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Tara & Rama Report 1-28-20
Tara and Rama: Okay, Greetings, Everyone! 
Tara: I just thank you so much, Maydeen and Lei’ohu.  I don’t know what we would do without you. You have a way with that ukulele and you both emphasize 'Judge not, lest you and I be judged. We have not walked in anybody else’s shoes; we have barely filled our own.’  And let’s get with that one.
And I loved what you said so poetically, Lei ‘ohu, ‘I am in the same canoe with you.’ And I know that the word canoe in the Pacific Island way is referring to Starships and a lot of people don’t know that.  And yes, that canoe, we are all in it together. And that’s what it means when we say we are coming to the Ashtar Command call, because we are the ones we have been waiting for all this time
And we’re going to give a bit of the hard news in that we are going to refer to what we just learned, and to remain in Unconditional Divine Neutrality as we record this. So we are going to go all the way back to Wednesday, last Wednesday.  And this has to do with very long days and nights of impeachment hearings and trials and yada, yada. So here’s the back story: 
So last Wednesday, the 22nd, I got a text message from Natasha today around noon. She said to me, “Lord Rama, Adam Schiff is lying through his teeth, and at the same time, laying it out in lavender. Both sides are lying.  It all has to do with the Clinton Foundation where trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars have been funneled through this foundation to keep war going on this Planet for profit, at the behest of this country and all of the other old paradigm leaderships who are using the seat of power in this country to manifest infinite war in the world, through the Clinton Foundation.” 
And the next statement, Natasha said to me, “The Rothschilds are finished.“ And the reason that we mentioned that name in particular is that all the other families dovetail to that family. And the Rothschild family represents the old paradigm, all the fallen angelic presences on this planet, and you might say, they have been disappeared in a certain way.
And I could use a metaphor our sister Omena who works with us on counselling on Thursdays at the Stargate Roundtable. She was saying that the animals that we have here on this Planet Rama: They are disappearing.
Tara: They are certain bodies. We are not our bodies. No one is their body. We are stewards to care for this body, because it’s precious.  We volunteered to come into this incarnational form body in order to be present, to uplift everybody in everything we do, and uplift ourselves. And take on whatever tasks, incarnational patterns, good, bad and ugly, and we’ve all had some of everything. All of us. It’s all called ‘experience.’ And experience is always the best teacher. 
Right now on the 12th, this Sunday in January, a stunning configuration that only happened 500 years ago the last time.  We talked about this. With it, it brought the potential and the reality of no more death in this body, with the energies to accomplish it with - and that’s the truth! And the truth shall set us free.
Okay, so the last time this happened, Martin Luther pounded on that church door his 95 Theses, you might say, to create the Protestant Revolution. And then St. Germain showed up 43 years later to bring it higher, to bring in the possibility and probability of a reformation.  And a short name for NESARA is the ‘Reformation Act’ and it represents the end of this old paradigm even including the way it ended up getting done at the time of Martin Luther, still fighting going on and causing harm to life on the planet.
“So now we fix this. How we fix this, Natasha’s going on, “is to visualize, to create our Merkaba vehicle, Metatron’s cube, the Tesseract. It is the tetrahedron vehicle, four-sided vehicle around our aura. Visualize it spinning to quantum light speed level.  It amplifies the electromagnetic energy coming from the Sun, the gold dust sending good vibrations into dark places. The gold dust, another term for it is mono-atomic gold.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: A man named David Hudson did an experiment where he put Au2 (on the chart Au2 represents gold). He put it in a flask and he heated the flask up to over 3000 degrees and the gold disappeared.
Then he allowed it to cool down, and at a certain point it reappeared. He retested the gold and it was Au1. Au1 is mono-atomic gold. So what we are doing here is doing that - especially as we dance, as we sing, as we come together and do these things together in a way in which, as Maydeen was saying, “We’ve not done the old way, over and over and over again.  We take a new attitude of Gratitude.” And the configuration of the Sun is coming in to assist us to transmute this thing called death.
And that is what the Au1 does too; mono-atomic gold is a substance which can transmute all that which is representative of death in the body. And it comes in through meditation, through dance, through song, through prayer through the positive way of life, and no judgement on anything at all. We’re ending that paradigm called polarity.
