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Ashtar - Truth and More Truth*
Ashtar on the Road Teleconference - July 24, 2012

"Greetings Beloved Family! We are overjoyed to be here with you in this evening of great change, because we are making the changes! And we shall be in a most joyful, but nevertheless, a most serious Exercise of creating change; or shall we say, bringing forth that which is happening anyway but which it is time, as you measure it on Planet Earth, for revelations to be revealed on all levels.

"Now, this means, Beloved Ones, that you are going to be hearing a lot more of what has been going on behind the scenes. And we thank so much our Beloved 'A & A' team** – that’s quite a catchy name, is it not? - for being in the forefront of bringing in this kind of news that is difficult to track if you don’t have the sense of where it’s all leading. In other words, we know there are many random stories here and there in your various publications and it is not only difficult sometimes to see how they all fit together, but it is also sometimes difficult to discern what is the Truth.

"Just today in your time, there was an article that came out that talked about earthquakes, and it is appropriate to be aware of their potentials, but it is not appropriate to be in fear. We say this because when you are in fear it slows down your progress upon your Ascension Preparation path and sometimes can bring you to a halt, at least temporarily. And so we encourage you to process any information that comes in, that you may be sure that it is truthful for you.

"One of the things you just heard, which we already determined that we would be discussing tonight, are the shootings in that town of Colorado. This is not the first time that Colorado has been the location of random violence - well, the mainstream may call it random violence, but that is not the case. It is deliberate. It is deliberate to create fear, and who among you did not have a moment of thought about if you really want to go to a movie or not? And that is honest, it is absolutely appropriate – stop, and listen to your Heart! Listen to your brain, even, and understand why this shooting occurred. Not that it could not occur someplace else, but it is a part of a program, an old controlling program.

"It is designed to work in many ways, among them are to give some more of your Freedom to whoever you think it is that is going to protect you from this. And don’t worry if they put some of those X-Ray machines in the entries of every place showing movies in the United States of America – oh yes, that one is on the drawing board, but it’s not going to go very far. And it is designed to perhaps keep you away from either some joyful, uplifting movie, or perhaps one that is more in the way of the telling the Truth.

"That reminds us, there is one coming up. It is not going to be an easy one to attend because there will be violence in it, but if you want to know a lot more about these programs you can go and see the next movie that will be the newest one in what is called the ‘Bourne’ series, and that is coming very soon. You see, one of the advertisements for this movie is there wasn’t just one Jason Bourne, and this is true. This shooter in Colorado was another one, and when he was given the signal, because there is always an ordering or a signal given to these ones who are so trained they don’t even know what they are doing. They only know that they have been trained to survive and to assassinate. They are drugged, they are put into endless brainwashing programs, and there are all kinds of aspects to the programming.

"So if you want to know more about that you can go and see the Bourne movie, and if you don’t want to watch it just remember, there are many, many, many Jason Bournes. Now, we are disabling the programs but there are some cases where there are volunteers already in place to participate, and again it is another wake-up call to the world. It is to look into your Heart and say, 'This has to stop!' We are turning to Love and Compassion, we are turning to brother helping brother, and sister helping sister and all of those kinds of unity consciousness expressions, which is where Planet Earth is going, and you all know that!!!

"Look at anything that comes up, put your own Light on it - you are all radiant beings! You do not need anyone, not even I, Ashtar, to tell you not to be in fear, not to give in to fear. It is more important that you look at it with compassion and understanding that it is part of the 3D holographic, dramatic, program creation ­– and we’re moving up!!! We are here with you, Beloved Ones! Yes, our ships are all over and we are moving with you and we promise you we have disabled the nukes and the weapons of war - mass destruction weapons, that is -and there will come a day very soon when the soldiers, of their own accord, will lay down their weapons.

"Already many have, but of course you are not hearing about that, it seems a bit unpatriotic when there are soldiers on the battlefields even now, nevertheless many are, and they are coming back and saying, 'No more war!' And this is the coming to fruition of what was begun in your 1960’s. It is true, the most profound of Truths is 'Make Love not war!' And we are speaking of Love in the Higher Dimensional sense which is to love everyone including ourselves!

"We are here to tell you that the news media is starting to come around - there are bits and pieces here and there. There are beings who are courageously standing tall and bringing forth a story here, a story there, or at least the beginnings of a story, even if they don’t have all of it quite yet.So when you hear or read or see something on You Tube that speaks to you, rejoice. Be glad that these things are coming forth, because we are here to invite it all! As we have said, some of it may not be pleasant or heartwarming, but nevertheless these are stories that need to be told.

