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Ashtar's Post 12-21 Holy Days Message

"Well, greetings! It is I, Ashtar and I have come to answer questions that I know you have. Specifically, I have come to discuss our Mission. I know it has been a question. So we will say to this: Welcome to 4D and above! That's the first thing.
"If you have any doubts, believe me, you are on the ships with me and in all the Higher Dimensions in your sleep time. You occasionally travel up there when you are not even thinking about it. That is, you are just doing something that gives you some kind of pleasure in addition to sleep, whether it be meditating or relaxing, you have high vibe moments going on all the time - sometimes consciously, a lot of times, unconsciously. Remember there is part of you that is here and there and everywhere, anyway.
"So let's just be joyful about that, and move onto what you would call the nitty-gritty! You see there is a Unity of Oneness, always, in the realms that we occupy - what you might call, what we reside in. We travel just like you do. You come up; we go down. That is only a directional crutch because it is really all circular anyway. So what we are saying is, there really isn't that much difference in Dimensionalities except for the big sort of chasm that is growing ever wider between 3D and above. Oh yes, there are physical differences and all those kinds of things. And, there are utilization of capabilities, and so on and so on, but the leap from 4 to 5 is nothing like the leap from 3 to 4!
"Now your consciousness is much more in 4. And, you are going to find many, many proofs of that in the days to come. I am saying days, in your time, and I mean it - no dates. But it is that you will look upon events that you used to participate in and, for instance, say, 'No thank you!' You will look upon news that you used to pay attention to and say, 'I've been there; done that!' You will look upon your own activities and you will say, 'Done with that!' Whatever it is - you will find you have new appetites for foods; you will find you will leave a lot of food behind. You will find you have new gifts that you will be using. And the first time, it will come as a delightful surprise, much like opening a gift and finding exactly what you wanted inside the wrapping!!!
"This will extend to all aspects of your life, whether it be the use of the electronic gadgets, or learning to cook a different way, or learning a poem, or learning how to communicate more with everything, not just the Humans. Whatever it is, it makes no difference, you are going to have it all! These downloads that have been spoken about are happening all the time, not just in your sleep time. So one moment you may feel a certain way about something or have a certain attitude about it and the next moment, poof, it's gone or changed! So be at ease with all of this. This is all we are trying to say. Whatever comes is exactly right because you have called it forth!!!
"You will find that there is nothing coming to you in the way of energies or information or opportunities that you don't call forth. And you have already done the major shift, which is to step up and take responsibility for it! Do you not realize what a great, Grand Thing it is that Humanity is taking self-responsibility? This means two things: One you are creating and, two, we are able to do more in partnership with you! We have been talking about this for a long time, but we know some in our Beloved Family and many, many beyond haven't been listening and getting this particularly most important concept.
"Now - Missions, let's get right down to Missions: LOVE ALL AND BE ONLY LOVE!!! That is Number One. And it isn't that you have to be in perfection of Unconditional Lovingness about everything, because we understand that this is a bit tough, even now. It is to simply catch anything that is not unconditionally loving and say, 'Oops! I don't need to do that any more. I choose to let go of that attitude about - that person, or thing, or event, or whatever. I call forth the Energies of the Great Divine I Am and So It Is!!!' It is that simple. It can be complex, yes, but only if you choose to have an attitude that says, 'Well, this is too hard for me to do.'
"The recognition of the differences between 3D and 4D are part of the separation and thus are going to be so much more easy. They already are. And, you are going to be getting this realization very rapidly!
"So why is it that the Lightworkers are still here and didn't ascend up into 5D? Because you are needed here! Because you are not done yet, because you have phase two of your contracts. The first one is over. That has been lasting for millenniums. It actually has been lasting since you first came here to Earth and took the veil, and you know the story. We don't need to repeat all that. There are marvelous, marvelous tomes of information available on the internet for anybody who wants to look at the past and understand how we got to this place. But you already have that understanding, at least enough of it that you only need to know that you are creating your next moment now!!! And whatever has been of a down in the dumpies kind of experience, or remembrance of an experience, event, lifetime, identity, or whatever, is now to be let go of.
