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St Germain on the
Victory of Peace
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference
September 24, 2013

"Greetings, Beloved Ones!  It is I, St Germain.  Did you hear the power in that?*  Did you see the 'V's?  Hold your hands up and give the symbol – yes that is 'V' for Victory.  And what symbol is that?  It is Peace.  Peace is the True Victory!

"When you come into that state of being which is Peace, you are indeed victorious over all that you have created for yourselves to experience as members of humanity. I had some experiences where I was, shall I just say, wearing the hat of the dark, and I chose to do that because it was important for me to understand how it feels, just as it has been important for you to come to the same understanding.

"You are now on a much Higher Plane, and so when you hear that music I chose* - which was inspired from a very high, Divine source - when you hear that, when you think of it, when you see that 'V,' that is Victory, the Victory of Peace.  Take that and put it right into your Hearts!  Feel how it feels and know that every single being, no matter what color hat they have worn in the past, is just as entitled to feel that as you.

"Now, there are some who never will and there are some who have gone so far into the dark that they will not come out, at least not in the near future, and perhaps never, ever, ever.  But that is not the case with anyone here.  No matter what the church or anyone else tells you, you were not born to be a sinner, you were born to be a lover!!!  Love is all you are made from!!! So when you strip off whatever darkness you may have allowed to come to you for the experience of it - so that you would know and so that you would evolve into the compassionate and forgiving ones you are - each and every one of you are now shining so bright with the Love that there is no reason for you to have any darkness come into your beings!  You are so loved that you have your paths clearly lit in front of you, and they are the Paths to the Golden Age.

"I will tell you this, my bank has all of your names and we know where you are.  Every man, woman and child on Planet Earth has an account in my bank, and unless you do something dark - in which case it will be delayed until you evolve again - you will be receiving from my bank after NESARA is announced.  Of course, there being close to seven billion people on Planet Earth, it’s going to take a while, so be patient!

"NESARA will free you of your debts that you owe to the banks. NESARA will bring the currency of the world into an equality, based upon gold and other precious metals.  These more recent programs which have been put out there, have not been put out by me, but rather by those who would profit in some manner.

"You may recall a while ago there was a program where you were asked to give your names and describe what good works you were going to do, and you would get money to do it.  That was a collection and list of names, but the good - or the silver, or golden lining - to that was, if it got you to get your intentions together for a mission, or a project, or help that you wanted to give to one or many, that was the golden lining!

"The names were taken care of, you are not in any security risk, but we know about your projects, and you are going to have the money and the funds to do them.  It wasn’t all an exercise in futility.  You see, sometimes the dark hats are so clever with these programs they dream up, that they don’t understand that you of the Light, are going to turn them into - well you’ve all heard of the expression of taking lemons and turning them into lemonade.  How about, in the alchemists' language, taking something that is like lead and turning it into gold!!!  I am very renowned for doing that.  My specialty has been jewels but I do know how to transcend the Dimensions in order to do the creation of gold and other precious metals, as well as jewels.

"I can assure you that I have plenty of the real value, the real thing, the real deal to share with all, and that wealth is coming soon!  So do not be concerned at finding out that your dinars or your dongs, or whatever, are not going to give you the instant riches that you have been dreaming about.  I suggest that you do as Ashtar suggested** and start turning your thoughts in the direction of supporting the Love and sharing the High Dimensional Integrities and Visions and the Peace which the World needs to come to, in order to fully enter into the Golden Age, in order to bring about the Announcement and Implementation of the NESARA law so that everyone can prosper, everyone can share the Abundance because your Blessings are all there for you!!!

"The security of the Masters and the Ashtar Command, because it is based in Love, or you could say the Light of Love, or Love/Light, is so much more powerful than anything the dark hats have!  We are closing down their operations.  We have already done way more than has ever reached your mainstream news media, we have already done way more than even the Beloved Ones such as Amy and Ed*** can tell you about, because their voices need to continue.  They can only tell you some of what they know.

"Tara and Rama**** can tell you everything.  They are not under a gag order, they will not be instantly executed, as these other ones will be if they tell you everything.  Now, you know everything - you have it buried within yourselves!  You don’t need to access all of it, but if you want to, you certainly can do so.

"What we are trying to tell you is look to the Light!  Spend not your time chasing that which is of the dark, or has been sent to you to distract you.  All of these shootings, as an example, are black ops programs.  If you do not understand how these things come about, there is an old movie you can rent - it is called Conspiracy Theory, and there is a newer one, a series, really, they are called the 'Bourne' movies.  They are violent, they are difficult to watch - do so from the High Perspective, do so with Love and ask before you even start for the wisdom and the knowledge to come through, and send Love to all concerned because the creators of those, in some cases, are the same as those who have created the more, shall we say, High Vibrational movies for you to watch!

"Be not in judgment of the creations themselves.  Only seek the Truth and the Wisdom, and what you can do with that Wisdom, which of course is to send Love to all involved.  Remember that the shooters are simply extensions, or aspects of the programs of the dark, and it is to send Love and Light to all, to transform and transmute so as to put and end to this violence, this particular form of violence, just as we have disabled the nuclear weapons.

"So there you have it, from Worldwide to individuals and every place in between - it’s all about Peace of every kind!  Now if you are wondering how I, St Germain, could do some of the things I did in other identities, I will recommend once more, a book, where I am what you would call a player or a character in the book, but it is about how a very dark being evolved into the highest Light and it is called The Red Lion, and it may not be easy for you to find, but check it out.  Some of you have read it, some of you are familiar with it - it is an excellent book to read to come to understanding, and I would ask you to do the same with this as Ashtar has asked you to do with the six Star Wars movies, only this time you get to start with the dark and evolve to the Light, but do it with Love!

"Love all involved, only asking for compassionate understanding. Walk in their shoes if you wish to, just long enough to understand and to be able to read without judgment, just as you were asked to fall in Love with that little boy called Anakin. Love him all the way through his life as Darth Vader, and rejoice when at the very end he returns to the Light of Love, because that is what the whole World is doing - you, faster than others, Beloved Ones, this is true!!!

"That is what the entirety of the world is doing and that is why we are asking you to put your energies and support into the Love and the Peace, and everything that you can do to support the coming forth of all of these things that you‘ve been waiting for for so long, way longer than these lifetimes that you are occupying right now!  Take your intentions away from supporting all of these messages about 'today, today, tomorrow, tomorrow.'

"Don’t long for anything, but rather intend and call forth all that you see as the expression, the vision, and the reality of where this Planet is headed, and bring it into your own lives and live from that perspective.  Because that, Beloved Ones is how to get it done faster!!!

"I, St Germain, am with you in all of this because I am very anxious to disperse to you the Abundance that I have for you, all of you!  Keep that in mind.  Perhaps you might want to put me into your guidance circle and let’s bless each other at the beginning of every day or at the end of every day, or whenever you happen to think about it.  Let’s thank each other for lessons learned and lives lived, and most of all for where we are now, with Peace, and Joy and most of all with Love!  That is Who We All Are - Beings of Light, Beings of Love, and knowing that the Highest Road is that of Peace!!!

"So remember me with the 'V's for the Victory of Peace. And so it is, now and evermore!  Namaste!"

*     St Germain chose the first movement of Beethoven's 5th Symphony to be his introductory music.
**    Ashtar's Message, heard just before St Germain 
***   Reporters Amy Goodman, Democracy Now, and Ed Schultz, The Ed Show
****  Tara and Rama's reports
Transcription by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, September 24, 2013. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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