Ashtar & Mentors 2016

Ashtar:Clear the Old,Make Way for the New 12-27-16
StGermain-Set Your Visions-New Year of One12-27-16
Ashtar:2016 Ends Cycle,2017 Entirely New Era 12-13
Sananda's Holy Days Blessing, December 13, 2016
Ashtar: It's Time To Restore Love 11-22-16
JFK:"I Am Still With You" Nov 22, 2016
StGermain: Last False Flag Stopped, Nov 8, 2016
Ashtar:Let Go Election Results+Shine! Nov 8, 2016
Mother Mary:Forgive ALL to Heal 10-25-16
Ashtar:Move Up & Share A High-D Outlook 10-25-16
AA Michael:Call to Focus on NESARA 10-11-16
Ashtar: Your True Mission Starts Within 10-11-16
Pan:Welcome to My GoldenAge/Lemurian Gardens 9-27
Ashtar:Golden Age Garden Doorway 9-27-16 (9-9-9)
Ashtar on Clones+Being Beamers Sep 13, 2016
St.Germain: Golden Age Preparations Sep 13, 2016
Mother Mary: I'm Always With You in LoveLight 8-23
Ashtar,MotherMary,Sekhmet 8-23-16 Roller Coasters
Ashtar:Your #1 Mission-to Be Lightworkers! 8-09-16
StGermain:Live Your Passions,Shine Lights 7-26-16
Ashtar: Do Something More! July 26, 2016
Archangel Michael:Excalibur to Know Light is Truth
Ashtar: Lift Up To Higher Dimensional Perspective
Ashtar: Claim Your Freedom! June 28, 2016
Kuan Yin: Claim Your Tranquility -June 28, 2016
Archangel Michael: See Who You Really Are! 6-14-16
Ashtar: You're Where You're Needed Most 6-14-16
Ashtar:We're Here Because You Called! 5-24-16
StGermain: NESARA Is Divine Law 5-24-16
Ashtar: NESARA Is Our Mission to the World 5-10-16
StGermain:NESARA Is Our World Mission 514-16
Ashtar: You're the Promise Keepers! 4-26-16
St.Germain on Divine Politics 26 April, 2016
Archangel Michael: Discerning Truth 4-12-16
Ashtar: Practice Forgiveness April 12, 2016
Ashtar-We're Here To Shine! Mar 22, 2016
Sananda: The LoveLight In You Has Never Died 3-22
Mother Mary: Forgive As I Have Done 3-08-16
Ashtar to Lightworkers: Let Go & Unite! 3-08-16
Ashtar:Electronics,Elections&DivineGovernance 2-23
Sananda: Divine Governance for the World 2-23-16
KuanYin: Compassion & Forgiveness for All 2-09-16
Ashtar: On Divine Governance February 9, 2016
StGermain: Path to the Golden Age 1-26-16
Ashtar: Beam Your LoveLight! 1-26-16
Ashtar: Think With Your Heart! 1-12-16
StGermain: Abundance Is Yours in the Golden Age

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