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Tara&Rama Report 4-08-14

Tara & Rama: Greetings!
Tara: Greetings everyone. I don’t know about you, I just feel a tremendous overflow of energy coming in, and as a result the energy is so much higher, that all things called fear, or trepidation, or misgivings, or feelings of guilt, or all the negative emotions are being challenged to the max.
Rama: Yes.
T: And the pressure is truly on. Tom the Ring Tailed Cat said you got that, and then magnify that about a million times, and that is what the Cabal are feeling right now. Literally the levels of the hierarchy all the way up to the very top, or bottom, or whatever, the powers that were are in the literal space right now [where] they’re killing each other, and they’re doing it on an exponential scale. So if you feel those feelings of, you don’t know what it is, but it’s like an overwhelming feeling, it is time for love like it’s never been before. As Mother says, she loves to dance. Play some beautiful music and move your body, and flow, and breathe, and release the peace, because that’s all there is, is love because love has no opposite. The type of carnage that’s going on is absolutely at a crescendo. At the same time all the myths, all the organized religions, and all the black ops, and including what [comprises] or perceives itself as the community that’s the target. Why would they think that we were to be a target? Because light is painful to the dark. Love is painful to the dark heart. And so there’ve been numerous stations where we have been listening, and one of them signed off just the other day. It’s a blessing to see, when they say that an Archangel Michael is a being that’s the dark being called the..
R: Bush.
T:.. President Bush Sr., which is the farthest thing from the truth. I hope that your mind does not get unmistakably fooled by those kinds of things. I thought that it was a gift to see something so outrageous said about that on the day of signing off. It has been a black op, even though you cannot judge anybody or the players, because there’re different levels of comprehensions of how the deep or black ops use that group too. 
R: Yeah.
T: We saw some things happen with David Wilcock the other day too, trying to describe the plane as being in a hanger somewhere in Pakistan, and that there’s some bargaining going on between our CIA and their ISI [Inter Service Intelligence Directorate]. None of that is real.
R: No.
T: And what is going on here? There has been some money exchanged from the dark side to that side and we must not judge. We send these ones love. And as a result, now the plot got deeper and thicker and tougher, and so forcefulness was applied and lies were exuded from those reporting stations, and that’s going on across the board.

There is nothing but NESARA. NESARA is New Sara Law. It brings in the highest possible vibrations of love that we all can hold and then there’s more. I am glad to hear that our guest today is Mother Mary, yes indeed. Mother Mary is the divinity of receptivity that we need on this planet, with an open heart to the highest vibration of love. As you think you can’t hold any more, ask to be able to receive more, because the higher we go in that vibration, all these other lower vibrations cease to exist in that love. It cannot, cannot, cannot prevail. Only love prevails over all of these stories. Nonetheless, the entire infrastructure of this dark plan of, you might say, a divine 'leela' to teach this to ourselves.

R: Yes.

T: That’s something that we need to remember. We asked ourselves to teach ourselves how to love, and to actually descend into a lower vibration and test ourselves. As to how we can call on the truth of who we are in every test that we ask for ourselves to give ourselves. There is only one of us here, and it’s called the one beingness of pure, divine, unconditional, bodhisattva love. Until I reach enlightenment I take refuge in all the Buddhas, and in the dharma, and sangha by the merit of accomplishing the six perfections in this order - Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, Beauty.  By the merit of six perfections may I achieve Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings. This is my prayer; this is what brings us together every time we come together.

And in that frame of mind, I wanted to just read this I Ching. I really want to read it because it’s so beautiful, and I wanted to give this website if you haven’t gotten it yet. It’s http://www.theichingweekly.com/. It is right on the money as the manner of speaking.

R: Yes.

T: In the terms of the energies for each week. It comes out late in the afternoon or early evening each Sunday night, and it begins every Monday. So this is the I Ching for week of April 7th to April 14th.

What I think is very unique about this is that I engaged in something called the World Symposium on Humanity. The dates for that event began on April 7th to April 14th 1979. It was about six months before October 1st 1979. When this whole dance, this whole saga of the great unravelling so that this age of enlightenment could commence with clarity, and honesty, and truth. That is thirty-four now going, this is thirty-fifth anniversary. This is the thirty-fifth anniversary. I look at numbers a lot and that’s an eight, and that’s the sign of the Mahdi - the return of the great Kalki Maitreya.

That brings me to another piece before I read this. Raj Patel is an aspect of Kalki Maitreya or the Mahdi. He’s a very beautiful young man who is of that enlightened cosmic Christ ray. He took a journey to the downtown, south district of the Pakistani district of London, whereby he knocked on the door of the Kalki Maitreya or the Mahdi of the one that Benjamin Creme has been working with for a long time. Decades and decades going around the world and doing two, and three, and four-hour meditations of pure consciousness.

So this is an ascended being like Swami Purna, and has unlimited access to the Venusian gold, and passed a sufficient amount of it to Raj Patel. He’s bringing it back here to give to Dr. Steven Basset, our lobbyist for full disclosure in Congress. Dr. Steven Greer is working with that energy and the other being who contributed to this because there wasn’t enough money to do this full disclosure last Monday a week ago. So it will come, I’m not sure [when]. No dates. It’s not about that; it’s about this great shining moment, one shining moment there is peace on Earth. All of these pieces which appear to be somewhat linear are converging into a nonlinear higher vibration of pure consciousness.

