Tara & Rama Report 1-9-18
Tara: Everybody, I’m so glad that we have the Kahuna Aloha Spirit with us tonight. I’ve always heard in my many years in Hawaii that that is the closest place on the planet to being in heaven. you might say.
Rama: Yes
Tara: If you want to find heaven on earth come to Hawaii. Thank you and may the Kahuna Spirit touch your heart. There is a lot today.
Rama: There is.
Tara: The important thing is to watch the whistle blowers on the news scene and Ray McGovern and Bill Binney, 2 major whistleblowers; Bill Binney from the NSA and Ray McGovern (a former 27-year CIA analyst over, I don’t know, 5 or 6 Presidencies
Rama: Since JFK Senior. 
Tara: JFK Senior) came on today on The Ed Show. Some of it was garbled up but it was interesting, we couldn’t hear the whole thing. Yet the thing about the Russia election so-called dossier intending to say that somehow the Russians were meddling and the story about that is that there has been absolutely no evidence. And then Diane Feinstein, she defied the Republicans and released the fusion transcript and the person that was most part of that was Mr.Steele and in both of these stories they are linking these stings to Hilary Clinton. That is a very big story and that’s the one you haven’t really heard enough about in terms of setting all of these, no proof at all stories, they are just stories. They have no evidence at all and Bill Binney said something very interesting about that. I’m just going to read a little short part of this because it leads into clearing a lot up, Everyone.
And the story is about the intelligence community that slammed the mainstream media for pushing the Russian meddling story into the public. And so, the so-called Community Intelligence Assessment which really was not a community intelligence assessment, it was about Russia’s influence campaign targeting the 2016 Presidential election. It was not really composed by the Community, all 17 of those Communities’ intelligence members. People said 17 agencies; that would happen to be wrong (this is Ray McGovern) and that they would let this stand for a half a year and then finally the New York Times says, well it wasn’t really 17, maybe it was 4. And then Ray said it wasn’t really 4, it was hand-picked analysts from 3 of them, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA. And then Bill Binney, the NSA whistle-blower person said, ‘And as the government does not produce any evidence to prove anything they are saying, that simply tells me that they want to create a new cold war because they need more money. So it’s a matter of generating a financial seed into the military industrial intelligence complex.’ And Ray McGovern says the report ends up saying, look, just because we make these assessments doesn’t mean we have any evidence to back it up. And Ray McGovern kind of looks through his eyes big as saucers and he says, ‘Hello?’ And yet all of a sudden all the Democrats and many Republicans have got religion, ‘the CIA says it, it must be true, the NSA says it, it must be true, and the FBI says it, of course it must be true.’  
So this leads to the report that Rama has been getting in the last three days. I will just say before I even go there, Carolina Oceana Ryan made something very strong in her statement. She was talking about over these change-overs from the old year to the new year, there were many, many circumstances where light workers and everybody were going through feeling like there is something wrong. They don’t want to be here, or they are just emotionally overwhelmed, or they are having mental breakdowns even, and feelings of lack of self worth and disconnection from life purpose, and it goes on and on. And The Collective said, “What is fascinating to us and quite positive and exciting is that all that you describe here, dear one, are exactly the experiences lived by a race of people passing from one era of evolvement and consciousness into another." And this is even bigger than ascension symptoms, as we would say. It’s not about something being wrong and I need to fix it, it goes much deeper.
So what we are learning here is that it’s real that this is a letting-go process that’s pretty much the final story,
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and so let go and let go and let go. And the energies coming in now, this came from the 7th and this was from Sweet Angelique The Cat. Rama spoke with her on the 7th and she said many folks are listening to Faction 1 and Faction 2 news and are expecting pay outs from a false matrix, meaning the Grump, General Dunford, the Oath Keepers who are the militarized police, ex-Vets who are tied in with the white militias, ex-Vets and others who are connected to the Ku Klux Clan, the extreme Right that support Bannon (By the way, today Bannon was struck from the alt-Right completely) and Alex Jones and his followers and all the other Faction 1 and/or Faction 2 reporters who think they have a lead on when ‘the event is supposed to happen.’
