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Tara & Rama Report 9-13-16

Tara: Greetings! Oh gosh, Everybody, just fasten your star craft shuttlecraft seat belts and get your space boots and spacesuits on, because we are going on a space walk now! 

The opposition is going to try to stage a fake space alien invasion and there may be some situation which is not so helpful yet they have back-engineered so many craft and there are opposing forces of Faction 3 White Knights. I mean, excuse me, that’s Faction 1 White Knights, and they are killing each other up in space and there just may be one of their craft that crash lands and I don’t know what it’s going to look like. I just pray that it’s not going to be in a condensed area of a city. Yet that would put the whole situation on a different footing.

Also, Tom the Cat said that Mother, this was yesterday, Mother Sekhmet gave all 13 families an order to cease and desist or all of you and your ilk will be annihilated, shattered and consumed by the Violet Flame of St Germain from this entire Universe of Nebadon, and she wasn’t meaning maybe.

And the astrology starting with this Pisces full moon lunar eclipse on the 16th, Rama got to hear from Lady Master Nada and Dodi and Lady Di. They are up there in the Wesak Valley. Yes, you want to tell the rest of the story?

Rama:  And there are so many refugees that are showing up there. They have over 4000 people in their encampment out there at the Wesak Valley and these are people from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran Jordan, Sudan, Syria, Yemen and as far as away as Palestine, yet that’s not that far away. What they are creating are transformational places for people to come and rest and recuperate and get healed from the wars. And also they are getting help from the Galactics inside those mountains surrounding the Wesak Valley to build all kinds of different structures according to geometric patterns. Also, what Di and Nada told me is that there are gigantic crystals growing in the areas near where their habitats are, and these gigantic crystals have just abnormally grown right out of the ground like in the movie Superman, like the Fortress of Solitude, and the way that they described it is that these are places to come and get healed and see the Akashic records on the screens and I mean it’s just so awesome to hear this kind of stuff because I know it’s real, and this is happening on an exponential level for the whole world just now.

Tara: Okay, and regarding the Hillary incident over the weekend, what you were really watching was a clone of hers that dysfunctioned and actually got laid to rest. As a matter of fact, on closer scrutiny from footage from, I believe, CBS, you could see that she was being just parked in that back seat head first and they exchanged another clone at the apartment of Chelsea. I don’t know what they did with the other one, and I’m just saying that that clone was about 10 years younger than the one that was there before. And what’s happening is that you can only clone so much, and each time you keep re-cloning then the clone doesn’t last as long as the previous one. Like this latest clone was brought into play right at the DNC convention. So what is that, a month ago, not even - yeah, a month ago and a half. All I’m saying is that this is pretty much over and I saw something on one of the internet music sites where there are all these other musics along the side and then there was a political piece and it said, it was back in May, but it said the global economy will crash on September 27th. Now that’s them giving dates. Need we say anymore? That in reality what we’ve got here is we’ve got the end of the fourth quarter coming up. That’s the end of the fiscal year 2016, and as we can recall back in 2008, Nancy Pelosi became the acting President of the United States on October 1st 2008, which was the first day of the year 2009.     

Again, Rana Mu suggested about a week ago that as we get to know that high treason has been committed, there were 14 members of the Republican Party that met at the Caucus Room restaurant on the 20th of January 2009, on Inauguration night , and they made a pledge not to give a legacy to Barack Obama at all, or in other words, not to serve as their jobs describes, which is high treason and economic treason to boot.

So the chances of what they are suggesting right now, they are suggesting taking Hillary completely out of the race and possibly putting Joe Biden in there and Benjamin Fulford suggested a Bernie Sanders and Michelle Obama ticket as his running mate. What we know is that Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders, Oprah Winfrey, Randy Roads, and Elizabeth Warren - never mind that they are all campaigning for Hillary; you must remember that these people get killed if they don’t have appearances of going along with the program - they are double agents and it will look like that until it’s over and let’s stop thinking that this is something that it isn’t.

The reality is that there is a secret government which isn’t so secret anymore and the other thing to know is that a little birdie told both Rama and I that Michelle Obama would be President of the United States and that’s what that group of people have been working on for many, many, many moons. 

I just want to thank everybody for this beautiful organic farm blessings every month, every week, and I also want to ask, because we are still having a lot of trouble with the bills. That’s the one thing that we still need your blessings and support for. So praise, thanks and love for all of those things.

Is there anything else you want to bring up Rama? Oh, and the FBI is falling on its sword and there are over a thousand members of the FBI that will not tolerate having Hillary Clinton in office. They call it Operation Stop the Cabal, and Netanyahu is involved in this along with George Soros and these characters are at Custer’s last stand.
Tara: with Ed Shultz. 
Rama: Yes. This is a huge deal. I heard Joan Baez is going to show up at Standing Rock, I heard possibly Bono is going to show up there. This is huge.
Tara: Yes. It’s not going to go away, Everybody, because [it’s] We The People. And nobody owns anything.  We are stewards of this beautiful being called Mother Gaia, Sister Titalakoria. And Vywamus is her consort and we can hear her breathing as we stop and really tune in. It doesn’t matter if you are in the middle of a traffic jam. That is happening and it’s happening now.

And be so graciously accepting of our new missions now and remember nobody was anybody else in the past, really. Those were exemplary lifetimes in the past that followed a ray of wisdom that got named on many different levels in many different countries and that is important because, for instance, the soul for Sananda Kumara is the identical soul for Siddhartha Buddha and Zoroaster and now Melchizedek. These are various lifetimes of an exemplary pathway of the greater wisdom of the ray that they vibrated to and now what we are all doing here together now is that we are vibrating to these rays in super unique ways where we actually create our own interweaving tapestry of just how all these rays of wisdom are going to become who we each are together. Let us know ourselves deeply.

Now we just might get some treats tonight. I hear some whispers, i won’t say what, but let’s enjoy this day and this evening and every moment that we are alive. Don’t forget to meditate. All the way up to the 8th dimension is now being opened to all of the world. That means that there are people living in the 8th dimension on this planet with our heads in the clouds and our feet on the ground.

NESARA now! Oh, and there is no GESARA and there are no Dinars or Dongs and Zimbabwes or any other money programs - St Germain Trust, One People’s Trust - none of them. They are all cancelled because they are all old stories trying to linger on with the old economy and I’m just going to just say that Dr Richard Wolff was on the big picture with Thom Hartmann this evening and he said feudalism came and went, slavery is trying to get out of here, they say it went, and our economic system has failed and it’s not the right one and the Councils of Elders are right here in the wings. So mote it be. NESARA now!
Namaste. I pass the talking stick back to our sisters, Fran and Susan.
Rama: Namaste.
Transcribed by Arun. Edited by Fran.
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