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Tara & Rama Report 10-10-17
Tara and Rama: Greetings, Everyone!
Tara: I just want to say, we all came here to master our true selves, to get to know ourselves and then to learn all the secret sciences that have been kept Secret, and it’s all inside, yet in the expressions of our knowledge of what is, there is about to be a great deal of light shed on it. As I was saying, we have all come here together known and unknown for the single purpose of realizing who we truly are, and that there is this enormous amount of light and it’s been coming in since Sunday (10-08) and the knowledge of this came to us from our sister Karen Meadows, who is Native American and who has been following NESARA for many years, and she is participating and assisting with the Radiant Rose teachings too.
So this came through her to us, and there’s a youtube at radiantroseacademy.com where you can go and listen for about 40 minutes, and this was announced on Sunday at the Ascended Masters Conclave in Kent, England by Lady Master Nada.  And I just want to make it clear that Lady Master Nada is in a physical body; she was born in Lebanon, and she and her consort as we call him, the King of Swords, he is the 7th initiation and incarnation of Sananda Kumara, and they as twin flames are bringing in the Cosmic Christ energy that we all are and its awareness. So Lady Master Nada said the great cosmic onrush of light is the greatest light to be poured to Earth since the first two golden ages about 13 million years ago. We must listen to this for the 3-day preparation required to anchor this light for all life upon our planet.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: So you know it started on Sunday, yet we can all continue to do this. It’s not like we’re missing the boat because we’re a couple of days into this.
Rama: Right.
Tara: So the most important message is to get our feet on the ground. I know that there’s all kinds of snow coming in around here. I’m just flabbergasted that there’s snow coming in. It started up in Alberta way early and it’s been below freezing in this area. It’s kind of cuckoo, but that in combination with what we’ve been describing as imbalance, life out of balance called Koyannisqatsi.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: I forgot what year that came in quite a while ago like possibly 1986 or something, back that far and the teaching that we all came here to teach because as anybody is on this call, we are the teachers’ teachers’ teachers and let it begin with us. So the weather is reflecting back the imbalance so that we can praise, respect, thank and love that, and bring it to a balance again through ourselves.
The equatorial heat as this jet stream drops, the jet stream dropping means that the Arctic cold air comes way farther south way earlier than it’s supposed to and so as a result the Equatorial air which is very hot, comes back up and heads back toward the Arctic Circle only six times more potent. So what do we have in California? We have fires and there are at least 15 people that have made their transition and there are almost 3000 homes that have been completely destroyed. Most of the people are in and around the Santa Rosa area that have lost their lives, and so let us please, put our hearts to this transformation, transfiguration, trans-substantiation that this all represents for us to work with. And so, 3 days of earthing our bare feet if possible on Mother Earth and various verbal requests for full reception and permanent anchoring of this cosmic light from the physical sun, from Venus, from Jupiter, and our Ascended Master octave in 5th dimensional Earth, initiations. And in addition to that, Natasha told Rama that this is also coming from 
Rama: Helios and Vesta.
Tara: Helios and Vesta 
Rama: the Sun behind the Sun. 
Tara: And what this is talking about is also transforming what we call our day Colombus Day, which was supposed to be the great discovery of this new Earth area.
Rama: Indigenous Peoples Day.
Tara: Yes, it’s been changed to Indigenous People, not across the whole country. 
It started in, believe it or not, it started in San Francisco and I was not informed of this very well until this person who was taking Tom Hartman’s place talked about it at length. What he said is that it started in San Francisco and California then became the first state that did it, then Austin did it in Texas and there’s about 60 cities, towns and municipalities around the United States that have gotten on board with Indigenous Peoples Day and it all began 25 years ago in the city of Berkeley, California in 1992. It became the first US city to bring in Columbus Day. It’s interesting that these fire energies are right around their area.
So what’s really being going on is that Christopher Colombus was not St Germain-we all must know that by now. But the original founder of this country was a Moorish Prince named Prince Nicolas Ypsilantis. He was a deeply melanated skin person. He was St Germain. He navigated and the Moors were the ship builders of the world. So they came over on the ship that he built and they came over here quite a bit before the time that we call Christopher Columbus time.
So this has been a war; and it started in the Orion war and the warlords came to Atlantis and continued the war on Earth in the 5th Dimension and so the tools that were available then to create this kind of genocide then, they are here now again, and so that’s why the Ashtar Command started in 1945 and created something at the 48th level above the President called the ACIO-Alien Contact Intelligence Organization; and remember Ashtar is the Captain of the New Jerusalem and Santa Fe is the anchor point on the Earth of the Ashtar Command, the New Jerusalem on Earth, and that’s a very important point; and Sananda Kumara is the Admiral of the Jerusalem and Sananda Kumara manifested himself in this area. I don’t remember how long ago, yet there is an inn here called the Inn of Loretto and there is something that Sananda Kumara built. He literally carried the oak tree from about an hour north of here driving and he walked with that and he stayed there and the nuns in the convent made a place for him to stay and he built this staircase.
