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Sananda's Holy Days Blessing

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - December 13, 2016  

"Greetings, most Beloved Family!  I am here, together with the Company of Light, to thank you in a most profound and loving way for being the Lights of Love You Are.  I tell you Truth - the World would be a much more dim place, were it not for you and the blessings you bestow with your loving radiance, with your LoveLights!  Indeed, you are among the Lightworkers, the true Lightworkers whose Hearts are pure, and who recognize the goodness within yourselves.  And who have the Courage - so that if your vibrations slip a bit - you have the Courage to face yourselves, and most importantly to forgive yourselves and to bring yourselves back up so that you are inspiration to all, because the World can feel these energies that you put forth!

"And in this, Beloved Ones, you are true disciples!!!  You learn, and you teach simultaneously.  And that is what being a true disciple is.  It comes from a word from a language that was quite prevalent.  It was a language of Atlantis forwarded into Rome, called Latin.  It comes from the word - the root words are 'disco, discere' - to teach, to learn.  And you are all shining, shining bright stars in this.  And so, I stand before you, to thank you for being Who You Truly Are, for letting the Truth of You shine forth!

"You are all individual identities, and you are in human bodies. So do not expect perfection of yourselves in the third dimensional sense.  Because the Truth is that you are perfect!!! You are the perfect divine children of Mother/Father God.  And when you know this, when you look into the mirror and you see your Divinity shining forth, then you stand with all who are either in Light bodies, or in bodies such as yourselves.  But your Lights of Love are One!!!  And you are united in the Oneness with the totality of Who You Are, which is LoveLight.  That is your Truth; that is Who You Really Are!

"Whatever human - or other identities you may be wearing now, or in what you call your past, or in your future - remember this! Your essence is Light - the Light of Love from which we are all made.  And that is the greatest Truth of all!  Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe - the kind of Love that results in Peace, and Joy, and Freedom, no matter what your circumstances are.  And when you are in the realization of this, you join with all of the Lightworkers of Planet Earth and beyond, in bringing this reality into your lifestyles.  And what I am meaning by this is that you raise the vibrations!!!

"When you come together in this, you raise the vibrations of Planet Earth sufficiently to bring yourselves up into Higher levels of dimensionality, where only Love exists; where there is Paradise awaiting each and every one of you; where there is the Freedom to be in Joy, to be in Bliss always; to follow whatever your Hearts have passion for you to do, and yes, to join with your starseed brothers and sisters - to renew acquaintances, and to meet some you have not met before in your consciousness. 

"But to recognize the Oneness in all life, it is to be in constant connection, communication, and Communion with all beings of all of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms!!!  It is to master telepathic communications which go directly from Heart to Heart and from your Higher Dimensional Selves.  It is to know that you are never alone, and to feel the Joy of being in the Oneness with all beings of LoveLight!

“I thank you, Beloved Ones, for being here to take this journey with me into these Higher Realms.  And I ask you to stay the course, to continue being yourselves, to continue to know the Truth of Who You Really Are, and to honor your own Divinity and then to recognize the Divinity in all life, and to likewise honor this.  I know - I can tell you from my lifetime as Jeshua - I know it is not easy to keep shining your LoveLights in the face of adversities, in the face of ridicule, condemnation, and hurt. We've all been there.  You know what it is like.  Get past it, rise above it!  Say 'Ho'oponopono,'  and move on, because our destination is as I have described to you, and others whose messages you listen to.  Feel the Truth of it, and know that there is nothing that can slow you down, or stop you, or in any way deter you from the course that you have set for yourselves!

"What Humanity is calling forth in 3D - rise above, come into the Higher Realms and be the Beacons, lighting the way for others as teachers and learners at the same time, sharing your wisdoms, and most of all your Love!  And at the same time follow your own course, Higher and Higher.  And open - open to connect with the totality of yourselves to further define your own course - each and every one of you, so that you know for sure where you are going!  Let yourselves know yourselves.  Learn from yourselves, forgive whatever there might be to forgive, and let go of whatever is not true within your beings.  And you will be beautiful Guides into the Higher Realms for all who are inspired, who feel your Lights!

"And so I thank you, most Beloved Ones, and I offer you the very Special Blessings of this Holy Season, and I invite you to share your Lights with each other, and to keep the feelings, the energies of this moment, where we stand together in our Circle of Love - and where we share with each other the Love We Are. For that, Beloved Ones, is why we are here.  And then let us go forth into the World to serve, to lead, and to be One with the eternal and infinite Lights of Love.  And so it is.  Namaste!"

Transcription by Korrael.
Given through Susan Leland, December 13, 2016. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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