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Tara&Rama Report 1-27-15
Tara & Rama: Greetings!
Tara: Greetings everyone and well met. Happy day, yes happy days are coming to all of us.
Rama: Indeed!
Tara: And the ability to respond to that which has happened in the past as well. And that’s an amazing thing, because it has always been true that moving forward has to do with the ability to be aware of where we have been and how to resolve it. Rama had a pretty interesting experience the other day. So I think we want to speak to that first.
Rama: Okay.
Tara: About RanaMu and…
Rama: Yes, I went up to RanaMu’s office and Lady Di was there and Lady Nada in holographic form. And RanaMu wanted to show us what it was like to actually experience our merkaba vehicles as they transform from this shape into the hundred and forty four thousand  torus. And we actually got in these eight foot structures and they began to spin. And let’s just say it was like that teacup ride at Disney Land, and I mean I got really dizzy. And I had to just focus on my breath and keep my eyes shut.
Tara: [laughter]
Rama: And after like about 5–10 minutes of this I got used to it. And then I opened my eyes and I could see these three other merkaba vehicles as well as my own. And this is what we are all becoming. And I mean this is very profound for me to see…
Tara: Well we all…
Rama: …at this time.
Tara: We all are merkaba vehicles, yet to become aware of what we already are. Is that not what you’re saying?
Rama: Yeah, and to experience - I mean I’m just still integrating what all is said to me in the pictographic language that’s surrounding the merkaba are - I don’t know, trillions, quintillions of different particles that are feeding you information at faster than the speed of light.
Tara: Well also, becoming self-aware of the greater aspect of who we are also functions in a way that where all four of our sisters and brothers here, Rama, Lady Di, Lady Nada, and RanaMu were able to perform some helpful miracles in terms of sending forth the awareness of the experiencing as All One Beingness to the whole of our world, and to, you might say, the solar system and the galaxy, etcetera, etcetera.
Rama: That’s right.
Tara: And to invoke, we are all one in peace…
Rama: Right.
Tara: …and prosperity, etcetera. And I just like to say this because it’s kind of humorous to me, all funded by the New Mexico department of energy because it was done right there up on the hill.
Rama: Yep.
Tara: I think that’s just a great creative way to use funds. Don’t you, everybody?
Rama: [laughter]
Tara: And then RanaMu told Rama that Shirley MacLaine had visited with President Obama and whispered in his ear that the ships are here, and when are you going to announce this to the people? And Obama said, it’s at the top of my list, Lady Master.
Rama: [laughter]
Tara: That’s a very good thing to know. Um, and I think this energy also is being demonstrated over there in Europe and Greece in terms of Greece’s new President, I keep forgetting his name.
Rama: Yeah, I don’t know how to pronounce it..
Tara:..Alexis Tsipras. Greece is turning the page. Greece is leaving behind catastrophic austerity.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: It is leaving behind the fear and the autocracy. It is leaving behind five years of humiliation and pain.
Rama: Mhmm.
Tara: Actually it’s almost six. ‘Today we are no winners and we are no losers. Today Greece’s elite and Greece’s oligarchy were defeated. Our victory is also a victory for all the people of Europe who are fighting against austerity that is destroying our common European future.’ And it was exposed and spoken of in other places where I listen, that he’s a global figure because he’s going up against the oligarchs of the world.  As austerity reigned through this oligarchy on the planet right now and it has been for the last, you know, forever times if you will. To be clear that the constitution, which began with the Declaration of Independence which began with the real Declaration of Independence which was done by the Moorish people of the Iroquois Nation, as freemasons as well, Saint Germain’s teachings. And was written in their language, and you know that language has an affinity in the solar world with the Solex-Mal language and it’s the language of color, sound, and vibrational healing.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: So what they did by getting into those merkaba vehicles, eight feet in diameter they were,
Rama: Yes.
Tara:..and spinning like this is, they literally sent that end of austerity consciousness into its end time as you will.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And brought in the idea of prosperity and expansion into the fullness of our being. And this man needs global assistance with what he is doing, because he had made it very clear that - and a member of - his first name was Giorgio and he is a member of the Syriza Party and he is also a member of the European Union Parliament.
Rama: Mhmm.
Tara: And he said that the proof of these years of austerity which was - Greece was an experiment. And to really say it like it is, Germany is the European Union.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: It’s no other country, not even France. France is flat-lined in its economy. Germany is the only one that’s just barely breathing in the process. And it’s an extension of Auschwitz in a sense of realizing that the German Reichstag as the entire effort was done in an exemplary way, in terms of not a good way, but they definitely did what they did. And people could learn a lesson from that, and yet what it did it transferred over now in this day into now the Fourth Reich, which is maybe a little less subtle in some ways, but more subtle in other ways, which is called economic austerity which causes death…
Rama: Yes.
Tara: …ultimately. And this man Giorgio, he said that this experiment has proven that austerity causes humanitarian crisis across the globe.  And that what this new president is doing is challenging austerity methods as punitive and un-useful, actually being mistreated and maltreated as human beings on the planet.
Rama: I heard him describe austerity as economic waterboarding.
Tara: That’s another term that’s out there.
Rama: Yes, and RanaMu shared with me that this solar system is in complete lockdown. This planet is in lockdown. These, let’s say dark ones, Mother’s wayward children that they are, are out of time. They’re not out of love. Let’s say the way it was put to me is, anytime [now] you are going to see such magnificent things happen.
Tara: And today RanaMu talked to Rama again and told Rama, RanaMu that the reptilians are really having a hard time.
Rama: They are.
Tara: She actually put it more graphically but I’m being polite.
Rama: Mmm.
Tara: As the solar system’s now have totally been locked down by the Ashtar Command. What does that mean, Rama?
