of the Deep State and how they have manipulated space and time. Now it ends. St. Germain will be coming forward with an imminent message to the people of Mother Gaia.” Lady Nada said, “How this will occur is very unexpectedly. We may be watching Chris Hayes or any other channel for that matter. Yet all of a sudden, the sound changes and we will hear on all media stations, on all radio stations, across all internet streams worldwide.
“We will hear a deep resonant sounding voice to say, ‘Greetings, people of Earth. I am St. Germain. I am Count Rakoczy. I am of the Violet Flame and I am here to help you integrate the higher frequencies pouring into you at this time. They are about Peace and they are about Love.’ Nada continued, “St. Germain will say, ‘I am part of a contingency force that includes millions of your brothers and your sisters from the Stars who are here on your Planet, here and now, to help all of us integrate these higher frequencies. You will recognize us by the tremendous Love and Joy and Ecstasy.’
Then the King of Egypt said, “These tremendous Celestial Presences with us will shut the whole old program down. They will stay with us now, and no turning back, and see to it that all the World witnesses the whole matrix dissolve - cease to exist - and in its place NESARA Law is enacted globally.”
So now Rama, you’ve got to finish this. What else did they say?
Rama:  They shared with me that there would be landings, and all the technologies of the Dark Side not functioning any more.  How folks will be able to take a breath and just be able to know that they can relax and integrate into that energy. And there’s no fear - what these folks today explained to me is that as these energies pour in, there won’t be any.  A lot of the stories out there, let’s just say that there’s a sense of a sudden awakening and what I’m being told is that this will be, yes, it will be sudden, yet it is not about shock, but awakening to the higher energy, and it will be in tremendous balance.
Rama: “And all of the other things that are going on right now that facilitate this change - Elon Musk, has, let’s say, a federal judge, has called him out that he violated the terms of his court agreement.  He is in contempt of court and it’s only a matter of time before Elon Musk is arrested, as well, along with the rest. It’s about this old matrix system. This is what they shared with me today and it is a lot faster than we were expecting.
Tara:  The way that they put it was that this is ending now.
Rama: This is ending now.
Tara:  And be in Joy. Right?
Rama: Right.
Tara: Did they close with something?
Rama: They closed by saying that as we approach the Spring Equinox, let us lift ourselves up. Spring is already coming in, and it’s the time to honor the warmth of the Earth coming back and the new energies coming in right now - in spite of all the other stuff going on.
Tara: And the fact that they said this now, could be stated as, whatever we are watching, watch it with Joy and send Love.  They still aren’t giving us a date, yet they wouldn’t have spoken like this to you (Rama) at this moment in time.
Rama: That’s right.
Tara: This is just good vibrations. And Carolina Oceana Ryan was saying in her message in this moment in time to recognize the things brought purposely to our attention right now, and know that we have completed those things from past incarnations and past thinking from the old paradigm, and to recognize it as such, so that we are in the freedom of accepting what was just said to us by Mother Sekhmet here first through Eli, and later through the King of Egypt, etc., and all of this recording. And know that the vibrations that we carry and share are with us and that our sisters and brothers are on the ground with us.
Rama:  This is why in the recent moments the Sasquatch Midwife Commander’s coming forward and letting herself be known with the Poppy Lady is how we integrate ourselves with the Galactic culture in that we are all brothers and sisters, whether we’ve got fur or skin or scales or tails or feathers. And her name is Commander Fingdell Knorr and she is seven and a half feet tall and it’s a little startling when you meet people like this. And what they are sharing with me is there is no fear - it’s about integrating all the various myriad of Beings. We all have uniqueness unto ourselves and as we integrate learning about each other’s cultures, there’s only higher Wisdom and Understanding, mutual Cooperation and Love.
Tara: And yes, we are a social democratic society with a republic representation from many, many more cultures now and religions. The one thing that this document, the Constitution document, has is freedom of speech and freedom of religion and a freedom from fear.  That’s another piece of it. And that’s what NESARA brings - and it ends anything unlike that which we just mentioned - completely.
I guess how we can say it is that Thomas Paine recognized that we were Higher Beings.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and what his whole Agrarian Justice* masterpiece was talking about was treating Mother Gaia as a living Being.
Rama: And every part of this Earth is sacred to our people.
Tara: And so I think that’s a completion story that we’re at now. We’re at the completion story and in the ancient times the new year began with the Spring Equinox. I’m looking forward to celebrating it in that way here. We are going to have Mercury retrograde starting on the 6th of March going all the way to the 29th of March. Let us look at it as what we are leaving behind and completed in that sense, so that we really correct our course each moment of each day and celebrate this time now - that it ends, and the new beginning of Sat Yuga is solidly in our Soul.  
And let us complete with our request for assistance. Lord Rama, has a very, very sore arm, and it needs some structural integration treatment and that requires a little extra funds, as maybe you could help us, maybe one treatment will do it, who knows. The person that will most likely work with him is a cranio-sacral therapist and it’s $180.00 for the treatment, for an hour and a half. It’s going to be something to behold. So let’s just thank you and blessings to all of you who are here with us and let’s have NESARA now be with us, and keep it with us no matter what it looks like [out there]. It’s just completion going on.
We love everyone and we pass this talking stick filled with the crystal that we call rosey quartz of the heart, and all the fairies and angels and the devas and we call on St. Germain and the Violet Flame to be with us - without anything except Joy. Namaste! We pass this talking stick back to you, Sister Fran.
**Agrarian Justice is the title of a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine and published in 1797, which proposed that those who possess cultivated land owe the community a ground rent, and that this justifies an estate tax to fund universal old-age and disability pensions, as well as a fixed sum to be paid to all citizens upon reaching maturity.
Transcribed by Rita. Edited by Fran.
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