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Ashtar: You Are Leaders to the Light!

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - February 10, 2015

"Greetings, Beloved Family!  Well, things are exciting!  We honor you, first and foremost for being among the Leaders with the Courage to look at Truth, to understand what needs to be changed in this World - this Planet Earth which is still very much a part of the third dimension, or we shall say, a part of Planet Earth is very much in the third dimension - and the understanding, the willingness to take some responsibility for what has occurred, not just in this lifetime, but in those past.  For who among you has not worn a dark hat at one time or other?We are not speaking of the color purple!

"And who among you has not for one reason or another, whether out of ignorance or fear of punishment – and you can be certain that a great number of the deeds which have been committed which are of a dark nature, have been done because those who have been actually in charge of committing the deeds have been in such fear for their own lives and their families', that they have cooperated?  Perhaps only once, but they have cooperated with the ones who have the power - the power to inspire such fear, the power to take orders from those from whom they are no longer able to be in direct contact with, because the shields are up, so to speak.

"And so those who are here on Planet Earth are no longer able to escape, no longer able to be in direct contact with their former bosses, the Annunaki, who have come to the Light, as it were.Oh, there are a few renegades lurking, but there is this separation not only among the levels of those occupying the human bodies, but on up and above in the, shall we say, the tier of command.

"And so it is that they are really feeling lost and afraid.And when the Light comes upon them, much like turning a rock over, you know - how many of you have turned a rock over and found little creatures hiding in the darkness between the rock and the soil, or the ground or the sand, as it might be?  And they scurry because they do not want the Light to shine upon them.  And yet, it is!  Some of them adjust to it and say, 'Oh, this is rather nice.It’s warm and friendly and I’m liking this.  I’m coming to the Light!!!'  And some of them try to get away from the Light and find a place of darkness.

"And the programming that these ones have been trained into -and there are many, many stories about the kinds of training that they give to their children - they are very hard to read.  And if you choose to look upon those readings, do so with Compassion and a kind of even balance so that you can send the Love and Forgiveness, even as you read these horror stories.  But they have been so trained and so ingrained in this that they teach it to their children.  They treat their children as they have been treated, and they pass it on from generation to generation.  It is not just genetics!  It is what you call 'environment' as well.  And it’s like a double whammy program.

"Now the children, their children, have seen the Light - almost all of them.  And why not?  They have different genetics!  They are Indigos first.  Remember the ones who were shot down over Long Island Sound when they wanted to go to Europe to tell all?*  Their parents and grandparents collaborated, cooperated in shooting them down, rather than have the Light uncover them, rather than have the rocks removed, shall we say, that were hiding them.

"Now we have the Crystals, even more chromosomes upon their DNA strands, and even more DNA open, even more remembering of the Light within them and that part of them which is Divine in nature!!!  And the Crystals are singing a different song for sure and they are rising up into positions.  You may have heard of these so-called child prodigies - musicians, playing Chopin at age five or younger and the ones who graduate from colleges, not just any college, but places like MIT.

"And if you think there’s a lot of them here, you ought to take a look at the numbers in Russia and China.  There are even more of them there, because they are being recognized and, contrary to what you might think, or what you may have heard in the past, they are being recognized.  And their Wisdom, their gifts that they bring, are being utilized, and they are being listened to as, shall we say, teachers of Peace!!!

"You aren’t going to find many Crystal children - if you can find any at all - who want to work on the manufacture of, oh, let us say, planes with which to drop bombs, or GMO seeds - crops that grow GMO seeds so that the world’s food supply, the seeds from which the world’s food supply is grown, is highly toxic and sterile.  This is a recipe for starvation, is it not?

"Now, we will tell you this.  We have answers to all of this.  You heard a moment ago what we have said many times – NO NUKES! There will be no nuclear wars, no nuclear holocausts, no ending of Planet Earth as a result of a nuclear blow-up or war. THERE WILL BE NO WORLD WAR III!!!

"And that is because enough of the world has awakened that that particular opportunity along the path, the Ascension Path - which you might consider to have been a total detour end-of-the-road situation - has been passed, by-passed.  It's not going to happen because, as we have told you many times, the Planet is ascending and all who choose to ascend will do so!!!

"You may not choose it right at this moment and you don’t have to.  There is no pressure upon any one individual to do so.  There is only the advice that you take care of your own Ascension path, that you assist anyone who looks to you for assistance, certainly, but that you allow, that is, that you respect the rights of everyone in human body to determine whether heor she will ascend now, or a year from now, or ten years from now, or a hundred years from now.  Because there are those who still have lessons to learn!

"Now, if you will for a moment, focus only upon Wisdom that comes from places in the World which are not peaceful.  And you cannot look at any kind of a news story - well, no matter where it is published - without realizing that there are places in the World which are engaging in a form of war - warfare.  It is for you, as an observer, first of all, to send the Highest of loving energies to all who are thus engaged, whether it be country against country or human against human, or you battling within yourself!  We’ll get back to that.

"It is to send Love and all that Love engenders, including Peace.  And when you do that, you’re sending High vibrations, uplifting vibrations.  Are you the keeper of your brother and sister?  Yes, of course you are!  If you want Peace on Earth, then send Peace on Earth to all upon the Earth - below, on, and above.  That is the basic foundation of the Mission that we all share, because it is the Mission of the Ashtar Command to assist you in every way in achieving Peace, in coming to the Higher Realms of Light - which are only Love - and making your Ascension, even as Planet Earth ascends!

"And so we are together in this!!!  And if you still have feelings of separation, it is for you to connect in with that part of you that we call the Higher Dimensional Self, right on and up to and including Mother/Father God.  Access the Divine in yourself and then you will see it in your brothers.  You will see it in your sisters.  And they, in turn, will see it in you, maybe not instantaneously, but the more you put out the message of Divine Origin, the more it will reflect back to you!!!

