Tara&Rama Report 7-14-15
Rama: Greetings!
Tara: Greetings, Everyone! Thank you so much. We say ditto to everything that's already been said (thanking everyone who has made donations). 
Rama: Ditto, ditto...
Tara: Please be copious with your blessings to those of us who were bearing the torch for a single mindedness to come to the planet which is divine government on earth as it is in heaven - which is the equivalent of NESARA. And to reiterate, all investments, all bank accounts, everything goes to zero, absolutely everything, any investment - that means in any kind of thing there, all of them have been fraud all the way up to the very moment of speaking up now, because they have been backed up by Black Ops. Even the whole light community has been realizing that, and that's really important that we comprehend this and yet to actually focus now and send the blessings so that this White Knight operation and this Galactic operation of Saint Germain's endeavor for all times to create sovereignty on a global basis, universal sovereignty.
And the example that's going on here that's being made of Greece, is the example on a large scale as to what they are doing. The literal thing that is going on is that in 2010 it was already known by Angela Merkel and the Troika that Greece was not going to be able to support themselves or pay their debts. And the fact is that the hedge funds have merged with political opportunism for the Fourth Reich, which is what Angela Merkel is actually embodying, as the daughter of Hitler. And of course the thirteen family is behind that. But they've taken these hedge funds and merged them with political opportunism, literally selling out the entire sovereignty of Greece and all of their assets. They have a 50 billion dollar fund where they've taken their airports and their ports and anything that's making money and then putting it into a trust and then they are going to sell it off to the Troika and Angela Merkel, for a huge, at least triple, profit. Because they can make 150 billion on selling those assets off that they are saying are worth 50 billion. This is horrifying. And that's what they intend to do to any other country which plans on doing the same. For instance, Italy. Italy has 2400 tons of gold. They are drooling over that. They're pushing them, saying, 'Go ahead. Try the same thing, as we'll do it to you.' This is pure evil, Everyone, and they are doing exactly the same thing over here in the United States. They have their ways. And they've been doing it over here. And it's never ever going to end, other than We the People, stepping in, standing up for the knowledge of who we are, speaking truth to power number one. As we are being seen doing that, then the Forces of Light step into the picture and they do what they do.
Rama got to talk to Lady Master Nada, and who else Rama?
Rama: Tom The Cat and Ishmael. 
Tara: Okay, Rama. You might ask, well who the heaven is Ishmael? 
Rama: That is a fake name. He didn't want to give his real name. And he is a friend of Sheik Gilani. Sheik Gilani had a interview with Dan Rather on 60 Minutes concerning the disappearance of Daniel Pearl. This goes all the way back to 9-11 and the original story of 'here we are.'
Tara: Well, let's explain a little bit more because Daniel Pearl disappeared from Afghanistan. 
Rama: Actually from Karachi, Pakistan.
Tara: OK, Rama, thank you. You didn't tell me that before. So, Karachi Pakistan, and Daniel Pearl was a good CIA agent.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: Yet he knew Michael Hastings who was murdered by a setup by General Stanly McCrystal and General Betrayus in order to stop Michael from exposing 9-11 as an inside job which he knew all about. He was in touch with Wikileaks and the lawyer for Julian Assange and so they took him out. And he was pretty much on his way to getting that done. And then the fake news media made up a story that Daniel Pearl was so-called captured and beheaded by the Taliban.  The truth is that the C-I-A Black Ops murdered Daniel Pearl for the same reason.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: Michael Hastings was murdered, that he knew about 9-11 being an inside job. And Sheik Gilani is an Islamic man from Iran of the persuasion of the Sufi mystical Islam teachings. He is a very high magician, a wizard, like Gandolph of the Lord of the Rings who communicates with the Djin, who are a very mischievous group. Yet the Djin answer to the Angels and Archangels, they are the ETs as well as the angelics, in their nature. Yet, some are very good and some very bad and some are very, very ugly exactly like human beings are. They live in the trees, they merge with mountains, they, like fairies, also have strong connections to the plant kingdom. So our coded friend has all of this background and connection and he wants to just be called Ishmael. And he is also a very good friend of Lady Master Nada. 
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: So Lady Master Nada, Tom The Cat, and Ishmael all said, ´Now that a deal has been pretty much agreed upon by Iran and the P5-plus-1 members of the UN, it opens up a doorway to Dr.Keshe, the Galactics as well as NESARA and all miracles forthcoming, are coming in to manifest in our world. President Obama made it perfectly clear that this is not a deal that can be thwarted easily by the Republicans in Congress, as he will use his presidential power of the veto, if they do not approve this deal. Then another vote would have to be taken by Congress. It would require a two-thirds vote of all members of Congress to overturn President Obama's veto. It would require many, many Democrats to join with the Republicans to manage the 2/3 vote in opposition to this plan. And, in the process, it would expose all the Congress Democrats as well as the Republicans in front of, not just the country, in front of the world, as traitors to peaceful compromise by Iran and P5-plus-1 UN members. Nada said also that everything is in place to nail the daughter of Hitler for all the crimes that have been committed by Angela Merkel and the thirteen families, all the way back to Hitler and before that. Also, Hillary who was present at the Emanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina 2 days prior to murders to the Emanuel nine. And it was she who arranged for the murder to take place from the start to the finish, from programming Darrel to everything else in between to making sure he got the gun and to everything. She arranged for this. Another blood ritual sacrifice on behalf of the thirteen families and the Queen of England in a long line of these blood sacrifices that she has performed for many, many decades to promote the continued control by the Cabal thru fear and fascination with the dark side.
