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Ashtar:State of the Earth

Ashtar addressing the February 9, 2010 teleconference:


"Well, Good Evening everyone!  This is what you call stellar.  And we are so delighted that you have answered the invitation to all of you to be here in this Family Gathering.  We have much to do, but first let's get caught up a bit, shall we?  We understand, we know, there are pollsters and tricksters and just downright liars out there telling you that Obama is dark, Obama represents the dark side, Obama is leading the world into slavery. 


"Well, the Truth of it is, of course, just the opposite.  As you know, Obama is here to lead the world out of slavery.  He's undoing the lies and the tricks, the deceits, and all of the things that institutions, and yes, even the humans, who have worn the dark hats so long they just don't know how to take them off, have done.


"How about those Rockies and those Bushes?  They're gone, done.  They are disempowered.  And across the ocean there is the same kind of disempowerment going on with the families of the Rothschilds and the others, who have been the bankers and the robbers and the thieves and the enslavers.  And it even reaches to what you call the royalty and the government leaders.  Many, many, bankers are gone now - all that remains are holograms. 


"And if you know any top dogs, ones who have been in high positions at the big banks, they are no longer in those high positions, they are disempowered, but they still seem to be sitting in a chair.  It's not real.  The reality is that those who are to take their place, if they have not already done so according to the resignation and hiring procedures, they're waiting in the wings to take formal positions of command.  The Truth of it is they're already running things behind the scenes.  This is true in all aspects of life style, particularly within the so called Western worlds, the civilized nations, because it just had to stop.  And since they would not stop of their own accord according to the contract that they themselves signed and agreed to, we, with your permission, have been working with ground crews to make all of this come about. 


So where are we anyway, where is this world on the Ascension Path?  Well, it's a lot farther along than it was yesterday.  And just wait until tomorrow, because we are going to do something huge here.  We're going to stand for the world.  We are going to empower not only Peace on Earth, which is the big result, we're going to empower all that follows, all that comes with, and perhaps even an event that might precede a world-wide Declaration of Peace, or perhaps will be simultaneous with it, because Peace will already be what you call a happening event.


"There's no question, no question, that it's done.  From our perspective, where there is no time, it's all rolled into one big beautiful now moment, and we can assure you that Peace on Earth is reality.  War is illusion, it is based in lies, it is based in deceit, it is based in all of the fear-based emotions and attitudes that the dark hats could possibly put together.  So we're going to shed illusion.  We're going to turn the Light on all that is dark in that area, and we're going to bring Peace to a grounded state upon Planet Earth.


"Now what does that really mean?  What am I saying?  Do you want to know what I'm saying?  I'm saying that without you, this could not happen.  I'm saying that it takes you, Beloved Ones, coming forward, and all of those who receive this message in the subsequent days to come, to join in and to acknowledge deep within their own being that their hearts are open, and that they understand that the only Truth is Peace, that which passeth all understanding.  Because it doesn't really need to be stated in words, it's an understanding of the heart, it's an understanding that this was the original state of being for all, and that this is a homecoming, and it's a way of changing all that has been a dark creation upon Planet Earth, below, on and above, where we are in the ships; yes we'll get it. We're going with you. We already have the plan.  And what happens is that as this Ascension takes place, other Planets will utilize the great energies that are radiated forth from Planet Earth to accomplish their own Ascensions.  So this is a huge event.  We can't even begin to put in words what this Ascension is all about. 


"Suffice it to say, that we who come to be in assistance are here because you have called us forth.  We would not be able to assist to the extent that we have assisted had you not given us permission.  You rolled out the red carpet is what you did.  And you said, 'Come on, Brothers and Sisters, Star-seeds, come and be a part of this,' and of course, we answered your call.  You may recall that years ago in your time, I, Ashtar, was bringing messages of salvation.  I almost sounded as though I was hand in hand with those who were expecting and talking about Armageddon from the churches.  That was not the case.  I came from a spiritual perspective.   But I came to say we have our ships ready, and if humanity does blow itself up again, we'll come and rescue those who want to be moving up into a higher dimensional life, or body.


"Well, you negated the need for that.  We're not here to rescue you, we're here to partner with you, to hold you hand in hand, to hug you, and Love you, and to remind you that you're really one of us, and we're a part of you.  And we see the God within each and every one of you, and the Goddess too.  And we want you to know that you are as Divine as we are.  There is no difference, except that you, Beloved Ones, are the ones who have taken the most difficult path, because you volunteered to come into the human bodies.


"And we know you've suffered.  And there from time to time have been great teachers wanting to lead you onto a higher path of Light and many of you came to that higher path.  But now you have come to have the greatest understanding that you have had since the veil was lowered, with your permission, and at your request, so you could experience all of the dark times that you've experienced, and the Joy times as well.  If you hadn't had some Joy somewhere along the way in your lifetimes, how would you know the difference?  How would you know the difference between Joy and sorrow, between Love and hate, between Courage and fear? 


