St Germain:"Don't Be Distracted -

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!!!"

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference
January 24, 2017

"I am Saint Germain, and I come before you in all Joy at what I see as the progress that is being made all over Planet Earth!  And yet, there is serious work still to do, for there is still dissension and disappointment and, yes, even depression as Ashtar has spoken of.*  And it is simply because of the old ego-based, fear-based programs which are continuing to run.  They are growing more faint in every moment.  They are having less and less ability to distract you from the very Highest of Truths, and from the Mission that we are here to accomplish together!

"And yet, these distractions continue.  As an example, I need only to point to the many, many messengers who speak in my name.  And yet, some of them speak of things that are third dimensional programs.  That is all I will say.  The so-called "RV intel" is an outstanding example of what I speak of when I say this.  And yet there are those who are so addicted, they cannot stop following it.  And I will make a distinction here, too.  There is a difference between having it flow in somehow on your computer, or perhaps someone tells you something - and you are not feeling a charge or an attraction from or to it!!!  

"This is much the same as the wise teachers are saying, 'If you're feeling anger, just let it flow through.'  Don't  judge it!  And if you choose, let it go without taking on any kind of a charge from it. Don't let yourselves get into guilt because you have had an expression of anger!  Just let it flow through yourselves as Compassionate Observers, with a complete absence of judgment for so doing.  And this is how we look upon those who are following and disseminating information which is of the third dimensional program variety and which is not a part of where Planet Earth is headed - that is, the Ascending Planet Earth!

"So it is up to you, each and every one of you.  I am not here to tell you anything more than that.  It is up to you to discern to whom you wish to listen, whose information you choose to follow. But if something comes your way that does have some kind of a charge on it for you, check in.  Is this High Vibe?  Is this Love?  Is this Joy?  Or is it more of the same old 'today, today, tomorrow, tomorrow, new president, new this, new that?'  

"Remember all of those stories about how President Obama had resigned and first it was this person, and then it was that person, and so on and so on. Those are put forth for one reason, and that is to divide, to distract you from your true Mission, which is to raise your vibrations, to stay in the Highest Vibrations you can possibly stay in, and still be somewhat grounded on Planet Earth!!!

"And when I say somewhat grounded, I mean that you're not flying up and off somewhere.  If you're here to participate in this Mission which the Ashtar Command comes to do - as do I and the Ascended Masters, the Angels, the Archangels, and all of the dwellers of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms who are already located in the Higher Realms but are coming through to you and to all the World to assist and join and partner with you - then 'KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE,' as is often stated!  Bring yourselves up into Joy!  If you need to, shut out what's going on – the news of the World - if that helps you, by all means.

"Where is the greatest news of all?  It's within your own Hearts, within your own Minds, within your own Beings!  And what is that news?  That is the news of you releasing all that no longer serves you!  That is the news of you rising into Higher and Higher vibrations!  That is the news of you progressing further along your own individual Ascension paths, and by shining your Lights so brightly, helping others to find their way!  That, Beloved Ones, is LOVE!  And that is indeed the greatest single factor, the greatest story and the greatest adventure of this particular time on Planet Earth!!!

"So give yourselves that which I cherish so much - that is, Freedom!  Give yourselves Freedom from all that has held you back as individuals, and you will be participating Worldwide and beyond in this Mission we share.  Look up.  Lift up and join in the Oneness of the Love We All Are!  This is how we bring forth Divine Governance, because Divine Governance comes from Love - it's all about Love!!!

"NESARA is the Law of Love!  It's not entirely about restoring the Constitution, although that is part of it - the real Constitution. NESARA is about returning Home to Love, living Lifestyles that are based in Love, so that everyone has Abundance, everyone has Freedom.  Everyone can dance and sing and be in the absolute Joy of the High Vibrations!  NESARA is the answer and you, Beloved Ones, are thanked and blessed for all that you're doing to bring it forth as a part of the return to Love!

"So stay on the High Road!!!  Maintain your visions, your perspectives, your focus on what is Truth and what is real, and upon our destination that we are rapidly reaching together, in the Freedom, in the Joy, and in the Oneness of Our Love, together!  And so it is.  Namaste!"
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, January 24, 2017.
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