So I want to honor [former] Senator Mike Gravel who took just about every drop of his money that he’s had from his whole life. He took it and he gave back to this endeavour  for Dr. Steven Basset too. This is a great being who absolutely woke up the world because he went for five days before Congress without ever sitting down, without ever sleeping. He read thousands of pages of the Pentagon Papers before Congress and that woke up the world. Of course we promptly went back to sleep for a few decades, but we’re not going there anymore. Now with all this in mind, [with] every ounce of truth that’s coming forward now we must continue to send love. Especially, as we say, keep your enemies closer than your friends. So send that love especially, and find it in your heart. As there’s any feelings of revenge or negativity, praise that feeling, respect that feeling, thank that feeling, and love that feeling. Let’s please drop all other things, there’s only one. It’s called the New Sara Law.

Okay, “Above, it’s the number thirty, Li, it’s radiance; omens shine bright. Above is Li and below is Li. This is a double whammy of glowing light, the power of consciousness, the wisdom: change is imminent. It will be great, it will not be gentle. A fire burns in the heart.*
R: Mhmm.
T: “In your present situation you are suspended between heaven and Earth. There is no familiar foundation that you have counted on in the past to make you feel safe. There is no way you could have planned for a change such as this, or a meeting so dynamic and clear that the hope you lost would return and stand before you and open to the heart of the matter.

R: The way Tom the Cat described it to me today is, you’re walking that pathless path, Rama, where you walk off the cliff and you know you can walk on water and walk on air.

T: Like Ranamu said, don’t stop looking at the back of my head while you walk on air across a canyon, Lord Rama.

R: That’s right.

T: We all know how to do this and the time for this is now.

Okay, * “We are returning to the knowing of why you have incarnated at this time, and an aspect of your life’s purpose is being revealed. This is going to the basics of human existence. Aristotle pointed to times such as these as being a part of the basis of alchemical design and purpose. You are now in the process of your own sacred mission in your tribe, in your community, in all your relationships. There is great power to be had, to effect change for the better and greater good. Although this is a personal journey, it is being reflected by Gaia and all sentient beings. You have been met by Spirit, have no doubt, and it has ignited a fire in the heart.

You have been close to this awakening before, yet the circumstances were not fortuitous. They were dangerous. You flirted with the danger and were burned, and then hid your trust and your true heart from view. This time the bridge to what you thought was safety is burning and you can feel the heat. As you try to turn back you may make it.
R: Mhmm.
T: “Yet you will be scarred at the very place you want liberation, the place of love and your true purpose. This present time is an omen shinning so bright you are illumined and finally seen. You are feeling the power of love of self which opens to the knowing of your purpose, and will open to your allowing yourself to be loved. You need no special gifts to see yourself in the light of truth because your light, Li, is doubled at this time. You can see and feel everything clearly now. Trust what you see and trust what you feel. It is real.


“Affirm that you will destroy old negative patterns and as you do, they will no longer have any power over you. You will be released, to reveal and revel in a new freedom of thought, feeling, spirit, and loving light. You have worked and worried hard, as the last leg of the journey. Now use every tool you have gained and held in your virtual and very real medicine bag; a place where you keep your power totems. Using these tools of Spirit examine your habitual patterns of behaviour and change your way of thinking. Change the words from the past playing in your head, the words that stopped you from loving and from being loved. Convert the negative to the positive. This is the gift of the human process.

“You are in the mode of learning to receive, learning that receiving does not hurt, it inspires. Embraces and rededicate what works, yet destroy and burn what does not and be ruthless about it.

“You are moving into the space of making the alchemical mix of true love and your true purpose. Once it is found and recognised it will need tending, like the fire in your belly and heart. What will allow you to cultivate this loving light is diligence, is dignity, kindness, grace, honesty, fearlessness, and divine compassion. Integrity and compassion will open the doorway to trust, to accepting your greatness and your strength. Using the powerful, proper fuel will allow you to create a fire that can spread clarity to your tribe and family who also yearn for the light.

“Be assured that you are the one and at this time the only one who can deliver this light in all its fullness. By increasing the light by using the proper fuel the intensities of the flame does no damage. It becomes a healing light, the light of love, creativity, health, and passion. You will find that along with the old rancid patterns and behaviours you will be leaving the worn out and painful alliances of family, friends, and associates, breaking the unsaid contracts that have bound you to old ways, the ways that didn’t leave room for you to remember your truth.

“You will find again what was etched in the original canvas of your heart, the memory of who you truly are and for what purpose you came to Earth at this time. The feeling that is stirring within you is the power that allows you to remember who you truly are in all your magnificence. As you step out from behind the veil of your glorious garb of light for all to see, you are at last safe. Enjoy the ride. Bring a friend, a child, a lover. Recognise the loving beings of spirit that have been standing with you waiting for you to step forward into the light of truth, beauty and goodness. Have no fear. He/she or the author at hand is an omen. A good omen.

“The image of a clean fire is represented in the original ideographs that comprise Li. It is a fire that clings to the heart and makes way for the new as it burns away old doubts, beliefs, and patterns that have kept you in bondage for a lifetime. Lifetimes!  Beliefs formed in childhood, and ingrained societal patterns are the fuel for the fire that illuminates the jewels of life that have been shadowed by doubt and shame. The unexpected is here, bringing together what belongs together. Give it all of your heart, all of your body,all of your soul. Be the love that you desire and that you will receive. This is the magical inner alchemy you have been preparing for. In lakesh. I am another yourself.”

Satnam and Mahalo. Namaste, Everybody. I pass this talking stick back to my sister Fran.

* http://theichingweekly.com/april-7-2014/

Transcription by Julie.

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