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Tara & Rama Report 1-22-19
Tara and Rama:  Greetings! 
Tara: Oh, my! Thank you, Mother [Sekhmet] - thank you, Eli!  Interesting how the parallel timing and words are happening here with this report for us too, as well as Mother’s report.
Today Rama had a call and he was able to talk with Natasha and Tom the Ring-tailed Cat.  And they said to me (Rama speaking now) The matrix continues to collapse and the machines cannot control The Force of the Light as they and their cohorts have thought in the old paradigm timeline.  Now since we are on the other side of the zero degrees Leo extraordinary Super Blood Moon, full moon, total lunar eclipse, there is a full open gateway to actualizing, as Meg Benedicte says, ‘our Soul’s destiny.’  We are still in this Lunar Full Moon Leo Eclipse, a very potent and encouraging energy for embracing our Soul Presence within as well as Mother Gaia doing the same.
On the positive side of this eclipse, it can shake loose, as Meg says, old distortion filters and viewpoints that have blinded our access to universal abundance.  The eclipses peel away delusional beliefs, and as Natasha and Tom are saying, it will be much easier to see through the propaganda, to see through the lies, and to stand up and speak truth to power.  And to be able to reach others who have been, you might say, have been blinded to what’s really true.  Also, these distortion blinders and ego-blocks are being purged with the incoming Diamond Galactic Light surge.  The eclipses are famous for sudden breakthroughs and timeline shifts and that is truly happening now.  The programs of Light are fully on. 
This is a basis for clearing up this old so-called crisis at the border that there hasn't been for years.  As a matter of fact, more people have been leaving the United States, especially for Mexico, and going back home to Mexico, than have been coming here for many, many years.  The people who are coming here now have been doing so overwhelmingly as refugees fleeing the violence being experienced in their home countries, basically, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, which have been overwhelmingly violent because of US intervention and policies and regime change in their countries. 
In addition to that, there have been droughts and or floods that have caused in these countries people to not have enough to eat.  It has been a very strong factor that has not been discussed. 
Natasha and Tom continued, “This Super Blood Moon Eclipse has connected with the Great Central Sun, Lord Alcyone In the Pleiades, and is sending a burst of light to our Solar Sun, Sol, and it is releasing the frequencies to an even higher octave all across this Planet and our Solar System.  This is causing the recalcitrance, and the recalcitrant ones to experience very discombobulating and uncomfortable energies and a greater and greater loss of control.” 
Concerning President Obama, Lady Natasha and Tom the Ring-tailed Cat said, “President Obama spoke to them today and he said to them, and to all of us through them, quote,
'I have had to do things in order to keep my family alive.  This does not mean that I have sold out to the dark side.  I have been, by necessity, a double agent, in order to accomplish this.  The truth of the timeline converging and the work that being a double agent has been able to accomplish will be known after NESARA is enacted.
'And as NESARA is enacted, I will be there on stage to tell the whole story myself alongside Captain Ashtar and Admiral Sananda Kumara. The light that is pouring in right now is initiating great unexpected change for the good. The accountability is now totally on the table and the darkness and separation can no longer maintain itself.  The Deep State operations are being shaken up to their core.  Progress is moving along at a more rapid rate and pace than has ever been on Planet Earth.'  
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And I am going to let Rama say something more, he has something more to say.
Rama: What I can say is that as we are watching the continued chaos in this the 33rd day of the shutdown, this is affecting millions of people and it is about a non-crisis. The crisis is everything that is going on with President Trump’s family, has to do, not with Putin, but with the Deep State, and the war against each other in the thirteen families.  They are fighting to the death with these games and it involves the criminal gangs around the planet.  That is not being discussed except on the periphery of the news agencies.  They don’t go there. 
It is about how the media is controlled, also, by let’s say, the criminal government connected with the criminal gangs, and how this breaks right at this moment, is that these energies are still not out of this eclipse, I mean,  the waves of energy that are going across our [planet]
Tara: and will continue through the whole year,
Rama: Yes, and the waves are only going to get bigger and stronger. And the dark side has lost.  That’s as plain as day.
Tara:  There is also a rare alignment that occurred between January 17th through yesterday [21st].  And all the planets have gone direct.  It’s abbreviated as APDM, all planets in direct motion.  And all these planets will continue to be direct and 5 planets in their natural star sign throughout 6 or so weeks.  This is a time period for us to shine and to trust our hearts to be able to match with people at their heart level and move with a much more rapid speed, yet with our heads in the clouds and our feet on the ground.  We can take advantage of this time to apply to ourselves a new lifestyle.
There was a major report in the British publication, called The Lancet Commission, and they made a major report saying that the food on the planet has to be changed, the food program on the planet, and that eating red meat needs to be completely cut out of everybody’s diet, that it has caused more disease and death than anything that we have put in our diet, ever.  This is the British Lancet science on the subject saying that there has to be a major increase in plant food.  And there is much written now how to do that and how to follow a way to prepare foods that will be more applicable to our health and better living - and bring in more Light.  I thought that was major to share.
Also there is another thing that’s going on here.  It’s called the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration, or NOAA.  And this is according to a January 11th, 2019 report from Will Brown of the BGS, the geomagnetic team at the British Geology Survey Society.  The Earth’s geomagnetic poles, mainly the magnetic north, are migrating at a much faster rate than predicted.  At such a rate that scientists have had to update the world magnetic model much earlier than expected. 
The model is routinely updated every 5 years.  Yet due to unpredicted rapid migration of the magnetic north, an update was requested by the United States military ahead of the 5 year update which was due at the end of 2020. 
