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Ashtar - "We Are Empowering Peace on Earth with Love!"

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - March 24, 2015

"Greetings, Beloved Family!  Yes, you are hearing it now!  This is what we have seen - that is, the emergence of Planet Earth from the darkness of the last thirteen thousand years of your history/herstory into the brightest of Lights, the Light of Love! And when it comes to Peace, that which has been called the Peace That Passeth All Understanding,because it is so well defined.  It does not have limits or limitations, conditions, qualifications, or any kind of program that is conditioned upon anyone having Peace in their lives if they do something for someone else.That is not the way of Higher Dimensional Lifestyle.  It is not the way of Love.

"Love of the Higher Vibrational kind is unconditional, is without limits, is compassionate, so as to uplift, rather than to impose any kind of restrictions!  You know, 'I will love you if you give me money.  I will love you if you buy me that expensive toy' - those kinds of conditions.  And often times Peace has been conditioned upon, 'Well, I’m not doing this out of Love, but I’ll tell you this: If you let me conquer you, I’ll protect you from other conquerors.'You see what we’re saying?

"These are all programs, old, old programs put in place by those who have their own agenda; put in place by those who would eat and kill their own children if it served their cause and their programs; put in place by those cold-blooded - you might say, cold-hearted - put in place by those who are missing the capacity for the kind of Love that we are heading into as a permanent state of being.  And I say ‘we’ because we’re here with you!!!

"We are perfectly able to come into a human presentation, or shall we say, a presentation wherein at least you can see our Light bodies.  And we are doing so quite often.In other words, Saint Germain is probably the most traveled, multi-locational being currently visiting those who would stick to the old program; those who would continue to impose conditions; those who really want to rob you of your Peace, but cloak themselves as being your defenders; those who would have you go to war to defend something that they make up for your benefit so that you can feel better about firing a gun.  These are the ones who are being visited!

"And if the Truth be known, we will tell you this: The removals – and there are several different manners of removal now in effect – the removals are being done!!!  They are being expedited because it’s time for Peace upon the entirety of Planet Earth - not just below the surface, but on and above.  It is time for Planet Earth to take its rightful place in the Solar System and in the Galaxy because there is so much capacity here to Love and be Loved!!!

"It is an expression that is literally waiting to burst forth from the Heart of Humanity and, indeed, from all of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms.  It is the power that fuels, literally fuels, your Ascension!  And it is imperative that there be Peace on Earth in order for these loving expressions to be made, to be the only kind of expressions that are made anywhere upon the Planet!

"And you may think that’s a pretty difficult task.Some of you might even say, 'Well, that sounds real good, but when I look at the 6:00 pm news or I read the headlines in the mainstream newspapers, there is war everywhere.'  IT’S THE LAST OF WAR ANYWHERE ON PLANET EARTH!!!  And sometimes the very last has to show itself and manifest itself at the very worst because the World is in shift right now, in change!

"The Equinox energies were about balancing and about bringing Peace to Planet Earth. As I have said, the Peace That Passeth All Understandingis your birthright!  It is the birthright of the entire Planet!!! And as you step out and claim your own Divinities, Beloved Ones, you will find that you, yourselves, have the key to the Kingdom of Peace.  Each and every one of you has a direct connection all the way to Mother/Father God who created you out of Love!!!

"And so when you bring yourselves into the state of being in Unconditional Love and expressing Unconditional Love, that is how you attain that Peace.Your Hearts, Beloved Ones, are the key or the 'open sesame,' if you will, to Peace within your own selves and Peace for all, because it is the Love there that empowers your upliftment into the Heavenly Realms, where there is only Peace, only Unconditional Love!  And as you uplift, and every time you do so, you assist others, you empower others to do the same!!!

