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Ashtar:  9/11 - It's Time for the Truth! * 

Ashtar Teleconference 9/6/11


"Well good evening, Beloved Family, we are so pleased to be here in this grand Company!  It is so special, and this is an especially momentous occasion, with an opportunity unparalleled that we have here.  And the reason that we have this opportunity is that we have never had the energies as clear, as strong, and as empowering to do this healing.


"We are coming up upon what you call the tenth anniversary of that event known as 9/11.  It is an event of infamy.  It is an event that of the most heinous proportions, and it is an event which has impacted upon the entire of Planet Earth and beyond, since the very day in your time that it occurred. And it is most generally regarded as a totally negative event, but the thing that has happened as a result of that event - well there are several things:  Directly before and after for several days time, as we have discussed before, the consciousness of the Planet was One.  It came together in a high vibration, it had not held before.  And those who knew that the World was returning to Love and Peace - Homecoming, the result of the Harmonic Convergence, and so on -those ones knew that it was a time un-paralleled in recent times to send Love, and be a part of the great awakening of Love which took place, Love in Oneness.


"And ever since then as this day approaches, as people remember it - because it is being quite highly promoted in all of the news media Worldwide - and this is being done by the Rupert Murdochs and others, in order to promulgate and continue the fear, which was the primary reason for doing 9/11 - get the people afraid, so that they can be enslaved, controlled, and so on, and so on.  Well, you know the Patriot Act and all of those things.  They put out a lot of publicity, but what is happening also is that every year on the anniversary of 9/11, some of that spike re-occurs in the consciousness. And now is an opportunity for the consciousness to rise higher than ever for several reasons, another one being the positive aspect of 9/11, which is that people - more and more people - stood up and said: 'Wait a minute, this story that we're hearing does not quite hold water, or whatever. It seems to be holding something that's rather icky, sticky, gooey, and not at all truthful.'  Well you know the Truth of this is icky, sticky, gooey, if you really want to put it into some kind of a physical term, and that, we should say the untruths, the lies, are icky, and that has been sticking, and these ones have been, as we say, bringing it up again in your faces, with the anniversary of 9/11.


"Now, you have someone who is one of the most accomplished liars of all time, promoting his new book, which is kind of like his, before the actual public trial, plea of innocence.  You know the one we mean?  We have called him Mr. Dick before, and we mean it.  And you can think whatever you want to on that.  We do use your lingo sometimes to get the point across. This one is one of the greatest, most accomplished liars of all time in the history/herstory of Planet Earth.  And what he is trying to do is keep the fear going to justify all of the things that he did, including starting a war, not just one place, but many places, after 9/11, including doing such things as outing Valerie Plame, for instance.  She is a direct link to the Truth of 9/11.


"And by the way, we want to restate this one too, because, you need to know this!  Al Qaeda is a CIA training program for terrorism, so there is no 'enemy.'   And you might say, 'Yes, but you know Al Qaeda and the CIA, and all that...' No!  They're players upon the stage, and that is one of the Truths. The greatest Truth, that those who can get beyond the shock, or to borrow one of the Shrub's favorite phrases, 'the shock and awe' of the Truth which is coming out - they know that we are going beyond, we are taking this Truth, and we are literally using it to stop the hurt, and start the healing.


"Because, when you can look it in the face and say, 'OK, I see the truth, and I understand the reasons why, what the different roles upon the stage, the actors and actresses, were wanting to accomplish in their roles. And I can say, Congratulations, you did a great job!'  and that's a form of thanks. And I can say, I forgive you, which is the absence of judgment, it is simply, that, all right, there were some things that came out of 9/11, primarily a wakeup, and more and more people are waking up, and more and more people are starting to realize the Truth, and then of course, that shatters all the lies that have been told as a result.


"Now you can go back further in history/herstory, and you can find other lies.  They are abundant in every aspect, not quite every society, but for the most part, every society that has existed from the time of Yeshua, and even before, and you can find lies.  And you can find what you call re-writes, creative re-writes of what really happened.