"Sometimes, you need a mirror to believe what everyone else sees.  Is that not true?  Now, on a Higher level, it’s all an illusion anyway because you’re living in a body that you created for the purpose of living your experiences upon the grand holodeck of the third dimension!  But we do not need to dwell upon that point because what is happening in the third dimension is your reality in this moment!!!

"And so it is simply that we are asking you to uplift and elevate the entirety of the Planet. Join with us!  We welcome you here to the Bridge of The New Jerusalem.  The World awaits your Love, your messages of Love!  And what an appropriate time!  That is why we are designating this entire month as the month of Love.Does that mean that the other months are not about Love?  No!  It means that the energies coming in now are even Higher because you have reached a certain point in your evolvement!!!

"And so we can announce to you:  Celebrate that there are even more energies of Love and Peace and High vibration coming in every nano-second of your time!  And this is only the beginning!!!  If you want to be in remembering of what I am telling you, think of February as the Big Valentine, for the whole month!  And in the next month we March even further, or shall we say, Higher upon the paths of Love, of Peace, of Ascension preparation, of moving into the Golden Age.  And that is a most de-Light-full, shall we say, major, major, major step!  Or you might look upon it as a plateau, if you wish, upon the Ascension Path.So get ready because it’s just getting better!!!

"When you hear about the breakdown of your financial institutions, your food supplies, your poisonings of your air, earth and water, and so on and so on, this is it!  This is the final expression of those who have had this, what was once called, a 'master plan.'  And it was anything but mastering.  It was all about enslavement with a relative few wearing dark hats and pretending that they were masters over you.

"And the only thing that you need to remember about any experience you might have had of wearing a dark hat is that it’s the opposite of Love and YOU ARE LOVE!  You were living in an unreal holodeck within the holodeck, if you ever did anything in the identity of one who was wearing a dark hat.  Why?  So you would know the difference!  If all you’ve ever done is live under a rock, how can you possibly know what it’s like to live in the Light, unless somebody comes along and moves that rock away from you or unless you do one great big push and remove the rock yourself?!!!

"And many of you have done that in this lifetime.  You said, 'No more! I’m not going to live in ignorance.I’m not going to live in fear.'  You may not be wearing a dark hat, but by complying with the programs of the dark hats, you have been an unconscious supporter.  But let even a little beam of Light come in and all of a sudden you say, 'This is who I am.I am Light and I, therefore, will stop supporting the dark.  I will forgive, but I will live my Truth as a Being of Light, as a Being of Peace, as a Being of Love!'  And this is where you stop the war within yourselves, Beloved Ones.

"If you have guilt, if you have any sense that you are not living in the Light, then start a dialogue within yourself.  Gather in your Guides.  Connect and commune with your Higher Self and the totality of your being.  Allow that Divine LoveLight You Are to shine in.  Bring your ego up into your Heart and give your ego a new mission, which is to join with your inner child in Peace!!!

"No, you don’t throw your ego overboard!  You simply tell your ego that you appreciate and thank your ego for all that it has done to 'keep you safe,'or to warn you of impending danger and to cause you to do expressions and actions which were less than loving.  Now shower your ego with Love and thank him/her for a job well done, and tell your ego that from now on, you are going to express the totality of Who You Are, which is Love!!!

"Sananda is teaching a way to do that** and we are urging you and encouraging you to look within yourselves and to make Peace within yourselves, because you are not only your brothers' and sisters' keepers, Beloved Ones, but you are the keepers of your own selves.  It’s not about what somebody else has done to you, not your mother, your father, your grandmother, your jailer, your tax collector, or anybody else.  It’s about what you have created - events that you called forth or participated in so that you could learn and evolve from them!

"You have not set out to be dark hats -that was never your intention before you came into these bodies.  You set out to learn whatever lessons you had to learn, no matter how difficult, how challenging, or how seemingly impossible the challenges might have been, because THIS IS YOUR MOMENT TO SHINE!  This is about Ascension time!  This is why you came!  And if it meant you had to clear out some baggage, some karmic residues, well and good!  I am happy to tell you that you have all done a magnificent job and if you have a little bit left, go ahead, with the Wisdom from your Higher Selves, your higher Dimensional Selves - the Wisdom of your Spirits!  Let that shine throughout the totality of your beings, and be the Love that you came here to be, because ONLY LOVE WILL GET THE JOB DONE!!!  No amount of fear, no amount of controlling you, pushing on you, pushing your buttons, programming you, and telling lies to you is going to get it done.  You are in charge of yourselves!

"NESARA will announce the Golden Age.  NESARA will be the beginning of the distributions of the financial abundance.  NESARA will bring the Freedom from the tyranny, and from the dark hat corporations, from those who buy elections, and all of the other things that have come together that have created, shall we say, a low vibrational, third dimensional experience for you.You’re leaving that!You’re moving up Higher, despite whatever reports you may have received about dates for this or that, and dinars, and so on and so on.  Understand that it is NESARA which has been created to officially open the Golden Age.  And it is very close!

"So put the LoveLight on everything.  Make Peace within yourselves.  Make Peace within your families, your neighbors, your communities, your countries, and the world.  And know that you are Leaders along the way, and that the doors of the Golden Age are wide open and waiting for you, Beloved Ones - for you to come through dancing and singing with absolute Joy, that the time of any darkness is over on Planet Earth!!!

"And so, let me just say, how loved you are, how appreciated you are, and how brightly you shine!  And so it is!  Salut!"

*  TWA Flight 800, 7-17-96
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, February 10, 2015. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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