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Tara&Rama Report 1-14-14


Tara and Rama: Greetings Everyone!

Tara: Oh my! We have been getting phone calls from all over the World. All calls seem to have a general undertone of a bit of concentrated frustration, at what can we possibly do, that it looks like everything is closing in on us, everywhere. Which is exactly what is going on. Nonetheless we have a Cancer Full Moon appear on the table, and it says to stay out of exposing yourself.


As Cheryl [Croci] said last night, she said as you're going to watch TV, you blaze that Violet Fire like you've never blazed it before. Because the energy coming at everyone is appearing, the reality of it appears, which on appearance is a non-reality, it's an oxymoron. It appears as of today the Internet is no longer free.


We have a Chinese internet, where because of decisions that were made in 2000 and 2005 by the FCC, they did not define it clearly, that our Internet providers no longer honor the Internet as a space in which we have free flow of energies. That now the Internet Providers, because of those two decisions, have decided that they can charge for something that they want to charge for, depending on the information, depending on the content, that they can literally determine that for their own selves, they can decide to charge somebody an exorbitant amount of money, or they can ban us from the internet. We have no longer got free flow internet. What's that called Rama? Internet; you told me the name of that I forgot what that's called? Internet Neutrality! Net Neutrality is what it's called!!

Rama: Right, and Aaron Schwartz was killed over warning us about what this was coming to this day.


Tara: Yes, that's true, that's true, and many others. So, Net Neutrality is completely gone, and literally we have got to get it back. And the other thing is that, see the FCC never declared international service providers common carriers. That's the difference, like a telephone call, all telephone providers are common carriers, and see now we've got a transfer over, for instance, Horizon is a telephone carrier, and now they're also an internet provider, so what we've got, and the same thing with Comcast.

Rama: Right!

Tara: So we've got these Internet Providers no longer ....

Rama: No longer in bed with the NSA.

Tara: That's correct. And AT&T is in there too. It allows them to curb our rights.

Rama: And all of his goes back to 9/11 and Patriot Act one, two, and three.

Tara: Yes, so that's one thing. Yes, so they're doing this while they have Chris Christie all over the news.

Rama: Yeah, this has dominated the news while there's other things going on. Well today to cut to the chase, today I spoke to Katherine and Chris Mathews of Hardball.

Tara: Tell everybody who Katherine is again?

Rama: Katherine works with the King of Swords in his office.

Tara: OK!


Rama: And basically what they told me is that this is the final, final, nano-seconds right now, as we are witnessing the entire collapse. I mean, President Hollande of France just had an affair, and I mean, this is blowing up in his face.

Tara: Well that's the second one, because the wife that he has now, was the result of having an affair when the previous wife was in, and this one that he's having an affair with is married also.


Rama: I mean this is following in the footsteps of Newt Gingrich, what he did between his various wives, and what Chris Mathews and Katherine shared with me today, I can't remember everything I told you today.


Tara: Oh, well the first thing I thought was pretty funny but, Chris Mathews says to Rama, “Hey Rama, how about a job, I can get you a job, with the MI 6.”

Rama: Yeah, and I said, “Sorry sir, with all due respect, I work for the Ashtar Command,” and he laughed, and he just said, “I was just testing you, and I said, “Well, do you still work for you know....”

Tara: The MI 6!

Rama: MI 6, and he said I, you know, I work for the Ashtar Command too.”

Tara: That's a big deal for Chris Mathews to say that.

Rama: That's right!

Tara: 'Cause indeed, that's where he came from, working with the MI 6, that was his overlords, and it's true that's why he could get him a job doing that. But, you know, from within, we need people to be inside every place, good, bad, and ugly. We've got people in the P2 Lodge, we've got people inside the Vatican, people inside every banking institution, every government institution, every Hollywood Institution, and every media situation. And the Bilderburgers, once a Bilderburger, always a Bilderburger

Rama: Yeah!

Tara: I mean, you know, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, all these people, and more recently people that would just raise your eyebrows. There's approximately 165 members of the Bilderburger's Society right now.


Rama: And how this relates to this moment now, coming up here on January twentieth, in Gabro, Switzerland, they're having their annual Bilderburger's Meeting, and a Mr. Abe from Japan is supposed to show up there. Well, according to Ben Fullford he's about to be arrested for his crimes against the people of Japan. What Chris Mathews....

Tara: Ah, on a terror charge that he had, when he goes to Davos for the Cabal meeting starting there. Yeah, it's the Cabal Meeting starting January twenty-first, and not necessarily the Bilderburger's Meeting. But it's got to do with this Aum [Shinriko] doomsday cult set up by a right wing extremist group including former Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara.

Rama: These folks did a sarin gas attack in the subway in Japan, and Mr. Abe is directly connected with this group.

Tara: Because his father..

Rama: Yes!


Tara: Shintaro Abe worked closely with the Bush-Scherff, and that's right the Bush-Scherff Nazi Faction in the West, developing and spreading weapons like that all over the World. So what this has to do with Chris Mathews and Katherine calling Rama today, the way Chris put it is, he said there's a group of whores that are in our Congress, and they answer to these folks we're mentioning here. And David Icke enumerates it very clearly, and it's about the reptilians, an ET race called Anunnaki, who invaded and occupied our Earth, not just four hundred and fifty thousand years ago, but sixty-five million years ago, and at this point in time.