"Where does this all lead? Well it's led up to 9/11.  It's led up to delays, ten years of delays.  The Truth of it is that NESARA was to be announced that morning, and just for those of you who weren't aware of that, the computers that were going to change over the World banking system were located on the first two floors of the North Tower.  There was a lot of gold under those towers as well. The broadcast was to come from that part of the Pentagon which was bombed by a drone plane, and there was a gigantic communications center fifty feet under the ground where that circle was drawn to be sure the plane hit within that circle, in the State of Pennsylvania.


"Now we will have a guest speaker** who will go a little bit more into the reasoning why 9/11 was chosen to take place where it did.  Let's just suffice it to say that it was to attack the country in the World which has been the most vocal in speaking for human rights - Kumbaya, everybody's equal, everybody's free, and so on, and so on.  Of course you all know by now that that was part of the package of lies.  But where it is true is not in 3D, it is true in the hearts, it is true in the minds that are looking into the higher dimensions; it is true in the wisdom, and yes, in the genetics. It is true in the children, the Indigos; the Indigos, who understand the difference between being free and not being free, better than any generation in the World.  And the Crystals, the beautiful young children who are here now, who understand Love, and that Love is the way to be.  Boy, they've got the Truth! They've got the essence, and they know!!!


"And so we have all of these millions of people all over the World, all here on some kind of a mission, all in some degree of knowing, and recognizing real Truth from 3D, some Truth, and a lot of lies. And sometimes the lies are so sticky, that they actually stick to the Truth, and it is very difficult to see what's true and what's not.


"So we have Truth rising, because it is actually coming from the higher dimensional perspective, and it is inspiring the scientists, the shopkeepers, the people who were in the streets when 9/11 occurred, the people who saw all of the guys from the letter agencies, the alphabet agencies, come running out of the woods to that circle in Pennsylvania, the people who understand that FEMA was all set up the day before, and not only that - they never take any more than one unit, two for extreme disasters - they had six on the ground that day in New York City, the day before 9/11, and so on, and so on, and so on. These are documented 3D events.


"This is what happened, and more and more people are being inspired to know that something isn't quite right - their wisdom eyes are opening up. Their hearts are reaching out and they're saying, 'We need Peace here.  How can we have Peace? We need to get to the bottom of this stuff.  We need to be able to look at it with Compassion.  We need to get beyond, and how do you get beyond? You have to go into Forgiveness. You have to go into, All right there are some who need to be in front of the World with some Truth attached to them, instead of lies, and then we all need to come together and heal everything!'


"That's where we come in. We're going to start the healing process tonight, or today as the case might be, wherever you are.  We have the empowerment within this Ohana.  I like that word! It's Lemurian, it's Hawaiian, it's beautiful!  And it says 'Family,' and that's Who We Are, Beloved Ones. We are Family!  And most of all We Are Love, and We Are One, and we have reached a point - we may have mentioned this a time or two, but just in case you missed it - I want you to be absolutely certain that we can see Truth, and the Truth of you, Beloved Ones, is that you have come to join with this Family, whether this is your first time, or your hundredth time, or whatever.  You are a part of this group of Light Working, Miracle-Creating Healers for the Planet and Beyond.  And it is to come together when we do these Exercises that we have so much impact, and yes, others are working too, in similar groups, as individuals, in small groups, or whatever, but we have impact, and we have abilities to see the results, and we can assure you, we are already getting results, as we all lift together into high vibrational loving Oneness!!!


"And why we are telling you this is because, first of all you deserve to be thanked, you deserve to know who you really are.  You are Lights, you are beams of Light, and You Are Love, as we all are. And we are here to express that Love as we reach out to everyone, everyone Worldwide - even those who don't realize that we're coming up on this anniversary that we just spoke of.  Now the energies, and the times, and the cycles, and the ages have changed, and this is another reason why we have the empowerment to do what we do.  Now we understand that there were some who might have been joining us, but who do not have electricity, some whose homes may still be under water, or have been washed away by recent events. ***


"And so we do want to take a moment, or more, to address these happenings which are occurring in such great numbers Worldwide, and with such speed, one upon the other.  No sooner does one seem to be played out, or finished, then another something comes up, whether it is nature, Mother Gaia, or whether it is something in the news.  You heard a lot of news tonight, did you not?****  And you may have already heard some of it, and some of it may have been news. What is particularly significant is that KOS himself was on the news.  He is the one you know who is the King of Swords, and Sananda is with him in a most special way.  And he is in charge of the ones we call the White Knights, the White Hats, and he has special mission and purpose, and if he comes on the scene and speaks, then you know things are really heating up.  And why? It's because it's time. It's time as you measure time. It's time for all of these things to be happening, and so crashings are taking place, and at the same time elevations are taking place, and it is one big huge event - the Ascension event that everything else is leading to!!!..


