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          Tara & Rama Report 1-14-20
Tara & Rama: Greetings! In the light of the most Radiant One! Thank you, Mother [Sekhmet]. Thank you, Eli.  
Tara: As clear as crystal is the perspective that Mother is giving us, and Eli, coming through with his higher self - the perspective is the Galactic one at the 5th Dimensional level, so the itinerary of the good, bad and ugly things going on - we’re not taking it from the 3rd dimensional level anymore. 
And this is about ending the old paradigm completely, and we’re not going to nit-pick, because the pecking order is up, up, up and away into the old order, and as things are falling apart for this prospect of continuing on in endless war, there are more desperate actions that are being ordered for other people to do on the way down.
And just remember that there are no politicians that have anything to say about the orders coming from that power pyramid.  And all the different shenanigans are just that. They are just shenanigans.  And I would say that the Ashtar Command and our Ascended Master Host here, with St. Germain in charge, have it well in hand as to what we can do about everything in our lives.  
I’m just going to say that this is an Eclipse that we just had here on the 10th, of extremes, and therefore, of extreme possibilities.  And Sarah Varcas said it this way, “It could bring a liberation from a viewpoint that has kept us in prison mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or it could strengthen those prison bars with a dose of so-called reality which tells us nothing ever changes, life is a struggle and the sooner it’s over, the better.
“Yet it reminds us that personal experience cannot be divorced from the collective energetic field in which lies the potential for all things. So in seeing beyond our tiny fear-based perspective we can open ourselves to this wider potential which wraps us in awe."
"We are on the very edge of the greater vision that we have been less privy to until Sunday, when Saturn had a meeting with Pluto for the first time in 500 years – conjunct in our Capricornian energy, which is the mountain goat. ‘Climb every mountain, ford every stream.’ You might say that we’re in the same place as the Von Trapp family was when they were escaping from Germany across the Alps.
“And we are really not escaping this time.  We are actually walking into everything our ancestors ever worked hard and lived for.” And just to remind everybody, the last time this happened, Martin Luther had just two months earlier, just nailed his 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenberg and began the Protestant revolution. This time we’re beginning 5th Dimensional consciousness on Earth. And so the last time was January 1517. This time it’s January 2020.
I was just going to say that Pluto, often referred to as the planet of death and power, and he is also s*x and taboos, and he is not under our control.  Yet let’s just look at this from the perspective of going beyond death now. And that literally the idea that we are going to end our lives in that a death process of the physical bodies is cancelled!  And, of course, as we learn more about how we can do this on all levels, that’s where we are right now. So I just wanted to make that clear. 
And today, I am just going to jump into today, when Natasha spoke with me (This is Rama speaking) as I called her for a few minutes on the phone, late this morning. As the energy goes higher and higher, the dark ones are losing more and more control of the Planet.  They continue to try to stir the pot in various areas of the Planet. Yet, ultimately they are failing. Right now the Articles of Impeachment are being brought into focus. Nancy Pelosi is playing her role very close to her chest.  Yet I asked Natasha today, “At this point, is Nancy Pelosi a clone, now that she is looking younger, which is a sign of cloning?”
Natasha answered in this way, "Lord Rama, there are going to be many surprising stories as all of this is said and done.  In other words, we are all going to learn all of this in good time as to what they have had to do to unhinge all of the Planet from all of this dark downward spiral. It is taking Heaven and Earth to move this in the right direction.
"Meaning the energies of the quantum field are moving us at hyper-dimensional light speed into the new timeline that has already been anchored on Mother Gaia this past Sunday, with the Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, which hasn’t been in the general public’s awareness until Sunday, in other words, whether or not people are cognizant, they know that something has changed at the deepest cellular/molecular level.
"So let’s focus on the positive, tremendously uplifting positive activities going on right now - and let the past go." That is all Lady Natasha said to me today. I say, “Be positive and blaze the Violet Fire. Peace and Love.”  
And then His Holiness the Dalai Lama sent me a tweet, at 3:13 AM this morning.
“Compassion enhances our self-confidence, because a calm mind allows our common Human intelligence to bloom. If we are angry, our thinking is distorted and we don’t see different aspects of reality. A calm mind enables us to take a broader, more realistic view.”
