Tara & Rama Report 1-24-17
Tara: Greetings, Everyone! Rama got to find out some few little things from our four Pleiadian sisters today.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: They are literally from the Pleiades, yet they are attending St.John’s College as college students and all four of them are about 6’4” and they are blue and blonde and nobody knows where they came from (laughter). Oh my God! Anyway, they explained that there are 2 near earth objects passing between our moon and our planet that are coming in the next 48 hours and a comet number 57P-H/Delta is also passing through our sector of states that we are presently passing through.
Just to remind everybody that we are not standing still. We are traveling along following the Sun in our own unique orbit. Each planet in our Solar System is doing this autonomously yet in harmony, traveling and following our sun which is traveling at the rate of 200 kilometers per second towards the Lyran Constellation and following in particular a star called Vega. And we are going back home because we came through the star Vega here from the Pleiades at Galactic Center, but we are going back there,
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: which means that’s why the energies are ever increasing.
Rama: They explained to me that we are being moved up to the 6th and 7th dimensions right now, and this is extremely painful to the 13 families who wish to still stay in “maya" land, meaning illusion.
Tara: Yes, as Rachael [Maddow] said last night, and she’s not the only one, but everybody has reported that Mr Trump blurted out that he thought that ‘the winner gets the spoils’ and so we should have taken the oil in Iraq and he’s kind of saying that we are going to do that now.
Rama: and that has led the world in a firestorm of saying, you know, “We’re pissed at you, Donald Trump.”
Tara: Well, that’s the least of it.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Our military has incredible technology and incredible reach and they take incredible risks. That’s Rachael speaking, and we as taxpayers pay an incredible price for it and yet we support our troops and we respect their sacrifice and we worry about the dangers they face. We do not want them to face unnecessary danger and we very rarely have to worry that the danger that they face emanates from our own government. Yet until they fix this, this policy that by his own words the President of the United States makes and President Donald Trump made this policy that we’re going to go after the oil again and we’re going to do that anywhere where our soldiers are in the Middle East  We have soldiers on the ground in Iraq, 5000 there. We have soldiers, say in the form of personnel, that are on the ground in Syria. We have soldiers on the ground in Libya and they all have large quantities of oil. 
So what’s going on here? This President in his most recent little orders on what we should do as policy is go after the oil in these countries. We actually already heard last night that the Iraqi soldiers that we were co-working with together on the ground, they were threatening our soldiers that, "if you don’t change that policy we are going to shoot you.” Okay so, we’ve got a problem. For every American who is serving in the oil producing countries abroad as if their mission wasn’t dangerous enough already, it has just become very dangerous. 
Tara: So now, our brother Lord Sananda Kumara in an incarnation in the past was named Deganawida and the object of these laws that the Iroquois Federation Constitution represents, and it’s Circa 1570 .That’s right after Sir Francis Bacon came into this world. Also Barack Obama in his previous life incarnation was about in his 20’s sometime at that time as Akbar the Great overlighted by our brother El Morya-Excalibur and the object of these laws Deganawida said, is to establish peace. The exact date of the founding of the Confederation of the Iroquois is not known because it was long before the Europeans ever arrived here. It might have even been 5 centuries ago. It might have been as recent as 1570.  According to the Iroquois tradition, the holy man named Deganawida, 1550 -1600, said to be born of a virgin, decided that bloody and endless wars among tribes in the huge rectangle from the Hudson River to Lake Erie must cease. (And when they say born of a virgin, what that is is a symbol of is that he was born of a woman that did not need a sperm a seed. She was able to create out of herself, which all of us have the capacity to do except for us remembering who we are, and this is the story. So the tribes must try to live in harmony and justice in a government of law. He united the Seneca, Cayuga, Onandaga, Oneida and Mohawk under the sheltering branches of a symbolic tree of great peace. 
Rama didn’t we have a movie about this, the tree of Great Peace, Avatar ?
Rama: Yes, the great tree where Ewa the Great Mother Goddess talked to the people of Pandora about the ways of the force.
Tara: What did the Pleiadians say about that?