Some people following these groups are claiming that Ascended Masters are supporting this false matrix. This is not about money - period. Rather it is about Consciousness and it is coming to Terra Nova, Tita Lakoria, The Diamond One, as a project orchestrated by our Galactic brothers and sisters in tandem with Faction 3 White Knights, members of the Alien Contact Intelligence Organization, ACIO, at the 38th level above the President. Sweet Angelique The Cat continued, the only event happening is the transfiguration of our Sun and our bodies as we pursue higher and higher frequencies of Love and Light, Peace and Joy with Praise, Respect, Thanks and Love. 
Rama went up to Fort Marcy Park Lookout over Santa Fe and sat with his crystals, spinning them and Sun gazing. He was gently looking at the Sun and lost track of time. Then Rama felt a gentle hand on his shoulder. He looked to his right and there he saw Tom The Cat as a shimmering holographic image - all 12 feet of him - all black, with his orange rings on his tail. Then Tom said, ‘It is time to go Lord Rama.’ At that point 3 police cars drove in just making their rounds. Tom bid farewell saying,’ Sat Nam, Namaste, and keep looking up and blaze the Violet Fire.’
So that was on the 7th and then on the 8th, which was yesterday (that was Sunday, now this is Monday), Rama spoke with Natasha for about 5 minutes on Monday, yesterday. She spoke of an article from Biblioteca Pleyades called Who Are The Real Israelites by Alex Christopher. She told Rama that this had some disinformation in it due to the Indo-Aryan split, and that’s a very big story. Natasha explained that the people at Biblioteca are like the people at Rumor Mill News.com, both compromised news sites to the Faction 2 level and even at times to the Faction 1 level. They were slowly over time infiltrated by the dark agenda. The real Israelites is the story of the blond, blue eyed Pleiadians who turned to the dark side and posed as the light. This was at the same time at the beginning of the Orion war as Semjaza. And Semjaze is a Pleiadian sister of the seven sisters and she is the dark sister of the Pleiades, turned dark and she brought millions and millions of blond blue-eyed Pleiadians into the Orion War. The remnant seeds of these beings, the fallen angels, are still here within the 13 families fighting tooth and nail to keep war in the story in order to fulfill their dream of overtaking Earth for the continued reign of darkness. Because these ones still have some of their 5th dimensional sidhas and abilities they can mind control through fear uninformed and further misinformed whole populations, and because of their abilities they can still presently appear and disappear and show up and decloak their starships. Thus the question ensues - how do we discriminate the difference? As Peter, Paul and Mary once sang, ‘the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.’ Yet the answer is by the resonance between our hearts - as there is any sense of discord, it is a very good time to use deep discernment and to pursue higher knowledge and higher wisdom.
Natasha said, more Love, send more Love to these old stories, let stay in our heart and become. The feeling Ram got from Natasha yesterday was that all the rats are indeed cornered as the energies keep getting higher. There is a point where transformation and transfiguration occurs in the twinkling of an eye and since what we resist persists, let us surrender to the Light in loving Presence. We are in a very, very strong window now for NESARA now. Natasha said the world is responding to Oprah’s speech last night at the Golden Globe Awards. Behind the scenes Barack, Michelle and Oprah are speaking. The adventure continues. Namaste, Lord Rama, Sat Nam to all.’ 
And then today the 9th Rama went to see Mr.Fennthe gallery owner here in Santa Fe. Mr.Fenn has two 10 foot tall Tesla towers in his living room and between them there is a small pool. Ram got into the pool and Mr.Fenn went for a walk. The 2 Tesla towers form a torus field which is like a 5D doughnut formation over the pool that Rama is sitting in. Then Rama took out his crystals, putting some of them in the pool. He took two of them and spun them in his hands. He could hear crackling sounds which are sounds coming from the communication between the Tesla coils. After 15 minutes or so of doing this Rama opened his eyes and there in a holographic image superimposed on a screen in front of him over the torus was Lord Ashtar.