So I guess what I want to say, just personally, is that our sister Penny shared a story with us in the last few days about a little girl.  And she was very young and she saw someone in the grocery store and she also saw another man. Anyway she was attracted to elderly folks. And every time she was connecting like that she brought some incredible joy to those people’s lives.  And in the last part of the story, this one elderly man ended up being part of her family, for the last 3 plus years now. And just seeing a young person reach in as if they have touched somebody's soul, and make it as though that it was just someone that is part of their lives.  That’s what we can do right now.
There isn’t anything else that we can do right now, except touch people at the soul level - and also surrender our disbelief. It is absolutely true that the body that we have been used to being in, is not the body that it is now. Recognizing that, accepting that and opening up to the details - because we are in 2000 years of applying detail and an over-lighting astrological perspective, which requires us to let go of our old belief in what reality is. 
Love in the cells is taking on a new meaning right now. And that’s really, how can we do this in every moment?  By what we said the last time. The last time, the last three things that were said the last time was - breathe long, deep and slow; smile, because it works; and look for the magic. There is more magic than has ever been for us to see ever before.
And having a light body is nothing like what we thought we had until we start now taking in these energies. These cosmic energies is the impossible dream, you might say. And I want to suggest that we look at everything that we are used to doing with a different light, from washing the dishes to brushing the teeth to going for a walk.
And don’t even think twice about the fact that you might be sitting down next to a tree and a Fairy shows up and you can see that Fairy - because that’s the window that’s been opened right now. And there is no turning back! And you know the feeling that we are dragging our wagon, you might say, getting older, that’s changing dramatically. And it does take believing that the magic is here to accept that.
"There are the very life forces themselves that are renewing us, refreshing us, and flooding the Planet and all of us who live here on Earth. Yet at this time we can reach out and touch this energy, identify it, name it.  Yet as we seek its substance it melts right before our eyes. Nothing is as it seems - and yet we must live it anyway, both mundane and divine. In doing so we embody the unbounded Human Spirit which is rising triumphant, undeterred by the barriers it must breach to make its mark."
This is an insight that will unfold very rapidly now.
So I don’t have too much more to say.  I just want to say, let’s do it together, and let’s love each other more on more deeply engaged levels as we have conversations together of what we have shared so many years, and really take it to heart. And let go of all the old pain, because ‘Pain is just something that is inevitable, but suffering in it is optional,’ as the Buddha said.   And let’s really make that really real right now. In the smallest little twinkling of an eye, Ascension is with us.   So I pass this talking stick.
And assist us, please.  We need some good contributions right now. We need $150.00 to be able to continue to work with Beneficial Farms.  We would be grateful for some assistance there. Rama, do you want to share anything from your heart?
We wanted everyone to know that Tyberron’s beloved wife Ann left today and made her transition. She has been battling with cancer for a long time, but she made her transition today, so let’s put her in that circle of support and him as well and all those who loved them, and we loved them, too. 
Rama do you want to share a little bit? 
Rama: Just that the quantum field is moving us so fast with the frequencies right now.  That’s why I am being told right now to focus on the positive and stay in that heart centered place.  And it’s just rapidly unfolding in front of our eyes. That’s why the Fairy Lords and the Elves and all the Beings are here. Thank you so much!
Tara:  There’s one little thing that came out today that’s called ‘Stardust found that’s older than Earth.’  Scientists have identified ancient grains that have been found in a meteorite as stardust. Grains of silicon carbide formed in the gases of a dying star that are 7 billion years old, more than 2 billion years older than the Solar System. Microscopic grains of dead stars are the oldest known material on the Planet, older than the Moon, Earth, and the Solar System itself. 
By examining chemical clues of the meteorite mineral dust, researchers have determined the most ancient grains are 7 billion years old, about half as old as the Universe. And I’m just going to say that’s not a mistake either that we’re discovering something like this. So let’s take a clue that we haven’t a clue about who we are yet - but it’s coming.
I pass this talking stick to my beloved sister Fran. 
Transcribed  by Rita and edited by Fran.
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