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Tara & Rama Report 10-10-17-part 2
Rama:…And the other part of the story here, what has come right in to front and center in the last few days, Natasha pointed out there are a lot of strange kind of events that have gone on since Las Vegas, and that guy who they’re claiming did it, didn’t do it. There were multiple shooters. This was a black ops and it was about major distractions about what’s coming in, the light frequencies, also what Mr Mueller has; and the rest of the folks that are nailing the 13 families of the Bush-Clinton-Grump crime families and also the international criminal gangs that organize crime. And I would describe it as in the realm of Lex Luthor and these other criminal gangs that we have all looked at, the human trafficking, the drug running, the pedophilia rings, the arms dealing, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the DIA, DOD; I can go on with the 3 letter agencies and I won’t, yet they have informants and they’re all the worst and twisted by the ABC agencies to comply lest unfortunate things happen to them and their families. It’s not pretty at all. In the last few days I have also put Delilah and her whole family in the circle of support. Her son Zachariah, I asked Natasha about this, apparently he took his own life and I kind of doubt that, and when I asked Natasha it, she said it’s an ongoing investigation; please don’t go there. I also talked with Stephany Miller this morning when they had a break off the air and I asked her about this as well as the story about Lisa Bloom connected with Harvey Weinstein and a whole string of people from Hollywood and Stephany Miller just said, you don’t want to go there, Lord Rama. Shut up now and leave it alone if you want to stay alive and I’m serious as a heart attack, she said.
Tara: Yes. And Natasha explaining that what’s going on right now is that the whole cadre of the Grump administration are very, very not safe and they are scared. And so they’re purposely putting out propaganda to target people like Lisa Bloom, especially because Lisa Bloom knows and is bringing forth what’s on that video tape about the rape and murder of a 12-year-old girl by the Grump. 
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And so they are attempting to take them down. Meryl Streep is on that list and a lot of people that were just wondering why are they on this list that are being silent about what’s going on with this Mr.Weinstein. And what Natasha was saying is that they were forced to be quiet and sign a gag order on all of this, because Mr.Weinstein represents the dark side and many more links to abuse of the family by them.
Rama: Yes, this goes into the heart of Hollywood, with multi-million, billion dollar, directors, producers and A-listed actors and actresses, Gwyneth Paltrow, Bob Simonds who has done some movies that people may know his name; so many different names. Chris Hayes on All In With Chris Hayes today had a list and he showed the pictures of all these people. This is starting to look like the story of Bill Cosby. Yet also bear in mind, Bill Crosby was mind-controlled and he did what he did.
Tara: It was intentionally
Rama: Yes.
Tara: to take him down and discredit all that he represents to the people, [with]  out-of-his-hands control, mind control. And the power of this energy can help and the biggest thing we can do is remain in unconditional divine neutrality and accentuate the positive and illuminate the negative altogether.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And there’s another key of this, Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee. He’s kind of going after the Grump and threatening WW3 is going to end up occurring through the Grump. What we must represent here is that he’s the one of 14 other Republicans from Congress who in Robert Draper’s book, Do Not Ask What Good We Do, it’s gotten changed, I forgot the new name, but the sub-title is Inside the United States House of Representatives. And their purpose in getting together on inauguration night 2009 for President Obama, where they had a four hour invitation-only meeting with the GOP’s hate propaganda minister Frank Luntz who below listed senior GOP law writers literally plotting to sabotage, undermine and completely destroy America’s economy.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: This is the ultimate war against St.Germain.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: The ultimate intention of these 14 members of Congress who are all working for the 4th Reich to create the 4th Reich in this country and lead all the other world countries into this 4th Reich endless war.
So there are people like Dr Keshe who has this plasma energy and that goes back to the inside stuff, because Ascension is possible and probable now and the light is available, yet if you look in the past it does not look like we know too many people who has ascended with their bodies.
Rama: No.
