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Mother Mary:
"Forgive as I Have Done,
and Come into Love with Me"

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference March 8, 2016

"Greetings, my most Beloved Children!  For you are all the beautiful Children, the Heart’s Delight of all mothers.  For it is a mother’s Love that I bring to all of you and I hold you close in my Heart.  You are all dear to me and you are all so loved!

"And I speak to you now in my most special role as a Mother, well-known to all of you.  And I would ask you a question.  You all know that I am known to be a Compassionate one, a most Forgiving one, a being of Love, only Love for all.  And yet you must know whether you are mother, father or child, you must know during that which was done to my Beloved Son - being there was the greatest pain that a mother can endure.  And yet I tell you, it was not just that I knew of the roles that we all needed to play, and that we were all willing to play them in order to give the gifts, the knowing, the understanding to all of Humanity.  It was that I knew that the only answer to all, all that was going on during those times could only be resolved through Love!

"You cannot have true Love without Forgiveness.  And so, yes, I will admit to you that there were moments when it was difficult, as it would be for any mother, and yet, I forgave.  I forgave all of those who spoke any unkindness against my Beloved Son or my family and, most particularly, I forgave those who condemned my Son.  I know they did so out of fear and ignorance.  I know that they knew not that Divine Unconditional Love in their own Hearts, for whatever reasons - so how could they express it?

"Some of them came into that Love while still in their earthly bodies and they all knew it after they left those bodies, because that is where they came from.  And they volunteered as did I to play their parts.  And yet, when one is in a human body, it can be impossible to offer that Forgiveness, that appreciation for the roles that everyone has played, in order that you might learn from it.  And as I have said, among the hardest lessons that the human life has had to offer is when a mother sees her child suffer in any way, or be killed violently by another.

"And this is true for fathers, although fathers carry the extra burden of being told not to weep.  And it is only in these times that you actually see the feminine coming out in the men.  And it is so beautiful when they express the totality of who they are, rather than suppressing part of it for fear that someone will judge them to be weak.  No! It is the strong ones; it is the ones of the Light who have the Courage to stand before the World and let the World know their feelings!!!

"And when one opens one’s Heart, this is when this LoveLight can come pouring in.  And these are the moments that are occurring more and more in this World of Planet Earth.  And my Children, I assure you, I am here as are legions, millions of beings of LoveLight throughout the whole Universe!  They have come to be here, to share their energies of Love with you.

"And so we ask you to step into the Light even more - to be without blame, to allow those who have done something harmful to anyone else to come into the Light as well, to Forgive themselves, to be Compassionate unto themselves, to come into understanding of how we are all One in the Light.  And they, too, have a Light.  Let’s encourage them to light it and to shine forth as you do!  Let us stand together, Beloved Ones, and let us be the Compassionate ones that the World can turn to for Understanding, Forgiveness and, most of all, for Love.

"It isn't easy at times, I know.  But I can assure you that this is the True Path, and this is the True Way to enter into the Golden Age. And as you let go of whatever grievances you may have, whatever judgments, or even your own guilt about yourselves, you will find your Path very clearly lit and welcoming you as you journey through the Golden Age to Home.  And I am with you every step!  Hold my hand if you wish, as a child hold its mother’s hand, that they may walk the Path together, because I love you. You are my treasured Children and I invite you to open your Hearts to me as I have opened mine to you, without reservation or any kind of qualification.  All I have for you is Love! All I see in you is Love and I know that Love is Who You Truly Are!!!

"Thank you, my Beloved Children, for allowing me to share this with you.  We have many more joyful moments, as I see them upon your timelines.  So come, take my hand and let us follow the Path together, for so it has been ordained, and so it is. Namaste!"

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, March 8, 2016. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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