That was an experiment that we all wanted to choose for ourselves, to see if we could experience and remember ourselves. Okay, it’s at the bottom of the barrel at the moment. Remembering ourselves as infinite immortal Beings is where we are right now, with no death, and it’s absolutely highly probable that we’re all getting this process right now. Okay, that was last Wednesday. 
So then we’re going to go to Thursday.  So Rama said, “I went to Crazy Steve and Nicodemus the Rat to visit them.  And these two beings, they escaped from the Los Alamos laboratory decades ago. And they know all kinds of things and they have to be very careful.  So they have been living in the area for at least 25/30 years.
Rama: yes
Tara: And Rama’s known them that long. And Nicodemus looks like a normal human, but he can shape shift to his original form as a rat. They did much experimentation on him in Los Alamos Labs, as well as they did on Crazy Steve. The two of them are just amazing because they are working from the underground for the Light. So this is what happened.
They took me to this place where the three of us climbed down a ladder about two stories below. Then we went to a good sized room off to the side of the tunnel that Nicodemus and Steve had a key to.  We went into this room. Inside, they flipped a switch on the wall and all these screens turned on. And they had video cameras focused on places all over the world that are entrances and exits to secret military bases of this country. As far as I saw, at least 20 screens, and on some of the screens I saw 3 jets taking off one at a time from an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf. This is concerning Iran.  All this activity is real time on those screens.
Professor Nicodemus said to me, “There are huge movements going on around Mother Gaia concerning the United States military forces. They are being told by the Galactic Forces of Light, in person, to ‘Stand Down’ while they still can. There was no response.” One of the video cameras was a direct stream of the Solar Observatory that is watching our Sun, Sol.  And I, we could see the various Starships emerging through the portal in the Sun, coming through the portal and circling Mother Gaia.
There are trillions of Starships surrounding our Planet as we speak. This is all concerning the great activity going on throughout our Solar System. This is regarding the three things Greg Braden speaks of often - climate destruction, conflict, and consciousness. How we apply ourselves in consciousness takes care of the other two. 
Then Nicodemus said, “Lord Rama, what is going on in D.C. is a huge lesson on how we take back as a people, (regardless of the facts that both sides, Democrats and Republicans, are lying through their teeth) how we take back our power with Love, with Truth, with Peace, with Freedom, with Justice and with Beauty, and nothing else. As we speak truth to power the Galactics back us up.”
Then they said, “We are going to take you back up to the surface and we will come back and take care of some intergalactic communication, work that is classified down here. You heard the scientists on BBC news say that they have moved the atomic clock to one minute and forty seconds to midnight. This was last Thursday. It was at 2 minutes for at least one and a half or two or so years. It reminded me of a scene out of the “Matrix” on those screens. Yet be assured, Lord Rama, that Lord Ashtar and all of Archangel Michael’s legions upon legions of Light have everything well in hand. The message is: “Blaze the Violet Fire.”
Okay, next. Okay, this is Friday, last Friday. Late this morning I went up the mountain to the Fairy Ring.  I called on Ms. Bixby and she appeared before me. Then she called the Poppy Lady and Mr. X and they joined me in the circle of the Fairy Ring. I said, “Where do we go from here?”  Mr. X said, “Lord Rama, obstruction of Congress cannot be just wiped away.” The Poppy Lady said, “Lord Rama, the reason I am still over here in Afghanistan is we still have not dealt with 9/11.” 
Then Mr. X continued, “There may come a moment here, and remember the obstruction is going on on both sides, both parties. There is nothing going on except the old paradigm keeping the lies in sight. And the truth is we are the Love.  That’s what we manifest.”
Then Mr. X continued, “There may come a moment here in this impeachment proceeding where someone may talk and squawk. That someone has been in Congress since 9/11. And that someone is a goddess and a half, and she is black.  We will get through this. We’re not saying her name out loud, and if you really think deeply with your heart you know exactly who is being spoken about. This beautiful soul is the only person [sic] who voted against the National Defense Authorization Act right after 9/11.”
Okay, so magic is afoot. Goddess is indeed alive.  Alright, so next page. This was on Saturday, last Saturday. Tom the Ring-tailed Cat called me near noon today. He said to me, “Lord Rama, the Republicans are lying through their teeth again, once again.  And they are trying to sweep under the rug ‘obstruction of Congress’ and the ‘abuse of power’. Lord Rama, the higher ups in the pecking order, meaning above the Vatican, the Fallen Angels are cracking the whip to force politicians to create more chaos on Mother Gaia. 
