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Ashtar: Celebrate Your Freedom and Join with Us!
  Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - 6-25-13*

"Greetings Beloved Ones!  Beloved Family of Ashtar and Beloved Family of the Universe, We Are One!  We are so delighted to be here with you and we welcome you to the Bridge of The New Jerusalem and we stand together as One, One united in Heart and in Mission!  For it is indeed our Mission to be partners in this coming into the Higher Dimensional reality, which is not an illusion and not a dream, nor is it just some kind of made up creative vision.  It is your reality because you have brought yourselves to it!

"You have declared yourselves time and again to be committed to bringing the Planet of Earth into the Higher Dimensional existence, which is your birthright and the birthright of all of the kingdoms upon Earth!  Now, there is already existence there of Planet Earth, because just like you, Planet Earth is multi-dimensional, but it is where the consciousness is and that consciousness is rising!

"It is our coming together in Gatherings such as this that allows this to happen.  It is where we can hug each other and exchange loving energies, and along with them, visions, ideas, and yes, of course, questions!  We know you are always having questions and this is exactly as it should be, for it is curiosity that drives you to find the solutions to the many, many problems that do exist on 3D Earth.

"We are partnering with you in resolving these problems in a way that is High dimensional.  It is not about revenge.  It is not about acting out of any kind of anger or fear – you know, 'If I don’t do it unto them they’ll do it unto me, and I need to be first with that.'

"What a corruption of that beautiful, beautiful statement of how to live, how to be, and of every thought, word and deed that you are responsible for putting forth.  Of course that is the Golden Rule – to 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you' – not first, not last, but always!   When you can live that, Beloved Ones, when you put aside whatever you might have in the way of angers or resentments, you are ascended into the Higher Dimensions!!!

"And this Gathering in this moment is about the Freedom - it’s about giving yourselves Freedom to do just exactly that!  If everyone committed to living that Lifestyle, there would be no wars, there would be no hunger, there would be no greed and there would be no fear.  Children go to bed hungry at night; children go to bed without even adequate water to drink, without clothing, without educational opportunities, and even with wounds caused by war and other acts of war which may not be nation against nation - they could be brother against brother, sister against sister.

"All of these things are still in existence on Planet Earth and what we are here to do is to offer Freedom; Freedom to move higher on your own individual paths of Ascension.  By so doing, you bring the World along with you!  Imagine that - not as a burden to carry on your back, but as partners hand in hand, and Heart to Heart.  We are here with you every step of the way!

"And although there are still many millions upon Planet Earth who do not understand, or realize, or want to accept our existence, or our partnering with you in this project, nevertheless we are for real and we are very, very much here!!!  Why?  Because you have invited us to be here with you!

"There are many, many areas and aspects of the Lifestyle of 3D which literally need to be cleaned up and become a no-thing.  You can call it reducing to zero point if you wish, in other words, they become nothing, no-thing.  And in their place now is the void which can now be filled by what you might call the Higher Dimensional perspectives and living.  It is somewhat discouraging when you go forth into the market place and you see and feel the energies that are not joyful; when you turn on your television sets and you see wars, and you see people, individuals, who seem to be making war on anyone nearby.

"These are all orchestrated.  Those who are responsible are either giving it up or being removed, even as we are gathered here!  It is for you to be assured and to go from there; to be assured, that is, that it is now the moment for you to partner in creating the new Lifestyle!  You are free to do so, you no longer need to live with the bonds of slavery, enslavement and disempowerment.  Together we are reducing those bonds, which is a way of saying disappearing them from the Planet.

"You no longer need to be stuck in running the old programs within your beings so that you feel oppressed, so that you feel 'there is nothing I can do about it,' or that 'I only have one vote and they’re trying to take that away from me, what can I do?'  We understand that you are weary, we understand that the incoming energies are creating exhaustion in most of you where you never have felt quite so fatigued.  We understand that there are still what we have called, the symptoms of Ascensionitis.  We understand that you are like bouncers on what you call the trampoline, going up and down and up and down, Dimensionally speaking, and when you’re down it’s pretty hard to think of yourselves as having the empowerment to change the World, let alone the Freedom to do so!

"That is why we ask that you redirect your programming.  If you choose to have a mantra it can be as simple as 'I AM free to be all that I AM here to be. I AM here to be a Leader into the living of the Golden Age Lifestyle!'  This is not an exercise on a drawing board anymore, this is not a blueprint, this is alive and this is for you to live, Beloved Ones!!!  So get the rest that you need, do your personal clearings, and then look out at your neighbors. What can you do unto them that will help them to lift up, that will help them to catch the visions, as it were, and begin to live that Lifestyle themselves?

"We understand that if you look out into the 3D world you will see an entire matrix of restrictions designed to keep you enslaved, because you don’t know that you actually have the empowered freedom to leave that matrix and go, or shall we say, fly, up and out of it.  But together we can empower each other and we can do things that no matter how seemingly small they might be, they are huge!!!

"One of the examples will be given by Saint Germain when he comes to speak,** because he is going to speak a great deal about a subject which he is an expert on, and that is finance.  But we shall leave that for him. But in the matter of all of these devastations which are occurring on Planet Earth, at least they are viewed as devastations, terrible disasters, yes, we understand, and we are with all who are affected - the animals, the trees and the plant kingdoms, and yes the humans.  We understand that some humans are giving up their lives in order to point out to the World that these are occurring and that sometimes they are occurring, what you might call, out of season.