"So even though you haven’t quite formed your crystalline bodies, even though you are still seeing at least the very end of the programs of killing and warfare and atrocities and the opposites of Unconditional Love, be assured.  Go into your own Hearts and find that Love, and that will lead you into that wondrous, blissful Peace that you all so deserve!  This is the way your lives will be.  This is the Lifestyle of the Golden Age.And this is for you to be at Peace within yourselves, within your neighbors and within the World, so that all of the great healings can take place - not with, 'Well, I’m going to point my gun at you and you will clean up your act,' but simply with, 'I am your Brother.I am your Sister in Unconditional Love.  We are all Divine and I recognize the Divine in you.  And I offer you the Peace That Passeth All Understanding!'  That’s quite a bit different a presentation, is it not?

"There is not threat in that.  There is no pointing of guns or any weapons.  There is no beating of the drums of war.  There is only the symphony, the harmonious coming together in Joy, in Love, in Freedom and, yes, in the absolute knowing of everyone’s Divine Origins!  And when that coming together occurs, Beloved Ones, you rise up into that blissful Oneness, and therein lies the unconditional and infinite Peace of your Homecoming!!!  All of you have had experiences, multiple experiences in accessing these Realms of Light.  We shall do so again in this Gathering!

"And so it is only to remind you that you have as much right and as much empowerment to access these realms as have I, Ashtar, or anyone, anywhere in the Universe!  It is a choice.  And by being here in this Gathering you have already expressed your choice, which is to ascend, which is to serve in mission and purpose by sharing your Lights, radiating your Love and coming into a Oneness with all of those of us who dwell in those Higher Realms!

"And there is a part of you which is already there and when you connect in to what we call your Higher Dimensional Selves, here you are, multi-locating - multi-dimensionally locating - and joining us in our Mission of Love!

"Now, think of yourselves as the ground crew of the Ashtar Command.  And think of yourselves as having your mission which is to return to your Home.  And think of yourselves as the bringers of Peace, returning Peace to Planet Earth!  And so, in a way, you yourselves are the very Portals, bringing through these energies of Love, opening the gates to the Golden Age and the Realms of Light, bringers of Peace and creators of the Golden Age on Earth.That, Beloveds, is your mission!

"And as such, your mission is the same as that of the Ashtar Command.  We are a Peaceful force.  We are a Peace-bringing force.  As a rule, we are disallowed, or I shall say, not empowered to interfere with the ongoing events of any planet in the Universe.  However, we have special dispensation to assist in the bringing of Peace to Planet Earth because you, Beloved Ones, have stood up and said, 'Partner with us.  Be One with us.  Help us to empower the Golden Age, to bring it forth.It’s time for us to move along our Ascension paths and we give you, Ashtar and the Ashtar Command, permission to do whatever actions are necessary to assist us in bringing this forth!!!'

"And that is why we are assisting in every place upon Planet Earth.  That is why ambassadors are coming to confer with your World leaders, to confer with your Lightworkers, to confer with you, Beloved Ones, by means of this Gathering!  And I assure you that we are on course - completely on course - and that we are moving in all directions to facilitate the beginning of the Golden Age for the entirety of Planet Earth!!!

"We understand that you are waiting for Announcements.  We are making the way for these Announcements completely secure!We choose Peace.  And even those who choose to be, shall we say, ended in their lifestreams, are blessed and loved all the way through the process, because that is the way of Peace.  It is unconditional Love that we hold for all who wear the human bodies, no matter who they really are inside!  And we ask that you do the same, Beloved Ones, in the name of the Ascension of Planet Earth, and Unconditional Love, and the Peace That Passeth All Understanding!!!

"For this is your Path.  This is your Path and you deserve to follow it all the way into the Golden Age, and through and into your own personal Ascensions.  And the way to do it is powered by Love!!!

"And so I, Ashtar, thank you with all of my Heart, and I recognize in you that you are my Brothers and Sisters, and that we are One in Love, and we are always together!!!  And so I say unto you, Namaste and Salut!"

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, March 24, 2015. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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