Tara&Rama Report 4-25-17
Tara & Rama: (together) Greetings!
Tara: Everyone! Sooo many things are coming to the front of the news that are true; and the European sector is very, very angry with United States still playing execution games
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and they have been voicing their opinion about that. Regarding the Arkansas situation, one of the gentlemen, Jack Jones, asked for forgiveness and he said he was sorry for the murders he created. I thought that was very good and he went to some torture in the process of giving him that pharmaceutical drug. The pharmaceutical companies made a very strong statement saying that none of them wish for any of their drugs to be used for this purpose ever, anymore. That's a big deal. Now, there are other things about that group.
Also, Donald Trump walked back his demands for border wall funding, so the possibility of keeping the budget for the next year and not closing down the government looks good. And Sean Hannity is now on the list for being a sexual abuser.
Rama: Yes
Tara: And the State Department, our Federal State Department has been using our taxpayer money to promote the marijuana goals, which is a crime by the whole State Department. And Barack Obama gave his first post-presidency speech, at the University of Chicago on Monday and he refused to utter Donald Trump's name throughout the whole hour and a half long presentation on community and activism and grassroots movements of the people. (I've just wanted to say that I learned that Michelle went on her first date with President Obama back then inviting her to one of his first community meetings where he was teaching community activism.) I've just wanted to say that's wonderful news. That that's the place they started together. And there is a beautiful painting that was made on a wall, on the South side of Chicago; and it's truly not by the person who took the credit; it's by an Ethiopian deeply-mellanated woman artist. So, I've just wanted to put that in. I don't have all the statistics just yet. It is gorgeous and she painted the painting with Michelle as being in the garb of Lady Master Isis. And it just brings beautiful energy into our mantra of ‘Michelle for President.’It’s definitely on the ?? And Michelle told Rama in a tweet or something that she's going to be taking this story all the way to the White House.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: And that's the case. And the Treasury Department has been imposing sanctions on Syrian officials, insinuating that they were responsible for those chemical gas attacks; and that’s really criminal in the sense that our Black Ops did the whole thing. Put this all in the circle of support.
Many, many people marched on the Turkish Consulate in Los Angeles to commemorate the 102nd anniversary of the Armenian genocide, over there in Turkey. That's really, I mean, the Consulate was in LA, but that's amazing. We need to put a prayer in because two of our United Nations investigators were murdered in this last month in the Belgian Congo. And that's a horror story. They were very young and you could see their work was in service to a higher cause. And there is a Dutch ship parked in Mexico in international waters providing free safe abortions; and these amazing actions. International?
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: Maybe. And New Orleans did something amazing. They've removed 4 Confederate monuments. You have heard one of these stories. These are stories that up until the moment, you would never have believed it would happen. And Pennsylvania residents launch tree-sits to block construction of a gas pipeline. It's a camp in White Pine in Pennsylvania and the activists launched this 24 hour tree-sit to block construction of the Mariner East 2 pipeline. Which would be carrying fracked gas from Marcellus Shale in Ohio across Pennsylvania to an export facility to the East Coast.
This is what Barack was speaking about, that we are, you know, we are the ones that have the power now to change this world. And then just to go back to an important communication from last week, Rama got to talk to Rana Mu and Sweet Angelique the Cat.  
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: And one thing they said was, since our Sun is no longer a yellow dwarf star and instead is a radiant white dwarf star which means that White Fire Core of Being is radiating with the light of the Sun into all of our hearts; that the hemoglobin in our blood, as we open to receiving that energy, can change our blood at the mono-atomic level into gold dust, mono-atomic gold.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: That's a big deal. And that's our possibility to open to that, and then to continue to believe it as though it’s real in the world.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And that has to do with this idea of facts, because we had last Saturday’s March for Science. And next Saturday there’ll be another March for Science, the Climate March. It's a march for science too.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Yet Neil deGrasse Tyson did a little video for Amy where he was discussing the difference between facts and opinions. And the info that Angelique the Cat was telling about was that what's being said by communiques by our lightworkers from channelings is that as we choose to open to higher truth that has not been placed before us in our educational system, and the actual experience would be resonating with those things in our heart that we know are true, by actualizing them through our daily change to our daily life and our belief system, that’s where facts that are not being said, yet become truth. This is how people are able to appear and disappear from third dimension into 5th dimension and back to 3rd dimension again. And there are many, many people that they are doing this right now, that are here in bodies and are bi-locating and appearing and disappearing to others who they know or not, and sending messages. In other words, they are doing it from the ground.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: That’s very large! That has to do with opening our hearts beyond what we've been taught, what we've been told are facts. So we are the ones that are actually changing this world into this completely fifth dimensional reality that already is real for Mother Earth. Good vibrations, Everybody!
OK, and Rama had a visit with Natasha today. Do you want to tell the story, Rama?