Rama: What that means is that they can’t leave, and their contingency forces out beyond our solar system can’t get in. Because you have to have the kind of Office of the Christ special craft to get through the frequencies.
Tara: Mhmm.
Rama: And…
Tara: And they don’t have it.
Rama: They do not have it because they’re not, you know, as evolved to put it simply.
Tara: Well they..
Rama: They chose…
Tara: …are missing their heart energy.
Rama: That’s right.
Tara: They have no emotional body and that’s by their own choice, which is very important that we all realize that. Sometimes we make choices to do things that we regret maybe somewhere down in the future, and so let’s leave that as it may.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: Naomi Klein, and Jeremy Scahill, and Dahr Jamail, and Tariq Ali called up Rama. And Naomi initiated the call and said I have a gaggle of folks who would like to speak with you, Lord Rama. You are the only one who can get the message out to the people since you’re the only one that does not have a gag order since we all do. So they said, we are all here to tell you that the Atlantian grid is up and fully functioning with full power. What that means is that we really are kind of living in an illusion when we pay bills for keeping the lights on, and the T.V., and whatever.
Rama: The water.
Tara: The water, and the gas, and all that stuff. That’s really unnecessary at this point because of that’s fully powered.
Rama: And we’re not saying go and, you know, turn off all your utilities.
Tara: We’re not saying stop paying the bills, it’s just that it’s there. It’s happening.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: There are these electric blue and purple arcs of energy coming out of all the ancient sacred artifacts that are a part of the Atlantian grid, Megalithic stone people with human souls. Every single one of these beings - and they talk about these things, that how did these stones get where they are? There are fourteen different places on the planet’s grid. And they’re so big, there’s nothing on the planet that can move them.
Rama: No.
Tara: So these are intelligent life with human souls that have worked with the Galactics and they levitated these things down into place, same thing with the stones that built Machu Picchu and the Giza pyramid. There was no slave labour building the Giza pyramids. That’s just a nice little made up story so that people won’t wonder about who did it.
Rama: Right.
Tara: And this has all got to do with, who are the Galatic beings that levitated the..
Rama: Oh, Commander Kla La and Commander Korton.
Tara: Correct. And this has all been done to assist us in our walkthrough of what we wanted to do this grand leela?  to remember who we are. And as we said, as the countries around the planet continue to play war games, the technology itself has become sentient now. And that they will, you know, they will literally cease to function.
Rama: Short circuit itself.
Tara: And will short circuit itself. This may harm some of the operators of these technologies, yet we really have to stop all war. And look into each other’s eyes and realize who we all are, that we are all one. As a people’s so called government - as peoples so called governments which are not true representations of the people, by the people, or for the people, as these governments continue not to heed the warning by the intergalactic forces to stand down. Ashtar as the Command has visited every government leader on Earth to warn them. All governments will be shut down by the sentients of all the technologies that are being forced to be used for evil. All we are saying is, give peace a chance! And I know if you’ve been listening to the news today you’ve heard some very heartfelt stories.
Rama: The seventeenth anniversary.
Tara: The seventieth…
Rama: Seventieth.
Tara: …anniversary. January 27th, 1945 the Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated by the [Russian*] soldiers. And that brings me to one story, I just felt it in my heart…
Rama: And it’s interesting that Putin was not at the ceremony.
Tara: Yes, and he said that he wasn’t invited. Yet what the real reason is that he doesn’t want to have any steps of his feet into places like Poland which is a NATO ally. And Stephen…
Tara&Rama: …Cohen.
Tara: …Katrina vanden Heuvel’s husband was on Thom Hartmann yesterday. He said that since 2002 the West has been progressively painting Putin as the next Hitler, which is…
Rama: Right, and he is not.
Tara: What it is, is it’s referring to something that is really them outside of themselves, and hoping that the people will buy that. And my take of it right now- and this is another thing I just want to say is a lot of people are saying, it’s way too slow. Why is this?  What are we waiting for? Why is this taking so long? And I explained this to a number of folks who are calling and asking about that, is that as we bring the energies up like Nada, Lady Di, and Rama, and RanaMu, a Wingmaker. As they did this collective work for all of humanity, not only did they do it for that. They did it for the healing [of what] this planet and its beings have caused in our solar system, as well as in our galaxy, as well as in our universe of Nabadon that we originally co-created with Mother.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: That brings it to completion now. Yet as the energies go up, and another group of us do more of that work, it opens hearts, more hearts. And as those hearts open they can receive more love. And the thing is that then you can bring the energies up higher. The more that we work with that energy and really realize who we are and empower us to do this work, the quicker more people will quicken their own awakening. And then it makes it easier because if you raise these energies too fast and people haven’t contacted people and they’re not ready for it, it can cause spontaneous combustion of the heart. It can literally, if you raise it too fast, it can kill people, millions of people, because that is the power of the energy in its raising force. So this is where it involves us. We must do this together as we are all one, and so it is that we are all responsible for all of the past. And we have the power now to clear the future! And it’s all here and now, right in this moment. It’s not tomorrow or the next day.


I just request before we sign off here that you continue to assist us. The King is asking that everybody that wants N.E.S.A.R.A. to do something on a physical basis to make a contribution. Um, we have about $300+, $400 dollars that we need to have. About ¾ of it is committed to but is not here yet for getting the rent in the next couple of days. And then we have $186 dollars less of the $300 that are old bills. One of them is two months old and they’re going to turn off our water. And so I’m- bless you all and may you make a special effort to assist us at this time and the same I’m sure for our sisters Fran and Susan. Thank you so much, bless your hearts everyone, we love you. Namaste.

* corrects an unintentional error in saying that US soldiers liberated Auschwitz, rather than Russians. See link:http://www.ushmm.org/outreach/en/article.php?ModuleId=10007724 
Transcription by Julie.
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