"This is a way of asking the world to wake up to the very fact of climate change.  Now we will say that the outcome is going to be absolutely fabulous as Planet Earth rises up into Higher Dimensionality.  All of this disaster will be left behind, it will be no more and have no more existence!

"So what can you do right now? Well, perhaps you can send some clothing to someone who has had all of their possessions destroyed by water or fire; perhaps you can send dollars - be careful who you send it to, a lot of the charities are not what they pretend to be, so do some research and make sure that it goes where it will do some good; perhaps you can send water to a community which needs water, they take trucks of bottled water in to these communities; perhaps you can organize a group of volunteers to go and help clean up.

"There are many, many physical things that you can do to help and support on the physical level, because after all, homes destroyed, possessions lost, wounds incurred, those are all physical matters, are they not?  Reach out to the people in your meditations, let them know that you are with them and that you care, let them know that better times are coming if you wish to put it that way!

"Give them visions of their particular place in the World as it exists now in Higher Dimensions.  Help them to bring it forward and to anchor into their own places where they live - the Garden of Eden, if you wish.  Now there is a phrase that evokes a vision of a beautiful and tranquil place!   Mother Gaia is doing what she must.  Send her Love, Compassion, Gratitude, and don’t be judging her because she is doing what she must as gently as she can do.

"Sometimes there are those who take liberties and thus impinge upon the Freedom of everyone else, that is not what we are talking about by Freedom.  The people that deliberately start actions of destruction and disaster, well those ones are being disempowered, but it is being done to empower healing for the entire Planet.  And it is to cast your votes because they do mean something, it is to sign the petitions, it is to write the letters, it is to let your voices be heard!!!

"Your meditations and your prayers are most powerful and that is a constant partnering with us, because they are reverberating and radiating around and around the world!!!  You think that when you meditate, the words leave your Hearts or your mouths and you’re done and it’s over?  Not so.  It is preserved, energetically speaking, so that it lives on, and on and on. So help to create the Legacy so that not only can the forward progress be made, but so that everyone in the world can look back, because they will see everything on the timelines of the Planet, once they get Home!

"They can look at that and say 'I was there, my neighbor was a Lightworker, my neighbor reached out to me, I thank my neighbor, my brother, my sister, my friend, for helping to set me free from that 3D matrix.' You see what we are saying, Beloved Ones?  There are actions you can take on all levels.  You do not have to try to do them all, certainly, but it would be most agreeable if you would pick at least one on the physical level, whether it’s attending a meeting of your community to see what can be done to help a neighbor in need, whether it is sending a letter to Obama supporting that which he is here to do, or Putin, or Xi, or anyone on the planet that you see as being in a position to be in the forefront, even an announcer, of change!!!

"That’s what true Freedom is - it’s feeling free to stand up and be counted.  You’re not sheeple, Beloved Ones, none of you are, and it is for us to all unite together to create Freedom for all, Freedom in all aspects of life!  We can do that best by joining with each other, connecting in our Hearts and being One in spirit, and then allowing ourselves to flow from there wherever we have the passions to direct our focus.

"Now, the Ashtar Command is focusing on all aspects of this.  We have many divisions, and many, many Command members within each division to focus on all aspects of Lifestyles.  So, if you are interested for instance, in cleaning up the government you might want to go to our Ambassadorial Division and invite them to come in and join with you in helping current governments to make the changes and the upward shifts that this world is needing.  That is only one example, you can take it from there.

"Come up on the Bridge, be members of the Ashtar Command - not visitors!  Come up on the Bridge and take your place in any of the divisions that you choose to work with and set yourselves on a course of action which is free for you to do - you are all free to do - and which will help to free others on the Planet because that, Beloved Ones, is a major part of our Mission!  It is to be a Leader and a bringer of Love and Light to those who just aren’t seeing it and aren’t feeling it.

"And yes, it is to have Compassion for those who may have wanted to keep the World in the dark because they too have a birthright, which is to be evolved beings in the Light.  And there are very, very few who will not return to the Light, very few.  But it takes commitment, it takes patience, it takes support, and it takes all of us standing together, acting freely and not being subdued in any way by that matrix which our very actions are dissolving into a no-thing!

"So thank you, Beloved Ones.  We thank you for your attendance. Be advised that you have a permanent boarding pass to the Bridge at any time, and that you are invited, not just to be an observer here, but to be a participating member of the Ashtar Command and to act with us, partnering with us, hand in hand, Heart to Heart, in fulfilling the Missions which we are all here to accomplish!!!

"And so, Beloved Ones, it is my great pleasure to welcome St Germain.  He is bi-locating, he is a presence on Planet Earth, but he is also very much present upon The New Jerusalem, and he shall be stepping forth to speak with us his Message of Freedom in celebration, not just of the 4th of July for the United States of America, but for the totality of Planet Earth, below, on and above!!!

"And so it is, I thank you for joining with us -we love you beyond all words!  And so it is.  Salut!"

* Ashtar was introduced by the song, Running on the Water, also known as Come The New Jerusalem.
**Ashtar was followed by St Germain.
Transcription by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, June 25, 2013. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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