Rama: Yes. Natasha; I went to see her and she got Lady Master Nada on the phone. And Lady Master Nada is working with this other man right now, I can't pronounce his name. Omar
Tara: Omar ?? He was on Amy Goodman's show this morning.
Rama: And they are working with [Palestinian President] Mahmoud Abbas to bring forth in front of the UN General Assembly all the evidence of the war crimes against the Palestinian people. And this is huge, because it brings down the Israeli government along with Netanyahu for all the war crimes and there are things that Netanyahu has not shared with parts with his government or cabinet where they say certain things but not other things and it's very misconstrued; and it ties in with it the Gnostic Illuminati and Khazarian Illuminati characters, and all of this is coming to a conclusion, right in the moment. The reason I say that is, on the 19th of April a very large craft showed up over New York City and near the Statue of Liberty and I was told by Natasha today this is one of Ashtar’s patrol craft who are making their presence known as all the saber rattling is going on to a fever pitch right now. And what Natasha said is, ‘don't push the river here.’ And basically..
Tara: Well, Ashtar presenting that scout ship, that patrol scout ship, Ashtar sending a message to Netanyahu, well, I mean to
Rama: Donald Trump.
Tara: and all of his friends...
Rama: North Korea, as well as China. I can say that as we are going to escalate this stuff, I mean, as I have heard today there're nuclear submarines that have pulled into a South Korean port.
Tara: It's called the USS Michigan, our largest missile carrying submarine. And they don't say what kind of missiles, yet we are talking about nuclear threats here. And it is also been stated on The Ed Show today that our intelligence does not know about the nuclear technology that North Korea already has and from a higher level it does have it, because North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un is an asset in our United States government. And our criminal Black Operatives have provided those nukes because they want a nuclear confrontation over there.
So, we have our jobs carved out for us and do not go into fear and remember that Saint Germain is in charge of NESARA and he will be delivering on stage with people from the Earth plane, including Amy Goodman or others. He will be on that stage with Ashtar when the enactment of NESARA takes place. And only Saint Germain will be delivering any kind of packages to anyone. And that's really important. And the way that those packages come is by the vibrational patterns that we have accomplished in our lives in the living-ness. That's really, really important; that's what it means to say that this is not about money; it's about the ability to respond to Love and help others.
Rama: Yes. I also wanted to say that Dr Greer had his premiere of Unacknowledged last night in Century City and it is huge, because he had a packed audience. And I heard Oliver Stone was there. He didn't get to talk to Dr.Greer but that’s a big deal and many other, you know, big folks that are movers and shakers of Hollywood and the political sphere. Dr Greer gave a 15 minute speech before the movie and he said there are enough people in this room that we can change this story overnight with free energy. And, as you know, this movie that's coming into light on May 9th along with the book and the DVD as well, it's going to be huge folks, because it takes down the fake stories about the fear stuff going on. Unacknowledged black budget operations that Congress directly delegates that money to go into black holes. Some of those black holes are DARPA, way beyond. Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin and the Secret Space Program that ET Corey talks about, all the way up to the imperial star destroyers that are sitting out there up in space right now. And I'm just saying that as all these things are coming to the light of day right now, like our friends, Allen and Elisabeth that I knew for 34 years, they do a show every Sunday morning on Transitions Radio Magazine.com. Elizabeth Rose talked last Sunday about how the quantum field has shifted and humanity is awakening. All of the beings, all the kingdoms are here. And they say, ‘Hi, we want to join with you and participate in the grand joy and ecstacy that's happening as this planet is transforming.’ And I mean, immediately!
Tara: And as this moment transpires, the whole world is watching Israel’s fall and the  
Rama: Yeah
Tara: And the house of cards of that fall causes all the other participants of the 13 families to, like dominoes, fall together. And we are in a big place because that General Assembly has never been able to be penetrated. I remember when we were watching the hearings, the Citizens Hearing back in 2013?
Rama: Yes.
Tara:  And that's the same time period in the last 2 days of April and the first 3 days of May, so this is 2017 so that's 5 [sic] years ago. But they've said that the hardest thing would be to get to penetrate the truth into the General Assembly, and so it looks like that is happening. So we are at a quantum field of poised moment. And the quantum field has been tipping the scales and the ships, remembering that there ships bigger than the size ofJupiter that are still circling our Sun.
Rama: Yeah. And the Blue Avian people, the Horus people, Mother's people. Natasha today talked about Niburu on her pad, Niburu’s proximity to the Sun and the Earth; and this is really big, because this is affecting the planet's weather. Natasha said that we are not going to have extinction level events, yet the weather patterns and the energies are moving so high, so fast!
And we really do need help right now as rent is coming due in a very few days.
Tara: No fear; just calling on your gentle support. Thank you.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: We pass this wonderful talking stick back to our sisters Fran and Susan.
Transcribed by Adriana. Edited by Fran.
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