Tara & Rama Report 2-27-18
Tara & Rama: (together) Greetings, Everyone!
Tara: On this very, very quickly approaching within 3 days this next Full Moon in the beginning of March, coming roaring like a lion and goes out like a lamb just like Mother [Sekhmet].
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And this has something to do with the Dragon energy.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And Rama, didn't you tell me that you were a part of the incarnation of Merlin.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And Merlin had a Dragon.
Rama: Yes, and his Dragon helped him cleanse the energy of Camelot of the old energy that was not serving the Office of the Christ. It was a very awesome time to behold. I pass the talking stick.
Tara: So we are talking about the good Dragon entering in to deal with the misuse of Dragon energy on this planet coming up here, Everyone. And again, St.Germain is the higher energy of that Violet Flame. As a matter of fact the Dragon that Merlin had had a Violet Flame Fire.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: That's what we're talking about. So that being said, Rama you got to speak with Natasha today. Yet I think I want to go back, because there are some important things to talk about that came through Rama in the last 2 days or so. And we are so much a thorn in the side of the naughty dragons you might say (laughing).
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And there is an article called ‘Mapping the Israeli Network Behind 9-11.’ Rama will send this to Fran. It's been a little slow and a little overwhelming with all that’s going on. And this has been put out before but it’s been a very long assignment. And now it's coming back. It's 47 pages, and it goes to every detail starting way back at the assassination of the clone of JFK Sr. And it goes to every one of the people that participated in every aspect leading to 9-11 and doing 9-11 and taking it all the way to the present.
When you have that in your consciousness and you know background history of the end of the dark ages that we are, you might say, engaged in together here walking through this as ‘the goodly company’ as brother George Hunt Williamson wrote in a book about  Mother Sekhmet called The Secret Places of the Lion. Thank you, Mother Sekhmet - amazing times to live in.   
Rama: Thank you.
Tara: And what's being spoken about now is that of waking up all the way and getting this out there at this time, with that 9-11 still lurking in the shadows. We have come to a time when, you might say, the story of the truth cannot be hidden any longer.
And Saturday, there is a corresponding action that hopefully, will lead everyone to realize that there is a serious countdown to ending this propaganda. In the meantime, do not falter, and do not fear or doubt. You know, the ‘doubting Thomas’ is running around everybody right now in the form of the propaganda. And they are especially trying to pawn off this doubt into the minds of lightworkers. And they are taking a large set of stabs at Obama.
And Rama just wanted to pass on that Tom the Ring-tailed Cat talked to Rama and he said: "There is a much bigger story to the portraits. And all of the explanation that you might think you have are not IT,” yet he is researching how to put this out and cut through all of the disinformation and get to the whole story in the proper moment. So the request is to suspend your disbelief. And the more that we remain strong and on the path and wake ourselves up by pursuing more and more knowledge of the truth of all of this, the ability to bring this information forward even stronger is possible.
And the reason that that's going on is that WE are the ones we've been waiting for. They cannot violate free-will choice and we make a free-will choice as doubt would come up or fear would come up, to praise, respect, thank and love all those feelings and then pursue higher knowledge of the truth of the true story, as that dispels the doubt. That's help. Okay, and that was never going to be done for us and it is really important. This is the time it’s real, and the more of us living that way and not making judgments and polarizing ourselves with something else out there - that's the lesson. Sister Maya is teaching us how to go beyond polarity right now. That is challenging, I don't doubt it.
On Saturday, Rama called the King of Swords in the morning, expecting to leave a message, yet the King of Swords answered the phone, which almost never happens. Rama had called in the first place to express his concern about the current state of financial support, and our sister here Fran’s [situation] is resembling that remark, I'm sure. And so Rama was pointing out to the King that there are numbers of people who used to help Tara and Rama and I'm sure used to help Fran and Susan. (Susan is still here, just in a different reality. Remember she's on the Arcturian Council of the Antares-Arcturus Midway Station helping to re-educate souls into Higher Galactic Law. And that includes all of us, because we are all One.)
So then they’re not helping anymore; that's got to do with the doubts and fears and all of that stuff. So the primary reason for the changes is that the financial status of everybody's budget has changed - higher bills, more repairs, government, de-regulation for the rich and cutting people off from their income and cutting people off of their health care and all kinds of basic rights are being violated in the process. That being said, the King of Swords asked Rama to give his message to all of us. And here it is: "Please help Tara and Rama, (and that includes our sister Fran, he was speaking directly to the two of us, in the sense that you might say there is purpose for this to come together and the 2 of us being required to answer to the people, and we are bringing those answers directly from the King of Swords. Sister Fran and Tara and Rama get in a circle every week and share it, and the King of Swords said a while ago that Fran and Susan are part of this team. It comes from him to Rama, to me, and to the rest of us through Fran and Susan on this call.)
Okay, so that being said, ‘Please help (that which I just detailed, all of us), ‘as the work they are doing means they need both more financial help and more support in spreading the information of the truth about what is really going on. This is even more important in these times as there has been an increase in disinformation on the web, intentionally not saying anything about what needs to be said, with the intention of spreading more fear. Wherever we are, the requirement is to support Tara, Rama, Fran, Susan as the singular place where the truth can be found and is also made available to all the people.’