Tara: and so that challenge is still with us, except that we have all this light now and knowledge, and can pursue more, pursue the philosophical past. St.Germain as Sir Francis Bacon introduced major teachings as the Rosicrucian, the teachings of the Rosy Cross; and that connected to the Celtic cross and that teaching is knowledge of good and evil, knowledge of beyond gender masculine and feminine, a primal attribute for the emanating of the divine, through his descent into incarnation , meaning that which we know as Sananda Kumara. We are now in the 7th incarnation of the descent of the Ray of Wisdom that is talking to that Sananda Kumara beingness being in all of us.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Beyond individuality, this is the time when we actualize this type of expanded knowing from the heart. Knowledge of the truth is always at the heart resonance value and so we proceed; and the incarnational individual, their responsibility is to help as many as possible of us to actually equally represent that energy and this is the first time in history and her-story that we get together, together, and become Christ Consciousness together.
Rama: Also what is going on in Europe with the Catalan people is a whole other issue. What’s happening in Catalonia with the break away from Spain is on a grander scale the break up of the EU from all countries going back to their own sovereign currencies rather than playing with the EU which is a Nazi organization – I’ll call it out like it is. And this has to do with the Khazarian gangs around the country, around the world, and these international criminal gangs, they go right into the intergalactic criminal gangs that have been helping out the dark side and the 13 families who are descendants of them and the interbreeding that happened so many eons ago, between the Tower of Babel till now.
And this whole story as more and more is being revealed about how much older our Earth is and the civilizations as we awaken to the wisdom of the Atlantean grid. And as our bodies are moving higher and higher into crystalline life forms they take on that Light that radiates from within to without. And I firmly know that this is happening with all of us and I’ve experienced that today. I was looking at Natsha, Natasha was looking at me, and she hadn’t experienced this before I pulled out about 5 of my crystals that I put out in the ring and the crystal grid that I use to hook up to this phone while I’m talking to you all. Let’s just say the energy pouring in is being seen not just by us but by others on road. This is happening on an exponential level for all of us. It is so huge! And in the same moment, same breath, they want us to forget about this and focus on the fear stories.
Tara: The point that we are at right now is that that seed of Truth which represents Spirit of our Being, that seed of truth that we resonate from the heart through the heart at the high heart level, that seed of Truth is causing an opening of the way in which humanity may achieve their own immortality.
Rama: Yep.
Tara: So the master path - as above, so below - and it’s interesting that it’s on that number 11 day tomorrow. Today is 10-10-10, that’s another big story. Every time there was something major done, for instance Bill Clinton signed NESARA as a bill into law on 10-10-10, well, on the 10th of October in year 2000, so that wasn’t 10-10-10, but 10-10-20.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: So what we are telling you is that the number 10 is the 9 completion of Love in a whole cycle, like in a whole Yugic cycle we’re talking about now, and new beginnings. And then tomorrow, we’ve got that new beginnings + that 11 and at 11-11. This energy comes pouring through from 13 million years ago and 11 -11 is ‘as above - so below.’ It brings the parallel universes of heaven and earth and merges it together in a synchronistic way where our, you might say, human experience is lighted by the divine, our higher selves, and we all become those savior energies - we’re all Christed. And that energy gives us the possibility of reversing our aging process completely. There are new substances out here that are assisting and they are not just doing it with the physical. They’re bringing in the emotional, the mental, the spiritual, the psychic, the cosmic light bodies, and they are, you might say, moving us to clear the traumas faster than ever before. So let’s take that to heart, Everybody; and I believe Love is the answer.
Rama: And I just want to quickly put my heart out there and say we really do need help right now with many things.
Tara: And please help with our sisters Fran and Susan as well. And what’s coming in now is Divine Feminine energy, and Michelle for President, and Educate A Girl. And that’s the deal; what’s coming in here now represents how we educate this whole world in the higher truth. Namaste.
Rama: Sat Nam. 
Tara: Sat Nam Ji. I pass this talking stick with 3-Fold Flame Energy and a lavender long-stemmed rose with Fairies.
Transcribed by Arun. Edited by Fran.
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