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Ashtar: "You Are Past the Eleventh Hour!!!"

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - August 26, 2014

"Greetings, Beloved Family!  We are energized by your presence!We greet you with our Love and our assurances - indeed, exhilarating assurances - that all is coming into the grand finale, you might say.  This is the time for you to decide what you personally - each and every one of you - are not, shall we say, planning on taking with you into your Higher Dimensional Lifestyles, because 3-D with all of its programs and agendas and all of the lies, and so on, and so on - the black ops – it’s ending!!!It’s over.  It’s all an illusion anyway, but all of you have had an opportunity to assist in the creations of it, from the very first time that you were ever here in a body.

"Now I say this not in judgment, but simply to honor you!  It has taken many, many lifetimes to reach this particular point of readiness, to prepare yourselves for your Homecomings - your Homecomings being your Ascensions back into complete reunion with Who You Really Are, which is Divine Beings.  But you’ve come into these dense bodies of a 3-D nature and in the process you have forgotten, or shall we say, you have gone to sleep, and now you’re awake!  And you look out at the World and you say, 'Well, how is this ever going to change?It’s such a mess!'  You see examples in your news media and all around you of the fear-based programs which are still running, but we can assure you that the switch is about to be turned off!

"So what we are here to do is to remind you that it’s all being done in Love - every single bit of it you have allowed, because you loved the idea of experiencing 3-D enough.  You have suffered in many, many ways and you have enjoyed in many, many ways, all of your different 3-D lifetimes and it’s time to celebrate!

"And so we’re going to talk about Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude as being the keystones, the cornerstones for your entry into the Higher levels, for which you yourselves have said, 'OK, we’re ready!Let’s do it!'

"Now we know that doing it has taken longer than you anticipated.  To be very frank and honest with you, we saw many potentials on your timelines.  We saw you getting there, accomplishing it and achieving it.  We honestly thought that by now, we would have had the Announcement of NESARA, thus activating NESARA.  It has been the law for several years in your time, but it has not been activated and that is what the Announcement will do.  And we thought we were going to do that actually before the year 2000 and then we decided that we would do it on 9-11.  And for those of you not familiar with that particular aspect, or fact, about 9-11, that is Truth!

"Since that time, there have been other attempts, but always, always, always these dark hats have come along with something or other to derail the Announcement.  There have been terrorist attacks done, conceived by the top dark hats and carried out by their programees - their, shall we say, employees.  There have been so-called 'natural disasters,' again instigated by them as well as a few which Mother Gaia herself has put into motion simply because she needs to get all cleaned up, too.

"Now her consciousness is already in high 4-D and her Kingdoms, with the exception of Humanity, have already, shall we say, accustomed themselves to the rise in the vibrations, thus moving into Higher Dimensionality.  And there are some Kingdoms here in 3-D which will not be moving up.  And all of that is pretty well taken care of.  But, of course, Humanity - the Kingdom of Humanity - has yet to accomplish that as a whole, and we assure you, there is not one in this Gathering who is not on the Ascension Path!!!  You can change directions if you choose to.We don’t advise it because it is going to be so de-Lightful to move up into the Golden Age first, where the clean-up takes place - the ultimate clean-up!

"Now what do we mean by that?  Well, what we’re saying is that if you have an inkling already, it would be well to continue to empower it and if you haven’t, you might want to think about -What are you going to do when Planet Earth officially enters the Golden Age?  What are you going to do when Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude are the basis for society and for all of its institutions?What are you going to do when Peace on Earth is worldwide???

"You might want to start thinking about the Joy and the absolute de-Lightfulness of that particular Lifestyle, because it’s on the way and the doors are wide open for you.,Go ahead!,Come on up to the ships or do whatever it is that you can do right now, to see yourself, to put yourself right into that Lifestyle and to live it!!!

"If you are somewhat feeling as though you have some lack, start seeing the glass as half full and invite Saint Germain to come in and top it off for you!  If you have some health challenges, start listening to yourself, to your own beloved bodies.  Start asking some questions.  Sit with your guides and say, 'What can I do to further the evolvement of my Beloved Body - my physical body and, indeed, all of my bodies?'  And listen - pay attention - take notes!

