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St Germain:  
Tribute to Nelson Mandela
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference
December 10, 2013

"Greetings Beloved Family!  I, St Germain, stand before you, and I am honored to be here with the Beloved Leader of South Africa, who was a Leader even when he was imprisoned.  He was Leader in the Hearts of all who cherished Freedom, and I will tell you this - I was with him during the entirety of the life he lived!

"And so we are honored to have with us the beautiful, Divine, Nelson Mandela.  He stands among the great leaders of the World.  Not because South Africa was the most powerful nation of the World - it never was, it is not now.  Indeed South Africa has been an exploited nation for several centuries.  South Africa is a land of untold riches - there is much more there even than is known - and yet it is not because South Africa became so wealthy among the nations.  There were those who seized the wealth at the expense of the people.

"But South Africa itself as a nation did not become the richest nation, or government, in the world while Nelson Mandela was its leader.  There are still problems of apartheid attitudes in South Africa, just as there are racial discriminations happening everywhere on Planet Earth.  And yet they are ending!!!  And you may think that in leaving the Planet - or that part of the Planet you call the 'real World,' sometimes '3D' - that Nelson Mandela’s legacy is less powerful than when he lived.  Just the opposite is true!!!

"Yes, he chose the perfect moment - a moment when the World would pause and see his Greatness, and see his Divinity.  For what he stood for was more powerful than any armies or monetary wealth. What he stood for was Freedom, but Freedom with Peace, Freedom with Honor, Freedom with Forgiveness -absolute Forgiveness - Freedom with love!!!

"There are great leaders who come specifically to create the atmosphere for change - you know them.  There have been Masters who have come as Teachers – Buddha, Yeshua, even I, myself, had an opportunity to teach those who would listen, in my many lifetimes!  There are those who have the Courage to come into the political arena.  There are many who have given their lives as leaders of countries, whether they were its president or its spiritual leader, they have given their lives – many kings, many queens, prime ministers, Gandhi himself, and in slightly more recent times, President Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

"These kinds of events seem to be continuing.  And yet they are not, because Freedom is upon the World!  It is to celebrate Freedom gained through the Heart - not with weapons, not with money - but with Love!  Nelson Mandela sat with those who you might call his mortal enemies.  He invited them to come to be with him after he was out of prison - those very ones who had imprisoned him!  And why did they imprison him?  Because they knew - they were afraid of the power that he had, because it was the power of Love!  And they knew not Love, but when he was freed and he brought them together, he lit some Lights, because he did not bring them for purposes of recriminations or blame or revenge.  He did not turn around and imprison them. No!!! He sat with them as beloved friends and he treated them as such, and they were awed, and most of them forgot to be afraid in his presence!

"He had the gift of putting everyone at ease.  The national anthem of South Africa was originated by the apartheid leaders, but he refused to change it, because the change he wanted was one of coming together - no more separation!*  There is a movie we recommend, you can find it on the website,** it is called Invictus, and it was done some years ago. It is a movie about Mandela.  It shows the greatness of the man, and it is all based in Truth!  It revolves around a sporting team, but if you have not seen it - do so!  It will get you into the spirit and show you what he taught.  It was a great victory, not so much for the sporting team as much as it was for his beloved country and for the World, because it was a coming together and joining as One!

"Nelson Mandela was a Divine Master, as You All Are.  Would he say - does he say - that he was a great man?  No.  He says he was blessed to awaken the greatness in so many, to awaken the greatness within his own beloved country!!!  And his accomplishments were of Peace, based in Love - not fear!  His whole attitude, his demeanor, and his teachings and every action, were humble but great in their simplicity.  He knew and lived as his mentors have done, and I, St Germain have had the honor of being with him as guide and Brother!

"He is now here, and his great works are only going to increase in their power and in their Love!  And so take him and his teachings into your Hearts, for he is a Grand Teacher and a Divine Inspiration for all of Planet Earth!  He continues to lead on the great path to Peace on Earth, with Freedom and Abundance for all. 

"Thank you for joining with us, for honoring Nelson Mandela, and for living the principles by which he, himself, lived and devoted his life to teaching to others.  And so it is!  Namaste!"

*  St Germain's Tribute was preceded by the national anthem of South Africa
Transcription by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, December 10, 2013. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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