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Tara&Rama A&A Report 1-8-13


Tara and Rama: Greetings!

Tara: I'd say right now that the expansion of our awareness as a group in service to the awakening for all, is the most important thing going on on this Planet. And I wanted to mention that Rama did something very clever, and he didn't tell even me, until last weekend. And about a year ago he started taking all of the information, and we always speak about you on our website, and so what he did is he advertised on his Twitter feed all the material that we talk about on our website, and our radio show, and referred people to the links for all of these things, so there are millions of people that have been reached, and are coming. I mean, we don't get to know how many people are really on the radio show, but all we know is that we're guaranteed that there's thousands and thousands of people now.


Rama: But, if you go to Twitter, and just type in koran999@comcast.net you'll find me on Twitter.

Tara: And then you can add to your conversation. And you can also do that yourselves. I'm just saying that the message that the King of Swords and all of the Folks from Faction Three right now are doing, and they're getting stuff on the internet. They're not only getting it on the internet through us, they're getting it on internet radio through the Ed Show. Actually that's...

Rama: Sirius XM Satellite Radio that you can listen to, if you have a Sirius radio [station], or you can actually find it on SiriusXM.com.

Tara: And what's it called the name of the show again?

Rama: Oh, 'WeGotEd.com'

Tara: Ha, ha, ha! Instead of 'we got milk,' we got Ed.com. And the White Knights have been sending people to talk about stuff, that usually doesn't get out there, on that particular radio show. So the more of us that we can ask questions on that show, the more answers get out there. And that's a lot of what Rama's been doing for years. We got a call from Noam Chomsky, or was he on Ed's Show? Noam Chomsky? Oh, that wasn't on Ed's show.


Tara: But Tom the Cat called Rama up with Noam Chomsky, and Noam Chomsky said to Rama, "You guys, what you guys are putting up there and saying, I mean, how come that's not on the main media?" You know, he was really grateful, he found out about us through the Twitter feed..


And you know, let's just take some time and be patient because, you know, there's all kinds of negativity in so many areas today. Alex Jones had the completely wrong idea about what the Second Amendment's about, yet he voiced it in screaming tones.

Rama: We need to send this man a lot of Love.

Tara: And the thing is, is that he voiced something that's under the surface of negativity on a bigger project called NESARA, because these people are all connected with that big document that everybody says, you know, the 'What you need to know' document, and not one ounce of it is true, and Alex Jones is connected with it, Drake is connected with it, Steve Beckow, all these people, Sheldan Nidle, all these people, this is, we're not putting anything bad on it, it's just the wrong information. And on the Ed Show yesterday there was a Rear Admiral that clarified this..

Rama: Yeah, Rear Admiral Joe Sestak,

Tara: OK, and he works with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and..

Rama: He's retired.


Tara: And Ed, you know, asked him to come on the show. He started to speak about the Bergavine Fund, the Pigford Case, the Farm Claims, and that these programs were moving forward, and all that was connected to it, you know, to turn the situation that we were in around. And what's beautiful about it is that Ed brought it up. He said, "Have you seen the article about 'You have the right to know?'" and he chuckled, and he said, "It's not coming from Faction Three."


He just said it very simply, and he said it has to be Faction Three, everything else is "right now" information, and the reason that it's so heavily across the internet is because of the energy that Alex Jones displayed today of anger against the government. And the Second Amendment was not for people to have the right to bear arms against the government.

Rama: Right!

Tara: It had nothing to do with that. It was the right to bear arms, and first and foremost, by a sovereign militia force to protect the government, meaning that the government is the people. And this is so backwards right now, and this whole Faction Two line of data is against the government. If you would look to all of the different threads, basically, are all against Obama. And the thing is it's very difficult to perceive, unless you perceive it at a level with your heart.

Rama: That's right!


Tara: How do you translate the energy of Love that that man exudes with the intellect and the Spirit he has, with having traveled through all the Galaxies, all of the Sun Systems, and Star Systems. This man has been an Inter-galactic time traveler, this lifetime.