You see the Anunnaki initially petitioned the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds headed up by Sananda Kumara of the Ashtar Command and Ashtar, and they asked, they wanted to colonize the Earth, and Ashtar and Sananda said no. They did not listen and they invaded anyway, and then they violated the Prime Directive, which is non-intervention in a civilization's development, unless in case of nuclear or psychic holocaust. And so what did they do? They copulated with the daughters of man.

Rama: Yes!


Tara: At that point we got hybridization going on. And the reason for not doing this intervention, and that prime directive being in place, is because the abilities of a fifth dimensional species, Anunnaki species, Elohim, which is not the highest endeavor. That's the fallen Angelic State, you know, the church calls it original sin, which is a complete dogma that has been, you might say the veil. It's called the veil, and some other the veil of Isis in the sense of we asked for it, and it's very important we get this. We asked for the veil. Why? Because we wanted to test ourselves, and find out if we could really listen to our own deep inner Divine emotions, and remember who we are.


And this Cancer Full Moon leads us right there. So in terms of again what's going on in the outer World it's not what it's really about right now. This Cancer shines a spotlight on the inner recesses of our heart, and our inner emotional bodies, and even takes you back to lifetimes, and lifetimes, and even in this lifetime the things that affected us as little children that we may have forgotten a long time ago. Just go back there, remember it. Nurture your emotional body like you never have before, and tender loving care, give it to it, because the efforts of the outer World right now is to take you farther away from your heart than you ever thought you could possibly go. As that's their plan so that they can take over the World right now. And it's scary.


And the other thing is the up and down vote coming up here for TPP, where it's already a done deal, and again it's been described as free trade on steroids, and then some. And it's the complete control of the corporatocracy kind, the media. If you look at that Bilderburger Group, all the media people, all the banksters, all the financial affairs of Prime Ministers, and the inner workings of the European Union, which is all Nazi background. This is why we have to pull the plug all the way, all the way this time. And we do it with Love, and the frequencies of using our own mirror, and take it back into ourselves, and look at that part that we have not led with in our own hearts.


To thine own self be true right now. Ashtar is here, the entire Ascended Hosts are here, the Ashtar Command, and Sananda Kumara, and the Mahdi. All are here so we can walk this walk. So let all of our Mothers and Fathers, and Sisters and Brothers, and let everything go. Not in a negative sense. Surrender to the power of the Higher Power of our Divine Emotion, our Divine Hearts, with Peace and Love, until I reach enlightenment. I take refuge in all the Buddhas, and in the Dharma, and in the Songha by the merit of accomplishing the six perfections: Love, Truth, Peace, Inner Peace, First, Freedom, Justice and Beauty, those six perfections. And may I achieve Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings.


And one more wonderful thing that we discovered, the place of the Gods. There is just the oldest Star Gate in our Earth's history. It goes beyond history, it's so far back. And it's in Egypt, and it's called interestingly enough, very close to the torture chamber called Abu Grabh. But this is spelled Abu Ghurab.

Rama: And this Star Gate is just twenty minutes outside of Cairo. I've been to this temple. It is so awesome!

Tara: Yeah, what do you call that thing again that we have in New Mexico, that symbol?

Rama: The Zia symbol of the four directions. Yeah it's huge, it's like a stone, it's a massive alabaster platform, of Abu Ghurab.

Rama: And it weighs I don't know how many tons.

Tara: It's a mandala that depicts the four directions, like Rama was saying, and it has an obelisk, sun disk that once stood in the center of it. And there's also this huge megalithic Temple and stone chamber, and these two huge bowls that are made out of rock, and what they did, you've got to picture this, because it looks like a desert now, but when it was here, you know, hundreds and thousands of years, it was a gorgeous Garden of Eden, with water everywhere, and waterfalls everywhere.

Rama: And rainforests and trees.


Tara: And rainforests and trees, and these stone bowls, they have a whole design to them, but they would get the gold out of all the water, the water was just laden with this gold, beautiful, beautiful stuff. And they had sheets of mica that covered these stone megalithic passage ways, and they literally when they came into contact with the gold it would be attracted to that, and a piezo-electric effect would come about in the same process, and create electricity without using any chemicals, none.

Rama: No power companies!

Tara: This befits what we are talking about when we have the Dr. Keshe Report.

Rama: Right!

Tara: Rama if you haven't sent this to them, the forum is on Keshefoundation.org. He elucidates to something that is just awesome, and I'll get my mouth quiet here in a minute.


I wanted to read this one thing. “We give and facilitate the release of technology to the men of greed, that they can produce enough gold and precious metals that they could wish for, that eventually they will shy away, even to show any interest in possessing such materials. Why, because it literally mirrors back to the World and everybody else in it, and to them their absolute, you might say exposure of the game that's been being played. There's been an infinite source of abundance. There has never been any lack ever."


Peace to all of us. Let's forgive our brothers and sisters. The jig is up! We all see, and let it be, let it be, speaking words of wisdom let it be. I pass this long stem Lavender Rose Talking Stick back to you Sister Fran.

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh


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