"So you have done a most wondrous job indeed of holding the Light, coming to it yourselves, and opening your hearts to express yourself as the wondrously Divine Light Beings you are, and then to share it with the world.  These are the final steps that we're taking now.  You see, this is a partnership - we've told you that all along.  And yes, there were times, when just like in the poem, you couldn't see your own footprints, because you were carried, but this is the final march, if you will, into the Golden Age.  We are here beside you.  It is you who are leading the way. 


"And it is you, Beloved Ones, who are standing here to represent the human, and we understand, yes, we see there are some doggies and some kitty cats, and some other beloved kingdom members representing the Animals, the Plants, and yes, the Crystals and the Minerals tonight.  It is where the kingdoms all come together and speak with one voice.


"It is where we declare that now is the time for Peace, and now is the time for all of the soldiers to return to their homes, whether it be down the road or across the world.  And this will have a huge effect.  It will raise the consciousness of the world, and it will raise it to focus upon Peace.  There are other events which will do the same, but the ground work is laid, and so now we can go together these few final steps to anchor the Golden Age upon Planet Earth, because it's here.  Some of you are living in it more than others of you are living in it, but it is here. 


"So be in Joy at that.  And know that all you've waited for.  Oh yes, we know, some of you have been waiting since 1992, and some of you have been waiting longer than that.  Some of you have been waiting all of your lives.  And some of you have been waiting all of your past lives for this grand moment.  Is it not joyful that Lemuria and Atlantis are coming more fully into view?  Is it not joyful to feel the connections that you have, to feel as though you are being welcomed home?  There's no grander feeling in the whole wide world, we promise you, or in the universe, then connecting with home.


"And so we welcome you as you have welcomed us to this Golden Age, to this reunion with Family, and the places that you've been long ago in the time of Planet Earth, and places beyond Planet Earth.  We know that you're starting to get messages, vibrations, buzzies, and all kinds of messages within your beings.  Some of you are hearing the Language of Light.  And it's new, but it's not, and you know it.  You know it's ancient.  You know it's within you.  As your DNA opens, as your brain opens more, you're getting more and more messages.   Well, Valentine's Day is approaching, and some of you are getting in touch for the first time or hearing from your Twin Flame.  How about that, Beloved Ones?  Is that not delightful?  Indeed yes!  And, this is the month of Love.  Let there be Peace on Earth and in the Universe beyond.  And let Love be the greatest power, emotion, thought, word and deed from now on, in each of your lives.  Teach it to others in any way that is comfortable, and that you have great passion for. 


"We all have missions after the announcement of NESARA and what is now being called the Disclosure Announcement, because as we have said before, First Contact is really kind of past, is it not?   Most all of you have already made some kind of contact, whether it be a voice from home within your heart, or whether it be a ship blinking at you at night in your starry skies, or whether it be a cloud ship; and suddenly the clouds part a bit, and you look up and you see, you see what's really there.  Hello!  We're waving at you, we're greeting you, we're here with you, we're for real.  Oh yes, and the world is just about to know that. 


"So why are we all triple parked?  And by the way, you may think that we've got our parking brakes on, and our motors turned off, but that's not the case.  We have already started our engines, and we're ready.  We're ready for the biggest event the world has seen yet.  You've heard of Air Shows.  We've got a dandy.  Hah, hah, hah!  We've already had the dress rehearsal.  Let's just say, we're ready to roll.  A few more steps need to be taken, and most of them can be implemented by you, our Family, and the other Lightworkers of the planet who know what's coming.  So let the Joy flood through your beings, especially those of you who've been waiting a long time to start your projects, to get 'em really off the ground, so to speak. 


"Now you have received a message already, one message, you'll get more, about this organization called the Living Lemuria Foundation.  That is to be inspiration to you, Beloved Ones!   Here you have five sisters who came around the world, or half way around the world, to settle in a new place, which they recognized as being Lemuria after all, to start an entirely new venture, which none of them have ever really done before in its entirety.  And we have been working with them, and they will soon have the center up and running, perhaps a bit sooner than even they think, (we'll just let it [the thought of sooner] sit there for a minute, shall we?  Ah, yes, smiles!) because it's a prototype, because it will teach the world, and because you're all invited.  When that center's open, you'll know.  And you'll know when it's time for you to come.  And there will be great laughter and celebrations ongoing, all the time.  There are some of you already who know that you want to come and be a part of it.  And we shall be inviting many more who want to come to participate in all of the services and Joy that is there.


"So we put this forth to you so that you will know, so that you will say, 'Well, I can do something too; I feel the imminence of my beginning on this project, on this new way of life, on this freedom to express my passions in whatever way I choose to express.'  And that is exactly perfect, appropriate, and the only way to feel at this moment.  So get high on it.  Get inspired.  Start your planning.  Start your visioning, and start your creating from the I AM perspective, because the train's in the station, and you have a reservation, so you might want to climb aboard. 


