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President John Fitzgerald Kennedy: The Light of Peace
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - November 12, 2013
"Greetings my fellow citizens of the world!  I am JFK, and I chose that song* because it was sung during a time when I was very much a presence, one you knew as President, as a member of a family with a destiny of leadership.  And that singer was one whose voice rang out and still sings today!  Even though I have been absent from the stage, I am still here, and I have enjoyed her songs of Peace and Freedom, and all of the other songs and music which have been an expression of connection, and sometimes - as is this particular one - a prophecy, an expression of the dream that I still hold!!!
"The dream that I dreamed - and others who came before me, and who have come after me on the stage - the dream of my brothers, the dream of Dr. King, the dream of those who were called the flower children - although they wanted sometimes to have Freedom – well, 'make love not war' was their dream, in a way – but remember their symbol, it was the peace symbol! Because they knew that the only, only real existence for the World, the only way the World should be, would be a peaceful World, a World of Love, and it was Love for all and it was unconditional.  It wasn’t just about free love or free sex, it was about loving everyone!
"They were a group who broke down barriers, they honored women, they honored all people regardless of the color of their skin.  Some of those young people - and older people - were inspired to become what were called the freedom fighters.  And what were they fighting for?  It was equality, and what did they do?  They did peaceful demonstrations.  Many of them left their bodies to do so, but that was their Mission.  My Mission was to light the World.  My flame continues to burn in honor of me, but it is more than a symbol, it is the reality, it is the hope!
"No, I did not leave my body that day in Dallas, and yes, I have been hidden away.  The 'witness protection program' has included opportunities for me to be on the Bridge of The New Jerusalem, and in other places.  And I have kept that Light lit, I have used these years, this time, to continue efforts for Peace.  I have interacted with ambassadors from other worlds.  I have given assurances that what I saw when I was that young, courageous President was that the World would come to Peace, if not perhaps during my days upon the stage of leadership then at least within what I saw as the near future.
"I knew that Love is greater than any fear.  I knew that Truth could conquer any lies, and I knew that Peace was the birthright of Planet Earth and our neighbors in the galaxy!!!  I knew that some were already enjoying Peace. Some of our neighbors in the galaxy had enjoyed Peace for eons of time, and I knew that we could do it!
"You see, I had Guidance.  I walked with Sananda and others!  And even though as a human, I enjoyed my access to certain privileges - I needed to experience those, I had energies that were what you might consider to be somewhat remarkable in my time, and I expressed myself in various ways - but I knew that my main Mission was to do as much during my time as Senator and President, as much as I could do.  Even before then in college, during my college years, and while I was a congressman, I did everything that I could do to create Peace.
"That needed a lot of negotiation, that needed for me to stand firm in the face of an intimidating presence - one such as Khrushchev, for instance.  He was very, very dramatic, but so was I!  I utilized my talents to the greatest of my capabilities, and I am healthy and I am strong. And I am about to come onto the stage again, as Truths come out, as people understand where this World has been, and more importantly, as they accept the Divinity in all life - what we might call the Goodness, the Love – from which we are all made!
"And so it is that I stand with you, and our triumph has begun and shall grow even more.  It is to maintain the Peace that comes from Love - not war - the Joy that comes from knowing we are all Divine Masters, we are all gods and goddesses!  It comes from the satisfaction of knowing that we have lived, and are living exactly what we came here to do.  We are all 'Profiles in Courage!'  We all stand together in the Light.  We all have the Eternal Flame burning in our own Hearts, and this Flame not only has never been and will not be extinguished, but it is growing into One Great Heart which is Planet Earth, the Heart of Love and the Heart of Joy!!!
"It is truly that that Peace, that Great Peace, that Peace which passeth all understanding is coming, is here, is available for all, and this is a time on the calendar of Planet Earth for everyone to open that gift and take it into their Hearts and their minds, and to accept it with all of their beings!!!  And it is for you, my fellow citizens, to be the Leaders in this!  So keep those Flames of Love burning in your Hearts and light the gifts of Peace with it, even as you have lit candles for me.
"I am so grateful to be here with you, and I say let us join together in the Joys of Thanksgiving and all that is to come during this season.  It is the season of Love, it is the season of Light, and it is the season of Peace on Earth forever more!  I thank you my fellow citizens for joining with me and for being one in Love, in Light, and in Peace.  And so it is - I say to you, Namaste!"
*Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream, sung by Joan Baez,
Transcription by Brian Coe
Given through Susan Leland, November 12, 2013. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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