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Ashtar -
Pre-Ascension Preview -
Tues 11-27
"Greetings, Beloved Family! The excitement continues to mount as we observe and feel with you the imminence of your Ascensions! We hasten to add that, although there is one date which is most generally acknowledged, each day is in fact a grand opportunity to advance upon your Paths!!!
"Thus it is that your Ascensions will be the end of your 3D Lifestyles as you know them, but they will also be the beginnings of your Higher Dimensional Lifestyles. You will each continue in your chosen directions, and your opportunities for them are as varied as you want them to be.
"It is your Higher Dimensional Homecomings which we shall be focusing upon when next we gather!!!* For it is entirely appropriate that you be in Connection, Communication, and Sacred Communion with yourselves on that level. It is in your own self-unions that you will find your answers to your 'What will it be like?' questions, as well as your wisdoms concerning the choices you will be making.
"We invite you to join with us for additional information on this grand topic, as well as the latest updates from our A&A News Team.** Then, we shall journey to Sekhmet's ship, where she will lead us in a Crystal Exercise, through the portal and up out of 3D, so as to empower even more your continuing wisdoms and evolvements along your Ascension Paths into the Higher Dimensions. We shall indeed share the energies of this with all of Planet Earth - one great incentive to 'Wake-up and Get on the Path,' so to speak, and we shall be joined by all the Loving Beings of Light in the Oneness We Are!!!
"We thank and honor you for your participation with us, and we love you all beyond words! Salut!"
* Our next Ashtar On The Road teleconference, Tuesday, November 27th.
** Tara and Rama's A&A Report.
Given through Susan Leland, November 25, 2012
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