Mother Mary's Message*
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - August 27, 2013

"Greetings, My Beautiful Children!  I call you all My Children, for I am honored and joyful beyond all words to consider that all of you are indeed My Own Special Children.  I tell you this – you are even more radiant than when I last came before you!  I am with you and I have been with you, and I love you as a mother loves all of her children.

"I see you all as bright shining stars, and I tell you this: My answer now is the same as it has always been, and that is Love. Let the Love shine through, let your Hearts open to receive the Love into your own beings, to feel its energy and to feel its warmth, to cheer you if indeed you are sad for any reason.  Let Love come in to you and let the outer World simply fade away. Leave it and come into your own Hearts.  Yes, Let It Be!  It will be what it will be.  

"By coming into your own Hearts, by receiving the great Love that We Are, and by opening to it and by shining it throughout your beings, you are as the Lighthouses in the storm.  You are allowing others to leave their cares and their worries, or to banish them forever from their beings, or to simply be One with you, standing on the shores beaming the Love, being strong.

"Every mother desires that her children be strong and healthy, and while that may not always happen in the physical, it can always be so in the Hearts, in the Spirits, of the Loving Ones. There is never any separation.  You are all the most Beautiful Children of the Universe, and you came here to shine!!!  I remind you of this as a mother reminds her children because it is for Me to teach the simplest and the most beautiful of lessons.  I learned them myself as a child.

"I knew, of course - more than perhaps you have known in these lifetimes of yours - of your Missions, of why you were here.  Of course you know My Son.  He was one of My Beloved Children.  I came to be His Mother and I nurtured him as the mother nurtures her child.  And when it was time for Him to leave My presence to go about His Mission, I was with Him always in His Heart, if not a physical presence with him.

"And so it is that I am with you, Beloved Ones, because I am a spark of Love to each and every one of you!  I am with you always in your Hearts, and I hold you so close in mine because I Am Love, and because, as your Mother, I always speak of Love to you, no matter who your mother has been in this lifetime or others.  I am the Energy of the Mother and therefore I am honored and overjoyed to be with you in this togetherness, and to tell you of My continuing presence with you.

"If you choose, I am always here to hug you, to comfort you and to share your joys with you as the Mother Energy, the one who nurtures you.  And yes, I will guide you if you ask, but the Truth of it is that you have grown so beautifully, each of you, into your own fullness, your own realizations of your own Divinities!!!

"And so it is that we may be Heart to Heart with each other, and we may hug and hold hands, but I see you as bright and shining Lights unto yourselves even as we are here gathered.  So I say to you: I am so, so very joyful that we have this opportunity for Me to tell you this, and I reach out to hug each and every one of you with the Love of the Mother I Am!

"Let us continue together, for I am with you in spirit and in your Hearts.  I am with you on this grand and glorious journey.  So remember me Beloved Ones - I give you my Love, unconditional, as I always have.  And I see you always in my Heart as the Beautiful, Radiant Children that you have always been and always, always, shall be!  And so it is.  We Are Love, We Are One, and I thank you for coming, for this opportunity to stand before you, and to remind you again that you are my most Radiant Children and True Lights unto the entire World.  And so it is -Namaste!"

*Mother Mary asked to be introduced by Let It Be, composed by Paul McCartney and John Lennon and sung by Joan Baez. 

Transcription by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, August 27, 2013.
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