"There are many, many, many places where you can find out all about 9-11. There is everything from scholarly books – entire volumes – to that which is brought forth in more of a spiritual manner. You can call it channeled, you can call it connected sources, or you can call it highly inspirational, or whatever. Whatever you choose is not as important as the fact that if you look, you can find. We know that many of you have seen this information, or heard it, and shared it, because this is what is so important, and this is where we are!

"We are talking about communication on all levels; we are talking about receiving and broadcasting, and the two are happening at the same time. Some of you are already getting the feeling for receiving a telepathic download and then expressing it or giving voice to it. We are talking about all the news, not just the wars, and the Black Ops, and those kinds of things. We’re talking about some high-vibe news: Hey, we’re here!!!

"It’s time, and if you have a friend or a family member who has said in the past you are 'looney tunes' for believing or talking about the presence of the Ashtar Command or any ships which are loving and friendly and bringing support and help to Planet Earth, it would be a good time for you to perhaps return to that being, or group of beings, and say, 'Well, now I can tell you more of what is going on. For instance, you do not need to be afraid of a nuclear blow-up because I can show you evidence!' And there’s plenty of it there - just talk to Dr. Steven Greer *** of how we have disabled nuclear weapons, and we have the capability and we will continue to monitor to be sure that no new ones will be put into place, and we will disable them before they can possibly do any harm to Planet Earth!!!

"If there is a leader of a country, or a political group, or a fanatical group of any kind that says, 'We’ve got to nuke them, we’re going to set it off,' you can just stay calm, stay assured and say, 'We are returning to Love, and there will be no more nuclear weapons. Now, here is a bit of news that we may have mentioned once before, and that is that all nuclear devices of any kind are on their way out! And we’re talking about the nuclear power plants. We have already been working to do some clean-up! You know about Japan and the Fukushima plants. We are working there to maintain a non-blow-up status.

"We know there is a lot of radioactive material from Fukushima that has found its way into the oceans and we want to assure you that we are keeping those levels down. They’re not gone yet; we’re going to need more teams of humans interacting with Galactics, but this is coming very soon! Meanwhile, we assure you that we are monitoring worldwide this and other toxic situations, and nothing is going to get out of control. Armageddon is and has been, as you see time, cancelled on Planet Earth. And as Planet Earth goes, so go the other planets in your solar system, and even throughout the galaxy. No more blow-ups!!!

"So breathe! We’re cleaning up the air as well, and we want you to feel comfortable breathing. We know there are still some toxicities and some areas of pollution, and so on and so on. But we are monitoring and balancing out, i.e., cleansing, those which have any indication whatsoever they might get out of control; that is, that they might create even more chaotic disturbances of a massive nature.

"Everyone just take a breath and understand that as you do so - and this is important, and as you bring it in to your energy fields, not just your physicality but the entirety of your fields - you are in high vibration and therefore when you breathe in you have an opportunity to clean the atmosphere around you, and breathe it out more cleansed than when you breathed it in. Now, how’s that for divine workings? Beloved Ones, if you could see what we see when we observe you, you would be in awe of yourselves, and you deserve to be because You Are!!!

"I have standing with me my Beloved Brother whom you call Sananda, and my Beloved Brother whom you call Saint Germain - they are known throughout the universe - and we stand here before you to assure you that all is well in every one of your kingdoms, and in the kingdom of the One We All Are!!! There will be no derailments, there will be fewer and fewer glitches along the way. All that we have told you is Truth: arrests are on-going, some trials have already been held – and it is not to punish, but to put the Light upon all that has been done in your history/herstory, and to shine that Light so bright everywhere that even those who are the most reluctant to come out of the dark are starting to let it in!

"At least they have the knowledge well lit within themselves that their day is over. Many years ago we spoke of them as dancing upon the stage of life, and that we, the Ashtar Command, were standing just at the side of the stage. We likened this unto a cartoon that we know you’ve all seen, where there is the manager or the director, or somebody standing at the side, and when the dancers get to overstaying their time upon the stage a great big long hook, somewhat like the hook of a shepherd, comes out and sweeps them all gently but completely off the stage.