Due to the government shutdown, the United States update that was scheduled for January 15th of this month, has been postponed until January 30th, and it is unclear as this is a tentative date that is dependent on re-opening of the government. According the Mr. Brown, the WMM, the World Magnetic Model, is a joint effort of BGS and the United States NOAA’s NCEI [National Center for Environmental Information] on behalf of the UK’s Defense Geographic Center and the US National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.
NATO and the US Department of Defense, the military and the UK’s military are all relying on this world magnetic model for accurate shipping, flight and submarine navigation. For a better understanding of how it works and our dependence on it, Mr. Brown gives an expert excellent explanation.
On the spiritual level, what’s being said is that as we adjust to this magnetic shift of the North Pole, which is moving South-Southeast, what that’s doing is bringing the colder weather to our Northeast area of the United States.  I mean the whole place has been covered with ice in the last day or so, and it’s going to bring more cold to that area in particular. 
And again, the shifting of our consciousness to use this magnetic north energy, which is changing, and staying with it, will promote the best possible reversal of the dysfunctions of what we are doing here on Planet Earth with misunderstandings and propaganda.  And that would require us to work with our higher frequencies from our chakras and our nine stars above our crown chakra.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: to access the etheric physical awareness and bring it into our form.
The Light of God/Goddess All That Is, is for good now, shifting in more and more rapid ways.  It is time now for us to let go of the polarity political fighting and come to know that there is a way now for us to be the America of St.Germain’s dreams, the United States of Altea-America, the New Heaven and the New Earth on this Planet.
And we have a complete shift in our location, where we are living in Espanola. And the location that we have is a challenge in terms of our shows.  As a result, we have been discovering that we need to get a T1 line which is very expensive.  It’s going to require about $648.00 a month to access our shows without losing the ability to be clear. 
As a result, we are asking for, in your heart of hearts, that you might want to make a pledge, because we are going to have to see that every month, that each person would pledge a certain amount. Take a considerable note of what you can do and then send it [by PayPal money to friends] to koran999@comcast.net [with a note for what it's for]
Rama: Yes.
Tara: It’s an absolute necessity; when the weather’s okay then it’s pretty okay, and if there is any kind of change in the weather even with a little bit of rain or anything, then the problems become challenging.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: So as the White Knights are saying, Lady Nada, Natasha and Tom that this is not the time to forget about the communication lines because this is more important than ever right now.  The work that we get to do together now is going to be pure bliss and that has to do with the enactment of NESARA. 
The first four countries to receive their blessings are going to be the United States, Canada, Australia and England.  And the reason is is that, as we receive our blessings, we are going to be required to help the rest of the world first.  We are going to be receiving enormous amounts of blessings and the responsibility with it.  There will be all kinds of education in these packages of what’s already there that we can continue to contribute to. 
The wealthy visionaries already received their blessings from NESARA between 1996 and 1999.  The reason being for them to set up these places around the world, where as we receive ours, they will be providing new technologies, higher education, all free energy and all the things that need to be upgrading our whole world.  That’s going to be our mission. And that’s a requirement to receive these blessings.  I just wanted to say that this period of time between then and now is not very long.
Rama: No, it’s not.
Tara: and the acceleration of these good energies is on our shoulders as the Ashtar Command members that we are.  So, we can do this.  ‘Yes, we can,’ as Obama says.
I was just going over some of the shows that we have from last year.  I just got impressed to go back to the end of the year [2018] and something very interesting I came upon is that Michelle Obama, (this was on The Last Word when Ari Melber took Lawrence O’Donnell’s place on the last Thursday of the year.) 
On that day he announced the ‘Most Admired Americans of the Year’ and the most admired woman was Michelle Obama.  This was according to a non-partisan Gallup poll that’s done yearly. And the ‘most admired man’ was Barack Obama and he’s held that title for the last eleven consecutive years.  And so this is something that’s been kind of buried, where that place was that we felt about these people. 
Yet what Obama said, he said something on November 4th right before the midterms, “You can choose hope over fear. You can choose a bigger, more prosperous, more generous, kinder version of America.” 
And Michelle said, “What we need to do is bridge the gap between caring about what kind of stuff we talk about, and actually doing something about it.”  So the activities of these two going on behind the scenes are great and they have been working all through this period to bring the Light to this Planet.  And it shall be so.  And NESARA now and thirteen thank you’s, honey in the heart, and no evil.
And I will just repeat really quickly we need pledges to be able to get a T1 line which is required now for us to be able to continue to do our shows.  And the Faction Three White Knights said, don’t give up now, please.  Keep this show on the air. That the best is yet to come and the things that we are going to get to do together with the blessings that come in from NESARA Law, which will all be here first, the United States, Canada, England and Australia.  Those are the first four on the list that are going to be receiving.  It will take about a year for all of the countries in the world to receive their blessings from NESARA
And the reason that we are first on that list is because we are required with those huge blessings to benefit the rest of the world.  And there will be an education, and many things listed there that have been created by these wealthy visionaries already having received their blessings from NESARA between 1996 and 1999.  And the reason that they received theirs early is because they could go around the world and set up all these new dispensations, new technology stations, new energy stations, free education, advanced philosophy teachings, all of the things that we have been waiting for that St. Germain has been teaching, are being set up all over the world.
And they are ready for us to come in with the blessings and our consciousness and our missions to start bringing that through.  And that’s going to be our job, every single one of us. This has always been a Galactic operation, has always been St. Germain, Mother Sekmet and Ashtar (Sananda being in charge) through us, so we have been the late ones here and we have the greatest responsibility in the Office of the Christ, and only in the Office of the Christ.  So Mote it Be.  NESARA now!
Thank you in advance.  You can send the contributions, I mean the pledges, for the $648.00 a month to have that T1 line in here on Rama’s website [email], which is koran999@comcast.net   Please - and thank you so much!  I pass this talking stick back to my sister, Fran. Namaste!
Transcribed by Rita. Edited by Fran.
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