Will Smith was present on the line with the King of Swords. He said to Rama: ‘I know about you Lord Rama and what you people are doing is so magnificent with the higher teachings and the philosophy you all share. Had I known what you folks have been teaching as I was growing up I wouldn't have gotten into the trouble I've gotten in.’ Will went on to say to Rama, ‘at the age of 12 I saw 3 black people shot in the head at close range in cold blood by white cops. I'm not going to say which big city yet suffice it to say, it’s between New York City and Chicago. I have to keep a low profile because I'm working directly with Oprah Winfrey to get Michelle into the White House. NESARA now, Michelle for President. I believe in you, I believe in the work you are all doing and the magic it brings to get this planet free. As my celebrity situation can be of help, please Everyone, this is not the time to doubt the reality of what we are all, as the human race, living together right now. NESARA is for real, the energy of the Ashtar Command is for real, working on the ground together with all of us. Yet, it is so important for everyone to inner-stand, understand, over-stand, that without your support, without your faith, without your free choice to support this work both financially and spiritually, the Ashtar Command cannot override that free will choice. Keep looking up. Peace and love, Namaste, Lord Rama.’ That's really important, Everybody.
And then, the next report came on Monday yesterday. Rama spoke for about 3 minutes with Tom the Ring-tailed Cat. Tom was in the halls of Congress on Monday which was the first day back in session for Congress after they took a 10-day break. This is a very unusual time to take a break, he said. And he also said, it has something to do with two very evil characters of our Congress, Mitch Mcturtle and Ayn Rand advocate Paul Ryan. Needless to say, the time was used to further evil plots of up-to-no-good mice and men. Tom said that Congress was talking about the lunatic idea of arming teachers as a defense method in case of shooters coming after students in our schools. He went up to say the Grump has no idea about the protocols and procedures necessary to protect our students in our schools, nor is it saying to attempt combining teaching with policing, nor is it even in the Grump’s interest in protecting school children. His only interest is in power, greed, control and profit for himself and his cronies - the translation, sell more guns, profit more at the expense of our children. Then Tom continued, Senator Martin Heinrich, Democrat from New Mexico, a very progressive Democrat from New Mexico, called the Grump out on his ridiculous idea of arming teachers.
On a another subject, Mr.Putin has called for daily ceasefires in East Gouta in Syria. Tom said that everything going on in Syria is about the fake war on terror, the real story going on in Syria is about the Stargates. Rama asked Tom about the Stargates, regarding the Stargates, what is the real reason these dark ones continue to pursue going after Stargates? Tom answered Rama is in this way. ‘The real reason they are going after the Stargates is to bring their contingency forces they hold in from the outer edges of the Solar System. That will not be possible for there is a lockdown for the last 5 or 6 years and they will not be able to do so. Yet these dark ones keep looking for a loophole to bring them in.
Rama pursued the question, As they keep repeating the same behavior patterns without success what kind of insanity is that, Tom? Tom said: It is about the mind control and programming of our military forces who really run this country and the world courtesy of the Deep State, meaning the CIA and the ABC agencies and the black budget. Those funds are coming through the Clinton so-called charity foundation. Tom said, I have to go now as I have an appointment with Nancy Pelosi.  Rama asked: What are you going to talk about with her? Tom said: It is concerning her failure to help the American people and to instead, not only do nothing, to instead use that power vested in her by the American people to deliberately abuse the power that she has by committing vile crimes against American children with impunity, for her own interests.
‘Power concedes nothing’, as we’ve known, ‘without demand; it never did and it never will,’ said Frederick Douglas in 1857. We, the people, must act now, and democracy is not a spectator sport as Barack Obama said at the Democratic National Convention. Tag - we are all it. We must all act. Our participation is required now more than ever. Now is the time - know the law of nature and nature’s Goddess. She is coming, nothing can stop her now. NESARA now, Michelle for President.
Tom in saying good bye strongly suggested that we go see Black Panther as it will change our lives. Meanwhile Tom said despair is definitely not an object and peace and love is her, and keep looking up. Rama said: Ditto’ and reminds us all that Tom the Cat is a very, very big Black Panther, 12 feet tall. Jaguar medicine is alive and well and living in the heart of All That Is.
And then today Rama has got together with Natasha and she showed him on her galactic pad what's going on with the weather worldwide and that Nibiru in its close proximity to Earth is affecting Earth’s gravitational field and everything that goes with that: earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, sudden flooding, extremes in hot and cold in various parts of the planet which are not normally the distance there. Natasha said the 13 families know that it is Nibiru's close proximity that is causing these extreme climate changes. And they also know that Mother Sekhmet is very very, very ready to pounce. And these unremorseful, unrepentant ones are terrified. They do not wish to let go, and at the same time they remain unwilling to face themselves or to forgive themselves. In Unconditional Divine Neutrality we Commanders, Eagles and Angels are yet and still being requested by Natasha to send more Love to these unrelenting life forms. And since we know that we are Love and accept ourselves as such, we can forgive all by letting it be without anger.
