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Mary Magdalene:*  
"The Power of Love"
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference
July 13, 2013

"I Am Mary Magdelene, wife of Beloved Yeshua, and Disciple in my own right.  I am the mother of our Beloved Children and here also in service to Earth.  While it is true that we came as Kumara Family, our Children and their Descendants, the Bloodline, have carried with them an even special Light of Love, for that is our Legacy.  And that is what we came here to give.

"For it was not possible, although there had been some hope, for this great Homecoming to Love to take place when we walked the Earth, and so instead we started a lineage, you call it the Bloodline, and it is true.  There is one today who carries that Love whom you all know, and there are countless among you who carry it also, but we shall name the one who shall come forth as a leader during this coming time, and her name is Diana, and I am with her.

"For it is most important that the legacy of Beloved Yeshua and I be understood never to have died.  When we left our Earth bodies we ascended back unto the place from which we came, back unto the Grand Company of Kumara, and back unto the Universe to continue in service and inspiration.

"There are places where I have been with – you are probably most familiar with the Cathars, and I have been with them – and you shall visit those places if you choose to do so and reconnect. You can visit them outside of your bodies, you do not have to physically take yourselves there to feel the energy. For even though you may view that time as being particularly horrific, the truth of it is, the Legacy continued there.  It could not be killed.

"Love is eternal.  It is more powerful than any kind of hurt or pain, or grief or tragedy.  It is more powerful than death.  Love is eternal, it has always been, it shall always be.  It is Love which is empowering your Homecoming.  It is Love which brings us together.  It is so powerful, it reaches through whatever darkness there is.  It reaches through the veil, it allows me to come and stand before you and show you my Heart, which contains so much Love for you that it is infinite.

"I have seen this day come and yes, I have felt the pain of your disappointment as you have incarnated time and again with such high hopes, with such Love, with such anticipation, that this time success would be yours in bringing the absolute collapse of time, so that your World would become One of your Home, not just for you, but for everyone, so that it would be where you would live consciously in the Higher Dimensions, and there would be an end to all this suffering that the 3rd has been so full of on Planet Earth.

"But you have never had, ever, a lifetime that was in vain.  For you came with Love in your Hearts, even if you were created out of violence.  The Love has always been there, even if you, yourself, have felt estranged from it and have felt that you did not know Love anymore. It has always been there.  Do you think that I could do any less than you?  Do you think that I could so empty my own Heart of Love so as to hate the ones who have vilified me, the ones who took my beautiful Love that I shared with my Husband and Children and turn it into something that was its opposite?  Do you think that I could hate those who deliberately hid my teachings, my truths, and who instead chose to cast me in the role of the whore?  No!!!

"I have felt only Love for all of them.  I have seen them as children who have strayed from their own Hearts.  I have seen them as beings who have been so programmed that they totally lost sight of what True Love is, and so they have corrupted it and made it what it is not.  And yes, there is a certain quality of sadness, but not what you may think of.  In other words  it is simply observing the sadness or the situation which people have put themselves into.  As an observer of sadness I could only feel Love for everyone, even those who vilified me and my Beloved Jeshua.

"Those who denied my Children their Birthright – my children had to stay hidden, you see ­– we could not let the World find them, but they lived and they loved, and they carried not only the seeds of Love which we gave to them but they carried our teachings; they carried their own self-knowing of their Divinities. And so it is that this carried through the Bloodline.

"And so it is that the Bloodline lives today, and the Legacy of the Bloodline with it.  The Legacy of True Love!  You have heard definitions of it - understand this above all else: it is the Power of the Universe, which is defined, which stands above all else,which is the only Power that can bring forth this great Homecoming!!!And so it is that we stand together and we share this Love.  And it is in expression in all ways.

"And so when you hear my words, feel, feel the source of my inspirations which is my Heart, and feel the Truth of it, and know that I see in your Hearts exactly what is in mine.  We Are All One, and we are all here to light the World with our Love.  There shall be those who shall come forth and speak upon this. For the teachings of Love which I and so many teachers throughout all the time on Planet Earth have shared, this is our Legacy, and you are among those teachers!

"Do not doubt yourselves Beloved Ones, for you are the sources of the teachings of Love, each and every one of you, whether you speak it aloud or whether you simply send it from your Hearts. We Are One, We Are Family!!!  And so it is that I come before you.  This is the oldest Truth of the Universe, for this is the creation story and it is Divine.  It is simple - we were all created out of Love to be Love, and that, Beloved Ones, is Who We All Are!

"In our Oneness, let us keep the feelings of our togetherness always within our Hearts, of this Gathering, and let us recall each other into our Circle of Love, let us support each other and let us share our Love, and in so doing we literally empower all that you have been waiting for, Beloved Ones!  For it is true that we are the Ones that the World has waited for to lift us up and out of the darkness to return forever to our Home in the Light, where there is only Love!

"Thank you Beloved Ones!  We are all Family, we are all Love, and I love you with my entire Heart.  And from the Light of my being, I say unto you, Namaste!"

* Mary Magdalene portrait by Lily Moses
Transcription by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, August 13, 2013. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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