"If you know of someone who is doing some kind of high vibrational healing, pay them a visit and get yourself uplifted -even if it’s only for a moment or two!  Get yourselves uplifted into that Higher level.  Then you can start repeating, repeating, repeating on your own.  It is a form of reprogramming yourselves, Beloved Ones, and that’s what we’re talking about!  It’s time for you to give up the 3-D, fear-based programming, which is all an illusion, and get yourselves grounded in the reality of the Higher Dimensions.  You’re already there, anyway!A part of you is, your higher self, your spiritual body, or however you want to see it.

"You’re all Divine and you’ve all created yourselves from the place, that Higher place that you occupy!  Now, you might be saying, 'Well, Ashtar!  You are mistaken!  I never created arthritis!'  But that isn’t quite true.  It started outside of your physicality and then became, shall we say, grounded within your physical body.  All imbalances and diseasements and ailments and challenges in your physical bodies start outside of it!

"Now that’s something that you can certainly work with - that alone!  You can do something as simple as Ho’oponopono.  But if you will keep these foundational concepts in mind - and understand that the greatest energy in the Universe is Love, and there is unlimited Love energy available for each and every one of you,  and start calling it in and opening your Hearts to receive it - you’re going to find yourselves living that 4-D Lifestyle even before Planet Earth is officially there!  What could be more Joy-full than that?

"So we encourage you, Beloved Ones, and we are telling you this because - you have a saying you know - time does not exist in the Higher Dimensions.  But it is very real in 3-D and we honor that!And we are perfectly able to speak the language of time.  So we will say you are past the eleventh hour!!!  Now that is great news, is it not?

"And so you have only a little bit more to go, and what we’re telling you is, make the most of it!  Make it be the best it can be!If you are feeling discouraged, if you are feeling tired, if you are feeling whatever of 3-D - shall we say, remnants of 3-D programming - change your perception just a wee bit.  We often encourage you to stand in front of the mirror in the morning and greet yourselves and say, 'Hello, God!' or 'Hello, Goddess!'  Now that’s pretty empowering, is it not?

"And again, if you repeat it just like a mantra - and of course, you can add more words, whatever you choose - if you repeat that like a mantra, pretty soon you’re going to be living it, because you will know it, because your Heart will respond by opening and absolutely showering you with Love!  And the Universe will respond by sending you infinite Love!  And when that happens, then you change your whole perception of yourself and you know that you are Divine!  And you are here to live a Divine Lifestyle, where you are powerful and where you are able to radiate the Love You Are!  And when that happens, and when that magical number of humans are living in that Higher Dimensional atmosphere, the change will happen seemingly overnight!!!Remember, you are past the eleventh hour!

"So we encourage you to stand with us.  Come up to the Bridge of The New Jerusalem!  You all come at some time or other, usually at your sleep times.  Come at your meditational times.  Come when you are ready to go to your sleep time or your nap time, your meditation time, whenever.  And just say, 'I choose to come up to The New Jerusalem, even if only for a minute or two in your time.  Just come up and stand by me, and breathe, and allow the atmosphere on the bridge of The New Jerusalemor on any of the ships to remind you even more of Who You Really Are!  Because, Beloved Ones, you do have a presence in the Higher Dimensions and on the ships.  The ships are a fast transportational way, before you evolve even Higher to where you travel in your own merkabas.  

"And you will all have opportunities, because our presence is the other thing!  We are de-Lighted to have you come out and it does not have to be during your night time.  It can be any time of your day or night - come out!  Wave!  Greet us!  We’re here, we’re there, we’re everywhere, and we are with you!!!  So come out and be with us.And the day is not far off when you will all have opportunities to ride with your actual bodies - slightly improved from the present models - but you will have an opportunity to come and ride with us on the ships.  And some of you will resume your Lifestyles as members of the crews of the various "And so it is with great joy that we look at that upon your timeline and we say,  'Welcome Aboard,' along with 'Welcome Home!'  So look at that, Beloved Ones!  Look at that, lift yourselves up with these visions - these images of yourselves -and know!  Know Who You Really Are, and that this is what you have created for yourselves.  Each and every one of you have committed to being here in this lifetime to participate in the Grand Homecoming of all of the Kingdoms of Planet Earth and beyond!!!   And so it is!  Salut!"

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, August 26, 2014. www.AshtarontheRoad.com

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