Rama: They said that this is the time, this is the place, right now.
Tara: And that those objects that are passing through us, they carry an energy that’s beyond where we are. Meaning that they’ve been travelling ahead of us and now they are bringing those energies of higher frequencies into our field of perception and that Great Tree of Peace also is written about in another book called Master Symbol of the Solar Cross. And it says here under this great tree, it says, “No effort for the good of others is ever lost, whether or not the person who planted the original seed can see the fruit from that effort. It will remain, the results will ever continue as a Tree of Life, as the fruit of its knowledge becomes imperishable through the inner standing within the hearts of others.”
So, I was taking to a brother right before we came in here and he said,“It looks pretty dire out there and how are we going to change this? What can I do?  And the answer is always, when Rama talks to any one of his people, he’s told to go inside. And they said it again today. It is mandated that we meditate at least twice a day.
Rama: Yes. These energies that are going on, as Lady Master Nada explained it to me earlier last week, that these life forms operate from the first three chakras, which are survival energies, and you must come from the heart, the throat, the third eye, the crown and the nine stars above our head, or we are not attached to the energies that are going on right now.  And she made the point that these life forms are having a very hard time with the energies as they move up exponentially. That’s why you are watching the ‘orange man’ with a flurry of his hands just continue to write Executive Orders.  And behind the scenes, I was told this today by the 4 Pleiadian ladies, they want to push Alex Jones as where Donald Trump gets his news from. Alex Jones is so far out there based in fear-based realities where he is pushing the Jesuit Agenda.
Tara: Yes, because he received 2 billion dollars from the Vatican to do that and this has to do with churches. And we all have some past influence in general of organized religion, and the intention of all organized religion is to uplift male domination and degrade feminine energies, and so this is the dose that we are getting here, and without a hesitation, what’s going is that they are planning for war and on the chart of astrology around the 27th of February it could be at that time. We’re not saying it is. All I’m saying is that our work is very imperative.
So let’s go back to Deganawida. They said that there is a 6th tribe after the other 5 that joined in 1724, the Tuscarora, and they live in Canada. These beings, they have a legislative and an executive and a judicial set of powers and they were held by one body called The Council of the 49 Sachems. Onondaga were the fire keepers and the Wampum keepers. (Wampum- they made belts and they put beads on the belts and each one of those beads represented a principle of their body of law and to remind them. It’s kind of like the mara beads of India.)  And again, these teachings came directly through Daganawida-Sananda.  I want everybody to remember because the original Declaration of Independence was written in the Iroquois language and then there was about a quarter at the end tacked on that Thomas Jefferson got approved, minus the fact that he had originally written that slavery would be abolished immediately with that Declaration of Independence and the South said, ‘No.’
Okay, now the deal is that the Republican Party, when it first began in 1856 it was a progressive party. The Whigs went by the wayside, and it was a very progressive party. They supported the ending of slavery which Abraham Lincoln as a Republican actualized. Yet it wasn’t long after that that they killed him and it wasn’t John Wilkes Boothe, it was the Rothschilds that killed him - it wasn’t John Wilkes Boothe at all. And that’s something we don’t necessarily know. By the late 1860’s early 1870’s, that all had been twisted around and we got what we’ve got now, a really hard core combination of control, domination, white Aryan male and this is what this is. Donald Trump represents ‘make America great again’ which was taken from Hitler’s day, make Germany great again’ and he actually coined this and gets traffic every time that word is reiterated on the networks. Then he went from there to ‘make America first,’ And what’s he doing? It’s very good stuff, I know, getting rid of the TPP is very good. 
Now Barack Obama as a double agent had to encourage TPP because he has represented having to do what Hilary Clinton, the representative of the 13 families, literally laid the law down for what he had to do. She has been laying the law down since 1991, October 1st, when she took over because Bush Sr. was pretty much in lots of trouble. He was incompetent and he had been doing heroin since 1980 every day and it took its toll. 
