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Tara & Rama Report 8-24-21
Both: Greetings, all you Commanders, Eagles and Angels!
T: Thanks to Eli [for bringing Mother through]; it is time for the biggest changes Mother Earth  has ever experienced  with all of humanity here!
[Note:The following notes are what Rama has reported for the various days, transcribed by Tara, and re-worked by both of them for presentation.]
Tuesday,  August 17, 2021
I received a text message from Abby Martin again today, at high noon.
          •She said to me: “Lord Rama, here is a video tape about Afghanistan from the beginning, since 9/11. This video is about a man who has been in Afghanistan since 9/11. He’s seen this empire [the one of the West] come and destroy Afghanistan.”
On another note, I sent Tom the Ring-tailed Cat a text message: I asked him “Do fairies           have human DNA? “
          •He responded by saying: “Fairies have part angelic DNA and part human DNA; some    fairies have part ET DNA and part angelic DNA.
          NOTE: Rama said: I remember in the story of Avalon, Igraine, Arthur’s mother, was a fairy, [the kind that was] part angelic and part human.         
Also, I asked Tom the Cat about the vaccine that is not a vaccine.
          •Tom said, “Lord Rama, in no way shape or form can we condone getting the jab. It is not a   vaccine. - and our Brother Eli expressed this too - Rather, it is an artificial intelligence, combined with a biological operating system that is intentionally connected to the matrix- meaning at this time, the Global Smart Grid.  which already has 5G in it,  and in China, it has 6G in it as well. At the moment, the 6G is confined to China.
          “Elon Musk is working with various corporations creating this Global Smart Grid, which also has another name called ‘The Internet of Things’. Where, for instance, you step out of your hotel in China, and you say “Taxi” into the air, and a taxi shows up right in front of you!        There could be a human in the taxi who, whether he/she speaks your language or not, has access to a universal translator. Or it could be a driver-less car which, through a voice operating system within the car itself, will communicate with you and take you where you    wish to go.
          “Some of this technology could very well  already be operating on a test basis in China or     South Korea or Japan. This is not far in the future
          “Sat Nam. Namaste.”
Wednesday, August 18, 2021
At 11:30 this morning, I received a text message from the King of Swords.
          •He said to me, “Lord Rama.  Tell the story about the space fence which is a global geo-magnetic field that we could call The Smart Grid. It is hooked up to thousands of satellites      orbiting our planet. This [Smart Grid] has been for 2 years now . . . This is Elon Musk’s idea of creating a global network which will eventually also be part of the Internet of Things.
          “The present so-called vaccine which is not a vaccine - as we said yesterday –is an     operating system – in this case, to hook us up to the Smart Grid.”
          •Then the KOS said, “Lord Rama, most all of the doctors in the United States have been    compromised; some have broken free from this matrix; most have not!     
          “The net quotient right now is that the vast majority of the people do not understand   what this vaccine project is REALLY all about. It is about total mind control. . . yet there is a fail safe mechanism of the Light of God/Goddess/All That is, coming in from our sun, Sol.”
          •The King of Swords said, “Lord Rama, the particles you saw as you were getting a       healing from Rana Mu today: those particles are transmuting this dark Borg grid. Blaze         the Violet Fire! Sat Nam.”
          •A further note from KOS: As we can tune in and see ourselves completely enveloped in           the light of the sun, those particles, that light, transmutes all that is from the old paradigm     matrix, and it infuses [that old paradigm matrix with] the White Fire Core of Being.
          “And again, BLAZE THE VIOLET FIRE!  NO TURNING BACK! WE ARE THE ONES WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. So mote it be. Sat Nam. Namaste.”
Thursday, August 19, 2021
I went and created a Jedi Council in a meadow up on the back side of the mountain, almost at         the top of the ski valley. It was 12:15, early this afternoon.
          Lady Nada showed up from the Wesak Valley, along with Rosa from Palestine, and a very        high, venerable lama, close to his Holiness Dalai Lama.  His name is Lama Tosogu and he’s         from somewhere between Wesak Valley and Tibet.
