Merlin: "Be the Magician with My Dragonfly Energy!"

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - February 28, 2017

"I am Merlin and, although I share my identity with the one you know as Saint Germain, I come within my own self to speak to you of Magic!  Magic has many definitions.  And I am not speaking about pulling the rabbit out of the hat; I am speaking of the True Magic, the Transmutational Magic wherein a group of people - or an entire tribe, or even a country - come together to live their destination, to bring the Dream into the Reality of when and where they live.  And this has happened here on this Earth, Beloved Ones - it has happened, I assure you of that!

"It has been brought here by the first Lemurians.  It has been handed through the Ages as it was with them; it has been practiced by the tribes in various parts of the World.  And I personally witnessed it - a coming together during the Age of Camelot at the Round Table, wherein we had a group of men - and women who were there to love and support the men, and bear their children and so on - who recognized a code, a code of fair treatment for each other; a code which said that a promise is to be kept; a code of helping those who were less able to help themselves.  And there was a Magic in the air as these ones came together and pledged to each other their loyalties, their friendships and, yes, their Love!

"Now, it didn't last.  We know that; you know that.  But it is an example of a shining moment in the history/herstory of Planet Earth!  And it is no matter how you understand all of the various stories that have come from that, and it is no matter how you look upon the various events in the history/herstory and the lifetimes that you have lived on this Earth.  I can assure you that it is not a Dream to have this condition of Peace On Earth, just as it has happened before, when the weapons of war are set aside, when the diplomats come together - the leaders come together - and agree to be at Peace!

"This is what the destiny of Planet Earth is!!!  And the Magic in it is the transmutation and transformation of the Heart of every member of Humanity!  Now, I speak not of those who are not so human.They are a very smallminority.  You know, we had the dragons in the days of Camelot, and they were real and they were seen, just as the fairy folk were seen.  And yes, we had what we call the evil ones and we could see them, too.  We could see their energies.

"I often served as a messenger, by transmuting myself.  And while I had many forms that I could take, the Dragonfly was always my favorite!  And when Arthur and the knights saw a Dragonfly, they knew I was with them.  I ask you now to feel the Dragonfly in your own Hearts, Beloved Ones.

"The Dragonfly has a great energy.  The Dragonfly is very focused in its flight, in its missions.  So bring the Dragonfly energy into your own Hearts and allow its energy to assist you in performing your own Magic -transformational transmutations of anythingthat is not pure, High, Unconditional Love, that is not Peaceful and at the same time Joy-full, and with an overwhelming knowingthat you are just as capable of accomplishing this as any magician has ever been - as I, Merlin am, SO ARE YOU!!!

"We all have the Divine Powers within us!  Humanity, in its most recent times - save for a very few, and most of them have kept themselves hidden away, lest they get involved in any kind of situations that are not peaceful for them - we all have the power to transform the World!  When we come together, when the only, ONLYtool that we utilize is LOVE and its energies alone -well, that's the way we do it!

"So, please, I ask you to allow me to literally download, or install the Dragonfly energy in each of your Hearts, that you may feel this Divine connection with the Magic, the energy of Magic which is powered by Love, ONLY LOVE; that you may feel that you yourself are the Magician or, if you wish, the Alchemist changing the World, transforming it so that only Love can abide here, so that all that is not Love finds its way elsewhere!

"Another way of feeling the Golden Age energy is to look back and remember all that was shining and magical about Camelot.  See it shining as a crystalline palace, if you will.  For Camelot was real and is real!!!   Bring yourselves there.  Come up into its towers and look out upon the peaceful kingdom that I assisted Arthur and the knights in transforming.  And remember that for that shining time - short as it was as you measure time - it was accomplished, because that is where all of Planet Earth, all of the Kingdoms, all of Humanity whose members have Love in their Hearts - this is where we are going!!!

"Call upon me if you see or know of something, or feel something that is to be transmuted, and I shall empower you even more with the Dragonfly energies.  Feel the Love and feel the empowerment that it brings to you and open your Hearts to receive even more!  And whenever you see a Dragonfly, it is my energy which comes to you in that special way!!!  Feel the Love and open to receive even more.  And feel your hands as the Light of Love comes in.  And use that energy as the Alchemist, the Magician, and then step back and feel the transformational transmutations that you have accomplished, because you are every bit as capable as am I.  Use the energy and be the Love -and that is how we return to Camelot!!!

"I am most grateful for your attendance here, and for your welcome.  Remember always that I am with you in the Oneness of the great, shining Love.  And the Magic is ours to create together! And so it is.  Namaste!"

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, February 28, 2017.
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