"And now there will be many opportunities for each individual, and for groups to find the ease and grace with which to do all of this, and this includes healing of anything that is in physicality. Yes, you are 4D Beings now, 4D Humans, those who read this, who get this. But you still have some 3D memories, including the memory of any kind of illness or disease or mental imbalance or whatever, because it is laid out for you very clearly to heal. And, many of you have already been working on this - in fact the Lightworkers have. And, that is everybody in this Family!
"It is all there in your energy fields but it might be only for you now to call it in, to call it forth, to make it real. To trust it! To believe in it! Because that's the difference between looking at something 3D from somewhat of a 3D perspective - which you know there is kind of a lot of helplessness there - and in looking at it from the Higher perspective! So we are talking about a big adjustment in your vision. We are talking about perception upliftment!!!
"You would be wise to journal your Ascension experiences. And this will cover everything from, 'I don't feel any different,' to 'Oh, WOW! I had a Big Bang go off inside of me! I literally exploded into stars and beams and Love!' and, everything in between. Because it is for each individual to experience. And it is for you to remember if you have already had a moment or two of bliss in your lifetime and experience, this happened as an experience in the moment. 4D is not about being in bliss all the time. It is about being blissful when the occasion is created, that you create by welcoming the blissful energies, and it is about continuing to serve. And, it is about evolving into bliss. But it does not all happen to be in this moment. And if you will step back and look at yourselves as you are evolving, that is plenty of reason to get into bliss. Anyway, enjoy!
"You see, the gamut of 4D has yet to be experienced."
 Fran: "Can you list some of those?"
 Ashtar: "The kind of experiences we are discussing? Well first of all, we will say this, CONGRATULATONS!!! Congratulations because you all - your Love - have brought Mother Gaia's consciousnesss into 4D and higher! In other words, Mother Gaia is done with 3D. Now that doesn't mean that there might not be some remnants occurring, because Mother Gaia does have Compassion and she does have a certain amount of Freedom.
"But the essence, the consciousness of the Planet is in 4D. What does that mean? It simply means more ease, grace and comfort. More doors opening for people to have the downloads, the intuition, the inspirations come through. This means that the children are much more free in their speech because people are starting to listen and say, 'Well, that is very good!' 'Oh yes, I agree with you.' 'Oh yes, I want to help. Yes, it is a simple request you have, my child, and I shall do everything I can to make your life more beautiful, or abundant, or whatever!'
"It is for the inner children, now this is their time. Where else but 4D for inner children to come out and dance and sing? And it is for the inner child in every person to be given the Freedom, to feel the Freedom, of the gifts that they have to offer to themselves, first and foremost! This is the era, if you will - the Golden Era has begun and this is where the inner children can come out and play, regardless of the age of the body of the being! This is Faerie Land, this is Avalon come to life, this is Dance with the Unicorns time!!!
"The alignments have taken place. The 26,000 years and so on have passed on your calendars. And it is now to facilitate the upliftment of the self-enactment, which includes realization with Trust. And enactment, whether it be in a single writing that is sent our Family, or our continuing calls. Yes, we shall be continuing. 'Here we are! Come and join us and let us dance and sing together. And let us meditate together. Let us uplift together. And let us be in enjoyment!!!' Because, the more enjoyment of the 4D experience - we are talking high vibes here - that we as a team on Ashtar On The Road can give to people, the faster they all are going to get there! Living 4D is the gateway to 5 and higher!!!
"That's it - 4D lifestyle, Golden Age, utilizing all presented in the Golden Age in the way of opportunities. That is all anybody has to do to move into 5D. Because with it comes the attitude, the trust, the unconditional Love - the enactment, and the vocalizing of unconditional Love. So that's it! It really sounds simple. And, you are saying, 'Aren't we already there?' No. The World is not already there. And as long as there is one being who is stuck, we have a mission.
"But what we can say is this: Yes, we haven't been very accurate with our time lines, and we realize that, but there was a lot of stuckness here that we did not anticipate. We thought when people heard our message, they would be thrilled and the uplifting and The Golden Age would start a lot sooner that it did for everyone, not just for a few. So, yes, we can say we did not evaluate, or discern, how long it was going to take, but now 'it's over Rover!' So let's not dwell there. There is no need to. The thing is that we have reached a plateau, and the energies are reaching out Worldwide!