He was incompetent and he was basically removed by our White Knights at that point and a clone was placed in his place. And not too much later in 1993 one of the first clones was taken out in Japan and we went on to 34 renditions of that. We’ve got to look at this because he’s gonna also take the wire cutters and clip NAFTA.  Who is really responsible for NAFTA?  Originally it was Ronald Reagan. Yes, Bill Clinton really doubled down on it. What did he also do?  He lifted all the regulations and he deregulated all of our media.
What happened then? This conservative party took over the reins, meaning the Fascist State, because that’s what happened in the late 1860’s, early 1870. We had something called the Colombia Organic Act in 1871 which just completely locked us into a Fascist Proleteriat, a complete story. 
Tara: Now a couple of nights ago I’m watching the news and I was speaking to Rama, “They are not saying anything about Hillary.” And finally this person, who I don't know his name right now, but he came out and he said we had absolute proof that Hillary stole 13 of the primaries from Bernie Sanders very surreptitiously. She also introduced the idea that the Russians were causing problems with our elections and we have absolute proof that Hillary started that. OK. Now we are talking. Now we are seeing it.
And then there are lots of lightworkers that are saying that Donald Trump is going to save us. Okay, now this is important. Every single child that is begotten by the 13 families, they are predesigned, In other words, they decide whose gonna do what before they are even conceived, by whom, and they are gonna decide what their sireship is going to be. Bill Clinton is a hybrid, his mother is fully human. His father is
Rama: Winthrop Rockefeller.
Tara: who is a full blooded reptile and the jury, the King of Swords said, was out back in 1997, you know when he got his second term, it was very close and the, you might say, the key States decided to go with Bill Clinton instead of [Bob Dole]. The point is that a year after that, I believe it was late 1997 or early 1998, there was this sniper and he went in and he killed the guard at the Capital and then he went in to another guard and killed that guard and he got into the room and then the story changed from there that they didn’t tell. Inside that room there were lots of people working there and Bill Clinton was in there, but it was one of the 21 clones of Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton the real one is still alive but this guy, this sniper killed him and they all witnessed that. And he had some brown shirt with him - brown shirts were Nazis. His entire private guard were Nazis, (and that has to do with Hillary too) and one of the brown shirts killed the sniper. That’s the true story.
So we need to have balance here. In other words, this Aryan race concept is how we were conceived from the beginning and we did not consider the red race, the Iroquois, Deganawida, from the very beginning and that’s because, you know, over about 500 years since Deganawida was here, his people were slaughtered. In the entire Western Hemisphere 100s and 100s of millions of the red race were slaughtered over that 500 year period. Who ordered this?  The Vatican!
So why were they doing this? Because the Vatican had something called the Doctrine of Discovery that was instituted in 1452, 40 years before 1492 when this person that we call Christopher Colombus came over here. That’s not the real Christopher Colombus  that we talk about - we say that was St Germain. The real Christopher Colombus was Prince Nicolaos Ypsilantis. He was a Moorish deeply melanated skin person of color and you might say from Greece. There were no people in Europe before they did the experiment that were white. Everybody was deeply melanated. That happened as an experiment of mal-intent. So that doesn’t mean that we are not any good. It just means that as we decided to incarnate as white people with consciousness we decided to have to deal with this.
The conclusion is that there is an article out that says it very clearly. It says why Trump’s inauguration is not the beginning of an era, rather it is the end. And I’m just going to read one sentence.
“We are suffering just now from a bad attack of economic pessimism.  It is common to hear people say that the epic of economic progress which characterized the 19th century is over and that rapid improvement in the standard of life is now going to slow down, at any rate in Great Britain, that a decline in prosperity is more likely than an improvement in the decade which lies ahead of us. I believe that this is a wildly mistaken interpretation of what is happening to us. We are suffering not from the rheumatics of old age, rather from the growing pains of over-rapid changes from the painfulness of readjustment between one economic period and another.”  [John Maynard Keynes, 1930]
And Michelle for President and NESARA now, and it’s not over until the fat lady sings.
We love you and we do need help. We don’t have enough to get through each day. We really need some contributions. Thank you for your generosity. Namaste.
Transcribed by Arun. Edited by Fran.
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