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Ashtar: "We Are All One!"

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference, January 27, 2015

"Greetings, Beloved Family!  Well, now you know why I asked that that poem be read.*  Because as the Masters Tara and Rama** have so eloquently stated, we are all One and we’re all in this together! And to distinguish - because it is not your group which is under fire - therefore to stand back and let someone else speak up, is simply not going to get the job done.

"We know how anxious you are to have NESARA open, officially open, the Golden Age - the Announcement of NESARA, the Announcement officially of our presence among you. And when I say among you, I do mean that we are everywhere in your skies, and we are doing landings in various places.And, yes, we are bringing relatively small numbers of those in human bodies aboard our ships

"For instance, we have rescued the passengers upon an airplane which was scheduled for extinction, and we have brought others aboard our ships - some famous, some not so much so.  The point is, there is a reason and a purpose to everything as we proceed.As we perform the various, what you call operations, missions, we see the whole picture all at once.There is no past, present and future except that we can observe it in your third dimensional, what you call reality, which is all an illusion anyway.

"Just think of yourselves as occupying the most gigantic holodeck ever, which is Planet Earth, and that you have the opportunity to create whatever it is that you choose.  Now that might seem a little far-fetched when you say, 'Well, I can’t help it that they dropped the bomb on me.'  Well, in the greater sense, in the larger perspective, let’s put it this way:  You chose to be where you were in that moment in Earth time when that bomb was dropped.

"And you were a volunteer and you are honored for being there at that time because what have you got?  You have got testimony and witness - from the other side, of course, if you have happened to have left your body during the incident  and I am not being facetious and I am not telling jokes. This is happening! It has been happening! And, yes, there is a bit more to go.

"There are extinctions, exterminations - 'terminations' is the corporate word - going on continuously, whether it be actual armies engaging or whether it is these drones, flyovers.  And many times there are these mistakes being made and the casualties are way more than what those on the other end of the computers were aiming for.

"So, where does guilt lie anyway in all of this?  Is it on the perpetrators of the plan to drop the bombs?  Is it on the bombers themselves?  Is it upon the ones who manufactured the bombs?Or the drone planes,  or is it on the part of the ones who were, oh, doing some dark hat kinds of deeds?  Is it on the children who just happened to get in the way?

"Well, NOBODY is to feel guilty!!!  Everybody is forgiven and everybody is honored for what they have played as a role in this.Remember, this is a holodeck, a holodeck of an infinite number of dramas.  Yes, it’s very dramatic!  But what is the purpose of all of this anyway?  It is to wake everybody up!  Everybody!

"Now the dark hats are in disarray and discouragement.  They are finally realizing that not only are they not going to survive to continue to play another day, you might say, but their programs are being terminated.  Why is this, anyway?  Well, it’s because there are programs of Love already coming into place, programs that emanate from Love, programs that are being created by those of loving hearts, programs that are being able to rise above whatever differences might be perceived – differences in religion, social, economic, political views and circumstances – differences even in what planet you came from!!!

"And those that understand that it is to group together and to speak together are moving into, shall we say, the prevailing energies and attitudes on Planet Earth.  We can see all of this very clearly!  It's a trend.  If you want a live video demonstration of this, go back to the march that was held in France, Je Suis Charlie.  You all know that.  Well, my French might not be quite as it is in my ears, but you know, but it’s coming through a translator who doesn’t know much French.

"But that was a spirit, an energy that brought those people out into the streets, never mind the weather.  They were TOGETHER!And they created a standing together which was color-blind.Nobody had any kind of recognition that there was somebody standing next to them with a different skin color, or a different religion, because that was not the purpose.  It was a solidarity coming together, an event of raising the consciousness!

"It’s been a while on Planet Earth since the consciousness was that high.  As the matter of fact, the consciousness for this event went even higher than the event called 9-11, because more people are awake and because more people understand the necessity of acting as One!!!

"You know, when you get fully into the Golden Age - and some have already ascended, some are on the very verge in any given moment - you will be One Heart/One Mind.  You will have your telepathic capabilities finely tuned.  You will be moving into whole new lifestyles, areas of unbounded Freedom.  Some of you will want to remain upon Planet Earth, and some of you will avail yourselves of the technology which even now is literally flooding into your Planet.

"I mentioned that we have done some landings.  Think about that.It’s not just an individual craft here or there!  Some of the craft are what you might call carriers, or – well, bringers of some new technologies which even have density so that they can operate!Oh, they’re Higher Dimensional, to be sure, but they can operate where people are ready, shall we say, uplifted enough, to experience them.

