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Tara&Rama Report 6-28-16
Tara: OK, Greetings, Everyone!
Rama: Greetings!
Tara: Things are moving faster and faster and earlier this week Rama got a call from Natasha and she said more and more people are seeing the un-trustable lies because they are so outlandish.  
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And that little piece that was coming from our Veteran friend Gordon Duff was completely, you know, implicating criminal activity by Dr.Keshe, yet praising the technology that it works; and that doesn't go together and, [criminal activity] it's not true. We just want to make sure that everybody knows that. [See the 6-30-16 true story from Dr.Keshe.]
Rama: Gordon Duff and Jeff Rense are reporting a lot of these stories that are not exactly telling what we know. And it goes back to that Faction 1-Faction 2 realm of the 13 families who are fighting over the planet and it is very quickly coming to a conclusion.
Tara: Yes, Rama also watched a video which has been reporting that Hillary knows that there is so much overwhelming evidence against her, that there is no chance of her not being fully indicted even though, on the news tonight, they’re saying she has been exonerated completely.
Rama: That's right.
Tara: And the reason for those things have to do with the Republicans getting scared as well as the Democrats, because they both are in the same mess together. They’re scared that as one of them gets indicted the rest of them are going to be, and they should be.(laughing)
Rama: Yeah, they all are going down..
Tara: They are all going down - this is right. One thing Rama mentioned to me is that Natasha is also a Romanov, like Rama's family.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: Romanov, which is very interesting, bringing up the Russian side of things. We must not forget that Putin as an immortal has been a contactee for some time now of the Andromedans..
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And the technology to end all of this war is at hand. Also included in that technology is the light saber, and that's for defense at this point in time because there has been an edict going out from the Cabal to kill every single one of the Sovereign World Militia forces and the Faction 3 White Knights. And they are trying to use their reverse-engineered ET technology and have a battle at that level.
Rama: There are things going on in our atmosphere where, and David Wilcock and  ET Corey have talked about it, there are things, you know, fireballs and explosions going on in the atmosphere and it's got to do with various old craft as Dr.Greer describes it. And at a certain point, it's going to be exposed for what it is - this war going on between the 13 families using advanced technology.
Tara: Yeah and now, you know, a question that we get from many people calling us, why are we just elevating the war to this dimensional war like we did in Atlantis? (both laughing) And Rama asked Rana Mu today about that question.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And what did Rana Mu say?
Rama: The story goes all the way back to Atlantis and at the same time, when I asked about this question I keeping being told that this is only in self-defense under the auspices and direction of Archangel Michael. That it has to do with -
Tara:  Yeah, they don't use their technology as White Knight Faction 3 without total approval by Archangel Michael. So, it's very important to know that Rana Mu along with Natasha along with Lady Master Nada, said there's more backup, yet we’re in this interim period where the most important thing is for the people to be able to comprehend that this isn't one of those staged alien invasions so that we become totally terrified..
Rama: That's right.
Tara:..and we are running from this whole thing. There are check points and there are participations that must be done from the ground. So this operation is definitely necessary and important.
Rana Mu took Rama and put him on a bio-table today, on a journey. He went along with Rama Mu to the Nagual world while he was on that table and all kinds of Beings showed up in the room, in the same room with them, and Jaguar-Leopard Cat woman, she came along and Rana Mu shape shifted into a Lion.
Rama: A white lion cub.
Tara: A white lion cub and Rama shape-shifted into a
Rama: A lion, a Paschat.
Tara: a Lion, a Paschat and Leopard-spotted Jaguar woman, she led the way and led them into a cave about 25 feet in diameter opening with a very tall ceiling somewhere in United States, perhaps around Monument Valley or Butte, Montana, somewhere in that kind of neighborhood.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: Anyway, there were beings in there around a camp fire. They were looking into it and they sat around and Mother Sekhmet showed up. And she began speaking in Solex-Mal and various geometric shapes emanating into a holographic imaging into many combinations of these geometric shapes and eventually, the holographic imaging brought with it angelic music and formed a starship...
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Again this is in the holographic imaging. So they all experienced that energy and then Rama found himself back on the bio-bed and Rana Mu was back there using a cold-laser energy on him and she said, "That's enough for now, Rama."
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And then, there are others that are working for the Ashtar Command and they didn't for decades and they are double agents inside of the dark side. They are like spies, so that they can record what's going on there and all the false- evidence-appearing-real that is being planned for us along the way. Yet, they in turn give more false evidence to counter it and slow things down. And what Rama told me is that Nassim Haramein has been going off-planet with these double agents of the Ashtar Command and that they are literally building a Merkaba starship of their own just like what the holographic imaging that Rama saw
Rama: These are actually 12-sided Merkaba vehicles that fit together like a geographic three dimensional shape in physical real time that makes up a real star ship made up of intersecting Merkaba vehicles. And this a huge, huge deal, because this is a what we all are at the core level and back to which we’re returning now with what is being shared and
Tara: Yeah, we are being prepared to get completely over the hump now. And there is a downloading also, of a large body of information by Julian Assange that Rana Mu said is very imminent.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And it's regarding Hillary's criminal involvement in Benghazi and her private emails, and then some, and Hillary's actions toward Bernie as she is exposed no longer fit to run, it has been said she will endorse Bernie, yet as Rama asked Rana Mu the question, her answer was to watch how all of this plays out. And that meanwhile, that we all remain in divine neutrality and unconditional love - not taking sides anywhere.
Rama: Because it is getting really kind of ugly out there with all of the accusations.
Tara: Yes, so be Love. Be living Peace. Be Truth. Be Freedom. BeJustice seasoned with divine Wisdom, divine Mercy, divine Compassion. And thus we all walk in Beauty together.  Walk in Beauty and we’re getting our mission. And so as Fran and Susan are showing, as the next steps are shown to the group with Sananda’s energy coming through, this is happening on the next level.
Yes, Rama's just saying, we get in trouble as bills come in and the rent is due and, as you can be a bit more generous at this time.
Rama: Yeah, we really, really need help right now with the rent and the bills.
Tara: It’s a combination.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: But NESARA is! We are in, you might say, we are in that walking corridor where everything depends on how H-O-W we walk in Beauty.
Rama: Yes. I just wanted to say that as of this hour, there’s been some kind of terrorist attack in Istanbul, at the airport. I'll say it. This is all Erdogan and black ops.
Tara: It's always the same thing.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Yes. NESARA now! We pass this talking stick back to you.
Transcribed by Adriana. Edited by Fran.
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