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Sekhmet addressing the May 18, 2010 teleconference:

“Greetings, Beloved Ones. If you want to hear the rest of that* you’ll get the information. But it was, indeed, Grace that we observed even as we participated with you. So, I Sekhmet come before you in awe, and in honoring of what you have given to the world,** and there will be more opportunities, but for now just bask in what you have done and let that love-light just shine through you all.

“Now, for those of you who think I’m just a funny being, let me assure you I have a most serious side - we’ll get to the funny stuff later. In case you were not aware of it, I was in charge of healing in ancient Egypt, and that was vast. We had a lot of techniques available to us, some are known now, some are not known, at least not widely, and some are coming through because I have a habit of popping in here and there. So if you feel as though you're getting a little scratch it might be I, Sekhmet, saying ‘Wake up healer - It’s time!.'

“We’re going to have a lot of discussions, and learning. I’m with you all, you know, I’m in observance of this whole picture. I spend a lot of time on the New Jerusalem.*** We have what you might call round tables, conferences, and we are absolutely thrilled with the progress that you are making! You may have noticed as of late that we are following a particular kind of format. Now, that could change at any moment, but we’re co-creating with you and we’re actually reading what there is to do, from you, in co-creation.

“It’s not just I, Sekhmet, that says ‘play me a rock ‘n roll-y tune,’ or whatever. The tunes have a purpose, and it’s a healing one; it’s to get you into focus and to get you ready for the next step, or phase, of what we are doing. And one reason we play the rock-y roll-y at the end is because it’s healing in its own right. Oh, we know not all of you have your dancing shoes on, and that’s okay, but it does end on somewhat of a high note. It’s an upbeat, feeling energized kind of a note. Why? So that maybe you’ll pause a bit, if we put you to sleep you might not remember all that we have accomplished. If we energize, you might spend a little time having a fabulous discussion, with yourself if you choose, calling us in and saying, ‘Wow, I’m real powerful, what am I going to do next?’ Or something like that.

“So there’s a reason and a purpose to everything we do, and the main reason is: Joy, Upliftment, Healing. Join together and recognize how powerful you are and then when we join together we’re way more powerful than the sum of us. The totality of us is huge and we indeed are moving mountains, mountains of stuff that needs to be cleansed and healed from the planet, and that’s our mission and purpose. Ashtar is here to facilitate Ascension, so are we all. And then we’ll have more jolly times on new missions, or ‘R & R’ if you prefer. But no matter what it is you make for your choices, Beloved Ones, we have this mission and purpose in each now moment. So, congratulations. Kudos! We are so very proud of each and every one of you that you’ve invited us in. And so now for those of you who want to take a moment and get your dancing shoes on, or get up off the floor or out of the chairs, or wherever you are – clear the space! Because we are coming aboard the New Jerusalem***, everybody’s invited. It’s party time!!! Namaste.”

*Amazing Grace sung by Judy Collins: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVpxfDgVaec

** The Peace Exercise led by Mother Mary to send Love and Healing to all who are addicted or connected with addictions in any way:***Sananda's ship, the flagship of the Ashtar Command.  Ashtar is the Captain and St Germain also travels on board.

Transcription by Brian Coe

Given through Susan Leland, May 18, 2010.  © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.