"And so we honor and we thank all of those who have participated in any way, even those of you who have not been right, shall we say, in the fire, or in the flood, but who have sent your Love, and your healing to those who were caught up in these things. And know that everyone is loved upon the Planet, and that the Planet, that is Mother Gaia, is preparing paradise as Planet Earth ascends, the original Garden of Lemuria.  Well, it's one big endless garden, with beautiful bodies of water, and waterfalls - and see the rainbows in the waterfalls, and see the sun shining always beautifully, not burning, but giving life to all, and the waters so pure, you can drink them, anywhere, anytime!  And the birds singing, and the animals so at Peace, and yes, those Starseeds who came - see their Lights shining. You might see orbs. You might see Lightbodies.  You might see yourselves, Beloved Ones, because that's who you are.  Not all of you came from the same place.  That's OK. Lemuria was what you call the original melting pot of Planet Earth, indeed.


"And everyone came to pause for a moment and enjoy the beauty, and the Peace that Mother Father had created, and that Mother Gaia was sustaining, and to pet the animals, and to smell the fragrance of the flowers, and the trees, and all that was growing there, and to commune with the very minerals, and the rocks, and to walk upon the sands, and bathe in the waters, and all of that was wondrous and wonderful.  And then at some point it was recognized that it was the moment to create time, to lower into the 3D vibration, so that time could be measured, because it didn't exist before then.  And it was time to lower the veil of forgetfulness, so that those of you who had come would take on all of the qualities of the third dimensional human being.  No, it didn't happen in an instant. It was gradual.


"And there were times when you were in between where it was painful, yes, but you carried on because you knew that you had a mission and a purpose.  And you knew that someday you'd go home to Who You Really Are, and that someday, everybody who wanted to, would go Home and take their human bodies, of course transformed, joyfully transformed, and be what you call the Ascended Planet Earth.  And so that time is very close that has been foretold and known since the beginning. Not in so many calendars around the World, but there are those who know, who know and who have shared it with the World.  And now is the time to share what you know, Beloved Ones. You can simply say it's time for Truth ; 'Here's some Truth for you!'


"We are asking you to email Obama, and Beloved Dennis Kucinich, who knows all of this and more, because he is from another place, as is Obama, and they know full well what their missions are.  And you can trust them, and you can send them an email and say, 'We know! And we know the Truth and we're ready to do everything that Truth has set us free to do. And so it is!'  It's time. It's time to let the leaders of Peace know that you know the Truth.  And if there are others that you choose to inform, that is wondrous indeed.  It is about Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude accompanying all of your messages.  It is not about forwarding, or paying forward the attachments of the icky, sticky, lying stuff.  Oooh' there's a picture isn't it?   It is for you to stand tall with your Truth, to know that you are here to heal whatever hurt there is coming from that Truth, and to move into the next phase of Ascension Preparation.


"The Truth has to come out.  It has to be cleared, it has to be healed for everyone who wants to make the Ascension.  Now if you look on your calendars and you say, 'Well, there seems to be somewhat of a shortened time until this Ascension date,'  stay in high vibration.  The empowering energies which are coming in are exponentially speeding up the results of the Ascension process. Everybody who wants to be there and move up is going to do so.  Everybody is more and more enlightened, everybody is more and more empowered, and it gets faster and faster and faster as it goes!


"So there is no such thing as losing the opportunity because time has passed.  Nobody is missing the Ascension train, if you want to call it that, or you might want to call it a rocket!  How's that?  Nobody is going to miss that.  Now you must know people who are still paying more attention to who wins the latest football game, than Truth.  So this is what we're talking about.  We're talking about getting the word out there, and saying, 'Well here's some Truth!'  And the reason that we're suggesting that you take these links that fabulous Fran is posting,***** is because they speak the 3D lingo.