This is why it is so important to not go judging at this 3D level. And the thing that’s going on is that this fallen angel is just a hologram of the past right now. They are attempting to try to make the world buy fear, which is only false-evidence-appearing-real. And they are trying to force the politicians to impose it on the people, and of course, they are afraid of them, too. You know this story.
We know that Love prevails over all of this.  So the challenge for those looking for love in all the wrong places is that the energies continue to increase, which makes things much more difficult for the physical to maintain good health and well being, as one would be insisting on the old paradigm behaviors. Besides all the saber rattling going on all over the Planet, there will be no nuclear war. Access denied! What there will be is what is actually occurring right now, is the gradual disclosure which leads to full disclosure. 
There are all kinds of international teams of scientists in Antarctica studying the ancient structures, pre-Flood technologies that have now been exposed due to massive melting of Antarctica’s ice. They are quantum computers with holographic records. Those of us with the adeptship gifts have the ability to read these holographic records.”
Rama has a good friend. Her name is Leonara, and she has a whole library of these holographic records in the St. John’s University [sic] College library, and Rama has been able to get in there and have a look. And it is the entire record of the twenty six thousand eight hundred and twenty six year Galactic Cycle that we just finished.  And so what we are prepared to do now is to remember who we are in every manifestation that we can come up with, and then we get more information. So we are the ones that we have been waiting for. And so it is. Blaze the Violet Fire... 
Okay, so now we are the last one here. I received a call from Lady Nada today, as well as from an aide to Mahmoud Abbas, at noon.  They were both at the United Nations. They said to me, “Lord Rama, this deal regarding a so-called peace deal between Netanyahu and the US President with no representation for the Palestinian people; it is falling on its face. 
Mr.Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, or the PLO as we know it, said ‘This deal is a conspiracy to annex the West Bank to Israel and essentially clear the way for Israel with the blessing of the United States to continue to ethnically cleanse the Palestinian people from the Planet.  It will not be allowed. And Love is what we apply to this, remaining in neutrality.”
Mr. Abbas’ aide wants to be called Peter, and Peter said to me, “Lord Rama, all of this is about the Khazars who are not the true Hebrews, though they claim to be the true Hebrews. All of the truth will come out very soon about the real story about the pursuit of the Middle East which is really about wanting control of the Stargates there.” 
Lady Nada and Peter continued, “This whole story which is about full disclosure of the presence of our star brothers and star sisters right here among us on Mother Gaia will come forward immediately, if not sooner.” Lady Nada said, “Lord Rama, I have one sentence for you. John Bolton vindicated Nancy Pelosi awhile ago as she said, ‘This story is larger than Watergate, larger than Roswell and it goes into the hole of the black budget and the deep state.’”  Blaze that Violet Fire.
I asked Lady Nada about this so called new beta virus called corona virus. All these viruses go back to the A.I.D.S. virus that was taken from a leukemia virus from a cow and a virus from a sheep; and it was intentionally place to reduce the human population of the gay community because it was put in their blood banks. So that was that. And they had the SARS virus that they claimed jumped from chickens to humans, when it was intentionally done so.
And then there was another one, the MERS virus that was in Saudia Arabia that was from a camel to humans and then humans to humans, and now this corona thing.  All of these things as Nada responded to me, she just said, “The Galactics are stopping it all. And we are the ones that we have been waiting for.” 
And I’ll just say that they say, age breeds wisdom, yet we can grow personally and mature while staying young and healthy.  And can aging be cured, just like any other disease? Well I asked David Sinclair, Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School.  So he said, “So you’re suggesting that aging may be looked at as a disease that can be treated. What makes you think that age is a medical condition rather than a natural course of things?” 
He answered, “Well aging is just like every other condition that causes us to be sick and eventually die. We like to think it’s natural because it seems to happen to most people, yet 100 years ago, cancer, heart disease, frailty, these are things that as you live long enough you would get, and eventually we learned how to treat those things.  We understood what the basis was and we’re at the same stage with aging now. We now have for the first time a fundamental understanding of what causes aging, how to slow it down, and even how to potentially completely reverse this process.”
And that’s the word. And yes we can.  And magic is afoot, Goddess is alive - and assist us, please, at this time.  We need food, we need all the normal things that everybody else needs, and thank you so much for assisting us, and Fran, too.  And Namaste. We pass this talking stick back to our sister Fran. Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa.
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