Natasha said the fiascoes in Washington are getting a little more intense. She said the latest story in the district of criminals is Jared Kuchner loses access to top secret intelligence, meaning he can no longer receive the daily presidential CIA briefing. And Natasha went on, Mr.Muller is going to have to come forward with the truth about the Khazarian Mafia mobsters appearing to be running the world, along with the truth about the upper hierarchy of the Vatican worshipping the long gone Luciferian fallen angelic agenda. Mr.Muller will be required to demand the dismantling of that said satanic Vatican operation. Mr.Muller, Natasha said, will not be able to fill this tall order, yet there is a former Senator who is a whistleblower who knows the whole true story, from the assassination of the JFK Sr. clone through the first 9-11 in 1973, the second 9-11 in 2001 and everything in between up to the present moment. He will come forward and spill all the beans.
Rama asked Natasha the proverbial question: When? She said: Look around you, look on what's going on on this planet. Goddess comes now to level the playing field. She is indeed the great equalizer. Call in the High Priestess energy. Call in the Divine Feminine Goddess energy into all of our hearts. The High Priestess brings major change at this time; she is the Black Madonna in this world, fusing  Divine Wisdom with sound judgment and Common Sense, bidding us to be with her in our Hearts, and she will assist us to change the world. She cannot be fooled, she is Mother Sekhmet’s grounding rod on this pathway of the Good Red Road, the Priestess of the Silver Star cleansing all illusions, she is at the same time, and all confusions and all pollution of the Mind with the Heart that may be separating the Mind from the Heart in any of us.
By her light of the Silvery Moon, Lady Master Isis, the High Priestess of all High Priestesses assists us as the Goodly Company to look into the Akashic Records with a clear mind strengthening us in commitment to our collective purpose to guide Humanity in its struggle up from the beast-hood to the Goddess-hood of all Humanity. In the prologue of the book "Secret Places of the Lion" author George Hunt Williamson says "The four corners of the earth enclose timeless records that from millennia had been hidden from the eyes of seeking humanity. These priceless accounts of the struggles and intrigues of this planet are now coming to light. The secret places of the Lion are bringing opening in the vibrations of a new age."
And I'd like to read one more thing that really is enlightening, that's also in this prologue, as a final note. This might explain why Rama was chosen to do this particular work with myself and how we found each other.
“The negative opposing forces which always intend to hold man back and keep him forever in the dark chains of brutishness and beastliness has been behind the destruction of the great treasure houses of the Mu antiquity. Examples would be the destruction of the Aton tablets in Akhnaton’s records sanctum by the evil Amun Priesthood.” And then they say that the great pharaoh was assassinated and what we know is that is not the truth. What really happened and they just covered it up that way is that Pharaoh Akhnaton (which Rama was part of that energy) actually went on a journey undiscovered all the way to South America to the Machu Pichu   
Tara: and then to the Monastery of the Seven Rays by Lake Titicaca. And, what did you do there? You placed the mono-atomic gold in the
Rama: in the repository chambers
Tara: of the Temple of Illumination.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: in the base of that mountain there at Lake Titicaca, and he ascended from that point.
So, that's to just bring some truth to that. So the energy of Akhnaton and the monoatomic gold is equivalent to the knowledge that is contained in the Aton tablets coming through all of us now. These records are coming through.
And then in the burning of the Alexandrian library by fanatics in AD 389, I [Tara] was Gaiyos, the Guardian and Protector of the Alexandrian library; thus the coming together of Tara and Rama here. In that library was the largest and most famous repository of antiquity containing over 700,000 volumes comprising most of the literary treasures of the ancient world, an inestimable loss which brought about the Dark Ages, which we are ending now. And so opening the Third Eye and Akashic Records are being made available with this intense increase of light. And the third one is the total destruction of the Aztec library, where priceless codices were ravaged with fire and sword by Cortez in AD 1590 as he sacrificed untold treasures to greed and they were swallowed up in his incendiarism.  That is equivalent to changing our history books from little tiny children on up to school. And the truth about that is that this is invested in Shield and Sharula. Shield is the Prince and Sharula is the Princess. Her parentage is
Rama: King Rantu and Lady Muru
Tara: And they  
Rama: of Telos
Tara: are from Telos and they bring in the Silver Fleet. Now we are talking about Isis again, being the High Priestess. So all of these records are coming through all of us now. And to say a final word, 'these records were hidden in tombs, secret chambers, caverns, temples, catacombs, and every secret recess was utilized. These records deal with the most ancient wisdom. And it will be rediscovered in the years immediately ahead. These truths have been secreted, then discovered, only to be buried again after they served their purpose of revealing that was to be known during a particular age and time. Humanity had to finish its development.'
What Mr.X and Tom the Cat and Natasha and Lady Nada and all of our Faction 3 White Knights are all saying,"Dispel with your disbelief; all the records are coming forth right now. It's not down the road, it’s not years down the road; it's right now. We have done the work, we must continue. May the Dragon of the good Merlin, Saint Germain, be with us all and I pass this Dragon talking stick on this coming Full Moon to my sister Fran. May the Force be with us all. 
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