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"Celebrate Peace On Earth NOW!"
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference
December 22, 2015

"Greetings, Beloved Family!  We are in such Joy!  We are ecstatic at what we see on all levels of your being!  We see it all at once so, of course, there is no time to flow, but we will tell you this, in what we see in 3D the time is flowing VERY WELL, very powerfully!!!  And all that you have been waiting for is coming through - same with you as individuals, of course.  Are you not noticing some changes in your beings these days?  Are you not more aware?  Are you not looking for what you might call 3D evidence of the changes that are coming?

"There are some who are moving their efforts through many levels of dimensionality - for instance, in order to inform the World, and to inform those who already know, that the time is now, or however you would put it, for NESARA’s official announcement. There are even some who are being so creative with it that they are ordering NESARA license plates for their vehicles that will be seen everywhere they drive. This has already taken place in New York and Texas – those plates are on the way!

"We are getting flyers ready that we will make available to all of you who want them.  You can print them.  They are updated and they will be ready.  And if you wish to hand them out anywhere, please feel free to do so.  We have one enterprising woman who has said, 'Well, anytime that you get an advertisement with a – what you call it, an envelope – whose stamps have been paid for, put a NESARA flyer in it and send it back!'

"What a delightful surprise it will be to the office worker who has worked long hours.  It is a rather tedious job, of course.  Robots will be replacing all of that soon enough, but for now a tedious job, not a whole lot of feeling blessed simply because, you know, the pay is kind of low and all that.  Imagine what an upliftment that will be for that person to open that envelope and read about NESARA, which is already law officially!!!  But it hasn't been officially announced yet, so it's not entirely being enacted.  But if you will look closely, you will find some interesting things that are going on!

"There is a company that is not particularly known to be a white hat company.  It is a company that makes money exchanges possible online, and it does so internationally, so it’s not just for the United States.  You can be anywhere in the World and make a purchase through this company and the merchandise can come to you from any place else that is offering it.  And all the money is taken care of so you don’t need to write a check or try to get currency in that particular country’s denominations.  This company is doing business loans to its customers according to NESARA Law. ZERO – NO INTEREST is charged on these loans! There is only an up-front fee which is added on to the amount of the loan, so here is any easy example: Let us say that you wish to borrow $1,000 and the fee for that is $50. You will pay back $1,050, no more.

"Interest, compound interest was given to the world by Saint Germain to benefit people who wished to save money and grow their wealth. He was thinking of the working people who weren’t born wealthy, didn’t inherit wealth and didn’t make lots of money in the schemes of Ponzi and so on and so on.  He’s talking about everyday people who worked for their money and wanted to see it grow and so they could invest it and earn compound interest.

"Well, of course, you know what happened.  This was just wonderful as far as the dark hats were concerned, or the banksters, or the naughties – I call them the naughties – you can call them the 'illuminaughties' if you wish – and this is a very true thing for them to call themselves, because the Light is shining on all of the things that they have been doing.  And everybody is finding out about it!  The term 'bankster,' for instance, is very commonly seen on the internet - or 'Wall Street banksters,' or however they are named.  Now, that may sound judgmental but it is simply a way of describing their activities.  And until recently they didn't figure that that really mattered because they were just going to go right on anyway.  And you know that they are doing some outrageous things right now.

"But this is like unto a child who is told that it must go to bed right now - in other words, leave the room and leave the company and be quiet and all of that, and the child stamps its feet on the way out.  And who knows, you know today's children may even have a word or two that his or her parents really don't want to hear.  This is what it is and this is over in the Higher Realms, as I told you, because it doesn't exist there.  It can't!!! And from the Higher Perspective we can see it all and we promise you, IT’S OVER - ABSOLUTELY OVER!!!

"And so it is my Joy to be with all of you and tell you these things, adding to what the Masters* have just told you.  And, yes, there will be many more reports but these reports are more and more going to be background explanations to what is very visible on the various levels of the third dimension which are still in existence, or I shall say, that the World still exists in, because the World has presence in 3D, because that is where a great deal of Humanity's focus is.  So how could you not have some presence in 3D?  And that’s why I've asked you to become activists - Ashtar On The Road Activists - and step forward and do these things! And there are some absolutely wondrous ideas that are coming forth!!! These women are publishing them in the newsletters that they send out, the e-mails – that’s the correct term.