"Well we have others here with us this evening.  So we're going to change the topic a wee bit. We're going to suggest to you, that if you have not had an opportunity to be listening to Obama, and the other tellers of Truth in the news, this is a grand time to get started on it.  You know, we just Love those guys, Keith, and Rachel, and Amy, and yes, Tom, and the others who bring you truthful news. 


"And if you are in doubt, by the way, we recommend that you test, test, test - check in with yourselves.  Go down in your heart and ask, 'Is this really happening?  Am I really hearing this,' you know?  If you need a reality check, go within.  Don't call up somebody at Fox News and expect them to tell you.  Although they're starting to get the message, and the other news people are starting to get the message.  And they're even calling for such things as arrests of the bankers.  Can you believe that?  Oh, yes!  And they're calling for more careful scrutiny of the drug companies.  And they are calling for their own voices to be heard in so many ways.  We're not saying you need to go to a tea party.  They haven't quite got the full picture yet, but they will.  They will.  So if you want to check in, and see what's going on, just listen to the ones, Beloved Ones, who tell the Truth, because you're going to feel a lot better.  Yes, they may express some anger. 


"How about that Supreme Court decision?  Do you really think that the lobbyists are going to be able to buy the elections from now on?  No!  Obama is going to put the lobbies out of business, and he said so!  And if you're not listening to Obama this would be a good time.  And if you think that Obama is working for the dark hats know this - he had to be a double agent.  He had to be appearing to cooperate with Kissinger.  How did he get a name like Kissinger?   Huh! Interesting is it not?  Perhaps there's a spark of Light there somewhere  after all.  And working with the Rothschilds, and the bankers of Europe, you know, the secret government, and all of that, of course the Rockefellers, and the Bushes, and even Madame Hillary herself. 


"But, if you listen to the State of the Union, it was most refreshing.  And if you haven't listened to it we strongly encourage you.  Get the energy of it.  Find it on your internet and listen to it.  Watch Obama.  Watch the State of the Union Address.  The Union is in a completely different state, and that goes along with the State of the Earth that we like to talk about, which we have just been talking about.  Obama has put on the white hat, or shall we say, removed the dark hat, and the white hat shines beneath.  Of course, there were those who always saw him with the white hat, and they were true and correct.  The dark hat disguise, you know, for being a secret double agent has been totally transmuted.  It's gone.  The white hat may appear to be somewhat shining and crystalline as the days go by.


"Here you have a world leader who talks about Love in public.  Here you have a world leader who has not been corrupted, bribed, or threatened into cooperating.  Oh, for a while they thought they had him threatened pretty well.  There were daily threats upon his family, and numerous attempts upon his life and that of his beloved family.  But he's come through it.  Do you know why he's come through it?  It's because he knows that you love him.  And you know that he loves you.  It's because he knows that we're all Family.  And he knows he's star-seed, and he knows he has been in preparation for this assignment, this mission, as has his beloved Twin Flame, his wife. 


"Without your support, Beloved Ones, and the support of the Lightworkers world-wide, and without your partnering with us, this would not be happening.  There would be a different reality upon the Planet.  So rejoice!  The secret is out!  Obama is of the Light!  Obama brings the Light even more to partner with you!  And, yes your voices are being heard! 


"Now we wish to report on something of a recent event as far as what was created there.  You all know, and we know that you have been keeping in touch with the earthquake and the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.  What has happened as the result of that is the consciousness has risen even higher, because the hearts of the people of Planet Earth were more in tune, more at oneness, more in unison, and more high vibe than at the time of the 9-11, and so the consciousness raised itself up, more than 9-11, more than the tsunami, more than the other events of Planet Earth, whether man-made or natural.  And there has been a grand coming together, and a grand amplification of the Light which is already upon Planet Earth.  And so now Planet Earth is ready for the next step, which we are taking in this Family Gathering, in this beautiful, beautiful company. 


"I, Ashtar, may be the speaker identified at this moment.  There stands beside me and with me a grand, grand company.  You, your Guides, your Angels, and all of the Angelic Kingdom of Love, the Elementals, the Devas and the Fairies, and all of those beings who have been, for the most part, hidden in a slightly higher dimensionality of existence, but nevertheless are here all over Planet Earth, and joyfully joining in with this exercise we shall be doing.  


"The Ascended Masters, every one you can think of and more, are here, and of course, all of your Star-seed Brothers and Sisters representing Home, representing Love, and representing all that you are, Beloved Ones.  This is a huge company, infinite numbers if you will.  So we are joined here in mission and purpose to anchor Peace, and the homecoming of the soldiers for Planet Earth.."

( part 2 continued with the exercise here ) 


Thanks to Arnold Troeh for this transcription.




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