Tara&Rama Report 12-10-13

Tara and Rama: Greetings!

Tara: All you Commanders, Eagles and Angels, lest you forget who you are. We are doing this together. Messengers; we are all messengers. We have a great view. Eagles do! And so Commander Eagle Rama, let's hear your report.
Rama: Oh, well, I finally got to talk to the King today along with his wife Natasha.
Tara: Wow!
Rama: And this is a big deal, it's been weeks, and I could even say longer. Yet, overall what has happened since last Thursday when Nelson Mandela left the Planet, this is a catalyzing point, and it's got to do with all the different astronomical aspects, astrological aspects, synchronicity, serendipity of this time. And it may have looked like his body was failing because of the lung infection, yet I'm going to say just like Sai Baba, he chose at this moment to leave, because it is a most unique, serendipitous time right now. We are in breakthroughs, and the tide has completely turned.


Earlier Carl Boudreau said, “The wind is at our backs, and smooth sailing here.” Things are completely turning around. At the same time, [we have] the tsunami wave of these ones who have not embraced Love, since that is the last strand of DNA they need to integrate into their twelve strands of DNA, the rhetoric toward Mr.Obama is off the scale. Something happened today, which is most unique, when he shook the hand of the brother of Castro. This changes the course of the Planet. And there's a lot behind the scenes happening.

What the King has said in terms of the “whale of a tale,” that is to be told, I'll just say it goes back 450 billion years, and then some. And the whales have every bit of a part to play in it, along with the rest of the inhabitants of the story. And the way the King put it to me is, as we are witnessing the fallout that is rapidly being scattered about, the Republicans have nothing to go on. They are falling like flies, quite literally.

There is so much exposure every single day of the tsunami wave of inequality, and just the clear divide between what this man is bringing forth about this Planet taking a new page, and these ones who are, they're petrified of us, because they believe we would do to them what they did to us. And the message I keep being told is, “Send them only Love,” in spite of the fact [that] we are witnessing such horrendous acts in this country concerning the citizens, here, where I will just say the tide has turned.

What Nelson Mandela did, along with Mother [Sekhmet], because this represents Mother Zudiakus, Mother Africa, this original story that goes back thirteen thousand years, four hundred and fifty billion years, and it is about Mother's original people, that were part of the first landing party missions, millions, billions, trillions of years ago, and it involves these ones, that right now there are so many different stories. What is [comet] Ison? What are the other little pieces to this? All of these are various, let's say shuttle craft, that are in orbit along with Niburu.

Tara: Although the comet was there too, that was the cover story.

Rama: Yeah!

Tara: So that the story that was told, could be related at some level; yet Mother's Craft, was, and has still been a companion to Ison, just like she was at the other one.
Rama: Hale-Bopp!
Tara: Hale-Bopp, and she was - the comet behind was really Mother Sekhmet's Ship, her Mothership.
Rama: That's right!
Tara: This was a shuttlecraft of Mother's, and a fleet you might say...
Rama: Yes!
Tara: And Comet Ison is not gone at all.

Rama: No!
Tara: Comet Ison brought an accelerated energy frequency to the Sun, as the Sun is going through a quadruple polar shift.
Rama: Yeah, the Sun has been flipping its poles on a daily basis.
Tara: Well, it's a quadruple polar shift...
Rama: That's right!
Tara: ..which is very balanced, and it's not like what they say a polar shift to the Earth would cause. But...
Rama: This is a magnetic shift!
Tara: We would all not be here, were there be a polar shift to the Earth.

Rama: That's right!

Tara: A magnetic shift, yes; yet the polar shift energies of the Sun, coming in right now is shifting where? To a higher octave, and the gifts are all there, and I was just remembering the other day, on Cheryl's, yesterday on Cheryl 's call, because our sister Jena was talking about a blanket, a beautiful blanket of Love energy, and Peace energy that she placed across the whole Planet.

And just last week there was the beautiful Love energy of a quilt that's got tens of thousands of quilts on it now for the AIDS people that left the Planet. Nelson Mandela spearheaded getting the viral medicine, anti-viral medicine for AIDS, and to this day that has helped tremendously, because to this day there's like hundreds of thousands of babies because of that medicine being available, and being available without having to have money, because that's the other thing. The apartheid economically has not changed, it's gotten worse, and they're not telling the Truth about that in South Africa; and it's not just in South Africa, it's planetary.

And, it doesn't have to do with color; I mean it does, but it's spread to everybody that they consider with lighter skin as “useless eaters” as well, and the rich have created a gaping hole between the rich and the poor, that's never really been on the Planet before.

Rama: Five years ago Nelson Mandela called me up with the King of Swords, and he said, "I know I'm a clone. I know they killed me."

Tara: Hundreds and thousands of babies have not, have not been born with AIDS because they helped the Mothers who had the AIDS. That is, it's inconceivable, because that extends to this story where babies being born with AIDS; it's about six or seven years ago now, at the age of five or six, they stopped having any signs of the AIDS that they were born with. And not only that, they could not get sick of any disease, at all.

So what happened? These were beyond the Millenials.

