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Buddha - "I See You All As Enlightened Ones!"
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - May 9, 2017
"I am the Buddha, as I am known.  I am also called 'The Enlightened One,' and while I celebrate this title referring to me, I see you - beautiful souls all - as Enlightened Ones!  And I am here to join with you, to share with you the vision I hold of you -so dear, so precious.  And I speak Golden Truth to you, for you are all En-Lightened Ones, Beings of the Light and Love and Peace.  It is only that you are not always in connection with this part of you or, as my Beloved Brother, Sananda, says, 'in Communion' with it.
"So I encourage you to access that part of you – you may call it your Divine Light, your Higher Self, or perhaps by some other name.  But when you do this, do not see this as something outside of yourselves, for it is not.  No, my Beloved Brothers and Sisters, rather it is within you!  And while it is true that you are multi-dimensional beings and, therefore, there is that part of you always in the Lighted Realms; nevertheless, you are always connected with it, just not always fully aware of it!!!
"So I am here to encourage you to strengthen that connection even more.  I am here to suggest to you that if you have a thought that is less than loving, or less than peaceful, remind yourselves Who You Are!  Remind yourselves that you are here to be that Light, that Love - and keep that image or perception of yourselves always, always, always in your Hearts and minds of those parts of you which are still walking in the lower dimension of 3D.
"This is your time - your timelines, if you will - to move up and out of the third dimension.  And it is ultimately that you will make your full Ascensions into Higher dimensionality!  But, in the meantime, before your accomplish full Ascensions, it is for you to lift yourselves up so that you are able to smile upon all the World and everyone in it – every human, every creature, every member of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms.  And is so doing, you light yourselves up even more, empower yourselves up even more!  It is for you to know Heaven on Earth before - before you return to the Light.  And so, yes, there are things for you to accomplish, but I look upon you, Beloved Ones, and I see the Light shining so bright in you - in your Hearts and in your minds and in your wisdom, and in all of yourselves truthfully, every part of you!
"I can assure you that you not only have made great progress, but that you have not so very far to go if you will accept the Truth of your own Divine empowerment, fueled by the Light of Love!!!  And I invite you to join all of those who come to celebrate the return of the Light, my birthday - yes, it is an occasion for all of us to gather in the Wesak Valley.  Bring yourselves here and join with us.  Celebrate, dance, sing and most of all, Love!  Embrace Love!  Embrace the Joy of it and embrace yourselves.  You are Light Beings as much as anyone here when you come and join in the Oneness of our celebration!!!  You are welcomed, and you are honored beyond all expression for your willingness to participate.
"So I have words of thanks for you as I stand in this Company of Light from those of us who come in our Light bodies and bring even more energies of Love to those here gathered - whose Hearts are full, whose Beings are radiant, who even now are lifting up to the Highest levels that their Humanity will allow - their human forms, that is.
"So let us dance together; let us chant together; let us sing the sacred music together and let us all be citizens of the Wesak Valley!  Take it into your Hearts and remember this moment, this Gathering.  We are all here to celebrate and I tell you this, most beloved and honored members of this Gathering, that we come to celebrate you and the Lights you bring, just as much as you come to Wesak to celebrate my coming, with all of those who come in the LoveLight!!!
"So let the skies be filled with the brightness of our Beings, and let the World receive all the Love, all the Light, and all of the great Peace that we are here to send forth.  This is the reason for our coming, and we thank you lovingly and profoundly for being here with us on this occasion.  Feel the Love and let it circulate through all, all of us here gathered - and then send it out to the World.  And I say unto you, infinite thanks and blessings, and Namaste!"
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, May 9, 2017. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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