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Ashtar: Focusing upon the Golden Age Lifestyle, Welcoming JFK*
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference, May 28, 2013

"Greetings, Beloved Family, and welcome aboard The New Jerusalem!  If you have not yet come in your minds' eyes, in your Hearts, do so now and be assured that there is a grand welcome here for you!  We are joyful here upon this ship, and yes, we have many, many wondrous passengers, visitors and crew.  The ship is large and it can expand to accommodate all, so please, come.  Come in to the circular room we call the bridge and greet all of us here who await your coming with such joyful anticipation!

"This is a momentous time, and we are here first and foremost to be here with you in loving service in the beaming of the Love/Light.  Together we are accomplishing exactly that which we are here to do!  We could not do it without you. This Golden Age, this Ascension, would not be possible without you, without your commitment, without your opening of your Hearts to welcome us!

"Even though there are those among you who have not seen our ships in 'real life' - you have only seen them perhaps in videos, or in pictures, or heard someone else tell you about seeing them - we are here.  I am fond of saying that we are here, we are there, we are everywhere!  Because the Truth of it is, our ships are deep in numbers, they are piled, literally, above all of Planet Earth, like your parking garages which have many, many floors.

"Not all of the ships belong to the Ashtar Command, but I will tell you this, they are all friendly.  The only ships in the sky these days which are not friendly or loving to Planet Earth are the occasional ones that go up from what little remains in the way of the facilities of the dark hats.  It’s very, very, little.  But yes, we do let them come up so as to get into our, shall we say, our atmosphere.  And it is amazing how their perception of their mission changes when they come into the loving energy fields of our ships!  Be not dismayed.

"Yes, we are allowing a bit of their playing of games, but not very much because the arrests are happening.  You have heard this from many sources; we are confirming.  We are in support of the White Knights, those you call the 'Third Faction.'  Indeed the one called KOS frequently visits the New Jerusalem and we have joyful conferences, because what is there that is not joyful, if you really stop and look at it?!!!

"Look at what this Golden Age brings.  Feel it!  Tell yourselves, look into that mirror and say, 'I AM a citizen of the Golden Age and I claim all of my Divine Birthrights!'  What we will be doing in this and our subsequent calls is anchoring that Golden Age everywhere - below, on and above Planet Earth.  In other words, we shall be creating together such powerful Exercises that they will literally radiate and permeate everywhere on this Planet! Of course, this lightens up the Planet, or we should say uplifts it, and this is noted throughout the Universe as another step forward in the Ascension process!!!

"Meanwhile, you as individuals are blessed and thanked for coming, and for lending your energies with your open Hearts and your beautiful, beautiful Love/Lights.  As we participate together, we create and we empower!  This is what you might call a substitution, in a way, because the more we focus and dwell upon these visions, the more we actually live together this Golden Age Lifestyle!  And the less and less there is of anything that is of the old 3D agenda of the ones we call the Dark Hats - you call them the Illuminaties, and yes they have been very naughty in the sense that they have created so much misery.

"As our Beloved Masters** have said, they simply were lacking, and are lacking, in what you call the Heart.  And so they have enslaved the Planet and made false gods, shall we say, of money and power.  That is all ending because that is not a part of the Golden Age lifestyle!!! So we shall speak no more of this.

"We simply want to encourage you, after leaving this sacred Gathering, to continue to dream the dreams, create the visions, and allow them to fill your days as they fill your nights.  Where do you think you are anyway when you are in your slumbers? Your body might be in your soft, warm bed, but your spirit, your presence, your Lightbody - that is someplace else.

"It may be the place you came from originally, the place you call home.  It may be on your ship, it may be on The New Jerusalem, or The Star of Bethlehem,*** or any of the ships. It is your preparation time to be with us, in that way.  Start asking to remember, if you don’t now.  Sometimes you simply call us in and we come, right there, to where you are sleeping, to have a consultation or a meeting with you!

“This will all be routine as you live the Golden Age.  It will become more and more a part of that Lifestyle, and it is not that it is about fame, it is not about hobnobbing with the famous ones - that’s not what it’s about.  It’s about the Oneness We All Are! It’s about being One together, creating together, moving forward upon the Path, because we are here to accompany you at every step, and to make it that much easier for you!!!

"It is in the way that calls for you, and absolutely commands, that you be in charge of your own life, that you be, not sitting in the back seat, but that you be in the driver’s seat consciously and fully engaged!  The more you do that, Beloved Family, the more you will have the perspective of I, Ashtar, and the others who come from beyond the veil!  You will have the same perspective.  Past and future will all be in the now; you will be fully connected with your own Divinities and with the Divine One We Are.  And oh, what grand and glorious adventures await you!

"You think that Ascension is the ultimate goal of your journey? I tell you Beloved Ones, it begins your journey!  When you ascend, the whole Universe is waiting for you and it is for you to choose what to do next.  It is for you to enjoy the celebrations, the loving greetings and the empowerment as Divine Beings, as Masters.  It’s there anyway - you are all Divine Masters! Ascension is where you really get to fly - fly in that identity and with that perception!!!

"So it is that we shall be creating more and more the Lifestyles of what we are calling the Golden Age of Peace on Earth, Abundance for all, and above all else, the Oneness, the Joy, the Bliss of Who We Really Are!!!  

"Now, I know that you are in joyful anticipation of the one who has come to be our guest speaker.  He is with me, with all of us upon The New Jerusalem.  He spends a great deal of his time in this Company here on this very bridge, and I tell you this - he is more dedicated than ever!!!  He is so joyful that I cannot even express it in words.  I will invite you instead to feel the feelings of your connections with him as he speaks, and to feel his Joy, his Love and his Great Heart!  For he stepped forward to lead.  His goal was to initiate the Golden Age, and he did - even though it might seem in the history/herstory of things, that things got a bit darker.  But it was only the darkness before the great blazing sun rose in the sky!  And he is now truly, a shining, shining, shining Master who shall, when the moment is appropriate, be in evidence upon Planet Earth!!!

"Why?  To congratulate you, Beloved Ones, for you are the ones who have been inspired by him and by others, and carried forth the visions for this Age of Love, Age of Oneness, and Age of Divine Manifestation!!!  Oh yes, tomorrow is his Earth birthday, so let us all wish him the most happy and joyful of birthdays yet, and may this indeed be his year to see, all that he laid the groundwork for, come true.  Because the Truth of it is, his visions, his dreams, his hopes for the World, did not die on that day in Dallas any more than he did!

"So please join me in welcoming John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President of The United States of America. Thank you Beloved Ones, and Salut!"

*  Ashtar's message was preceded by Let the River Run, or as he prefers the title, Come The New Jerusalem . We will publish the transcript of JFK's message in our next email.

** Tara And Rama 


***Archangel Michael's ship

Transcription by Brian Coe.

Given through Susan Leland, May 28, 2013. www.AshtarontheRoad.com

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