And then in reaction to the this magnificent event, Netanyahu lost his marbles today too and said that Israel is not bound by the Iranian deal, and said that we have to defend ourselves. And that it was a historic mistake and President Obama has betrayed the trust of Israel and all the republic. The Republicans, led by Mister Boehner are echoing these very same sentiment in our present day Congress. Now, that's a mouth full.
I'm just going to say that the astrology is magnificent, in response to all of this right now. So fear not, Everyone! All things are coming to those who are patient and wait. "For many months now, the astrological message has been about challenging and repeated emotional releases, confusion and indecision, that will almost surely change dramatically in July and Neptune, Chiron, Nessus and Saturn, have softened the ground for the positive aspects of planted seeds of hope and aspirations, and began paving the road forward, beginning very soon.  As soon as July's new moon makes itself felt,
Rama: That's tomorrow.
Tara: Which is tomorrow. "We will define a goal for us all as lightworkers. We will experience a grim and righteous determination to achieve that goal, even as that means outright confrontation with those who resist us." It is really time to stand up and speak truth to power.
Now the thing is that Mr. Tsipras was threatened again by the thirteen families that he would be wiped off the map meaning that his entire extended family would be eliminated if he didn't go along with this process. That's exactly the same thing that happened to Barack and his family. He was threatened that if he didn't go along with the TPP, he and his entire extended family would be wiped off the face of this earth. They already did that to
Rama: Tom Daschle.
Tara: to Senator Tom Daschle when he confronted on that, I think it was the second State of the Union address when President George Bush Jr - what he did was that he gave us a tax break for the very wealthy and every single member of the Republican Party got up in Congress, on the floor of Congress and gave at least a 10 minute non-stop standing ovation because that meant that each and every one of them got a billion dollar tax break and they knew it. And what Tom Daschle did was he called that out in front of the people and he said, what has happened here by George Bush Jr giving that tax break, it is the beginning of the end of the United States of America, that it's the fall of our economy and all of the sovereignty of our people. And since then over 1/7 of all of the United States assets are in foreign hands as a result of us being broke for so long. And not only that, remember that on February 6th 2014 the entire global economy collapsed and ever since then it’s been one traitorous fraud activity after another. There has been not one line of truth to be said on the controlled media, and so it has been extremely important that these reports be taken with heart-felt wisdom and I know they're tough energy, yet it is necessary for the light workers to actually set an example and to spread the word of what NESARA is about and how the people can actually do something to change our world that we live in.
And the report that just came out in the last week and a half or so from the 99% of the scientists of the world said we are well into the 6th mass extinction on this planet. And the the amount of, you might say the highest up on the food chain animals are ceasing to exist. They're exterminate themselves by our process here.
This a very strong time and the changes are going to be equally matched and strong. And we are the conduits. It's so important for all of us to actually be aware and pass this body of work to others.
And the one other thing I want to say is that that History of NESARA, which is a Faction Two report, and I just want to make it very clear on this call again. It starts, "Late one evening on March 9th, 2000 a written quorum call was hand delivered by Delta force and Navy Seals to 15 members of the United States Senate and the United States House who were sponsors and cosponsors of NESARA. They were immediately escorted by the Delta force and Navy Seals to their respective voting chambers where they passed the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. These 15 members of Congress were the only people lawfully allowed to hold office in accordance with the original 13th Amendment."
Remember, British soldiers destroyed all the copies of the titles of nobility amendment [which was] the [original] 13th Amendment in the War of 1812, because of the fact that it prevented anyone who had ties to the Queen of England from holding public office. NESARA is the most ground breaking reformation to sweep, not only this country but our entire planet in its entire history. The act does away with the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS, the shadow government and much much more."
Now the true story of which this was a cover up so that wouldn't be told because the powers that no longer are, and are assuming that they can hold power by the iron fist of fear, made it this way.  But what really happened is that the entire Congress, every single member of Congress plus one more person named Senator Barack Obama of the Illinois Senate. He was there and they were all taken to an undisclosed location from the White House as it was described.
Yet as it was also distinctly reported by the King of Swords that that was the place of access to the King of Swords' starship, given to him by Admiral Sananda Kumara and Lord Ashtar to do this work to get this full disclosure going. So that was Galactic Intervention of a very large sort. So on March 9th, 2000 every single member was in the starship of the King of Swords and they had the White Knight Faction III surrounding them with their phasers out and they said, "You will vote to pass NESARA into law this bill, this 250-page bill," not the 75-page changed one that NESARA.org put up there by Bush Sr. And they did. They all passed this bill.
And then Saint Germain was present and he told them that Barack Obama represents the Galactic contingency forces of intervention. And then he also said that you all will be held accountable for every transgression you've ever made, and from this point on you'll be quadrupally accountable for any further transgressions against this law that you voted and passed into such existence.
And so then on the 10th of October of the same year of 2000, Barack Obama, I mean President Clinton signed that document into law. So we have been in a state of Galactic Intervention ever since then, fully. And all the things that have taken place up until now have been done with the auspices of the Galactics intervening. Saint Germain always said, "I will not say anything like 'I love you' or anything like that. I will only say, 'May you all pass every test.' " 
Inshallah. We are all another ourself.  And these words reverberate in that whole [I Ching] energy - it's unbelievable. It's Number One - Qian - energy, inspiration and the dragon. Above is Qian and below is Qian. That's double heaven, Everybody. The wisdom: the strength and the force of the dragon, inspiration and its primal presence. This is the source of great success. NESARA NOW!  Namaste. Thank you, Everybody. Please support all that you can. Thank you. Namaste.
Transcription by Ariana. Edited by Fran.
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