"That is a rather interesting picture, is it not? You are free to use it if you wish, because it is not just the Ashtar Command but also our teammates, our Commanders in human uniforms teaming with those who wear uniforms - they are in human bodies, but they wear uniforms of authority. There are some who are in great service and they are political leaders, and there are Beloved Ascended Masters, Lady Master Nada, for instance. We are here to assure you that never before in the timeline of Planet Earth has there been such a company assembled and such teamwork as is happening right now behind the scenes!!!

"Why are you not hearing about it? Because there is still some Freedom left to those who control the media. Not much, and they know it. But you see, it is for the people to come together and say, 'Wait a minute! We want the Truth, we want Truth in our news media of all kinds - not just the television, not just the newspapers, not just the Internet, but all of it together, - to come together in a community of Oneness, where only Truth is spoken!' Even though some of it might be harsh and difficult, it is to be in your highest vibrations as Compassionate Observers so that you can discern the Truth as it is presented, and so that you can share it.

"And yes, there is always going to be someone who says, 'Oh, I don’t believe that, I think you are just making that up.' And that is alright, it is to bless them, it is to love them, it is to be compassionate with them and simply say, 'Namaste, I honor you in your Truth, whatever it is! I only ask that you honor mine, which I have Divine Right to hold in my Heart just as you do, and I greet you as Divine, and We Are One!'

"For the most part though, get ready, because these Truths that you already know about are going to shake everybody up. The whole Planet is going to get shaken up, not like an earthquake, but like a falling away of burdens, a breaking down of boxes and a ringing in of great Freedom to know the Truth, to express the Truth, and to live the Truth because that, Beloved Ones, is your Birth Right!!! And that is what we are here to support, call forth, and anchor upon Planet Earth; that is, we are talking about a higher level of Truthfulness coming forth in all aspects, in all manifestations!

"And so it is more and more for you to do your own communicating, to call forth Truth within your being. After this Gathering you can go back to Fabulous Fran**** and request the recording so that you can do the Truth Exercise again if you choose. Keep calling it forth, focus your Light upon Truth with Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude for absolutely everybody involved - your ancestors, your descendants, and all in the now moment, because this is how this great Freedom will finally be recognized, will finally be known and accepted upon Planet Earth. The Truth does make everyone free!!!

"And so it is like a central foundation for all that is to come. Yes, we are in there too. Keep calling for Truth to be disclosed about us. We thank you so much for your greetings and your Love, and your mediations. We are here in communication and Oneness with you! And not just at this moment, we are always in service to each and every one of you, Beloved Ones. So, when we come together and when we blend our Lights, we create a creation that is way more powerful than any one of us as an individual – exponentially so! This is a grand thing to do, and so we shall be doing exactly that!

"We shall tell you this in advance, just in case Beloved Sekhmet omits this from her discussion, that this is already powerful. We’re looking out on the timelines, all rolled into the now, but of course we are in discussion of timelines, are we not? We can look out and focus a wee bit ahead of this moment and we can tell you that our Exercise together tonight will indeed pay forward, Worldwide and beyond. The Lights of Truth will be shining brighter than ever before! And what this means, Beloved Ones, is that our mission of Ascension Preparation for everyone, yourselves, and the entire Planet, all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia, will be that much more moved forward on the path!!!

"This is huge, this is all-encompassing. And so we thank you for being with us for this grand mission, we thank you for having the Love and the Courage, and perhaps the curiosity even, to come and be with us! We are with you always, we are constantly in telepathic communication with you and we invite you to enter into a two-way dialog with us anytime, anywhere you are. We are absolutely overjoyed when you do so!

"Remember this, that our communications are that much more effective and empowered and joyful because of all of the energies which are coming to support our communications, and most of all to you, Beloved Ones, for raising your vibrations and opening your beautiful Hearts! We love you beyond all words, we always have and we always will! We are One, We Are a Family of One, and We Are indeed Divine Beings on the most sacred mission of all time, which is the Ascension of great success of Planet Earth and those to follow. Thank you, Beloved Ones, for being with us. And so it is! Salut."

* Ashtar's message was preceded by The Galactic Anthem, by Kana Benz,
** Referring to the news report by Tara & Rama http://www.ashtarontheroad.com/tara__rama_A_A_news_reports.html
**** All who are registered for this call may request the link to its recording by emailing Fran, ashtarwebmaster@man.com


Transcription by Brian Coe.
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