"So it is that more and more is happening and there are opportunities, I promise you, for each and every one of you who want to do a little something that could be very uplifting to you, even though it does seem to be addressing some part of the third dimension.  Now there is a grand outcry Worldwide and it has never been stronger than in this Holy Days Season.  And what is the outcry for? Voices being raised loudly for Peace On Earth!!!  You will notice that Peace On Earth is more calm. Now it can shout, and I am speaking loudly because I am powerful coming through this Voice!

"You know, I'm going to digress for just a minute.  I get to do that since I have the stage here! When I first started coming through this one, I would have her raise her arms into the air and crash her fists down on the table.  She always had to have a table and sometimes whoever the host or hostess was forgot to pad the table and that was an interesting situation, rather bruising.  But I did that to get HER – oh, of course, I got everyone’s attention - but I did that to get HER opened up so that I could come through and not overwhelm her or overpower her, or knock her out, or whatever. I don't have to do that anymore, because she's opened up enough - as all of you have, to hear!  And you're hearing on ALL levels of your beings!  I can see that in each and every one of you. It’s not about the words, really. It’s about us coming together in one energy, of course, powered by Love, the most powerful energy in the World!!!

"And for this Gathering – well, look at the date!  It is the 12-22 of the year 2-0-1-5!  And it is still that we are in the Solstice energy.  How could there be anything except the 'Peace That Passeth All Understanding' coming to you in this energy?  Powerful Peace - yes, sometimes Peace needs power.  And it is we who are here together to em-power it, adding the fuel which is called Love.  There is no better way to celebrate the Holy Days than to call together for that Peace, that High Peace, that High Dimensional Peace.  Yes, we want it in 3D, too.  Absolutely stop the guns of war!  And while we’re at it, well, you know we’ve already stopped the nukes. THERE IS NO MORE WAR FOR PLANET EARTH!!!

"Now there are those who don't want you to know that.  They want you to be terrified that either somebody is going to push the bomb button and send the whole Planet into a nuclear holocaust or, nowadays what they’re trying to tell you is that we're going to do it!  Well, it's just the opposite.  We’ve disabled the nukes and gradually the guns will be disabled, but it needs to be what you call a joint operation. We can't do it unless you continue to call for Peace!!!

"If all of a sudden the whole consciousness of the World said, 'Oh, we're going to miss war so much.  Ashtar, why don’t you guys just hold off on this Peace business a bit and let us have another war,' we would be bound to obey your command.  Well, it’s not going to happen so don’t go there!!!  Don’t spend any time on that, because we're here, we're there, we're everywhere.' Oh, I LOVE that quote!  Of course, I get it from a rather famous story** that you're probably all familiar with.  But there are geniuses everywhere – every one of you is a genius on Planet Earth - genius creators, and so I enjoy your literature, and your music and all of the bright, wondrous, wondrous creations that are here.  And there are more to come, many more just waiting in the wings to make themselves known on a wide scale!!!

"Genius is being encouraged in so many ways.  I am not going to name them all but I am only going to say thanks to the upliftment - so that that which might have seemed to be impossible dreams, impossible missions - more and more of Humanity is stepping up and finding ways to make these dreams, these visions reality!  So, it’s not ALL waiting for us to come among you openly. I mean, you know we're already here, everywhere, and it is not necessarily waiting to be sent to you by your starseed brothers and sisters, or by God if you prefer, or however you prefer to see gifts coming!

"The greatest gift is Love - it’s here!  It’s well-anchored and with Love come many expressions, including 'genius' or 'creativity.' And so you have more and more. For instance, more and more of your publications are having to do with Love and Peace On Earth and all of those kinds of High Vibe, High Dimensional expressions, and empowerments.  And this is a trend that is going to continue!!!  More and more people are seeking out healing kinds of music. There’s nothing wrong with whatever music there is, if you truly enjoy it and if it raises your vibrations.  But there is some music out there that, let’s face it, is pretty – hmm, let’s just say it’s for the lower levels of 3D.  And it will phase out as more and more people turn away from it.