"Let more of the energies come into you! Feel your own empowerment even more! We will say this also, this is a time - well, there is no time, but we will say roughly in Earth terms - this is a magnificent time of change, anyway it has been, in past history/herstory of Planet Earth and we are talking about this sacred Holy Day season. And, of course, on 1/1, that is a whole new calendar year. But the Golden Age has already begun officially. That is unofficial, insofar as some may say. But so it is, that whatever inspiration people have, 'Oh this year I am going to do this, I am going to do that...' They need to understand that they are more empowered than ever to do the things that are really from the Heart!
"A superficial kind of thing, 'I am going to wash my car every week,' is not what we are talking about. But they need to know that they are empowered more than ever because of the Helpers who now have, what you might call, the dispensation which was given by Humans. The Divine Beings are to come in and be in service to them because it is now service with them!!!
"You see, more and more are acknowledging, 'What can I do to help my neighbor?' or 'What can I do to help my brother or sister, or the stranger that looks hungry?' This is the season where these thoughts and feelings open up and then traditionally that window closes. Well, that window is now wide open! That window is wide open permanently and so it is that there is more opportunity than ever for people to understand the messages that are coming to them, the inspirations that they suddenly feel. And this giving of Love is not a window, it is a wide open doorway - gates are open!!!
"It is no longer that we are standing at the gates ready to welcome you - the people are streaming through and you have done your jobs with great beauty and Love because you have helped millions to come through these gates and fully enter into the Golden Age, even if they may not realize it. And so it is that it is to continue that realization of Truth within your Hearts so that all will get it, if not in this moment, then in the next. And that is the mission of Ashtar On The Road, and of our Beloved Ashtar Family!
"We are here together, finally, and there is no longer a veil between you and us. And if you perceive that there is, you are not listening. And you are only dragging up an old 3D memory which no longer serves. And it is to tell the World that this is how it is, because you came, and they came, with enough Love and enough energy and commitment to make 4D a reality, now, on Planet Earth!!!
"And all of these wondrous signs and attitudes and most of all, all of the loving outpourings which the world is seeing now will continue even more. And 3D will fade and fade and fade, because you've graduated. You've come through the gates and you have determined that you are staying on this side of the Golden Age. And there is never any need to go back because that is not the destiny that you, Beloved Ones, have ordained for Planet Earth or for yourselves!!!
"So if you get a wisp of 3D, just treat it as, 'Oh yes, I remember that, but now I choose to let it go because I have planted myself firmly here in the higher levels of 4D, and now I am connecting consciously with All That Is even Higher! So just be the Love, be the Service and find ways to be even more joyful with it!
"We stand ready to honor this commitment in new ways. So we will continue with the Mentorship. Sekhmet is even more exuberant, and the Arcturians are overjoyed to be in assistance! And, Kuan Yin is overjoyed, in the most gentle of ways, but nevertheless overjoyed because she is feeling the Peace that is being radiated by those who are feeling it now. And, of course you know that St. Germain is just bursting with abundance for all. And I, Ashtar, am still in charge of facilitating the Ascension Mission and it is Sananda, who is at the center of that Mission, and his role and his message is simply that of Love, unconditional, to be at the Heart of all that follows!
"So you see we have much to do. But it shall become easier and easier. You are flying with us! And, if you think you are having some disjointed dreams of a strange kind, it is not so much teaching dreams as it is letting-go dreams, and we are helping you. These disjointed, seemingly unconnected, out-of-reality dreams will be less and less, so do enjoy 'blankness' in your sleep times. You can give your intentions that more and more of your dreams shall be your visions you choose to create, because you've got room, because you are letting go of what you don't need any more - more and more and more letting go!
"Alright, well we have been quite wordy but we simply wanted to assure you that the best is yet to come. The Joy is already here! Our Oneness is already a done deal (thank you Sekhmet - she is so good at the slang)! Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Gratitude are well grounded here because Mother Gaia and you have brought yourselves up to where they actually, truthfully exist - all of the time and through out all Higher Dimensions! So there is no going back on your timelines! There is no slipping down into dumpydom! It is simply to go up, up, up from here. And, it is for each of you in your own way, to move and move and move into the upper levels of where you already are. It is to connect more and more because you already have. Congratulations! You have done it and it is time to dance!!! And So It Is - Salut!"
Transcription by Athena Red Summers
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