Rama: That's right!

Tara: These were little Ascended Masters, little beings, the “Holy Innocents” is I think the word that it's called in the Biblical text. They came in here to demonstrate what we all can do. And now there's been an update to that. There's hundreds of millions of people, not just children born with AIDS, that can no longer get sick, which means that that's the hundredth monkey principle going on right now.

Rama: They are immortals!

Tara: So what did Nelson do? Rama checked with Mother before we got on here, and Mother said he ascended!

Rama: Yeah!

Tara: He literally ascended.
Rama: Yes!
Tara: Again just like there's this so called comet story about Ison, yet it was Mother's shuttlecraft behind it. OK, so there's this story about Nelson Mandela, it's a story line, yet just like Sai Baba had a story line where they said he had lung trouble too. That was in order for certain levels of consciousness to handle certain things, and for others of us, like us, all you Commanders, Eagles, and Angels. He set an example, and he walked out at the time where he left a gift. Just like it appears like Ison walked out, yet left a gift from Mother.
Rama: Uh humm!
Tara: And that gift has to do with the seven Kumaras.
Rama: Yes!
Tara: And those seven Kumaras, they are: Sananda Kumara, and his beloved Twin Flame; there's actually fourteen, and I don't know the twin flames for all of them, so please forgive me, but there are seven female and seven males. Sananda Kumara and Lady Master Nada, Sanatka Kumara, and there's a Mayan term for his twin flame. Another name for Sanatka Kumara that's familiar is Quetzalcoatl; another name for those beings is Kuthumi. Lord Kuthumi is a Kumara, and his twin flame, unlike what's being put out there is..
Rama: Lady Master Portia!
Tara: Lady Master Portia, and she sits on the karmic board too. And that's going on right now. OK, and then number three is Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus. Number four is Babaji, and he does have a twin flame, I 'm not sure who it is. But, do you know Rama?


Rama: Mother Theresa!
Tara: No, yeah, Babaji, no that was Sai Baba's twin flame.
Rama: Yeah!
Tara: Sai Baba's twin flame is Mother Theresa. OK, what do we got here, Sanat Kumara, Sananda Kumara, Sanatka Kumara, Babaji, and I'm not sure what his twin flame's name is, and Sai Baba and his twin flame Mother Theresa, and she walked out consciously at an opportune time too.
Rama: Yeah!
Tara: Absolutely!
Rama: Right after the clone of Lady Di left...
Tara: And then Merk and Lady of the Sun are the next ones and that's number six, and then Kalki Maitreya. And who's his twin flame? Out of the tear of avaloki savara, I believe it's the Green Tara.

Rama: Yes!

Tara: Is the twin flame, so we've got all seven and seven. Seven and seven is fourteen, and we're entering 2014, and it is done! It is complete, and I wanted to say that there's a bunch of Musketeers here that Nelson Mandela brought focus into this: It's Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, and himself. Those are the four musketeers, and I just wanted to read this, because this is something to think about. 

Tara: There's a master principle: There is enough wealth in this World for everyone's need, yet not enough for everyone's greed.
And there are seven, you call them deadly sins in this World, and number one, this is a very unique way of putting it, and this was Gandhi’s work, and he said, “Number one is: Wealth without work, that's a deadly sin. Number two: Pleasure without conscience, Number three: Knowledge without character, Number four: Commerce without morality, Number five: Science without humanity, Number six: Worship without sacrifice, in a good way, Number seven: Politics without principle.” Mahatma Gandhi, who was the spokesperson for working people.

And then there's another one, a fifth that brings in Martin Luther King, who had as his mentor Mahatma Gandhi, along with W.E.B. Debois.  And W.E.B. Debois was for the working people too. So here this is what this is about. It's for the working people, and FDR had something called four rights, universal rights, and his wife brought in the “Universal Human Rights Declaration.” She pretty much had a committee, but she did it single-handedly, and they just sat there, and sat there with stunning, OK, yes, yes, yes. And it's the right to work, number one, the right to healthcare for everyone, number two,

Rama: Universal health-care!

Tara: The right to education for everyone, number three, and the right to energy

Rama: Free, number four.

Tara: Free, number four. those are the four rights, the universal rights of the declaration, and it's up to us to do this now. We are the ones. One more thing, and this is from Teddy Kennedy, and Teddy Kennedy is not dead.
Rama: No!

Tara: When does the greed stop he said? Two hundred and forty billion dollars in tax breaks for the corporations, thirty-six billion dollars in tax breaks for the small businesses increase in productivity, forty-two percent over the last ten years, yet do you think there is any increase in the minimum wage? No! What is the price we ask the other side? What is the price that you want from these working men and women ? What cost? How much more do we have to give to the private sector and to business? How much many billion dollars more are you asking, are you requiring? When does the greed stop?


And I say the greed stops with you and me.

Rama: That's right!
Tara: And Nelson Mandela put it very clear. He said, “Where poverty persists there is no freedom. FREEDOM NOW! NESARA NOW! Universal Love, Peace, and Freedom. And I am not willing to stand down until this is done! It is done! Namaste! I pass the talking stick!

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh


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