"So, on the one hand we can say that these things that are disharmonious, out of balance, and certainly not having a place in the Higher Dimensions, are phasing out.  But the really Joy-full news is that it is because Humanity is moving up into new dimensional levels!!!  It’s just like you're the ones that you've been waiting for.  Well, so are these Higher Levels, where you can enjoy the lifestyles without all of the 3D illusionary, delusionary, depressing, discouraging and, let's face it, down-in-the-dumpies kinds of events and messages coming to you.

"So, my focus with you, Beloved Family Members, on this particular call, is to bring good news.  Everywhere I look I see what you call great news, fantastic news, wondrous news!  This has been a year of a lot of chaos, a lot of Light shining in places that have hitherto been so dark that there was just no opening for the Light to come into.  Now there are openings everywhere. It’s beginning to look like Swiss cheese, you know, on a Worldwide level, because the Light is coming in everywhere!!!

"And, oh yes, the dark hats are well aware of it.  Many of them have exchanged their hats at least for gray, if not for white!  And many more will.  Many have been removed from their ability to do any more than what they're doing.  It is only their holograms, their clones - what remains of the clones because we’ve cleared up a lot of those, too.  It’s just the echoes of the old programs and the old belief systems that, you know, the chosen few would rule and that goes way, way, way back. There’s nothing new about that.

"What is new is that more and more, as they awaken, as they claim their own divinity, as they realize that they are the much loved children of the LoveLight of Mother/Father God, or Creator - no one is loved any more or less than anyone else. There is infinite Love for everyone!!!  And everyone has sovereign rights, Divine Rights and among those, of course, are the right to Love and be loved, the right to be Joy-full and Happy, and the right to enjoy the Lifestyle of Peace, Abundance and all that anyone could desire so long as it is powered by Love, only High Dimensional and Unconditional Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and, oh yes, Gratitude!!!

"And so I will say unto you, Beloved Family, we are so grateful for your presence here with us!  Our Joy is absolutely limitless that we are here together!!!  And this will continue.  And we are here now gathered to enjoy the Joy and to spread it!  And because the world is still in such a bit of chaos, we will tell you that next year 2-0-1-6 - and after all, that’s a 9-year - the chaos will be diminishing!  You won’t even recognize Planet Earth in its new uplifted form and all of the opportunities that it - already we can see - that it will be presenting to each and every one of you, to every living being upon and below, and above its surface!!!

"So you've got some real brightness ahead as you see the Paths. We see it now and we tell you, we're going to bring more of that Light into each and every one of us here gathered, by sharing it and bringing in more!  Now there is an infinite amount for each and every one of us, and we’re going to share it with the World!!!

"And our message, because this is the Holy Days Season, and it has always been a focus - well, for as long as there has been any kind of a Holy Days Season - and that, of course, is Peace On Earth!!!  There are many, many expressions of Peace. I like the star myself.  Of course, I’m out here among million, billions, trillions, gazillion of stars, but we will be giving a symbol. I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, of course, but we will be each receiving a symbol of something that is special unto each and every one of us.***  Oh, yes, I’m included.  I participate in your Meditations as a partner in the Light as do all of us Mentors and all of the Beings of LoveLight everywhere in the Universe!  So we are powerful and we shall be empowering all of Planet Earth!!!

"So, think Peace, be Peace and express Peace On Earth in all of your words and in all of your actions because, as you would say, NOW IS THE TIME!  There has never been a more powerful Holy Days Season and you, Beloved Ones, have never been more empowered to give the gift of Peace to all the Earth!!!  And so we join with you and we thank you for being here with us in this most auspicious Gathering!  Thank you for your services that you have done, for all that you have ahead of you as you see your own individual Paths into the Golden Age and Ascension!  And most especially, thank you for being here with us in this now moment of yours, sharing your Love, your Joy and your Peace!!! And so it is! Salut!"

*   Tara and Rama https://www.AshtarontheRoad.com/tara__rama_A_A_news_reports.html
**  The Scarlet Pimpernel, by Emma Orczy.
*** Sekhmet's Peace Meditation
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, December 22, 2015. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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