Tara&Rama-A&AReport 12-18

Rama: Greetings!

Tara: Greetings in the Light of the most radiant one everybody! I just wanted to say, to start off with that Mother has said this from the very beginning, that Humanity is at it's best, when it is at it's worst. And if this isn't the worst, I don't know what is. So let's expect the best, that's what I have to say, and the best is definitely yet to come. In the meantime, you 'wanna say something first Lord Rama? I mean, this whole fiasco has been a false flag...


Rama: Yeah, this is a huge false flag event like the Aurora shooting, and these are Black Ops that are, I'll just say, the C blank A, the D blank I, the N blank A...DARPA[Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency]; and this kid had, I have to say that there's many facets to this, and I don't 'wanna bring the energies down with all of what you've been saying.

Tara: No, but we can say specifically that it's pretty clear that Adam didn't kill any kids, and that the two..

Rama: There were two shooters...Tara: Two shooters, just like in the Aurora, Colorado..

Rama: I mean, these were special Black Ops that are like; Tara: Professional sharpshooters; they could have even been the same two.


Rama: Tara even brought up the idea maybe these are actually Androids that DARPA's playing with to do these things to try to bring in, you know, these super soldiers.

Tara: Yeah, you know, there's just zero emotion involved then. And 'ya know, they've been developing this for a long time, and they always need to do experiments. The other thing that's really critical, that's really key has to do with the LIBOR Scandal. And in the Aurora movie "Dark Knight Rises," the Batman movie, they had a scene in there where there was a man talking about and looking at a map to Gotham, the City of Gotham, and they were looking for a place that they were needing to go, and they flashed it on the screen, and there were right next to each other in the Gotham City Map, the words "Aurora" and "Sandy Hook," meaning that they on the public screen announced, that there was 'gonna be another one back when they did this one in July. And there's two things that are in common, is that the fathers of both of these young men were going to testify before the United States Senate against the participation in the LIBOR scandal of our Senators and our Congressmen.


Rama: This brings in the 2008 bank fiasco where Bernie Madoff, Governor Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, and I don't know how many other folks that are tied in with this; Mr. Boehner, Mr. Paul Ryan, Mr. Romney, of course, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, I mean...

Tara: And all of the fourteen treasonous characters in our Congress that joined together, and made an oath to see to it that Obama never got anywhere, and did it the night that he took his, that Obama took his oath the night of the twentieth of January 2009, at what was the name of that restaurant again?


Rama: Oh, The Caucus Room in D.C. It's a place I wouldn't want to frequent. And on larger scales than this as we approach this 2012 alignment, I keep hearing more and more incredibly good stuff, highly credible good stuff happening with people waking up, and experiencing more as I call them, our X-Man abilities, where things are moving into more of a place of balance and tranquility, and less of the disaster capitalism stories.


I spoke with the King's wife today, Natasha, and she said these guys are at the final death throes of these ancient empires as, you know, this line-up with the Dark Rift is happening. They are extremely desperate, extremely dangerous, and they're cornered, and they have nowhere to go except to turn to Mother [Sekhmet]. And we're watching the outpouring of Love, as Love pours into this Planet, and it's affecting them, they're having to deal with their sliver of Darth Vader, and it's coming out in what we're seeing, all these distractions that have to do nothing with helping "We the People," which is the largest issue here on the Planet, where the least among us have the most amount of troubles. And this is changing in the course of the moment, as the good folks, and I'll just say when all is said and done, there will be sixty-four good members of Congress left. The rest are bought out by the lobbyists. The NRA is a domestic terrorist group, I'll just say it.


This is what Ed Schultz said in the last two days on his show. And for the first time today they are making noises, the NRA, about what happened in Connecticut, yet not one Republican Senator has come forward, and said really anything concerning how their opinion on gun laws [has impacted the consciousness], and this is a big story, because it is bringing in all of what has happened in the course of our lifetimes. In fact, this present time frame that I speak of that most of us are from the sixties on, till now. And the course of this is, all of it gets exposed now.


Uranus has gone direct. That which is hidden all gets exposed. In the last one hundred years they have killed two billion people - the thirteen families. Now it all comes out in the wash, and there is a change. There's a new sheriff in town, and it represents Wisdom, Truth, Prosperity and Love. I pass the Talking Stick.


Tara: Well, I just wanted to say that I think this one is the straw that's 'gonna break the camel's back, and I just wanted to mention too, that the video that was put out about; was that about the Dinar again? About Neil Keenan, that's the other thing the King of Swords told Rama, Mr. X did, that Neil Keenan has already fallen off the wagon, and he's compromised too, and all the people in that story are compromised. And that includes every single one of them. They all got involved with the money, and this is not about money, everybody.


Rama: No! It's about Love!

Tara: And we need to stay focused on NESARA, and stay away from all the other, all the other scenes, and this is about a spiritual transformation, and it's really, really important that you know how much you're loved, and it's much more than you think, and that it's in giving that we receive, it's in pardoning that we are pardoned, and it's in dying to all of the ego that we are born to this immortal life that we are inheriting. Peace be with us all in this glad tiding time, and Mele Kalikimaka! Namaste!

Rama: Namaste!


Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh
Ashtar Teleconference, Tara and Rama A & A Report, 12/18/12.
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