Tara & Rama 2-7-17 Report
Tara & Rama: Greetings!
Tara: One and all!  There's much movement going on the 3rd dimensional scene of news. And we heard some strong messaging coming in that there are big, big changes going on at that level. And there are expected to be some arrests of people we know that are, and have been, in various ways participating in causing harm to the children on our planet by misusing them sexually, torturing them and murdering them. And so there are 400 and some [sic] that have been released of these children over in LA.  And there are these people with Nancy Pelosi on the list, and I single her out from the rest of that list, as Tom The Cat told Rama that in her case she did not participate, literally, in these sexual and torturing and murderous actions, yet they forced her, under penalty of murdering her daughter, to give millions and millions and millions of her own money toward that operation. And so she made a decision to do that in lieu of protecting her daughter's life. So it's not ours to judge.
Yet, this brings up stories of Mother [Sekhmet] when her children are abusing and torturing and murdering her children as she is their mother, she comes in. And in the time of Egypt she came in and she was literally annihilating the humans there. The darkness was so many times more dark at the 13,000 years ago Egyptian hologram, because they had these dimensional abilities that far superseded what we’ve got now.  
Rama: Yes, it was like Star Wars.
Tara: Yes.
Rama: The in-fighting amongst these various, you know, creator gods who fell from grace.
Tara: Yes, as Rama went to see Natasha today she showed Rama on her special computer pad that shows live footage, in this case, of Nibiru travelling in its orbit. And Rama asked to see the scalar electromagnetic waves interacting with Nibiru's orbit which crosses all of our planets’ orbits at a right angle in its travels, yet never bumping into the orbit of any of our planets or their orbits as it does so. And the scalar waves have something to do with that fact. So Natasha pressed the button on her pad and voila - scalar waves. And Natasha went on to say that at this time, these scalar waves are also affecting in a very positive way all of the planets and all of life inside and outside of every planet, and that includes us humans as well. What these frequencies are is of the heart, emphasizing greater and greater opening of our heart. This is causing humanity to wake up at a quantum exponential level.
In the same breath, it is also causing the 13 families and their resisting minions to lose control, to lose power over both themselves and all of humanity and all of life on this planet, at the same quantum level of speed. And this continues on to send for us the love that we are receiving in our hearts for others who need. So this is pure Divine Love that we are receiving, pure Divine Loving, unconditionally sending this kind of Love to all that's going on, without judgment.  Because of this ensuing uplifting energies emerging, all of the ancient Akashic memories are awakening in us at the cellular molecular level.
Natasha explained there are 7 very ancient Rishis, Immortals, like familiar names we know, Krishna, Radha, Buddha, Sananda Kumara, Kuan Yin, Lady Master Tara, Green Tara, all of these beings are Rishis. And these are special Rishis and they are Akashic record leaders, they wrote the Rig Vedas of India. And these ones also work with Babaji. And Babaji is sending messages out all across the planet saying the ancient Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods as our Council of Elders are physically showing up, for instance, Quezalcoatl, or by another name Sanaka Kumara, also an aspect of Lord Kuthumi.
Right now, since 2012, December 21st, there has been a tremendous release of energy from Galactic Centre, the Hunab Ku, which is affecting our Sun, Nibiru, and all of our Solar system. And all of the Sisterhoods and Brotherhoods of Light and their Councils, they have been commissioned and instructed by what we call the Four Musketeers: Mother Sekhmet, Lord Metatron, Lord Michael and Lord Maitreya, who we sometimes called "my tray of gold", the true gold, the golden heartedness of our being. These 4 Musketeers have been commissioned and instructed and they hold diplomatic immunity in our civilization’s development and they have commissioned all the Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods. So they have been commissioned now to intervene in our civilization’s development, in order to make a complete course correction, back home to Love, to Divine Love, Divine Truth, Divine Peace, Divine Freedom, Divine Justice, seasoned with Divine Mercy and Divine Compassion (and thus Beauty returns to All That Is), and to also assist in arrests and accountability for the sake of the Children of the Sun, to then fully take the helm and guide together, all together all of us into the promised land - the New Earth.
Natasha explained about Mother [Sekhmet] and her killing spree in ancient Egypt. The Elohi who fell from grace became Elohim, Nephilim, Anunnaki, Dark Ones. They played as impostors as though they represented the Office of The Christ and proceeded to produce mass genocide, for greed, avarice, the deadly sins of power over love, a total abuse of these most beautiful bodies and an abuse in the extreme of this most beautiful Earth, which has been going on now for approximately 13,000 years. And at the time, Mother incarnated for 3,000 years that was at the midpoint of the last Yuga, the Karmic Yuga - the Kali Yuga. And the gods pleaded with Ra and Alcyone to intervene with Earth's cataclysmic events ongoing, continuously, since the destruction of Atlantis.
And Rama, you have to come and finish now.  
Rama: OK.
Tara: So, what was the last part of this, after Natasha explained that this situation is an extension of the destruction of Atlantis and the imposition of these non-humans posing as humans all these 13,000 years.  
Rama: Yes, and at this time all of this gets revealed to the people of Earth as the exposure of what has been hidden comes to light now, in the various legends and stories and tales that are kind of being told in very, let's say, advanced technologies, like Nassim Haramein, and Gregg Braden, and others using the medium of media, the Internet and eventually the Inner net where we see it in our third eye and our crown, right now. The stories about these beings are coming out in movies in Hollywood yet at the same time, they've got truth to them and as we all know the CIA kind of runs Hollywood, yet there are good ones within the Hollywood structure and they are coming forward with the truth about the ancient Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods who are showing up right now on the planet with the gifts and abilities that we've been heaing about for centuries.
Tara: and awakening the same in us.
Rama: awakening the same in us. This ties in with the stories of the Rishis and the Mahabharata and the various ancient stories that, as you actually go to places like Mohenjo-daro that is in India [Pakistan], and Angkor Wat, you can actually, in the show Ancient Aliens it talks about the actual record of how these beings did what they did with the advanced technologies and radiations from what they did to the people of Earth, and the various wars that happened in these ancient times. Now, all this stuff is being correlated and coming to light right now.
Tara: And so, the world as we have known it is definitely coming to a completion and an end. And so what will we be doing to create this new world that we are already in and what kind of ending will it be? And these answers are inside all of us with an actual acceleration of our records of time and space, so that we can remember that before time and space there was all of us. We are all the ones we've have been waiting for. She who was here before the gods were here [Sekhmet], she is our source, and she is here on the ground, four paws on the ground. There appears to be a lot of fear-mongering going on, yet changes are in the air and it is unstoppable. And we are all the ‘unstoppable Molly Browns’ now.
And now all of the time is the time for light bearers to hold the Flame of Divine Truth, Divine Love, Divine Peace. And may we pass every test. We are the ones, and NESARA now, and Michelle for President!
Rama: Ditto.
Tara: I pass the talking stick back to you.
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