Ashtar said to Rama, ‘Greetings, Commander!’ Ram said, 'Greetings, Sir.' Lord Ashtar said, ‘I have heard over the airwaves you have many questions. Rama says, Yes sir. My main question is what about this story called North Korea and the Grump. Ashtar responded, ‘Rest assured, Commander, there will be no nuclear war. The forces of Light are pushing this to the very edge of the cliff for the people of Earth to wake up fully. The Grump has been a catalyst, to say the least, for change, despite his own nose on his own face. The Grump’s health is failing him. Please send him Love and good vibrations on his way into Mother Sekhmet’s care. At this point Ashtar’s image faded out. Rama took a moment to close his eyes and get in touch with the experience he had just had. Then Ram opened his eyes again and the two crystals he was holding in his hands as well as the little crystal grid he had placed in the water were glowing with a lime green beam. At that point Mr Fenn walked in and he could see the crystals glowing. He said to Ram, ‘Tone down the energies now so as to cool the energies moving 
through the Tesla coils. Then he added, ‘Let me integrate what you have done. Let me work with these energies that you have created so I can integrate them and further extend them into the crystalline grid across this entire planet for Peace.'
Then Rama had another, a second adventure today and he called up Thom Hartmann off the air and he said, ‘All this talk about Oprah running for President? Tom responds, yes I’m 
listening, Ram, (and I just want to say that this is a very delicate dance with Thom because he’s signed a gag order).
Rama: He’s compromised.
Tara: Well, yet that makes this all the more interesting that he was really
Rama: Yes.
Tara: open and listening. So Ram said, ‘I heard it from a source out there that is connected with those wild White Knights I talk to, and Michelle is going to be the next President. There was a dead silence on the other end of the phone. Then Rama said there is a possibility that Oprah maybe the Vice President or the Secretary of State, yet it is for sure that Angela Davis will be the Vice President. You might say that at the moment it appears to be a toss-up. He added that this will be the trinity of the goddess energy returning to the planet and these 3 represent the energy of the original black people of this planet, the Moorish people of Earth. At that point, Thom Hartmann said, ‘I concur, Commander. Have a good day.’
And then I said this goes together with what Ashtar said of pushing the energy to the very edge of the cliff. And so the meaning of that being that this is the end of white Anglo-Saxon Protestant religion which is where the Declaration of Independence started with white Anglo-Saxon Protestant men. And that this is the dispensation of the Divine Trinity of the Feminine and the Black Madonna energy here. This is like the return of, you might say, the template of Isis, 
Rama: Yes.
Tara: the goddess energy coming in and this brings the end to the war originally 
between the Light and the Dark, St.Germain and the philosophy of Life and Love. And actually there is a very amazing book and it’s called “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” and this is by a gentleman named Manley Palmer Hall.  Manley Palmer Hall was the incarnation of Madame Blavatsky, and Madame Blavatsky was the first Russian woman to become a citizen of the United States and her mission was to begin the Theosophical Society. She started the first one in Madras, India. Then she travelled to London at the request of the royals and she created a Theosophical Society center there and the royals with their bankers asked Madame Blavatsky to bring St.Germain through and all of the Ascended Masters. So she spent decades doing that all over Europe and the sub title of this book is called An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Caballistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy, Being an Interpretation of the Secret Teachings Concealed within the Rituals, Allegories and Mysteries of All Ages.
So this has been a war between that Heaven - a philosophy of Living in the Light, and the Dark. This is a very powerful time to be alive now. NESARA here now!
And Rama, do you want to make a little commentary on your experience and how you feel after you’ve been through this day?
Rama: I can say that it has moved light years. It’s the time. And it’s for the Whole because we are in service to all of Humanity.
Tara: Blaze the Violet Fire!
Rama: Blaze the Violet Fire!
Tara: We pass the talking stick back to you, sister Fran.
Transcribed by Arun. Edited by Fran.
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