          They all said to me: “Lord Rama.  The jab is not a vaccine. It is a bio-weapon of the        dark side. DO NOT GET IT.  It hooks one up to the simulation mind control program.”
          •Then Nada said: “You do not want to do that to your body. What is happening now after 8-8 Lions Gate is that the mono-atomic gold, AU1, is coming in from the sun in extra-ordinarily copious amounts. Through our open 3rd eyes, we can see it. As I were to describe it as I see it through my 3rd eye, I see showers of gold glitter landing on everyone and everything on the surface of Mother Gaia.“
          •Lady Nada continued: “Lord Rama, on all of these radio shows, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday of every week, we do not in any way, shape or form, condone getting the          vaccine which is not a vaccine or promoting it. 
          “Doing so does not align with the principles of what NESARA LAW brings which is Freedom    from the Matrix. Another way of saying  ‘freeing us from the matrix’ is saying exposing the facts about the bio-medical system being based in a bunch of lies, and the military- industrial - congressional - media complex also [being] based in lies – such as killing for profit; the media communicating only corrupt corporatist propaganda; and congress and the party system also covering up the fact that the United States is a corporation AND NOT A    COUNTRY!
          “What NESARA Law is, is living in Sat Yuga and [it] brings that in which is not the old  paradigm. It is a living document, teaching us how to be in Divine Government.
          So Mote it be. Sat Nam Namaste.”
Tara: As Eli – through Mother – was saying, there are ways of correcting the course. As someone is learning and has already taken the vaccine, this is good news. Good news.
Friday, August 20, 2021  
I received a text message from Tom the Cat at 2:15 this afternoon; there were no White Knights         to found all morning long.
          Tom said to me: Lord Rama: Amy Goodman is compromised by the Deep State and the  Vatican, and it is a deeper rabbit hole than any of us want to go into! 
                    •She’s on the Dark Side’s list , yet we can just say: the truth will come out one way or another; accountability is on the table.”
          Tara inserts: A week ago Friday, she had to say Barack Obama was a terrorist and had to go along with that, and that is not the case.
          Tom: “We surround Amy with the violet flame and the emerald green ray. Blaze the Violet Fire! Sat Nam. Namaste.”
 Message from the Dalai Lama:   Dalai Lama @DalaiLama · Aug 20
Helping others brings deep satisfaction. No matter how powerful we may seem to be, our survival depends on the community. Clearly the community is crucial to individual happiness, so if we make others happy, we too derive benefit.
Rama:          Monday, August 23, 2021  
          I talked to Tom the Cat Monday.
          •He said: “The Light coming in is sot strong, you gotta be the walking dead not to feel it!  The Dark side wants a war, and Ashtar has said that war is cancelled!”
•Meanwhile on Native America Calling, Nona Leduc was on: calling from the Enbridge pipeline    with a whole bunch of folks, putting their lives on the line.  She said she was calling for all the women – gay, straight, trans gender -  to stand in solidarity with them as she [and the rest of those present] was challenging the corporation  that is building this pipeline, and the US Government
          •Not sure what happened after that, but that is the story from yesterday.
          Tara: and Blaze the Violet Fire !
Rama: Tuesday, August 24, 2021
          I went and sat in the plasma field today; it was high noon. I put my whole body with the         exception of my head, into the water, and I sat and listened to the cracking, the buzzing,      the popping of the vibe machines for about 10 minutes. These sounds turn into white noise like the sound of an ocean wave, and it can help you to rest deeply, or sleep at night.
          •Then I found myself at the Antarres-Arcturus Midway Station. There, there were 9    Praying Mantis people around me; I was lying on a bio bed and Metatron was at my head. He      was working on my crown chakra.  I felt an intense tingling in my crown.
          •Then Metatron said: ”Big changes are afoot, Commander; we are just tuning you up.
