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Ashtar on the Road Teleconference - December 31, 2013
Kuan Yin: "Be in Compassionate Forgiveness"

"Greetings, Beloved Ones!  I am in such Joy as I stand before you to join with you in welcoming this most wondrous year!  For some of you it has already begun, for the rest of you it is yet to chime. But I assure you, Beloved Ones, this year will bring great Joy and great Peace unto the World.

"And so I asked to be with you in this way, that I could invite you to join with me and The Mentors, the Angels, the Ascended Masters, the Realms of Mother Gaia, all of the Kingdoms and indeed the Divine Universe, for we have special purpose and Mission in this coming year!  Yes, it is to shine the Light of our Love brighter and in every moment, but there is a message that I ask you to shine forth unto all of the World.  For I am a teacher to you of Compassion, and what is most needed, and will be most needed in every moment to come, is Compassionate Forgiveness.

"There must be Forgiveness!!!  The World is about to hear of more dark programs than have ever been put forth, because your news media spreads it so rapidly.  Indeed, it might seem to some as though it is a cataclysm of one dark news story after another, and it is essential that the Light of Forgiveness be put forth now as we move into this year - the Forgiveness which is born of Love, the Forgiveness which is born of honoring the Divinity of all Life!

"And where does this Forgiveness start, Beloved Ones?  It starts, each of you, within yourselves, within your own Hearts.  You know the ancient teachings of Ho’oponopono - that is a most expressive way.  When you say it encased, surrounded and permeated with the Light of Love, it is way more powerful than any dark doing or expression that you could possibly be observing or focusing upon!  It is to know that the World needs Forgiveness - Forgiveness as Beloved Sananda defined it in the Course,* which is the absence of judgment.

"Those who have done the dark programs were themselves programmed to do so, and they shall answer before Humanity of Planet Earth, and then beyond.  But it is not to punish or to seek retribution or vengeance - that is judgment, that is dark and that is fear-based.  And so it is my Joy to come before you and to say to you, Beloved Ones, that you are the Holders of Light, the Messengers of Love!

"So it is to greet this year of 2014 by continuing even more in your service, remembering to honor the Divine Gods and Goddesses You Are, and then to honor the Divinity in all Life - no matter what actions, words, or even thoughts anyone or any being is expressing or has expressed!!! 

"We are moving together into such a High Realm!  Progress will be even faster than it has been.  One of the factors which will influence the rate of movement is the general, shall we say, consciousness of Love.  That is the Worldwide consciousness of Planet Earth as it is measured, and if the consciousness is high in Light, in Love, in Peace, yes, in Compassionate Forgiveness, it will only hasten not only your entry into the Golden Age, but what lies beyond!  Remember the fundamental teachings which Ashtar began almost ten years ago in your time – Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude - and yes, be in thanks, be in thanks for every bit of change which moves the entirety of Planet Earth closer, or shall we say, Higher, into the Light!!!

"Gratitude is joyful, and when you are in Joy and feeling Gratitude, you cannot possibly feel any fear.  Gratitude is born of Love.  Joy is born of Love, and where there is Love, no fear can exist, particularly where you are, Beloved Ones, because you are all lifted up and out of the low realms of the third dimension.  As we see you and look into your Hearts, we see that you are all committed to the Light, committed to Love, and the Peace and the Joy and Gratitude that they bring!

"So take as your special service at the beginning of this bright, bright, New Year, the commitment to being always in expression of Compassionate Forgiveness.  Together we shine our Lights, together we are radiant beings showing the way to those who may have lost their own way in the darkness, and together we lift up and out of any darkness that is found anywhere upon Planet Earth, and in so doing we not only transcend it, we transmute it!!!

"Remember always, Beloved Ones - gentle you may be, loving and kind - but remember that you are Divine and that you are powerful in the Light of Love!!!  And so I tell you that we love you beyond all words and that we are here with you, joined Heart-to- Heart and hand-to-hand, and together we move forward and up into the Light of this wondrous New Year!  And so it is.  Namaste!"

A Course in Miracles, given by Sananda, published by the Foundation for Inner Peace, ©1975.

Sananda made a surprise visit
to give His Blessings:

"Greetings, Beloved Family!  It is my Joy and my loving honor to be here with you, to bless the year which has passed, and to assure you that the year which comes, as it is known upon your calendars, is the year of the greatest Joy yet for Planet Earth!!!We thank you so much - indeed, we kneel and wash your feet for all that you have done in all of your lifetimes, for all that you have experienced, and most of all for the great Lights which you have held and shared!

"Long ago and far away when I came in the body of Yeshua, it was hoped by some that the World would be ready to leave the dimension of fear, and all that fear brought, and to rise into the levels where only Love exists.  That was not to be.  But now, here we are together welcoming this new era, this Golden Age, whose manifestation truly, truly begins in this New Year!

"And so, Beloved Ones, I say unto you, welcome to the Light, the even Higher Realms, even as you welcome your brothers and sisters!   Know that we are here with you, that we shall remain with you upon your paths and that all it Light, all is Joy, and all is Love.  For that, Beloved Ones, is what you have declared your readiness for - and that, Beloved Ones, is where we are with you!

"Blessings be unto you, and thanks beyond all words for your service thus far, and for that which you are about to do as we move together.  You are Divine and precious treasures, and we invite you into Communion with us whenever you so choose to call us in to your fields of Light and Love!

"We have never been apart, even though it may seem at times as though this has been so, and so now is the time to rejoice at our togetherness upon the Path of Love.  Know that all is well and Divine in your Kingdoms, and that you are loved beyond all words!!!  And so it is. Namaste!"

Transcription by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, December 31, 2013. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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