Rama: This is the ninth member of the Council of Nine from Sirius, who is helping us right now bridge that Rainbow Bridge as we are going from the Fourth Dimension to the Fifth Dimension. And one of the biggest stories that right now is creating the atmosphere that is causing people like Alex Jones to talk this way, has to do with this untold story five hundred and twenty years of the Aboriginal Moabite Nation, and this story of the original people, the People of the Black Land from Kemmet.


And this is a piece of the story that has not been told. This involves the country called Palestine. Part of it is called Israel, and let's just say that there are many pieces to this that still have not been cleared up or completed, but it has everything to do with the main Stargate called the Dome of the Rock. And the truth will be revealed about all the Stargates around the Planet.


This whole story that has not really been told, why we went into Afghanistan, why we went into Iraq, and what 9/11 was really about. And it wasn't about weapons of mass deception, or Al Qaida. It had everything to do with the Stargates. This has been going on for so long.


Al Jazeera has now bought out Current TV, and Keith Olbermann will be back, and there was an interview on Sunday with Al Gore and head of Al Jazeera from Qatar, and they said the Truth will be coming out about 9/11 now.


Tara: OK now, and Julian Assange, he will be coming on the air and he will be dropping down over one million of these wikileaks. The King told Rama that it would be somewhere between now and the twenty second of January.

Rama: There's a rumor out there he was arrested. It's not true.


Tara: No, and Barack Obama is fully President, and he will continue to be President for the whole next four years. There will be regime change for the old order starting with Hillary Clinton. And you know that she's no longer on the Planet. But then today there's a little bit more. There's so much to say, but Mr. Hagel is going to be a very strong asset in favor of what needs to be said. He said there is no strategy to Iraq, he said it right into Bush Junior's face when Bush Junior was in office. He said this is a ping-pong game. He's not afraid to be acting against the, you know, when he wants to say something he says it with candor and he's full forward.


Rama: And, this is something interesting I just heard on the Rachel Maddow Show tonight. Chuck Hagel is part of Global Zero, and Valorie Plame and Joe Wilson, along with Queen Noor and..

Tara: To end nuclear weapons on the Planet

Rama: Zero nukes on the Planet, I mean this is an outrageous good thing.

Tara: This is why the Republicans, even though he's a life long Republican, are absolutely shocked, and this is really 'gonna put a fly in the ointment. Now, Hagel's not an angel, there's other things that he's done, but he's won more purple hearts, and he was on the ground in Vietnam. He saved his brother's life.


There's just many things that he knows, that has never been known, and he will not go to war with Iran. And he will push every button in Netanyahu's list, and he will not support what's being said is supportable about genocide, and that's what Netanyahu has been doing to the people of Palestine, and so he's calling for diplomatic talks with Hamas, which really is the head of the Gaza Strip. And you know, both Israel and the United States treat that part of the world as a terrorist organization.


Rama: It is the largest prison on the Planet, the Gaza Strip. The people of Ramallah and the people of Hebron, East Jerusalem, I mean, I go there almost every night, with Mother [Sekhmet], with Ashtar, with Lady Master Athena. I mean, what I have seen I don't want to describe, yet we are in the Fifth Dimension, and this is changing overnight.


Tara: And he said, and Hegel said, when a nation goes to war, it should be guided by a noble purpose, and matched with a wise and judicious use of its power. And he is going to close the loopholes in the budget. And, you know the Pentagon's never been audited, and I don't remember if you remember Cynthia McKinny, but right after 9/11 she said to the Pentagon right on the floor of Congress. She said, "Where did the three trillion dollars go that got swallowed by the Pentagon? Where is it?"

We are coming very, very rapidly with things that are coming full force in converging on all ends of the stick. I can't say much more. I just want to say, that I'm sure that Ashtar will pull and tie these things together, because the Love of these Indigo Crystal energies, the Love of the children right now is changing this Planet.


Rama: The Millenials [generation] are rising to the occasion right now.

Tara: Yes, and I mean we were talking about this just about a month ago, that every minute that goes by, a year is going by of this old timeline. And that could be doubled, tripled, quadrupled by now. The amount of time that's collapsing in on itself is exponential. Let's get with the program. I Love you all so much! Namaste!

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh
Ashtar Teleconference, Tara & Rama A & A Report, 1/8/13.
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