"Now if you want to send some channelings along with it, that's perfectly all right - you know, the words of the messengers - but we're talking about speaking 3D to those who are not awake yet, because what's going to happen is they've got a little 'knock, knock,' going on anyway.  And if one link is opened up that makes some kind of sense for them, ah hah!  The Light of Truth is just waiting to burst through whatever blockages they've got.  Give them a little sliver of Truth, and you've got the whole Sun shining through into their beings!  Now that's a beautiful picture is it not? And you don't have to say Ashtar told me this. You can say, 'I came across this, and I find it quite interesting. I think you might find it interesting, too!'


"What we're going to do tonight as part of our healing process is to take and shine that Light of Truth on all the 3D mucky stuff anyway, so that we can create a kind of immunity bubble for everybody, whether they already know the Truth or not, so that the stuff that Murdoch puts out and others like him - oh, those FOXY PEOPLE, give it a rest - they're working overtime trying to figure out who can create - you know there's a lot of competition among those people on the Foxy Channels - Murdoch gives a prize to who can get the fear meters up to the highest level you know.  So what we're going to do is disengage the fear meters, and engage the Love meter, the Oneness meter - the consciousness measurement - and those meters are going to go up out of sight!!!******  Does that sound pretty exciting, Beloved Ones?  Well, we just wanted to give you an overview.


"You already know why this is so important.  You know the Truth has to come out, and the sooner it does, the sooner the next step, and the next, and the next.  And, yes, the gold coming into everybody's bank account from St. Germain's Bank is going to happen!  There is a saying you have on Planet Earth, and it's a good one.  It has been misused and abused at times, but here it is in the highest Light. 'The Truth shall make you free!'  Well let's just say the Truth can recreate you in a higher dimensional vibration, and you have to let it come in, and forgive whatever part of it needs forgiving, and be able to look upon it with Compassion, and then look out at your fellow sisters and brothers, and say, 'OK, I'm going to send some Truth to you with so much loving high vibration attached, so much Light, so much clarity.  And by the way I'm here if you want to talk, or communicate.  I'm going to hold your hand if you want me to.  I'm going to help you come into a higher vibration of being, into the Light of Truth, so that you, Beloved One, are no longer a victim of the lies, and the fear that the lies have created within your being, and within the consciousness of Planet Earth, and the Universe beyond.'  Now feel how good that feels! We're talking about you, Beloved Ohana, Beloved Family, we're talking about you, and all of those who choose to join with us. There are those who will join with us tonight, who won't even know that they're joining with this particular Exercise.******


"But, just by being Love, their energies will further empower what we are doing here.  So let us pause for a moment to thank all the World for opening to receive the Light, even if it's just a sliver. And let's thank those who are clinging to the dark, and assure them that they are indeed free to receive the Light that we're sending out, even if they don't choose to open it right at this minute. It is there for them as well, like an email.  We Love emails - they're so effective!  So Beloved Ones, I Ashtar, stand with you and this grand company of Ohana, Family, and of all of those who join with us, who come through the veil as you bring yourself up to meet in the high dimensions of Love, and Joy, and Peace for the world.


"And it is the United States of America which still is in charge of announcing certain announcements, that is, those who are already knowing the Truth, and knowing the Truth of their missions.  But it is for the World to join in.  So be not concerned if you are in another country.  We Are All One.  Oh, yes, we'd like to announce that this is also the beginning of One World, united in Love, in Joy, in Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Peace for all!!!


"And so I thank you for being with us. We shall have a brief musical, what do you call it, interlude,******* and our guest speaker shall be coming forth to say the words which are in all of our hearts anyway, that we may join and empower Truth, and the Love which is the wave that it rides on.  And so it is! Salut!"



**  St.Germain

***  Hurricane Irene and East Coast flooding

****  Tara & Rama http://2013rainbowroundtable.ning.com/

*****  St.Germain's article 9/11-It's Time For The Truth 


******  St.Germain's 9/11 Healing Exercise http://www.ashtarontheroad.com/stgermain_911_healing_.html

*******  O America sung by Celtic Woman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfxUohD_PlM

Transcription by: Arnold Neal Troeh

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