Rama: spiral staircase.
Tara: Spiral staircase and it was completely one single piece, there was not a single nail - nothing, and it was not even anchored on the ground in the chapel. And I’m just saying, this is what Sananda Kumara is teaching us as we study that way of wisdom, that we can fly as we do step off of the cliff. It’s about the discipline and the focus, and this light is so bright and that discipline and that focus and this war that’s been going on has been a war against St Germain the whole time. He came to teach the bankers in England and in the rest of Europe and he had a special emissary through which he spoke - Madame Blavatsky-1832 and she talked to all the banksters and all the lawyers over there who had come over here and tried to steal all the land and commit genocide. And so we’re ending genocide completely by taking this Light in today and every day from here on in; and again the possibility and probability of ascending with our bodies depends upon us learning how to take in more of the light.
So Rama has some little stories about taking in more light right now from Natasha.
Rama: Yes I went up today with Natasha to the fairy ring and we took our shoes off and stood barefoot in the fairy ring and it was about 53 degrees up there. Pretty cold at that time this morning-early afternoon and we opened up her pad and we played the 40 minute youtube of Radiant Rose academy had put together. We called in the energies and we literally saw these rainbow rays pour in all around us; and as we were doing that there were cars passing by going up and down the main road that goes up to the ski basin and people were slowing down and watching what we were doing, and a couple of cars actually stopped and just watched us and they saw the light as well as we were experiencing the Light. It brings tears to my eyes to talk about it because it was so awesome.
And after that Natasha showed me on her pad what’s going on with Niburu and the other issues that are happening right now in our local system.  A lot of it is this light that’s pouring in that I can say is trillions of suns of frequencies pouring in. And the way I am to grok this is that this light pouring in is transforming and transfiguring everything on the planet, animal, vegetable mineral to the highest possible frequencies that we can hold and then some. At the same time while that is happening it is bringing up all the stuff that has not been healed on the dark side, the Lords of the Sith as is spoken about in Star Wars, the pedophilia in the district of criminals, and what Natasha explained to me showing on her pad is how has this light pours in, it is causing all the particles of the planet, all molecules to transform and transfigure to receive more love frequency and that radiant energy from the Most Radiant One as it is called. She also explained to me that as Sunday, Monday, today Tuesday and into tomorrow, the light frequencies are increasing exponentially. And on the little youtube I saw, in the last half hour where this man has a map in the youtube and he is showing literally the light moving across the United States. This happened today early in the morning and you can literally watch this light travel across the United States from West to East [sic] and in the meditation the Radiant Rose Academy put out, as you do this meditation you face the East; and it is so highly credible that these energies are coming in at this time in the midst of all these other pieces of this story getting together, and a lot of this is bringing up all the unhealed stuff that is happening right now, the Grump and North Korea and the other issues around the planet, in particular what has been brought right front and center in the last few days. A lot is unraveling about the 13 families in the district of criminals as they are losing absolute control. And the Grump is losing it by the hour in terms of his tirades and his rants, literally screaming at folks. And the way it’s been put to me by Natasha is that as things get to a head, if they have to contain the Grump, they will contain him physically.
Tara: What does that mean?
Rama: It means like Natasha said, the proper authorities are there in a nanosecond to just, let’s just say, take him into custody as it were, calm him down. I didn’t ask what that meant. It’s just that we are at such a critical juncture with the frequencies pouring in that Natasha said no matter what is going on in that one-eyed transmission box, do not buy into any of their fear stories. Niburu is not going to hit the earth, and there are other stories out there. Some guy whose name is James Mead put out something about Niburu coming in and messing with the atmosphere and causing other issues with the planet, like extinction-level events, and I gotta say again with all due respect, these stories have ended, yet they’re playing with their absolute final card – the fear card. This ties into another story which was put out there by Michael Salla on Exopolitics and it’s talking about that, you know, as the Grump were to play with North Korea not in a nice way and would use the technologies of SDI technologies, ray guns put up there, and they’ve been greatly upgraded, as it were, by the dark side and the article mentions weaponized ‘rods of god’ and the mazer-laser satellites. And all of this belongs in the circle of support and I’ve just got to say, as the frequencies get higher they are acting out more and more and more by the hour. (continued in part 2).


Transcribed by Arun. Edited by Fran.



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