          “There are all kinds of portals opening in the sun right now, and your SOHO satellite      service – the Solar Helioscope Observatory which monitors the activities of the sun - is off line. It was intentionally turned off by NASA because of the tremendous changes of the sun.
          “ There are many celestials and eternals that have arrived from across the galaxy. This is about the intense energy that is going on right now; because of a few planets going       retrograde now and  Pluto and Eris in a tight square . . .”
          •Then I heard Mr and Mrs Fenn talking in the background; I immediately came back into my body, got dressed and left.  The empire is falling away
Tara: The work that we do together here is so powerful; let’s not forget that!
          And Charles Watts, 80 years, the drummer for the Rolling Stones, one of the greatest      drummers o this generation, passed over the rainbow today; said he died peacefully with his family by his side.
                    •Joan Baez, John Collins, sent greetings, and Mik Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac. Elton John said “I send him over the rainbow with lots of love.” Bruce Springstein said “I’m    gonna miss that dude.”
          •We send good vibrations to our brother who has served 60 years in that band!
Rama: Has seen the Rolling Stones live 4 times in this life time; it was amazing!
          •It is about the transformation of this generation right here and right now, and it is about Sat Yuga.
T:  A sharing from Robynne LaPlant:   August 22nd/23rd Full Moon in Aquarius
A Full Moon in Aquarius represents Great Awakenings which will bring forth monumental change that can benefit All of Humanity and raise Consciousness to higher levels. Use the energy of the moon to align with your higher self and your highest path. This is a full moon to stand out and let your light shine.
An Aquarius Full Moon creates an opportunity to reflect on how you’ve made a difference in the world. Whatever work you’ve done to try to further equality, fairness, justice respect for the environment, envisioning a kinder, gentler world, however small, has been gratefully received by the cosmos. One person alone cannot change the world, but the Aquarian Full Moon is a valuable reminder that every single person can, and does, have a part to play in collective change.
The Aquarius Full Moon brings an energy which encourages radical change in our own lives.  As we continue to navigate through this year of Change, Movement and Growth, this moon is dedicated to the Dragonfly.
          [See complete article here: 2021-07-29 August brings Alchemical magick


Tara: Dragonfly energy is about transformation; before he’s a dragonfly, he’s something else [a nymph] – like the beginnings of a butterfly - the transformation to our higher 5D self
[photo on LHS: from the same article as above]
T’s story: She and others were on the Chattahoochee River outside of Atlanta, GA on a healing retreat. All the children were playing all day long with the dragonflies on the river and the pebbles, having a wonderful time. They came in for snacks and went out to play again –
This is what the water of Divine Emotion looks like, when we come into this time we are in, with the holy/wholly innocence of the heart of the child.
Reading: The oracle Report for Tuesday, August 24, 2021
 From my Space Weather report for today on PIR:
A wild day today. Mercury is discharging "a lion tamer rushes fearlessly into the circus arena," and Mars is discharging "a volcanic eruption." As the cabal's plans are revealed by Mercury opposing Neptune, people are aroused to anger. Some will feel the need to go into deeper cover and isolation. Faith is required. We reinforce our faith with signs and expressions of Spirit with the reminder of the Sun at 02 Virgo, "a large white cross -- dominating the landscape -- stands alone on top of a high hill." One cross is all that is needed.
This morning, the Mahavidyas (angelic forces) ask that we understand that the reason we are here is for our energy — meaning the codes that we anchor within the collective.
It does not matter if you are at the peak of your life with abundant energy. or, not so much.
Your frequency, within the harmonic of the music of the spheres, will be “pinged.”
Mercury and Neptune are opposing today in square to the Galactic Center.
This month is “The Roar of the Choir.”
Today will echo: All that is needed is One Cross/Oneness.
And our understanding that our individual uniqueness is a part of that.
T:We are ascending together . . . grateful for the time to be together . . . this endeavour which actually started in 1949 . . . NESARA NOW.
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