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Ashtar on President Obama's State of the Union Speech *
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference, 2-12-13

"Greetings Beloved Family! It is I, Ashtar who comes again to be with you in spirit, in Love and in Joy! For those of you who listened or watched the Presidential speech - and this was for the entire World, not just the United States of America - we wish to emphasize that, first and foremost, he has a lot of ideas.

"He is inspired! He is inspired to lead this country and the entire World further along the Path of the Golden Age, or Aquarian Age, and it is true that it is going to take a huge outpouring of loving support for all of these things to be accomplished. Yet, behind the scenes, and he knows that full well behind the scenes, are numerous, too numerous to count, members of support teams, not just the ones in the human bodies, but those of us who come from beyond.

"There’s not much left of the veil because Mother Gaia and Planet Earth have moved into what we are calling the 'Golden Age,' it is high 4D, but there are still those who are clinging to 3D, and yes you will see some opposition from those very ones in the congress and senate and various departments and governmental agencies and so on, wanting to block these great changes that he proposes to make.

"We will say this loud and clear: he is very well aware of NESARA and of what NESARA brings about. What he is doing is bridging, he is the first bridge, that is, his programs and his inspirations are the first bridge to the very bridge which is called NESARA, because NESARA in turn is a bridge to Freedom! You may think it is just about abundance, but it is much, much more.

"It is Freedom in every aspect of the lives of all humans on Planet Earth; it is Freedom for the animal and the plant kingdoms, and for the mineral kingdoms who are deemed to serve the humans. You know, it’s the humans who think all of the other kingdoms are here to serve. If you ask members of the other kingdoms what they have to say about that, they would take a different perspective and voice a different point of view which is true and appropriate, and as you like to say, it is high time because we are in High Times and we are continuing on this Path!

"Let us propose that you need look no further for proof of all of this than the most recent resignations of humans, or we shall say those who appear to be human, from very high positions! We shall be lending our support to the election of a pope who is one with the people and in turn with all of the kingdoms. I have the pleasure of announcing that there shall be some who are not cardinals when that enclave meets.

"Representing all of us, you and us, including those of us who come to be with you, shall be St. Germain and Archangel Michael, because if there was ever a group that needed to get the Truth out on the table, it’s the group of cardinals who shall decide who will be the new leader of millions of people who belong – and you can take that any way you choose – to the Catholic Church. It’s time for a lot of fresh air to blow through those hallowed halls. It’s time for the secrets to not be secrets anymore and its time for those who are truly upon the spiritual path - and everybody is told to be on the spiritual path - it's just that the leaders are not quite on the same path - it’s time for them to be freed from the dogmas, the restrictions and the enslavements that have been put upon them. So there is going to be a lot happening there!

"We are going to support the election of a new pope as part of the breath of spring; the breath of spring is, by the way, also called the equinox. You have a date on your calendar of approximately the twenty-first of March - in some places of the world there is variance. And there are going to be a lot of breaths of spring coming, so stay tuned!!!

"We shall comment briefly upon another resignation, and that is of course of the queen. Her name is Beatrix, and she is a part of the ruling establishment in Europe, which is changing, as it must. And so Pope Ratzinger will become Cardinal Ratzinger and his published gameplan is that he shall retire back to that place from where he came, which is the heart of illuminati land, but the reality of it is he has another date, and the reality of it is, that this is all being taken care of.

"We only give you these examples because there have been no publication of the arrests as of yet but we want you to know that many, many, many, many, many arrests have already taken place, and the ones you see representing these beings are simply that - representatives. Solid holographic representations, clones, look-alikes – all programmed in to the old ways.

"If somebody does not resign or leave their body, suddenly or otherwise, or disappear through all of this, then you can be fairly certain that they’ve been wearing a white hat because everybody who’s been wearing the dark hats are scheduled for, what you might call, the greatest round-up Planet Earth has never seen! And it has been ongoing for some time. We just want to assure you that when you see these big, famous names, world leader names, the big things are happening! As we have said, the breath of spring is really not that far off if you want to look at your calendars.

"The really big news, coming back to the event just completed -they’re going to go on and on and talk about it, but there is really not anything very convincing that the opposition can say about Obama’s latest speech. If you had the opportunity to watch it, or you take the opportunity after this, you will note that even Mr. Boehner had to be in the applause state and that there was quite a bit of applause and the President put the, shall we say, responsibility, out to the Congress and the Senate to be responsible. What a concept!!!

"To be responsible to the people of the Unites States of America and ultimately the World, and stop messing things up! And just in case you were not aware, there were many, many, many in the Unites States of America and indeed in all of the countries around the World who are scheduled to be included in the big roundup. Or they already have been. In fact, there is one who is long gone, and about her retirement - don’t believe what some are saying, that she might be running for the office of President next time. She’s already been taken care of.

"We trust that this is all good news because we understand that it can be frustrating to see the same old headlines and to have some of the same old stuff coming up. But you read and look at that speech and count all of the new, and innovative and creative ideas which were put forth in it, addressing every aspect of the Lifestyle! The ideas and the innovations are a bridge, and as soon as this bridge is crossed with enough votes of support, and most importantly with enough support from the Hearts of the people, the next bridge will be right there and that’s called NESARA!

"If you have not had an opportunity to support what was presented in this speech, read it, watch it, fall in Love with the ideas and the concepts. Rejoice at the stories of the people who were presented! They would call themselves ordinary citizens, and they did extraordinary things in the course of being citizens and taking responsibilities. And yes, there were those who represented the innocent, the victims.Remember who has fomented so many of these violent acts – forgive, send them Love, but support them no more!!!

"Let us give thanks to all of those who have participated in all of these events, from the mass genocides and 9/11, right down to the child. It was a case of mistaken identity they said, the one who was shot in the park near Obama’s home. They said it was a gang who thought that she was part of a rival gang – 15 years old. She took a bullet for humanity. That wasn’t what she was thinking about, but her higher self knew, and she was welcomed immediately.

"Support Peace, be for Peace, and do whatever you can, whatever you’re moved to do, whatever your Hearts tell you to do – this is think-with-your-Hearts, Beloved Ones, that’s how to live the Golden Age Lifestyle. Support Peace, be Love, and be a true Citizen of the Golden Age, because the Golden Age does not know the boundaries of countries.

"The Golden Age, while it is about the kind of abundance that will free you, it is not about who has the most money, or the most guns, or who’s better than anyone else, the Golden Age is for all to live in Peace, Joy, and brotherly and sisterly Love, sharing and caring and being One with each other and indeed, with all of the kingdoms of Mother Gaia - and beyond!!!

"We shall have Sekhmet come and join us with another one of her powerful Crystalline Exercises. But this one is the first about living the Golden Age Lifestyle, and there will be more to come. This one is the introduction, this one is to set the stage, so let’s fly together and be in Joy! Sekhmet has requested her special song,** it was actually given by Mary Magdalene, but Sekhmet loves it so much.

"Let’s all get in to Joy and come together in loving Oneness, because that, beloved Ones, is Who We Really Are! And so it is! Thank you for being with is. We are with you always, call upon us and we’re there, because we never left. And so it is! Salut!"

* Click here to listen.

**Let Us Remember to Dance, by Lei'ohu Ryder, from her CD, Mary's Songs.

Transcription by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, February 12, 2013. www.AshtarontheRoad.com  
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