"Oh, there’s a lot going on in every aspect of life that you could possibly imagine!  And you, my Beloved Family, are in the forefront of those who are awake, who are hearing of these wondrous, wondrous things.  So jump right in!!!  When you are on a holodeck, you have the ability to create whatever experience you choose.  So you don’t have to be underneath the bomb.  You can be at a disabling computer, disabling all of the weapons!How’s that for a holodeck experience?!  You can be in the forefront of those who welcome the refugees who have run away from where the bombs are dropping.  And you can say, 'I am here to help you in any way that I can and most of all, I’m here to give you Love!'  And guess what, you don’t even have to be there in physicality - you can do that from anywhere that you are!!!

"It’s all about Love and this is the era - the Golden Age is the Love Age, the true Love Age for Planet Earth!!!And what happens here goes out.  Just as the Masters** have said, it goes out to the solar system and the galaxy.  It HEALS other places in addition to Planet Earth.  Get over the idea that there is any kind of limit to Love!!!

"If you shower Planet Earth with Love, it can’t help but go beyond, clear out to the very, shall we say, the very boundaries of the Universe.  And it is NOT DIMINISHED!!!  Its power does not diminish.  As a matter of fact it grows. because others from other places join in and say, 'Oh, look at that LoveLight that’s coming our way.  Let’s enhance it!  Let’s add to it!'

"See, there are many, many, many civilizations who are watching Planet Earth and what is going on.  And they are in rejoicing as people wake up and turn on their own LoveLights!  And what this is doing is causing Planet Earth to rise even more - let’s just say away from all of the programs, the shackles, the enslavements of 3D and into higher levels of understanding and, thus, communication.

"And so it is that we just simply say once more, JOIN IN!!!  Send the Love Energies.  If you can, support, join, march, raise your voices.  Sign petitions but always from the Higher Perspective.  It is not to judge or hold guilty any other being in human body, be they in disguise or not.  It is to look with all upon Gratitude and a kind of a calmness and say, 'Thank you for showing me. I give my Love - to this particular attitude or event or expression - to lift it up into Love!'  No, you can’t change what just happened, necessarily, but you can voice Gratitude to all involved and you can say, 'Ho'oponopono, I’m with you, I’m one with you, I feel your pain.'  Well, you don’t want to take in the pain, you can just say, 'I understand your pain and I invite you to lift up!'

"There are many, many ways that you can express, but always do it with a loving Heart, a loving mind, and coming from the knowing - the realization, the acceptance and the absolute knowing - that We Are All One!!!  And that it is together that we are facilitating, supporting and creating the entry of Planet Earth into the Higher Levels of Dimensionality, where only Love exists!

"And to put it into a more positive way, we are not focusing upon what we are leaving behind.  We are focusing upon where we’re going!  So that is why we say, put Love on everything because that helps to lift up whatever it is.  It helps to clear it from the lower vibrations that it carries and uplift it into the Higher wisdoms, the learnings, and most of all, into the Loving Energies, because that, Beloved Ones, is your ordained destiny!  That is why you’re here!!!

"So let’s get together and let’s raise our voices and our expressions as One.  And we do thank you so very, very much - infinitely in fact - for being here in this Gathering and for coming into this awareness.  There are those among you who are actually looking at the World through, shall we say, a Higher Level of vision, even now.  And in the moments to come, it is that we see upon your timelines a tremendous outpouring of Love and the Light it brings to the darkest of places!!!

"And I will tell you this.  This is fact - a scientific, spiritual fact -that when you come together as we do in these Gatherings of ours, of Ashtar On The Road, and when you project your expressions with the Highest Energies of LoveLight, you join with us, you join with the great Hearts, minds of the One We All Are, and the sum of this energy that we put forth is far greater than if you were to add up every one of us in participation!!!  Think about it – the infinite One We Are, the infinite Love, the infinite Light, focusing together is exponentially more powerful than if each individual were focusing alone!  And that, Beloved Ones, gives you an excellent reason to get together.  And if there is not one in a human body to join with you at the moment you are inspired, then call upon us and we’ll raise the level of your expressions infinitely, because you are joining with the One We All Are!

"Exercise your power!  Let your expressions be heard because together we are moving faster and faster into the glorious Golden Days of the Age to come.  And so it is!  Salut!"

* Ashtar asked that we read First They Came, by Pastor Martin Niemoeller http://hmd.org.uk/resources/poetry/first-they-came-pastor-martin-niemoller
**Tara and Rama's A&A Report
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, January 27, 2015. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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