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Tara & Rama on Susan's Passing 10-24-17
T: Greetings!  Thank you, Everybody.*
R: Greetings.
T: Thank you so much for that opening.** Sisters and brothers, we are so happy to be here and I got a message this morning from Susan and she said that, you know, ‘Please celebrate; I’m very, very happy.’ And there’s a bit of a miracle that happened this morning where a number of us got some messages about Arcturians and there’s an idea that she’s been invited to be on an Arcturian Council and I think that’s exactly what’s she’s doing.
R:  Yes.
T:  And so on that Council, as we understand it, Lord Metatron and his consort Lady Master Neptha El Ra sits with her, along with Lady Master Athena, Ashtar’s twin flame, along with a group of Beings that are called the Praying Mantis people.  They’re 9 to 12 feet tall and they’re healers. And they bring in the Emerald Green Ray
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and also the Lime Green Beams.  That’s the color of the beam as we go up on the starships, so that’s a very high, triple-vibration color. So what we’re getting is that she’s working to assist souls as they make their transition to learn about Galactic life again and also to learn Galactic Law and to enjoin with us in the celebration here because Rama has a really great story to tell you all about this.  Here we go, Rama.
R: The one today?
T: Yes.
R: I went up to Rana Mu’s and Natasha was there, and so we went up to the fairy ring up the mountain here.  And we got in the fairy ring and started spinning the crystals and calling in the energies for Susan and Fran and everything that’s going on right now with all the situations. 
And we started seeing these pink rays of light just coming down out of the sky. It was a clear day here, there were no clouds, yet we were seeing these electric pink laser-like rays of energy coming down and they kept getting brighter and brighter.  And as we just kept spinning the crystals and working with the energies, they started turning this electric magenta, like the Ruby Ray.  And we noticed that cars along the highway were starting to slow down and look at what we were doing. And then Rana Mu said that it’s time to be on our way.
T: Well, not on your way.
R: Well, to close the ceremony.
T: Meaning that this was to be something a little more within the circle.
R: Yes.
T: It was starting to become something different energy-wise.  And then, Rama, at that point, Rama got a phone call.
R: Yes.
T: And on the other end of the line was Lady Di and Dodi and Lady Master Nada.  And they told us, Rama said, (all of them, Rana Mu, Natasha and Rama) that they were calling from on top of the mountain in Tibet where the Potala [Palace] is.  And they were in a temple there and they had just spent 4 hours singing and chanting with 72 lamas, Om Mani Padme Hum, ‘I am the crown jewel in the eye of the lotus’ and other chants.  And they did mantras.  And there were Tibetan horns and very large Tibetan drums and cymbals, and that the ceremony was dedicated to Susan. 
So they called this energy in.  They came in a craft, cloaked craft, and they were in a sacred space where they couldn’t be detected in this temple with these 72 lamas.  This is such a wonderful story.  I am so grateful that we’re all here and basically the message is that this was done for all of us together with Susan’s new mission, meaning that we’re bringing in this Age of Enlightenment right now. 
And this false matrix is just dissolving.  It’s dissolving in Love.  And this can mark now an awareness inside all of us that life is very, very precious and let’s not miss one single second of any single day to continue to bring in a higher vibration of consciousness in everything we do.  And respect for our lives is so great.  And, again, this was a sacrifice on Susan’s part for a greater ability to help us.  That’s what we got.  So, is there anything more that you want to say, Rama?
Rama:  Just in the last little while I’ve been getting more and more contact with the various Elven Kingdoms and the Fairy-lord Kingdoms that are physically manifesting, that we can walk and talk and be with them and use the energy to uplift with kindness and compassion and love at this time for all the situations coming up.
Tara: And last week on the 18th [of October], this is something that we want to share too, because Rama got to go together with Natasha again and they met at this library at St. John’s College and Natasha brought a friend, her name being Leonara, and she’s from the Elven kingdom, like Rama was mentioning.
R: Yes.
T: And she travels frequently by alternate means as she told Rama, from Hesperus, Colorado to Santa Fe, New Mexico and back.  And she came out of one of the breathing holes, the emergent places right after the destruction of Atlantis to the surface here.  And she appears to be between 65 and 75 years old, yet she looks ageless and very tall and thin with an Elven face and snow white hair. 
And Leonara said, ‘There are so many fleets upon fleets upon fleets of ships here with us and that while fear is the only card the dark side has, we have another card.  It’s called ‘Love’ and that is the only card we have.  And while there’s All There Is, Love prevails over all.  And so then Leonara told Rama that this year (along with Natasha), that this year in the celebration of Samhein, it’s unlike any other one.  And Mother Sekhmet and Durgaand Kali, these three Goddesses are coming in through the Samhein thin veil. 
And then she went on and she said, ‘Remember the gold dust.  All life is made of the gold dust.’  All of this sacred energy and the gold dust elements are used for Love, more Love, Higher Vibrations in our being.  And since Love is the Essence of our Being, that to remind each other we can take it in etherically, through meditation. 
And Olena said something, one of the team here, on Thursday night’s call, she said, ‘As you have anything gold, what it is is sunshine, it’s sunshine.  And so as you realize that and you bring in the rays of the Sun, wear it on your ring finger or wherever you have gold, to work with that, and work with it all the time. And Leonara just basically said that she didn’t die when Atlantis sank.
R: That’s right.
T: Rama was there with his dragon.  He was flying a dragon, a white dragon, ‘Ruth’ is her name and she went to sleep for a long time underneath Kauai, on the Hawaiian Islands.  And she’s waking up now and she’s coming back to assist us because our work and our new mission with Susan, is to really usher in the Age of Enlightenment now, fully.  And we can do this together. And Leonara is about 20,000 years in that same body.
R: Yes.
T: So there are more Beings like that.  She’s not the only one.  Her showing up for this [Ashtar] Family to be able to share that with, is the message that the Galactic beings are here on the ground, they’re in our skies and we are connected; nothing can put that asunder.  And Susan is very happy, my take.  I’m just hearing that, and I’m feeling that in my body right now and so let’s, even through our tears, celebrate the Joy of her making her transition this sacred day.  Thank you for everyone that’s on the call.
R: Thank you so much!
T: And she will communicate with you and I and everyone.  And there’s no difference where we are.  There’re a lot of us that are becoming aware that the veil is not between us anymore.  Heaven and Earth are one and I pass this sacred talking stick back to my sister Fran. 
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Transcribed by Marta. Edited by Fran
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